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Eyes on Fire

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Izuku’s hand brushes over the cool metal railing of the stairs, his bare feet quiet on the steps as he glides down. Heart thumping painfully in his chest, he enters his throne room for what might be the last time.

He’s had a week to come to terms with his fate. A week of advisors begging him to raise the city defenses, to arm his people, to pledge himself to one of his many alpha suitors from their neighboring cities in exchange for aid. Any number of ways to combat the barbarian horde that’s sweeping towards them, led by their Dread King, an alpha so fearsome that even dragons serve him.

The Dread King and his Horde are like the sea, swallowing up any city that lies in their path. Izuku knows there is no way to stop the rise of the sea, no way to stem the tide that’s coming for them. The cities that would not bend to the Dread King’s will were burnt to the ground, razed to ash by dragon fire.

Izuku hopes and prays to the gods that if they do not resist, rather than be drowned by the sea, they will be carried along with it. It’s the best he can hope for and it’s why he’s spent the better part of his week convincing his advisors to let him carry out this plan. No lives will be sacrificed, except maybe his own. He doesn’t have to tell them that if he fails, they would have died anyway.

Izuku treads quietly up to his throne, an ornate, silver seat decorated with intricate golden filigree. He gathers the gauzy white silks of his robe up in one hand, the golden bangles on his wrist jangling, and takes his seat. As he settles in his throne, back ramrod straight, he takes a deep breath, trying to stop the trembling of his limbs. He knows it’s not working because his bracelets continue to chime quietly with every shiver that wracks his frame.

The waiting is the worst part. Or at least, it’s been the worst part so far, Izuku unhelpfully reminds himself. Musutafu has already fallen, nearly an hour ago. He knows because he heard the roar of the dragons as they soared over the spires of his palace. Izuku watched with something akin to terrified awe as the gigantic beasts circled his palace, the desert sun making their multi-colored scales glitter. They were bigger and more beautiful than Izuku had ever dreamed. Even terrified as he was, his tears were less out of fear and more out of the sheer, awe inspiring beauty of the magnificent dragons.

Instead of tearing his city apart and burning the pieces to ash, the dragons merely continued to circle the palace, their fearsome cries shaking the walls, the sound reverberating through Izuku’s chest like heavy drum beats. Izuku presumed they were calling to their King and left to resume preparing for his arrival.

While Izuku’s people made a show of laying down their weapons and let the invaders swarm into the city without resistance, Izuku was preparing himself. He bathed in rose scented water and dressed himself in gauzy silks that fluttered around his body and left little to the imagination. He decorated himself in his finest jewels, golden bracelets lining his arms tinkling with every move he makes, a delicate, golden circlet placed upon his dark curls. For the final touch, he lined his wide, green eyes with kohl, making them appear even bigger.

He made his way down to the throne room and now he waits. He supposes that the Dread King must be making a show of his victory.

Izuku hears the thunderous howl of the dragons again from up above, the cacophony louder and more joyous than before. Izuku braces himself as the door rattles on its hinges before it bursts open.

Izuku can’t help but whimper quietly in fear. The Dragon King stands before him, chest heaving with deep breaths as he inhales Izuku’s scent and his sharp ruby eyes zero in on the omega himself.

Izuku planned for this, prepped himself so the king would scent his slick as soon as they were in the same room. A cheap trick, but one that will keep Izuku alive, if he plays his cards right. The alpha licks his lips and prowls closer. Izuku is shaking like a leaf on his throne, but still he parts his thighs, prepared to let the alpha take his rightful place between them.

As the alpha approaches, Izuku catches his scent and it’s like smoke, stings his nose and burns its way down his throat. It’s suffocating and intoxicating. Izuku’s trembling for a different reason now – anticipation.

The Dread King’s not nearly as frightening as the stories claim. He’s not a towering giant, a hulking beast of a man more dragon than human. His expression is fearsome and the scent of blood and death clinging to him is unsettling, but his face is handsome, even twisted up in a scowl, and his body is muscular and strong. There are intricate tattoos winding up his arms and Izuku longs to trace them with his fingertips.

The king doesn’t stop until he’s planted himself between Izuku’s thighs, vicious smirk and smoldering red eyes staring down at him. Izuku can feel the heat radiating off of him, feels the edges of the Dread King’s fur-lined cape brushing against his bare thighs. He nearly whimpers again from the simple touch, his senses on overdrive from fear and from his own heated desire rising to meet the king’s growing lust for him. Izuku can’t help himself from glancing down at the alpha’s crotch, swallowing dryly.

He needn’t have bothered with preparing himself, Izuku thinks faintly, he’s growing slick just from being in this alpha’s presence, practically drooling for it, teetering on the edge of outright whining for him. Izuku wonders if it’s possible to be thrown into a heat just from being near a compatible alpha.

Izuku’s never felt anything like this. He’s spent a good many years reigning in his own reactions to powerful alphas. He wouldn’t be a very good leader if he stumbled into bed with every strong alpha that called to him.

In fact, it was quite the opposite; he’d mastered the art of manipulating alphas. Izuku had built one of the most powerful trade economies in the realm by keeping several powerful alpha suitors on the hook, baiting them with the chance at his hand, only to gently lure it away at the last moment. He’d kept up this game for a number of years now, so he supposes in a way that falling under the heel of the most powerful alpha he’s ever met is a cruel twist of fate, a joke from the gods themselves.

“Well, do you surrender? Tell me!”

“Er, what?” Izuku squeaks. He doesn’t understand a word the Dread King is saying but he doesn’t want to give the impression that he’s not surrendering. So Izuku gets to his feet, standing nearly chest to chest with the Dread King, and tilts his head to the side, exposing his neck, his eyes angled down and to the side in submission.

So you want me too?” The Dread King murmurs. Izuku chances a glance back at him and shudders. The Dread King lifts a hand to Izuku’s chin and gently turns it to meet his hooded gaze, golden lashes fluttering around his scarlet eyes. “You felt it too, didn’t you?” he says softly.

“I-I don’t understand,” Izuku whimpers helplessly. The Dread King’s tone is soft, his touch gentle, but for all Izuku knows he could be whispering death threats. Judging by the heady desire lacing through the King’s fire and ash scent, Izuku doubts that the case.

Dragon blooded like me, to think I’d find something like you here…” the Dread King murmurs, tracing the constellation of freckles on Izuku’s cheeks. Izuku whimpers and nearly chokes on a hiccupping sob, caught between arousal and fear. Tears finally spill over and fall from his garden green eyes like glittering star drops.

The Dread King coos to him, kisses his tears away with chapped lips. “I cannot make you understand with words, so I’ll have to show you what you mean to me in another way.” He whispers sweet nothings against Izuku’s skin, tongue sweeping out to taste his tears. He pulls away and gestures to himself. “Bakugou Katsuki,” he says, placing his palm on his chest. He repeats it again, thumping his fist against his chest. Suddenly, Izuku gets it.

“M-Midoriya I-I-Izuku,” he stammers, placing his own palm over his heart. Katsuki tilts his head to the side. “Deku?” he asks.

“N-No!” Izuku squeaks, shaking his head frantically. “Izuku!” he corrects.

Katsuki’s sculpted lips curl up in a mischievous grin. “Deku,” he insists, eyes dancing with mirth. “Deku, ma vhenan,” he whispers, large, calloused hand coming up to wrap around the nape of Izuku’s neck, cradling the back of his head ever so gently. Katsuki’s other hand slides over Izuku’s hip to the small of his back to pull him closer, until Izuku’s pressed flush against the alpha.

Izuku feels his cheeks heating up and his arousal flares violently, overtaking any sense of fear. He knows he should be afraid, he knows that if he’s lucky he won’t be killed after this, and yet he can’t stop the slick from growing between his thighs, can barely stop himself from rutting against Katsuki like a bitch in heat.

Izuku resists the urge to struggle, hands scrabbling against the king’s bulging biceps as the alpha nuzzles into his neck. Katsuki’s nose skims downwards, lips just barely brushing against his skin, the whisper of his fangs at Izuku’s throat sending equal parts arousal and fear singing through his blood. When Katsuki reaches the hollow between Izuku’s shoulder and neck, he stops. He grasps handfuls of Izuku’s gown and yanks, tearing his gown to ribbons. If falls to the floor in pieces and Izuku gasps, blushing furiously at his sudden nakedness.

“Heh,” the king huffs in amusement and tumbles backwards onto the throne, pulling Izuku down with him and onto his lap. Izuku’s hands land flat against the alpha’s firm chest. With shaking fingers he undoes the clasp of the cape. Katsuki rolls his powerful shoulders and the cape falls off, revealing the expanse of dark tattoos that sweep up his arms, across his shoulders, all the way to his pecs. They’re dragons, Izuku realizes. Tangled and twisting along the King’s skin, they look like a roiling, writhing mass of every dragon he’s ever tamed. Izuku’s fingers aren’t shaking anymore as he traces the patterns of their scales, their flames.

“They – they’re beautiful,” he says, looking up at Katsuki from under his thick, dark lashes. “You’re beautiful,” he whispers, almost to himself. The alpha grins, as though he doesn’t need to understand Izuku’s words to understand the reverence in his gaze. Katsuki’s fingers trail down Izuku’s spine and he gasps quietly, trembling under the alpha’s touch.

Peace, ma vhenan,” he purrs, cupping Izuku’s cheek in his palm, his thumb brushing under Izuku’s eye gently. He murmurs more soft words and caresses him so gently and though Izuku doesn’t speak his language, he thinks the king is actually trying to comfort him.

More gentle touches that stokes the heat in Izuku’s veins, more quiet words of reassurance as Katsuki grasps his hips, lifts him up so he can free himself from his trousers. Izuku is quaking at the sight of his member, terrified of the idea of something so large trying to fit inside him.

Katsuki gently coaxes Izuku to meet his gaze with a gentle hand under his chin. He meets the King’s amused gaze. “It’s big, isn’t it? I’ll try to be gentle, Deku,” he murmurs as his hands massage Izuku’s hips, then slide down around to grope his ass.

Izuku whimpers and bites his lip, torn between the instinct to press himself closer and the urge to run the other way. The Dread King makes the choice for him as he guides Izuku’s hips down, until Izuku can feel his cock pressing at his slick rim. He’s so wet for it that it slides in easier than he would have thought, though sinking so slowly onto the king’s cock is agonizing, somehow both too much and not enough.

Izuku throws his head back and keens, fighting the urge to sink down all at once, to get the stretch and burn over with so he can finally feel the relief of being full. Katsuki swears something he doesn’t understand, his hands scrabbling against Izuku’s hips to keep him still. “N-Not yet, ma vhenan,” he pants, palms brushing soothingly over Izuku’s body.

Izuku whines impatiently and Katsuki’s hand grips the nape of his neck, coaxes him down into a kiss, their first. It’s hot and wet, the slide of Katsuki’s tongue against his as it sweeps in to claim his mouth makes Izuku whimper and gasp, hips twitching as he slides another inch down Katsuki’s cock. “K-Ka-Katsuki,” he gasps against the King’s mouth. “Alpha,” he moans breathlessly.

Katsuki growls low in his throat, pulls Izuku down as his hips thrust up and in one smooth motion he’s all the way in. Izuku tears away from their kiss to cry out, eyes gone wide and unseeing for a few short moments, panting at how full he feels.

Katsuki doesn’t give him a moment of respite, pulls him back down with a groan for another searing kiss. His fire and brimstone scent floods Izuku’s nostrils, burns away every coherent thought he has until there’s nothing left but Katsuki and pleasure. Slowly, his hips roll up and Izuku grinds down to meet him, setting a languorous pace. Katsuki’s hands move to his hips and he uses them to guide Izuku’s clumsy movements until they fall into a steady rhythm.

The pleasure builds, Izuku drunk on their combined scent, the smell of sex and slick, the sounds of his breathless cries and Katsuki’s snarls echoing in the chamber around them driving their pleasure to even greater heights. Izuku’s nails dig into his alpha’s shoulders, deep enough to draw blood. Katsuki’s hands are in his hair, pulling and tugging, unsettling the circlet in his hair until it clatters to the ground, forgotten. Izuku’s head lolls to the side, drool slipping out of the corner of his mouth as he eagerly grinds down on Katsuki’s lap to meet his alpha’s brutal thrusts, both of them chasing their combined orgasm like a pair of mindless dogs after a hare. Katsuki’s hips snap up and he snarls as his knot pops in, Izuku’s tight heat welcoming him, clinging and holding him fast like a vise. Izuku throws his head back with a scream, vision going white as the stars in his wide open eyes explode, cock jerking and twitching with the force of his orgasm, painting Katsuki’s chiseled abs white.

Izuku hears Katsuki’s roar, then feels his alpha’s sharp fangs in his throat, the pain twisting into pleasure as the bond between them takes hold and solidifies. Izuku moans weakly as Katsuki’s tongue laves over the fresh mating mark, laps up the blood that keeps beading up, possessive snarls bubbling up in his throat and spilling over his red stained lips.

Izuku drifts, still high on his orgasm and the absolute bliss that comes with sealing a bond. He can feel it, Katsuki’s knot pumping him full of white, hot seed. Mindlessly, his hands tangle in Katuski’s hair, petting him and cooing at him as he continues to suck on Izuku’s throat. He can’t stop shivering, body tingling all over, oversensitive as Katsuki rides out the last of his orgasm, grinding into him with one last, low moan.

When he finally comes back down, Katsuki is staring up at him with an awestruck expression, mouth hanging slightly open, blood smeared across his lips and chin, pink dusting his high cheekbones and above them, his eyes glowing red.

I’m just tired, Izuku thinks, it must be a trick of the light. Exhausted, he slumps forward to lie against his alpha’s chest. Katsuki shifts around until he’s pulled his cape out from where it was trapped under their combined weight and drapes it over Izuku’s body. He yawns, eyes fluttering shut as Katsuki tucks the edges of his cape around him. “Sleep well, ma vhenan,” Katsuki murmurs, pressing a gentle kiss to the top of his head.

Izuku falls asleep with his cheek pressed against his alpha’s warm, bare chest, Katsuki’s hands carding through his curls, and the whisper of a lullaby in a foreign tongue.