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CSI Meeting

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A military jeep pulls up to the Miami Dade CSI Headquarters, an Egyptian woman was at the wheel, but she wasn't wearing sunglasses as most would in Miami, and she parks the jeep and shuts it off before grabbing something from the passenger seat and then she opens her door and steps out, she was wearing a Golden Fleet Admiral's uniform and she walks towards the doors holding a group of files.

As she approaches the doors a Cuban man steps up and says, “Here let me get that for you ma'am.” He opens the door for her, Akadeanna smiles and says, “Thank you. Could you then be so kind to point out Lieutenant Horatio Caine or Sergeant Frank Tripp?” She steps through the door followed by Erik.

Erik says, “Sure I'll take you to Horatio as Frank is out in the field. My name's Erik by the way.” Akadeanna smiles and says, “I'd appreciate that. A pleasure to meet you Erik, my name's Akadeanna.” Erik leads the Egyptian woman toward a man with light auburn red hair and he says, “Hey H this woman wanted to speak to you or Frank.”

Horatio turns around at Erik's words surprised seeing an Egyptian Fleet Admiral standing with Erik and he says, “Thanks Erik.” He then looks at the young woman and says, “I'm Horatio Cane, how can I help you today Miss?” Akadeanna picks up the top file she was holding and hands it to Horatio and says, “My name is Akadeanna Hawk I was just assigned to your team.”

Horatio looks at the woman and accepts the file she handed to him and opens it and he looks over it and he says, “Oh yes you are our newest CSI assigned here from California, welcome.” Akadeanna smiles and says, “Thanks Horatio, or do you prefer H?”

Horatio chuckles and says, “No problem, that's your choice, most call me H, I don't care if you call me Horatio. Though come let's go talk in my Office.” Akadeanna nods and follows after Horatio as he leads her to his Office and he opens one door and indicates for her to step in first and Akadeanna does then Horatio steps in behind her and takes to the desk and Akadeanna takes to one of the chairs.

Horatio asks, “What brings you to Miami?” Akadeanna shrugs and says, “My military team is reassigning down here as well as my Protectors Teams are too so I'm transferring here as well. As you can see from my files I'm experienced in all fields.” Horatio looks over the woman's qualifications and it was true there wasn't anything that she wasn't qualified for from the best firearms to the best trace lab talents, he says, “Well we are lucky to have you onboard. Have your Teams arrived yet?”

Akadeanna says, “My Protectors Teams already have arrive, they arrived when I did, but my Military Team will be transferring down here in 2 days because their base will be finished then.” Horatio smiles and says, “That's great they are. May I ask you what the other files you have with you are?”

Akadeanna sighs setting down the files on Horatio's desk she says, “It's in a sense a very cold case missing persons file. I'm trying to find the descendants of some friends of mine from a very long time ago.” Horatio looks over the files and he asks, “How long?” Akadeanna sighs and asks, “You really don't know who I am Horatio do you?”

Horatio looks up started at her question and he says, “Well you file says that your full name is Akadeanna Louise Hawk, but no I don't know who you are. Should I?” Akadeanna nods at the books on the shelves nearby and she laughs before saying, “Yeah you should as you have every single book ever written about me Horatio.”

Horatio was startled and he glaces at the books where Akadeanna nodded to and he asks, “Are you Queen Akadeanna Hawk The First Queen Of Egypt then?” Akadeanna nods and says, “Yes that is me.” Horatio was shocked and he says, “I just thought you were just named the same as her, never considered that you could be her, after all the books say you were killed when you were 42 when a Rogue God attacked you. I am honored to have you as part of our Team.”

Akadeanna smiles and says, “It's an honor for me to be on your Team Horatio.” Horatio picks up the first file of the ones Akadeanna gave him and opens it and asks, “So why are you looking for them?” Akadeanna sighs and says, “More personal reasons, reasons I'd rather not speak of as it's kind of a classified thing even higher than the President, but that one it's not to do with the others, he's a personal missing person's file.”

Horatio looks at the Egyptian man with amazing steel-blue eyes staring back at him from the picture and he says, “His name is Skylar Andrew Black? How long has he been missing?” Akadeanna sighs and says, “Since I was 15; we thought he was killed, but apparently he was sent here to Earth, I've been searching for him since that day.”

Horatio asks, “Where was he when he disappeared?” Akadeanna sighs rubbing her forehead as the memories came back from that day and she says, “He was on Cybertron when it happened. It was an accident, he might not remember something’s though, I'm not at all honestly sure.” Horatio looks over the file and he asks, “What exactly happened?” Akadeanna asks, “Do you know about the Autobots and Decepticons?”

Horatio looks up at her question and he says, “Of course Optimus has helped us out of several jams, Ratchet has aided as an ambulance for us, and Prowl and Jazz have helped as Police Squad Cars for us. How do you know about them?” Akadeanna sighs and asks, “Did you ever see a Red and Black bi-colored Seeker who flies and fights with the Autobots?” Horatio looks back at the file and he says, “Yes he is sure an artist in the air and in combat.”

Akadeanna sighs and stands up and walks over to look out the window into the CSI Lab before she says, “The Seeker isn't a male or Mech by their terms, it is a female or femme Seeker.” Horatio winces as he hadn't realized the Seeker was a female and h says, “I didn't mean any offense in assuming the Seeker was a male as most Seekers I know of are male. How do you know about her then?”

Akadeanna sighs and says, “I'm what is referred to as a Half-Bred among Cybertronians I am a Human/Seeker Half-Breed which it means I'm both Human and Seeker, I was born Human, but 5 days after I turned 6 my Seeker form came out after the loss of someone very close to me; the reason I know about the female Seeker is,” she pauses and turns around and leans against the window before saying, “Is because she is my other half.”

Horatio was startled listening to the woman's words the Seeker was her and she was the Seeker and he says, “What's your Seeker name?” Akadeanna sighs and says, “My full designation in my Seeker form is Flowerdancer Prime, but I prefer to be called Flowerdancer, though the Decepticons usually call me Prime.”

Horatio smiles and says, “That is a very beautiful name, I meant though what I said about you as Flowerdancer in the skies and in combat. I will do my best to help you search for Skylar. Do you have finger prints or DNA for him?” Akadeanna points at the file and says, “Everything you need to know about Skylar is in there; however yes his DNA and fingerprints are in the computers already.”

Horatio nods, but he asks, “Is he pure Human or is he a Half-Breed like you?” Akadeanna sighs and says, “Yes he's a Half-Breed, but unlike me he is a Seeker/Human Half-Breed; the difference is he was born a Seeker and got his Human form. I wasn't born yet when he got his Human form, but I was 13 when he first took his Human form.” She looks down at her hands before saying, “I am naturally Time Gifted so I went back in time to change some of my history including saving the life of my mirror twin Sister, I gave him his Human form because we were in love until I was 15 when he was taken from me and I am still in love with him.”

Horatio was shocked by Akadeanna's words and says, “We will do our best to help you find him. What's his other name? His Seeker name I mean?” Akadeanna pulls out a picture of her and Skylar, she was sitting on his right servo and she hands the picture to Horatio and she says, “That's him in his Seeker form, that's me sitting on his right servo which in our Human terms that means his right hand. His name like that is Skyfire.”

Horatio accepts the picture and says, “He sure is handsome. That's a wonderful name.” Before Akadeanna could answer Horatio's words there was a knock on the office door and Horatio says, “Come in.” As he said that an older gentleman steps into the office and he says, “Sorry to bother you Horatio, but Erik told me about the visitor.”

Horatio smiles at Frank and says, “Come on in Frank.” The man moves further into the office and he looks at the woman in the Office and he moves closer to Akadeanna and he offers his right hand to her and says, “I'm Sergeant Frank Tripp, Erik told me about you, he said you wanted to speak to me or Horatio.” Akadeanna accepts the offered hand and shakes it saying, “A pleasure to meet you Frank; I'm your new CSI transferred in from California, Akadeanna Hawk.”

Frank was shocked so this was their newest CSI and let go of her hand before saying, “Well welcome to Miami. I know Horatio probably asked you this already, but what brings you to Miami?” Akadeanna lets go of his hand and says, “My Military Team was transferred here and my Protectors followed me here. My Military Team will be joining me in 2 days; while my Protectors are already here.”

Frank smiles and says, “Then you must be a Joe as I heard they were the ones transferring here. Welcome.” Akadeanna smiles and says, “Yes I am, my full name with rank is Fleet Admiral Akadeanna Hawk, I am Co-Leader of their team.” Frank nods, but Horatio says, “Frank I just found out that the Red and Black Seeker we have watched fight with the Autobots is female Frank.”

Frank was shocked and he asks, “How did you learn that?” Akadeanna says, “Because I told him Frank, you see I'm not pure Human, that Red and Black Seeker who fights with them is actually me, I'm referred to as a Half-Breed as I am Human and Seeker; I was born Human, but my Seeker form came out 5 days after I turned 6 after I lost a close friend of mine.”

Frank was shocked at her words, but Horatio asks, “Who exactly are your Protectors you keep speaking of?” Akadeanna sighs and says, “Both Earth Autobot Teams, Optimus Prime and his Team and Stardancer Prime and Stargazer Prime and their Team. Stardancer and Stargazer are more Protectors to me and Optimus is my Guardian. However the Minicons also have joined us down here as Jolt their leader is my Guardian as well.”

Horatio and Frank were startled at her words, but Akadeanna then says, “Ratchet says to let you guys know that he will be willing to help more with transporting as well as Prowl and Jazz are willing to help police wise.” Frank says, “That is appreciated Akadeanna. By chance are you just named the same as The First Queen Of Egypt?”

Akadeanna laughs and says, “Horatio thought the exact same thing, but no it's not coincidental, I am Queen Akadeanna Hawk, I was The first Queen Of Egypt. That's why you won't ever see me wearing sunglasses Miami isn't as bad as Egypt.” Horatio nods and he hands the file he had been looking at to Frank and asks, “Hey Frank have you seen anyone like this in your rounds?”

Frank accepts the file from Horatio and looks at it and he says, “Yeah I saw someone like him at the hospital; why Horatio?” Akadeanna sighs and says, “Because I'm looking for him Frank. Why is he at the Hospital?” Frank was shocked at her words and he says, “Well he is in their psych ward, they think there is something mentally wrong with him because he keeps talking about impossible things.”

Akadeanna was shocked, but she asks, “Could someone take me there? I don't know where the Hospital is here.” Frank says, “Sure I can take you there. When do you wan to go?” Akadeanna says, “Immediately would be best, if that's my Skylar I can't imagine what they are doing to him.” Horatio gives Akadeanna back her Seeker picture before Frank nods and leads Akadeanna out of Horatio's Office and out of the station being a gentleman opening the door for her out of the building and into his vehicle before getting in the driver's side himself, both buckling up.

They headed towards the hospital, but Frank says, “Now you really shouldn't wear that necklace while you do your work.” Akadeanna touches her Crystal Necklace watching the scenery pass them by and she says, “I have never not worn it, it won't interfere with my work trust me Frank. I have worn it since I was 6 years old the very day I lost my best friend, protector and confidant.” Frank frowns and says, “Fine you can continue to wear it unless it interferes with your work.”

Soon Frank pulled into the parking lot of the local Hospital and he steps out, Akadeanna steps out too tugging on her Golden uniform and Frank leads the way into the Hospital, he stops at the desk and checks them both in and leads the way to the elevator for the 9th floor once in the elevator. Akadeanna leans against one of the elevator walls and asks, “What does he talk about Frank? Do you know?”

Frank sighs and says, “He talks about being a Seeker and a Human; he talks about knowing The Elite Trine of the Decepticons saying that they were once a Quaterne; he is talking about you too.” Akadeanna frowns and says, “If he is my Skylar everything he has said is true.” Frank says, “That's right you said you're a Half-Breed. What's his Seeker name?” Akadeanna pulls out the same picture she had shown Horatio and hands it to Frank and says, “His name is Skyfire in that form; that large Seeker is him and that's me sitting on what they refer to as his right servo, to us it's his right hand.”

Frank looks at the photo and says, “He sure is handsome. Why did he chose Skylar as his Human name?” Akadeanna chuckles and says, “Skylar means Star; he picked it because of my love of stars.” Frank nods and the doors open and Akadeanna steps out placing the picture away, Frank follows after her.

Frank says, “The desk on the main floor says we have to find out his room number from the nurse's station up here.” Akadeanna looks around closing her Sky Blue eyes trying to feel for Skylar the love of her life, but her Sky Blue eyes fly open and she jumps like someone kicked her. Frank blinks and asks, “Are you ok Akadeanna?” Akadeanna smiles and says, “Don't need to ask where he is, I know where he is, and yeah I'm ok.”