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Orange Thunder

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“Khakapeüpeü is back?”

“You’re kidding,” Phineas said as he looked at the Fireside Girls Gazette, which sat in front of Ferb. “Hope there’s a superhero this time.”

Ferb looked up at his brother, who was standing above him. “Y’know, we could do it again.”

“Ferb, we’ve already done it. He knows who we are. We can’t defeat him again.”

“Yes, but we could create a new superhero and keep his identity under wraps forever.”

Phineas thought for a moment, and then pushed the thought away. “Nah. Maybe there’s another group of kids like ours that could create a superhero. We did it seven years ago, and you know we don’t do stuff twice. Well, except for the rollercoaster, but that one was a musical the second time.”

“Alright,” Ferb said, “how about a musical superhero?”

Phineas looked at his brother with distaste. “Well, it’s original, but I honestly don’t think we should.” He left the kitchen and bounded upstairs.

He shut the door behind him after he entered his bedroom. He pulled a stretchy orange garment from under his mattress and lay it on top of his bed.

“Alright, Orange Thunder,” he said. “Don’t fail me now.”


So, Phineas Flynn was a secret superhero. He flew through town, defeating villains that pushed their way through Danville. And absolutely nobody knew it was him, not even Ferb or Isabella.

The headpiece of his suit morphed his face into a somewhat normal shaped head, instead of his triangular one, making him unrecognisable from the people who knew him. And whenever he spoke, the voice modulator technology from The Beak would kick in, and he’d have a voice that sounded soft and silky, to match his suave exterior.

But how exactly did Orange Thunder originate?

On a chilly day in early January, Phineas began reminiscing about the summer they did everything. Of course, every summer since then they had done cool things, but it was the magnitude of the first one that made it so memorable. The rollercoaster, the haunted house, the giant leaf pile, the pharmacist-zombie apocalypse… it was all just so great.

The Beak stood out in his memory more than anything. He just loved beating Khakapeüpeü to a pulp, and saving the citizens of Danville. All because of a skate track obstacle course of doom that was too dangerous to ride.

So, Phineas decided to secretly create a superhero outfit for himself. He chose orange because of his signature color, and the name Orange Thunder sounded gnarly. True, it wasn’t correct, but Phineas just felt that it was right.

Since the day he created the costume, he found villains that came into Danville, and defeated them. He became well known, and now that Khakapeüpeü was back, people in the streets were calling out for him.

Phineas pulled on the stretchy fabric of his suit and headpiece, then opened his bedroom window to fly out of.

I really need a lair, he thought to himself.

He flew over the suburbs;his cape flapping behind him, and the lycra shone in the bright July sunlight.

He scanned the skyline for any signs of the khaki-coloured villain, and saw that the Khaka-crawler was rebuilt, with the villain himself standing inside it and shaking his fist at the town. Phineas flew down to the street where he was.

As his feet hit the ground, nearby pedestrians cheered for their hero.

”Hey, what are you doing back here, Khakapeüpeü?” Phineas asked.

”Oh, I’m here to ruin everybody’s day again, thank you very much.”

”Dude, that was like seven years ago. Why has it taken so long?”

The villain hesitated. “That’s none of your business, Orange Thunder. Is that little Miss Garcia-Shapiro still here? I’ve got her next headline!”

Phineas frowned. “You’re real behind, dude. Why don’t I just fight you and get this over with?”

”Sounds good to me,” said Khakapeüpeü, and his machine jumped into action, swinging its giant metal limbs at Orange Thunder. Phineas managed to grab ahold of one of them, and tore it from the machine.

”No, you can’t destroy my Khaka-crawler already! We’ve been fighting for like thirty seconds!”

”That’s my job, dude,” Phineas said, while lifting up the metal limb and swinging it at Khakapeüpeü. The villian was sent crashing into the tall building behind him. The onlookers cheered.

Khakapeüpeü hopped out of his now crushed machine, and strode over to Phineas. “I guess that’s all for today. But I’ll be back tomorrow, thank you very much!” He walked past Phineas, in the direction of the suburbs.

”Orange Thunder?” Phineas heard a familiar voice behind him.

He turned to face the person who had just addressed him, finding that it was Isabella.

”Oh! Uh, hey. You’re Isabella, right?”

She blushed. “Yeah. Well… I just wanted to thank you for saving m– uh, everybody today. I know he’s not that much of a villain, but I’m still thankful.” She smiled up at him.

Phineas smiled back. “Thanks. I thought for sure we’d gotten rid of him all those years ago, but I can defeat him this time.”

Isabella placed a hand on his shoulder. “I’m sure you will,” she said. “I believe in you.”

Phineas blushed underneath his suit. “Thank you.” He checked the time. “Whoops, gotta go!”

Isabella waved goodbye as he took off into the sky.

He flew through the clouds, and back into the window of his room. He quickly took off his suit and shoved it under his bed again.

Isabella always seems nervous around Orange Thunder. I wonder if it’s because she likes both of me. Maybe if she knew it was me too, she would act differently.

Phineas headed back downstairs and saw Ferb still sitting at the dining table, but now with his phone in his hand.

”You’re back?” Ferb said, looking up at his brother.

”Got hungry,” the redhead replied, looking in the fridge for a snack. “Ooh, pasta!”

Ferb smirked and shook his head, just as the doorbell rang.

”Were you expecting somebody?” Phineas asked as he walked through to the front door. Ferb shook his head.

He opened the door to see Isabella standing on the other side, beaming. Phineas smiled back.

”Hi Phineas,” she said. “Whatcha doin’?”

”Just chilling,” Phineas said, opening the door wider for her to come inside.

”Did you hear about Khakapeüpeü coming back?”

”Yeah, I heard but I didn’t see him.”

”I’m surprised you two didn’t build another superhero to defeat him. I mean, maybe you didn’t because you knew that Orange Thunder was gonna be there.”

Ferb looked at his brother as if he would explain what had happened between the two earlier that morning, but Phineas looked back at Isabella and shrugged.

”Well…” he quickly looked at Ferb again, and sighed. “The truth is, I didn’t really want to defeat him a second time.”

Isabella was taken aback. “You didn’t want to?”

Phineas shrugged again. “He would have expected us. Maybe Orange Thunder wanted to swoop in. I mean, this is his era in Danville. We could just… let him do his thing.” He itched his ear, which was his tic whenever he lied.

He wanted so badly to change the subject, but they were too far in to do anything about it.

”Who do you think he is? Like, what’s his secret identity?” Isabella said, sitting in a chair at the table.

”Probably some normal kid who’s in high school.” Phineas said. “Could be Django, for all we know.”

Isabella laughed. “Sure, why not? I’ve met him several times, and he definitely isn’t like Django.”

Phineas smiled softly, and shrugged again. “I dunno, maybe he’ll reveal himself at some point.”

Isabella checked the time. “I should probably head back home,” she said as she stood up.

”You’ve only been here for a little while,” Phineas said.

”Oh, I was on my way back from seeing the fight in town. Just thought I’d come over and say hello.” She took Phineas’s hands and kissed him softly on the cheek.

They looked into each other’s eyes for a moment, before Isabella slowly let go of his hands and went for the door.

”I’ll see you later?” She asked with her hand on the doorknob.

Phineas nodded. “Yeah.”

She smiled, and disappeared out the door. Phineas looked back at his brother to see him smirking.


”Why don’t you just ask her out? You two have been flirting with each other for like, a year now. She likes you, and I know you like her. Why don’t you just ask her out on a date?”

”Ugh, Ferb! I have to wait for the right moment! She’s perfect, I can’t just go up and ask her. It has to be special.”

Ferb rolled his eyes, smiled, and shook his head again.