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The Arsonist

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Can anyone hear me?


Alright, Dad, where did you dump me this time? And all by myself? No one to fool around with ‘til someone springs me?

You could have at least given me someone to talk to. Even if it’s just


There you are.

No, no, I can’t see you. And I… I don’t think I can touch you either.

Seems likes like you lucked out, kiddo.

Any idea what this place is?

Yeah, me neither. I don’t know about you, but it’s a bit too dark for my taste. I prefer a little theme lighting. Always enjoyed the power that fire gives off. But you know that already.

No thoughts?

That’s fine. But you’re gonna have to talk to me at some point. Who knows how long our fine keesters will be stuck here.

Really? Nothing?

Alright, alright, I get it. Didn’t treat you so good last time we were locked up together. Would it help if I said I was sorry?

Still got a bit of rebel in you, huh? I bet you’re thinking that you can ignore me because I can’t get to you here.

But we’ve got time, sweetheart. All the time in the world.

And are you really willing to bet that I’ll never be able to reach you?

I’ve done it before.

I can do it again.

So how 'bout giving me a little "how do you do" and I promise I'll keep my hands to myself for, oh, let's say the next fifteen minutes. 

Still not biting?

Alright, smart-ass.

I’ll do it myself.