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Falling for the enemy

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The assignment

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... This story is set in an Alternate universe ...



Anastasia Steele parked her SUV in front of the tall building. As she stepped out, she wondered what the hell she was doing here. Yes, she agreed to a meeting with this man named Alfred, but she couldn't quite figure out why he had insisted for her to come over. Couldn't he have given the assignment to someone else? As a sigh escaped her pink lips, Anastasia walked inside the building. A security guard led her to the elevator, and told her on which floor they were expecting her.

As she stepped into the elevator, she pressed the floor number, and patiently waited, wondering what lay ahead." Miss Steele, it is a pleasure, the others and I are waiting for you on the top floor." Ana heard a voice say.

At that, she furrowed her brows and looked around." Who the hell was that?"

"Sorry, Miss. My name is Alfred. You will reach your destination in exactly seven and a half minutes." Ana heard the same voice say.

"Seriously?" she remarked, while her eyes darted around the elevator." I'm talking to an elevator?"

"No, Miss Steele... you have an appointment with me. I'm Alfred. We spoke on the phone yesterday, remember?" the voice said.

Ana rolled her eyes, and replied." O-KAY... I'm a little... uncomfortable..." she trailed off.

"Sorry, Miss Steele. I apologize. We'll see you in a bit." the male voice said, and then she heard a beep.

At that, she shook her head and scrunched her brows together." Weird." she muttered.

Her partner had told Ana all about this Alfred guy... he was a famous inventor, billionaire, a humanitarian and was a very successful computer genius.

"And..." Sawyer added, whispering while he told her the rest." He secretly works with the government. Alfred is a man who strongly believes in keeping very dangerous criminals off the streets, so he works with the FBI, letting them use his inventions to catch all the bad guys from all over the world."

"Well, he may be all those things... I still think he's kinda a weirdo." Ana whispered, and then pulled her phone out her jacket pocket, cause she just received a text message.

Sawyer: How is it inside the building? Is it neat? Does Alfred have cool inventions? Can you take pictures? Can you make a SELFIE with Alfred?

At that, Ana rolled her eyes and smiled. Her partner— soon to be ex-partner sometimes acted like a six year old. But, she truly cared a lot about him. He had her back, and she had his. It's been like that for almost nine years now. No matter what happened, Ana could always count on her partner and best friend.

"You have arrived at your destination, Miss Steele." The voice announced, making Ana jump up a bit, because it startled her.

"So sorry, Miss. Did I startle you?" Alfred asked through the speaker.

"Uhmm… yeah, a bit, but it's OK, I think. I was just in deep thought that's all. I'm OK… I think." Ana replied, while mentally kicking herself for babbling like that.

She did a lot of things, but stuttering or babbling were not one of those things.

Ana hastily stepped out the elevator the moment the door opened.

While looking back at the elevator, Ana suddenly bumped into a wall. She frowned at that, and cursed aloud." Who the fuck places a wall in front of an elev…"

And when she looked up, she stared into a pair of blue eyes.

"Oh." She said, and apologized." Sorry, I thought you were a wall."

At that, the blond, blue eyed man smiled." Hi, my name is Jason Taylor."

Ana smiled and shook his hand." Hi, I'm Anastasia Steele."

"Yes, I know who you are." He responded.

With her brow raised she commented." Oh, is that so? And how come you know my name, Mr. Taylor?"

He was about to reply, but then someone said." Aah! Miss Steele, come right this way. We're all waiting for you." A dark-haired man said.

Sawyer had shown her a picture of the man, so she knew that he was Alfred Brady.

"OK." Ana replied, and followed Alfred into a huge office.

As the glass door opened, she stepped inside and all of a sudden stopped in her tracks. Her eyes darted from Taylor to Alfred then they landed on several others.

Alfred took a seat and then motioned her to come closer. " Come in, come in, Miss Steele. Take a seat." he said, with a huge smile on his face.

Ana furrowed her brows." Mr. Brady…" she began but he gently cut her off.

"Please, call me Alfred."

"OK, Alfred. I'm sorry but this was a mistake. I don't think that I want this assignment." Ana announced.

"Oh, come on. Take a seat and hear us out. At least do that, Miss Steele? You've come from so far." Alfred suggested.

Ana nodded and reluctantly took a seat." OK, I'm all ears."

~ Approximately fifteen minutes later ~

After hearing what the assignment was, Ana felt as if the room had caught fire. She abruptly got up from her seat and looked at Alfred, giving him an apologetic look." OK, uhmm… Alfred, I don't know how to say this, but uhmm, I kind of get this vibe that you guys are expecting something… well, a lot from me, but I can assure you up front that I'm not the right agent for this assignment." She explained, while carefully watching Alfred and the others.

"How come you're so sure that you are not the right agent for the job, Miss Steele?" Taylor asked.

Ana swallowed at hearing that, and bit the inside of her cheek." You really want me to answer that question?" she asked.

"Yes, please do." Taylor insisted, and waited for her answer. Well, they all were waiting...

"Don't you want to take a seat, Miss Steele?" The gorgeous redhead with the sultry voice asked.

Ana shook her head at that." No, I'm good."

"Are you sure?" the other young woman with an thick accent asked.

"Yes, I'm sure and to answer your question, Mr. Tay…" she began, but he too cut her off.

"Call me Jason." Taylor said, and smiled at her, his blue eyes twinkling as he locked eyes with her.

"OK, we're on a first name basis around here, huh?" Ana stated.

At that, they all nodded and said yes.

"Fine. To answer your question, Jason, I'll be very blunt, OK? Like extremely blunt. You all fine with that?" Ana asked.

When they all said yes, Ana continued." I am a 35 year old FBI agent; I've been doing undercover work for almost ten years now. I don't have a social life or friends apart from my partner from the FBI who also happens to be my best friend since the Academy. You see, he has a life. He's married and has three wonderful kids. Me? I don't have a life apart from my job. Well, my job is my life and I never, ever date, because I don't have the time. I'm usually under cover investigating, doing my job for months— sometimes even years. So, I do not have a life. And now, I'm at a point in my life where I want to make time for that. It's time for me to retire. I want normal, I want stability. I am so tired of living like a character from an action movie, OK? You all have no clue how tired I am of that! Can you imagine that I do not even remember the last time I've been with…" Ana confessed, but then realized that everyone in the room was listening closely to her at the moment, so she should not be that blunt...

She cleared her throat and continued." Jason, Alfred, believe me, I am not the right person for this assignment. I'm too old! Choose a younger agent, you know, someone in their mid- or late twenties. I promise you, I am not the right person for this!"

"Well, that's disappointing." Alfred said and got up from his seat." Your boss assured us that you are the one for this job, Miss Steele. Out of all the Special agents around the country, The Director of the FBI himself recommended you to do this job. We were looking forward to be working with you, because of your success rate in assignments. It's really impressive to be honest. It's a shame that you don't want to do us the honor to work with you."

As those words reached her ears, Ana felt very guilty and also a bit selfish. But, if she took on a job it has to be one hundred percent her choice, not others. No one was going to convince her otherwise.

"I'm really sorry, but I can't, I truly cannot do this one." Ana apologized.

"If you knew that you didn't want this assignment. Why did you come, Miss Steele?" Taylor asked, as he locked eyes with her, his blue eyes boring into hers.

She let out a deep breath." I'm so sorry, but I told my boss already that I didn't want to come here, but he convinced me to hear you out, and I did. And now I just wanna go. Can I go now?" Ana pleaded, and looked at Taylor with hopeful eyes.

Taylor looked at Alfred, and then nodded." Of course you can, Miss Steele. You can go."

Ana sighed in relief and said." Thank you. And if there's anything else I can do, besides taking the assignment, don't hesitate to give me a call. OK?"




~ Two weeks later ~


As the house came into view, Ana let out the breath that she had been holding. She always liked the country side, loving that she was able to see the pretty stars at night. That wasn't the case in the big City like New York. While breathing in the fresh air, Ana's eyes fluttered shut for a moment, enjoying her quiet surroundings. As she pulled the car over to the side, a small smile played at her pink lips.

"So, I'm going to renovate the shit out of you, old abandoned house. Let's hope I'll get some help from my next door neighbor." Ana whispered, and grabbed her binoculars from her back pack.

From where she stood, Ana looked through her binoculars, and searched for something.

"Aaah, there it is, right on schedule." She said, while she leaned onto her huge pick-up truck.

Satisfied that she received accurate Intel, Ana grabbed her luggage and walked towards the front door of the farm house. She pulled the key from her jacket pocket, and unlocked the door. When she stepped inside, Ana didn't expect that the living room would be so big. There was a fire place and some old furniture, but apart from that, the space was empty— there wasn't even a couch.

"Well, I have to buy one then." Ana said, and sneezed at that exact moment.

As a sigh escaped her lips, she walked towards the windows and opened all of them. She pulled the curtains off and threw it on the living room floor. The place was so dusty that Ana began to sneeze uncontrollably.

'Fuck! Did I bring my antihistamines?' Ana wondered, and began to search for it in her back pack. She groaned aloud when she realized that she had forgotten them at home. Well, guess she had to go to the drug store and get some the next day.




~ Thirty minutes later ~

There were three bedrooms upstairs; Ana picked the biggest one and dropped her luggage there. After the long journey, she really needed a shower, her clothes damp with her sweat. Ana freshened up in the bathroom, letting all the filth from her body wash away through the drain. Luckily the shower worked, and there was clean running water. As Ana looked at her own reflection in the mirror, she thought back on how she still ended up here in this crappy farm house. Those two men she met two weeks earlier probably had magic powers or something, being able to persuade her to be here right now.

Ana shook her head, and let out a deep breath. At first, she even helped Alfred and Taylor with searching for the perfect agent to take on 'the super secret assignment'. However, none of them were in Alfred's and Taylor's opinion good enough. And even Ana dismissed the last three candidates. So after that, the two men and also the two ladies, the redhead and the one with the thick accent, did everything in their powers to convince Ana. In the end, she did agree. But Ana told them that she would do it under one condition, and they all agreed, even The Director of the FBI.

After a last glance in the mirror, Ana decided to stop postponing and strode to the bedroom where her clothes were. She grabbed a black pair of skinny jeans, a white blouse and underwear. After she was dressed, Ana combed her hair till it shone and wore her favorite lipstick—the color nude. While on the job, Ana sometimes dolled herself up, but this time she decided to tone it down a bit. Before walking out the bedroom door, Ana put her boots on and threw a quick glance at the clock.

"Almost 5:50 PM. OK, here goes." She whispered, and nodded." It's time."

"OK, Ana. You know what to do. Just act like you…" a voice said through her ear buds, but she cut him off.

"Hey, hey! It's my assignment; I'm going to do this my way, OK?" She spat, annoyed that the man thought that this was her first time on such a mission.

"Sorry, Steele." Another voice on her ear buds, making Ana roll her eyes.

"I've got this, you guys. Now get out of my ears! Don't you dare talk while I'm over there, OK?" Ana threatened.

"Yes, Ana. We won't disturb you anymore."

"Well, good!" she retorted." Guys, one thing I do not understand. He's right there next door. Why don't you just send a whole army and take him in?"

"Ana, I want to do that, but old Taylor here won't let me." The first voice said.

At that, the second said." Steele, if I let Alfred do that, your target will defend himself, he won't just give in and let himself be captured. He will put up one hell of a fight, and people will get hurt, including him. And we don't want that, do we? He has taken too many lives already; we don't want to make that list longer. Plus, he has very important information that we need. He won't give us that INTEL willingly, we're sure of it. Especially, if we arrest him now. This assignment needs to be handled with finesse... Do you understand, Steele?"

At that, Ana nodded, though she knew that Taylor couldn't see her." Yes, Taylor, I understand."

"Are you afraid of him, Ana?" a sultry feminine voice said through her ear bud.

At that, Ana shook her head." Nope, in my ten years as a Special agent I've experienced worse. I'm ready. Here I go, guys." She replied, her voice filled with confidence and determination, making the three people sigh in relief.




~ At the farm next door ~


It's been exactly one year, since Christian Grey had been on the run from the authorities. In a blink of an eye, the FBI had destroyed his whole world. They had raided his fabulous mansion, and in the process arrested and even killed most of his men.

That day, he lost his 'organization', and every single thing he owned. And what he owned was a lot...

After the famous FBI raid from a year ago, he didn't stay in one place long, making it hard for the authorities, and especially the FBI to find him. Christian had been all over the world, from Europe to Asia, and Australia, but recently he went back to the US via an illegal route of course.

At the moment, he was staying with an old couple named Tom and Jill Greene. Christian had been traveling by bus, and kept a very low profile, covering his face with a hoodie and cap at all times. He didn't have a specific destination, just traveling because he didn't want to stay at one place. Christian ended up in this little town in the middle of nowhere, because of a kid. He fell asleep on the bus, and while he slept the kid in the seat in front of him, teased him by hitting him on his baseball cap. Christian woke up with a start, and grabbed the kid a bit harshly, making him cry loudly.

His mother began to yell and scream at Christian, so he instantly told the bus driver to stop, and when he did, Christian fled. He didn't have much luggage with him, so with only his backpack, he walked till he ended up in a dirt road. As the night came, the weather became chilly so Christian looked for a place to spend the night, but couldn't find one. And of course at that moment, it started to rain. It poured from the heavens, as Christian walked towards a light in the distance. He didn't know what to expect, but still he knocked on the front door.

An old man opened the door and without asking Christian anything, he welcomed him inside the house. His wife, Jill, gave him some warm clothes to wear and a bowl of soup. That night Christian slept in the bedroom where their son used to sleep in, before he died in an automobile accident, five years ago. The next day, Christian thanked the old couple and wanted to be on his way, but Tom and Jill insisted that he stayed for a while. At first Christian refused of course, but the Greene's wouldn't take no for an answer. And that's why Christian stayed and was still at the farm house, after three whole months.

At the moment, he was in their field, harvesting fruit. The temperature was high, making him sweat a lot, and yet Christian felt very content. He enjoyed picking the fruit, and liked taking care of the farm animals Tom and Jill owned. For years now, he was so used to all the money, power, wealth and luxury that came with being the head of a criminal organization.

That's why it really amazed Christian that he liked this simple life in this shit hole of a town.

As Christian grabbed two buckets filled with strawberries, his eyes landed in the direction of the farmhouse. At first he didn't see the person, but when he walked closer to the house, he noticed someone standing at the front of the house.

From a short distance, Christian noticed that the person was a woman. She was wearing black jeans, a white blouse, and brown leather boots. Her gorgeous long chestnut-colored hair shone in the last rays of sunlight, and when she turned around to face him, Christian Grey looked straight into the bluest, most beautiful eyes he'd ever seen...

She was wearing her hair down, her bangs falling in her gorgeous face. Her nose had a perfect form, her cheekbones were well defined. And then the lips; they were oh so inviting.

And yet of her whole face, in Christian's opinion her eyes were her best attribute.

The moment the woman's eyes locked on Christian's, the corners of her lips curled upwards, and she smiled at him, her pretty eyes sparkling like stars.

"Hi there, my name is Ana. I just moved away from the City and bought the farm house next door. I came here to introduce myself. And what's your name, neighbor?"