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A Mate's Worth

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“I feel like I’m going to throw up,” Kirishima said, stepping out of the car. He shut the door behind him and smacked his cheeks with both hands. “This is so huge.”

“You are literally the only person I know who would even remotely be able to handle this, so stop that,” Katsuki said, hitting Kirishima upside the head as he walked around the front of the car. “You got certified and passed the stupid therapist’s exam with so many flying colors they practically handed you two Omega, so relax.”

“Still, this,” Kirishima paused. He steadied his breath and pointed at the small building at the end of the parking lot. “This is a big deal. I mean. They’ve been through so much and I have to step up.”

“You will be fine,” Katsuki said. He put his hand on Kirishima’s head and shoved it down until he could only stare at the concrete. This was his best friend in the entire world, but Kirishima really needed to do something about his self confidence issues. He was an Alpha! But a sensitive one. Katsuki let go of the guy’s head and wiped the excess hair gel off on the back of Kirishima’s jeans. “More importantly, today you’re just introducing yourself as an option. No one is expecting you to make a decision today, idiot.”

“You’re right,” Kirishima said, breathing in and out. He squared his shoulders and stood up straighter. “Thanks for coming with me, though. I appreciate the support, dude.”

“If it gets you to shut up about it then I can put up with standing in a corner for two hours,” Katsuki said.

He shoved his sunglasses on the top of his head and tapped up the steps of the small Omega Shelter. He scrunched his nose as walked into the door and the pheromones lingering in the lobby hit him in the face. Unlike a regular Matchmaking House, this one didn’t see much foot traffic from Alpha and the sweeter, softer Scents of Omega lingered without being overpowered.

“Hello, may I help you?” A Beta at the front desk asked as they walked into the door. She wore a kind expression, but her eyes remained focused and stern.

Kirishima walked up to the counter, movements stiff and showing off his nervousness. He tugged a small stack of papers out of his inner coat pocket and set it on the table. She pulled it across the desk to inspect it. Kirishima rubbed his arm. “The therapist said I should come by and visit sooner than later.”

Her smile and gaze turned warm as she finished reading the paperwork. “You would be correct. These all look like they’re in order, so welcome to our Shelter, Mr. Kirishima. Though may I ask what your friend is here for?”

“Moral support,” Katsuki grunted, holding back the yawn. He hadn’t really planned to spend his afternoon shadowing Kirishima as he picked out a mate, but now he was stuck. “That’s all.”

“That’s sweet of you,” the Beta said. She turned back to Kirishima and put her hands on the desktop. “Before we let you in, I’m going to give a short rundown of the rules. We do things very differently here than they do in standard Matchmaking Houses and I expect you both to be on your best behavior.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Kirishima said, full attention on the Beta. His nerves dropped away now that he needed to focus and Katsuki couldn’t help the inner smile.

There was a reason Kirishima was good for this, Katsuki thought to himself before leaning on the wall.

“First, we do not permit more than three Alpha in the room at a time,” the Beta said, “So you and your friend might have to wait if he’s going in with you.”

“That’s fine,” Kirishima said.

“Second, remember to be gentle and to keep your voice down. While everyone has their own individual needs and issues, many of them are sensitive to yelling, so we try to discourage loud noises.

“Third, I wouldn’t recommend bringing up pasts or individual care needs just yet. If you find someone you like, I will provide you with the proper care and background history so you may be informed before you make a final decision,” the Beta said. She smiled and tilted her head. “Aside from that, I encourage you to talk with everyone a little bit, just to get to know them. This is a big life change for both you and the Omega you’ll be mated to. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” Kirishima said, nodding firmly. “I do.”

“Wonderful,” the Beta said. She reached under the desk and pulled out two lanyards with passes on them. “There are two Beta guards in the room, just in case, but you shouldn’t need to pay them any mind. Here are your passes. If you head around the corner and down the hall, you’ll find the main greeting lobby. A number above the door states how many Alpha are in the room so you know if you need to wait or not.”

“Thank you,” Kirishima said, taking the tags.

He handed one to Katsuki and the two of them walked past the font desk and the waving Beta. Following her instructions, they found themselves at the correct door and the number above it read zero. Feeling safe that the count was accurate, they showed their pass to the Beta as they walked by.

Katsuki had been to a few Matchmaking Houses over the past year since he’d turned twenty, never really finding an Omega that caught his eye. And while it was still odd and uncomfortable seeing all those potential mates sitting in one room, mingling and flirting, it was worlds better than this: Quiet, tired looking Omega scattered about on old couches and chairs. None of them were particularly dressed up or decked out like their younger, more eager counterparts in proper Houses, but more importantly, you could sense the rise in tension when the two Alpha walked into the room.

Kirishima swallowed and Katsuki patted his back as they stood there awkwardly, the new center of attention.

An Omega to the left, who seemed to hold himself better than the others, saved them from the continued awkward silence by saying “hello” to Kirishima first. The ice broken, Kirishima answered the greeting and fell into the standard rounds of polite conversation. Katsuki took that as his cue that his shark-toothed friend would be fine and yawned before glancing around the room for a place to sit and wait.

However, after taking a few extra steps Katsuki had to pause. He breathed in and concentrated. There was a familiar Scent in the air, and though he couldn’t quite place it, he was sure he’d smelled it before.

In the other corner of the room, an Omega yelped and Katsuki turned to see a girl stumble and the door behind her slam shut. He heard Kirishima ask “Is she okay?” and one of the Beta guard opened the door with a frown.

Katsuki watched the back door. Years of training had honed his instincts and he could almost see the scuffle happening on the other side from the shout and the thump of a body against the wall. Kirishima straightened up, too, eyes locked on the door and prepped to move if it sounded serious. Omega Shelters were supposed to be safe havens, but nothing was entirely safe from the rottenness of people.

The door slammed open a minute later, the Beta guard’s hand wrapped around a thin wrist. “You know the rules. You can go back to your room after visiting hours are closed, but until then everyone stays in the lobby together.”

“Please,” a tenor voice said, deep enough to clearly be male. Katsuki watched a hand shove at the Beta’s arm and his feet digging into the ground as he was dragged. “Please. I’ll come back in when they leave. Don’t make me go back out there.”

That familiar Scent grew stronger as the Omega grew more distressed, confirming he was the source. Katsuki focused on it, wracking his brain to remember where he knew it.

The Beta finally lost his temper and dragged the Omega forward all the way through the doorway with a harsh yank. The Omega screamed “No!” before he shouted, “Please! I don’t want him to see me!”

Katsuki felt like he’d been punched in the gut by All Might himself.

Red eyes met green and the smell of Cedar filled his lungs, cutting through the Scent of everyone else in the room. Katsuki saw green curls and dark eyes surrounded by freckles. Tears gathered and terror had plastered itself across every inch of the frozen Omega. He looked leaner, older, but it was still a face that he knew:


February 3 of their second year of middle school, Deku stopped coming to school.

Katsuki hadn’t thought much of it at the time. His annoying tag-a-long probably caught a cold or some shit. He wouldn’t be surprised if the Quirkless loser had a bad immune system, too. Katsuki went through the day unconcerned, though his followers annoyed him more than usual for some reason whenever he’d notice there was one missing.

It changed when he walked in the door of his home and his mother looked him straight in the eye. She said, “We’re visiting the Midoriya family and you will be on your best behavior or you will be grounded for the rest of your life.”

Ten minutes later, Katsuki found himself in the small apartment down the street and had to bite his lip when he saw Mrs. Midoriya sobbing on the couch. Her husband rubbed her back and said softly, “You can visit him on the weekends and call him every evening. It’ll be fine.”

Katsuki knew why Deku hadn’t been in school that day.

His mother and father joined the Midoriya couple on the couch and Mitsuki hugged Mrs. Midoriya with her own mixed condolences and congratulations on Deku’s presentation. Katsuki stood in the opening of the living room not sure why he was there.

“Katsuki,” Mrs. Midoriya said, as she looked up. She sniffed and waved her hands. Not insulting his intelligence, she got straight to the point. “I haven’t packed up his things yet. He said you might want something in there since he knows you love All Might, too.”

He bit his lip, not trusting himself to talk. Katsuki nodded his head and left the room. He didn’t want Deku’s shit, but he couldn’t stand there and watch his mom cry either. Katsuki walked back down the hallway and pushed open the small room with the All Might name plate.

The smell of Cedar smacked into his face as he entered. The room had been drenched in the strong Scent and he had to cover his nose at first before he got used to it. Deku’s Beta parents likely hadn’t even noticed the new Scent their son had acquired when he presented, let alone realized he’d Scented half his room with the strong smell. The greatest concentration of it came from the bed and Katsuki swallowed as he looked away.

All Might merchandise coated every surface from the walls to the floor and shelves. Katsuki scoffed under his breath and flicked over an All Might figurine on the desk. It fell on it’s side with a small bounce and Katsuki felt numb. He should have known this is what Deku’s room would look like. Katsuki sat on the floor next to the desk and set his head on the drawer.

He’d been so sure Deku was going to be a Beta. It seemed only natural: Katsuki was an Alpha like his mom and Deku would be a Beta like his. They both took after their mothers in everything else, so why not Class, too?

Katsuki rubbed his hands down his face. There was no helping your Class and if Deku was an Omega, he was an Omega. In two to three years he’d be at a Matchmaking House and probably meet an Alpha who’d take care of his ass and keep him from running into trouble.

Deku needed the supervision anyway.

He got up from the floor, but as he put his hand on the desk to pull himself up he took another look at the bookshelf in the corner. On the bottom shelf was a small row of school notebooks. Katsuki tugged one out and saw Deku’s handwriting on the cover. He flipped open the first page and stared at handwritten notes about Pro Heroes.

The next volume was the same, but the notes had gotten more in depth. By the last volume on the stack, the twelfth volume, Deku had managed to create a rather detailed description of Pro Hero Quirk Pros and Cons on each page.

Katsuki grabbed the twelve volumes and left the room to wait in the hallway for his parents.

This was all he needed.

Kacchan had seen him.

Izuku trembled under the guard’s hold, frozen in place as Kacchan—Kacchan, Kacchan, Kacchan—stared at him with wide eyes and a dropped jaw. Izuku scrunched his eyes shut and wished he was anywhere else.

He’d tried so hard to hide. The moment that sweet, rose petal scent entered the room, Izuku’s blood had frozen. There was only one Alpha who smelled like that—so strong and so deep that it’d been prominent even to those who hadn’t presented yet. He would never forget that Scent for the rest of his life. Izuku had never been particularly ashamed of his history, but in that moment he would have done anything to keep Kacchan from seeing him here in this place.

Kacchan wasn’t supposed to know.

Izuku had tried to hide. He was going to hang out in the hallway until Kacchan left but the guard had found him and dragged him back inside and now he’d been caught and Kacchan knew. Izuku opened his eyes again, feeling the tears welling up.

Kacchan knew.

Izuku bit his lip and forced the tears to stay locked inside.

Kacchan shouldn’t be here. He was an amazing Pro Hero. He held the number two spot in the entire nation and could have any Omega he wanted from the highest and most prestigious Matchmaking Houses.

Why was he here?

“Bakugou, dude,” Red Riot said, shaking Kacchan’s arms. The usually chipper Pro Hero’s face twisted in confusion as he watched Kacchan. “You look like a ghost. Do you know him?”

“We were neighbors,” Kacchan said, still staring right at Izuku. “We went to school together and shit.”

Red Riot looked at Izuku and back to Bakugou. He rubbed the back of his neck and frowned. “Small world, I guess.”

Izuku stared at the ground, heart heavy in his chest.

That rose Scent came closer and Izuku’s breath picked up. The Beta guard let go of his arm and Izuku looked up and met red eyes, still locked on his own.

Kacchan’s eyes were wide and full of horror. He whispered, “What the fuck are you doing here?”

Izuku couldn’t help it; he sobbed.

He was already so embarrassed he could die—what more would it hurt?

Nine known Alpha mates and possibly more that Deku refused to talk about.

Katsuki stared at the information sheet he legally shouldn’t have access to but being Ground Zero and a furious Alpha helped the front desk clerk make an exception. He dug his hands into his hair, gritting his teeth as Kirishima stared at him with caution in the back. His own meeting got cut short when Katsuki left the room and punched a wall in the hallway so hard he left a hole. The good friend he was, Kirishima had chosen to pick a mate another day and stand behind Katsuki while he read Deku’s file.

Deku’s first Alpha returned him about two months after he’d been registered stating he couldn’t get pregnant—which was bullshit because Deku’s file upon Registration clearly stated he had a lower fertility rate. It could take a year or more of Heats to get Deku knocked up and that bastard took him anyway knowing that.

Mates two through eight were along the same route. Each keeping Deku for five to six months each. Four returned him because they “no longer worked” which Katsuki had learned to read long ago as “got bored with him.” The others were all small time crooks who’d gotten caught and lost their mating privileges.

Katsuki hadn’t thought much about what went into deciding an Omega’s dowery. He always figured if he liked one enough, he’d just challenge for it. His Quirk was explosions—what moron would pay for it when they could just win in a fight?

But he was now learning that there were a shit ton of factors that went into play: Family status, Quirk, fertility rate, and lastly education—or rather, how well they scored in Finishing School.

Deku had been from a middle class family of Beta, had no Quirk, was borderline infertile, and had scored average on his Finishing School exams.

His dowery had been dirt cheap and his minimum bid might as well have been “Free.”

No wonder he’d been picked up so many times by the scum at the bottom of the barrel.

Especially his last registered mate: Number nine, whose name had been struck out to Katsuki’s great regret, had at some point given Deku away to another Alpha under the table. That freak got his kicks watching other people fuck his Omega, which meant Deku had been subjected to who knows how many other Alpha and perverted Beta looking for a “good time” without attachment.

Deku had been found during a police raid and after a mental evaluation, been sent to therapy and the current Omega Shelter he was at.

It turned Katsuki’s stomach and the bile caught in his throat.

He knew there were some sick assholes in the world—he beat the shit out of them daily—but it was still disgusting.

“You okay?” Kirishima asked, frowning at the stack of paperwork.

“I will be,” Katsuki said. He rubbed his hands down his face and looked over his shoulder. There was really only one thing to do. He’d never forgive himself if he just walked away. He met Kirishima’s gaze and said, “I need to borrow your textbooks.”

Izuku hugged his pillow to his chest as he sat on his bed and watched the small television. His roommates were still giving him his space, hanging out in the other rooms while he moped. He knew they wouldn’t be back until curfew and he was deeply grateful for the time alone.

The small recorded video of Kacchan played, showing him off in his full Ground Zero gear grinning wide at the camera while holding up a broken villain. When it ended, Izuku picked up the remote and started the video over, beginning with his favorite All Might rescue clip before going back to what his friends had called his “Ground Zero Collection.”

Kacchan had kept Izuku sane even more than All Might throughout the years.

In his last year of Finishing School, he had watched the U.A. Sports Festival along with the other Omega in his class. Izuku had stared at the television in awe seeing Kacchan win it all. That had been his friend. That was Kacchan standing victorious in first place, receiving a medal from All Might himself. Izuku had been so damn proud he cried and told everyone in the room that he used to go to school with that boy.

It might have been the only day he’d been popular with everyone asking him questions about what Kacchan had been like in elementary school.

After that, mate after mate, he’d been sure to watch the television whenever he could, looking for signs of Kacchan in the news. His appearances were few and far between but Izuku never missed one, even at the risk of a beating or Order.

It didn’t matter what Alpha he was with when he at least could look forward to seeing Kacchan’s Hero career progress.

When he couldn't watch him, Izuku spent his free time remembering the aggressive boy that shined so brightly Izuku thought they’d be together forever as long as Kacchan would let him follow.

But life had different plans and Izuku only had his imagination for company.

On his worst days, he could pretend the Alpha he submitted to were Kacchan. He used the footage from the news clips and fan videos to keep his old memories of Kacchan fresh and updated. Izuku had had enough experience of Kacchan shoving him around, or using his Quirk to intimidate him to make up for any gaps or to easily slot Kacchan into the place of the actual Alpha that Marked him.

Kacchan had never been as much of a bully as his mother thought, but he still had his aggressive moments and it made things easier.

At first Izuku felt guilty picturing his old friend in such an intimate way without his consent, but between a little guilt and having to face the reality that he had essentially become some Alpha’s toy instead of their mate, he chose the guilt.

Izuku had learned early to make sure not to say the wrong name, even in the worst of his Heats.

What did it matter who he fantasized about? It wasn’t as if he was ever going to see Kacchan again, so he’d never know. They lived in two different worlds. Kacchan was successful and rich and deserved the world.

But of course he’d be the sort of friend who’d go with another for moral support.

And of course he’d walk into Izuku’s Omega Shelter.

That had always been his luck.

Izuku turned off the television and buried his face in his pillow. He hadn’t been able to answer Kacchan’s question and the Alpha had left. Kacchan was smart; he knew why Omega were in this house. He’d walked out without another word and Izuku’s chest hurt. It’d been a week and he still couldn’t bear the look of disgust that had crossed Kacchan’s face.

Someone knocked on the room door. He looked up as it cracked open, revealing the House Mother.

“Izuku,” she said. The House Mother wore a warm smile and handed him a small, drawstring bag. “Put anything you’d like to keep in that bag and meet me in the lobby. A very nice Alpha has claimed you. He was so enthusiastic he couldn’t even wait for tomorrow and visiting hours to open.”

She shut the door without another word, oblivious to Izuku’s growing panic.

He clutched the bag and forced himself to breathe evenly. Izuku had been at the shelter for three months. He’d thought he’d have more of a break—the other Omega said on average that most of them would be in the Shelter a year or more before they found a new mate—but someone had come to get him already? Why? Who would possibly want him when he was considered broken among the broken?

Tears gathered on his face as his breath hitched.

He had to go.

Having someone come to pick him up would make everything worse. No matter who the Alpha was, it wouldn’t be a good idea to start their newly-mated life with an Order.

Izuku took ten minutes to collect himself before he judged the size of the bag and the few things he held of value. He grabbed his small collections of recordings, a few donated shirts he’d liked, and the small Ground Zero emblem die cast pin he’d stolen from a shop in a crazed moment of desperation about two years ago when the Alpha he’d been with at the time destroyed his recorded files.

His roommates congratulated him at the door, hugging him tight before he wandered down the hall with the small bag tapping against his leg.

Izuku told himself this would be okay. He was in an Omega Shelter. The only Alpha permitted to claim Omega here had to be trained and certified in Abuse Care. Even if they grew bored of him, none of them would ever be as bad as…as before.

“There he is! I caught him in a nap, so he might look a little tired, but he’s good to go,” the House Mother said. “Izuku, don’t doddle! This nice gentleman has already been waiting for an hour filling out your paperwork.”

Izuku closed the door behind him, eyes still on the ground. This would be better. It had to be better. Izuku bit his lip, breathing in. He would not cry. Izuku couldn’t even remember if he’d talked to any Alpha this past week during the meetings so this could be anyone. But he—

“Oi, Deku. I know you’re a klutz but I figured you could at least walk without staring at your feet by now.”

Izuku dropped his bag and looked up. The House Mother had covered her mouth at the insult, but Izuku couldn’t remember the last time he’d heard something so perfect.

The tears came again, warm, hot, and happy. “Kacchan!”

Katsuki had no idea what the fuck he was doing.

Deku sat in the seat next to him as they drove away from the Omega Shelter, eyes puffy and red from crying. He sniffled, reaching up to wipe off his running nose with the handkerchief Katsuki had given him so he wouldn’t have to use his sleeve. When he wasn’t tending his nose, he was staring at Katsuki with so much awe and disbelief it sent chills up his arms.

Maybe rushing into a care license had been a bad idea. Sure, by helping Kirishima study the past half a year he might as well have taken the course himself—as proven by the fact he walked in and took the test after a week of brush up studying—but there was mental prep time, too. Not to mention there were a lot of things in Deku’s file that Katsuki wasn’t prepared to deal with—but.

“I’m so happy, Kacchan,” Deku said, squeezing the cloth between his hands. “I really missed you.”

It was fucking Deku.

“Yeah, I missed you, too, nerd,” Katsuki said.

The sentimentality wasn’t like him, but for once, he figured his pride could take the hit. He just got mated to Deku—being nice was sort of a requirement now.

Deku sniffed again and leaned his head against the glass of the window. “I can hardly believe this is real. I’ve been dreaming about this for so long I half wonder if I’m not just asleep and this is all just going to disappear when I wake up. Or maybe I finally went mad and I’m hallucinating.”

Katsuki pulled over to the side of the road and pointed at Deku’s face. “Okay, are you being dramatic and shit or can you really not tell I’m real. Because if it’s the second one, we might have to turn around because I am not prepared to deal with that level of psychosis on a long term basis.”

Deku stared at Katsuki before he snorted and giggled into his hands. They grew into a full bodied laugh that had his shoulders shaking before he wheezed. Katsuki tapped the side of the steering wheel with his finger, less amused. Deku calmed down and put his head back on the glass, smiling. “It was the first one, Kacchan.”

“It better have been,” Katsuki said. He started the car again and headed back into traffic. He checked the clock and looked back at Deku. “We should be there in about an hour. Did you want to stop somewhere to get food or just keep driving?”

“I’m fine,” Deku said. He pulled his feet up on the seat and wrapped his arms around them. “I already had dinner, unless you want to stop.”

“Home it is,” Katsuki said.

They drove in silence for another thirty minutes. Katsuki had no idea what else to say. He’d gone to get Deku because when he saw his face all he could think of is that stupid day where he hadn’t come back to class and his mother cried. Leaving Deku in that building had no longer been an option.

But now Katsuki had no idea what to do with him, aside from his obligatory responsibilities.

(Shit, he kept forgetting about that part. It was going to be so weird sleeping with Deku.)

“Hey, Kacchan,” Deku said, interrupting Katsuki’s thoughts. He looked out the window as they drove by. He stayed curled up tight in the seat, and watched Katsuki through the reflection in the glass. “Why’d you come back to get me?”

Katsuki squeezed the wheel. “Don’t ask questions you know the answer to.”

“I’m really glad you came to get me, Kacchan.”

“Let’s hope it stays that way,” Katsuki said under his breath.

Izuku had walked into a new home more times than he cared to count, but this was the first time he felt a sense of relief when he stepped across the threshold. Kacchan’s apartment was minimalist and clean with a well stocked kitchen immediately to the left of the entrance and a spacious, open living room straight ahead. He clutched his small bag of belongings as he followed Kacchan further into the apartment and he flicked on the lights.

“This is it,” Kacchan said. He licked his lip and pressed his fingers together, adorably nervous for an Alpha. “This part of the apartment is pretty self explanatory but down the hall is the bathroom, a linens closet, and the bedroom is the last room.

“I know eventually we’ll just be sharing, but if you want the first night or two to yourself or something, I can sleep on the couch—”

“No!” Izuku blurted. He squeezed his bag tighter and covered his mouth at the outburst. Kacchan didn’t look mad, only stunned, but Izuku backtracked accordingly just in case. “I mean. Sharing is fine. I don’t mind.”

“Okay,” Kacchan said. He nodded looked at Deku before he snapped his fingers. “Oh, that reminds me. Wait right there.”

Izuku stood in place, glancing around the room. He listened to Kacchan open a door around the corner and there was grunting as he moved things around. He winced when he heard something fall over with a clatter and Kacchan’s cursing followed, but stayed where he was as instructed.

A few minutes later, Kacchan came out with a paper bag in his hand by the handles. He held it up to Izuku and said, “Here. If I’d known I’d have a chance to give it back, I might have grabbed more.”

Izuku stared at the bag and Kacchan shook it, indicating Izuku was to take it. He set his own drawstring bag on the ground and took it from Kacchan. Izuku tugged the handles apart and peeked inside.


He dropped one handle and trembling fingers reached down and tugged one out. Izuku stared at the handwritten number six in the corner and he looked back at Kacchan. He’d looked off to the side with a hand behind his head, rubbing the back of his neck in a bashful move.

Kacchan took his notebooks.

Out of his entire room of All Might merchandise, a good selection of which he had known for a fact that Kacchan had wanted from overhearing him talk to his friends, he’d taken Izuku’s Hero notebooks.

He had kept Izuku’s Hero Notebooks. All twelve. Neat and tidy in a bag and free from harm or bent pages.

Kacchan had kept them all these years and had known immediately where he’d stored them.

Izuku dropped the bag and threw himself at Kacchan, consequences be damned. He heard the grunt through the rumble in Kacchan’s chest as his face collided with it, arms encircling him into the tightest hug he could manage.

Kacchan didn’t shove him off, strangely patient. He set his hand on Izuku’s head and rubbed it. “You really must have been through some awful things if this is all it takes for you to throw yourself at a guy who used to hate you when we were kids.”

Izuku dug his fingers into Kacchan’s back, clinging just as tightly. “I noticed the past tense in that sentence, Kacchan.”

“Come on,” Kacchan said, stepping back and ruffling Izuku’s hair. He then dodged the comment and said, “I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to pass out. We can deal with getting you properly settled in tomorrow.”

Izuku ducked down and collected his fallen notebooks, putting them neatly back in the bag before grabbing his things from the Shelter. Kacchan waited for him and he tapped after him as they went down the hallway.

His heart pounded in his chest, still anxious and full, but excited for the first time in years.

Izuku entered the bedroom more than ready to—

Kacchan threw a shirt and a pair of grey sweatpants at him. Izuku caught them, slightly confused. He put his things on the floor near the wall and inspected the garments more closely. They were both oversized for Izuku and had All Might’s logo on the front of the shirt. Across the room, Kacchan tugged open a drawer and pulled out a white shirt and some pajama bottoms. “Sorry they’re too big. We can get you some real sleep clothes tomorrow.”


Izuku squinted, thinking hard and long to try and remember the last time he’d worn those. Most Alpha were fairly against the concept of them entirely since it meant time that Izuku wasn’t naked in bed. Even at the Shelter, he usually stripped down under the sheets like everyone else from sheer force of habit. Izuku glanced at Kacchan’s bare back for the slight moment it remained before it was covered again by his own sleep clothes. Izuku changed into the offered clothes, despite the oddity.

If Kacchan wanted him to wear pajamas, he supposed that’s what he would do.

Izuku drowned in the large clothes. His thin form had nothing on Kacchan’s bulk and muscle, making their size difference rather noticeable while wearing the borrowed shirt. But the clothes smelled like Kacchan and Izuku couldn’t help but smile.

“Come on, I’m turning out the light,” Kacchan said, turning back the covers. Izuku crawled into the opposite side from Kacchan and settled into place, his heart beating faster and faster in anticipation. His mate clicked off the lights and got in afterwards, dipping the mattress down to his end. Izuku rolled toward Kacchan, but kept his distance since Kacchan didn’t ask for him to come closer yet. Kacchan breathed out and said, “Night.”

They were just sleeping. Izuku gripped his sheets and curled up tighter into a ball on his half. That was also odd, but it explained why Kacchan had them change into pajamas. Maybe Kacchan really was that tired.

“Night,” Izuku whispered.

Kacchan fell asleep fast, his breathing evening out mere minutes after his head hit the pillow. Izuku couldn’t remember if the Alpha had always been like that, or if his years as a Pro Hero had trained him to fall asleep and wake up quickly in case he was needed. Izuku watched him, either way, still not quite sure if when he woke up the next morning that he’d still be here. This could all still be a dream and when the morning came, he’d be back in the Shelter and Kacchan would be gone again.

Izuku didn’t want to go to sleep.

But despite his best efforts, Kacchan’s sweet Scent and steady breathing lulled Izuku to visit his dreams. He slept, deep and warm under the thick blankets.

Izuku woke buried under Kacchan, the Alpha’s arm thrown across his side and his breath heavy in Izuku’s hair. At some point in the night, the Alpha had rolled over and attempted to smother Izuku in his sleep.

Dried drool stuck to his cheek and pillow and there was no mistaking the excess sweat on his body that soaked into the night shirt for any form of illusion or dream. Izuku pressed his hand over Kacchan’s chest and felt his heartbeat.

This was real.

Kacchan arriving at the Shelter. Claiming him. Taking him home. Returning his notebooks. Sharing a bed—It had all been real.

“Kacchan,” he whispered, nuzzling into his neck. Kacchan didn’t wake, but he squeezed Izuku closer in his sleep and he couldn’t stop the burst of joy that welled in his chest.

He was home.

Chapter Text

“How do you like your omelettes?” Kacchan asked from the kitchen, tugging out a small stack of plastic containers. He turned and kicked the fridge door shut with his heel before dropping his stack on the counter with the eggs and bowls. “I’ve got a ton of leftover ingredients from the other night, so if you want something I’ve probably got it.”

“Plain is fine,” Izuku answered from his seat curled up on the couch in the living room.

Kacchan narrowed his eyes at Izuku for a moment, suspicious of the answer, before he shrugged and reached for the frying pan. “I can do plain.”

As the sounds of sizzling eggs filled the kitchen, Izuku stared at the television playing the morning news. About thirty minutes ago, Izuku came to a depressing conclusion:

Having graphic, erotic, escapist fantasies about a single person every day—sometimes multiple times a day—for close to six years may have skewed his perception of the real person he had been having said fantasies about.

But then again, even if he removed the fantasizing from the equation, Kacchan behaved unexpectedly for an Alpha.

Izuku rather considered him a somewhat of an expert on that particular Class at this point. Unlike most Omega who only had to deal with one or two Alpha in their lifetime, Izuku had dealt with ten on a fairly long-term basis. The last one of which also exposed him to many, many, more, giving him an even better picture on Alpha and their behavior.

In his findings, he had noticed there were three main types: The first being Alpha who liked to have sex whenever and as much as they could (which were fairly rare, thankfully), while the other two types were divided neatly between Alpha that liked to have sex before they went to bed and Alpha that liked to start their day with it.

There were always exceptions, but Alpha tended to be creatures of routine.

The most important thing to note about all of them, however, was that every single Alpha Izuku had gone home with slept with him on their first day being mated. Not all of them Marked him right away, but they all made sure to consummate the mating as soon as possible. At least two barely made it out of the car on the way home from the Matchmaking House before they’d shoved Izuku up against the nearest surface and pulled his pants down. The rest had more self control and waited until their preferred time, but it was still within twenty-four hours.

Therefore, since Kacchan had to have some semblance of self control considering his profession and had shown zero interest in sleeping with Izuku when they went to bed, it stood to reason that he was a “morning” Alpha.

So while Izuku waited for Kacchan to wake up, snug and warm under his arm, he could already picture how the morning was going to go: Kacchan would roll over to box him into the mattress, not even bothering to remove the sheets and blankets covering their backs. He’d push Izuku’s sleep shirt up and remove it along with the rest of his night clothes, half-hard and feeling up every bit of skin revealed.

Kacchan’s hand would wander lower until he cupped Izuku, more than likely pleased at how ready and eager Izuku had already become from waiting for Kacchan to wake up. With no need for foreplay or prep, Kacchan could help himself with a strong hip thrust. Maybe Izuku would even get an early Mark with Kacchan’s cock buried deep inside of him for lazy, morning sex.

Reality presented a different picture.

Kacchan jerked awake, startled by Izuku’s presence before he groaned and pressed his face in the pillow over Izuku’s shoulder. He said, “That’s right” under his breath before he rolled away from Izuku and sat up. Kacchan rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and said, “Shit, we have a lot to do today. I’ll make breakfast as soon as I take a shower.”

Izuku watched him get out of bed, grab a fresh pair of clothes and leave the bedroom.

No kiss. No touching. No morning sex.

He didn’t even want Izuku to make his breakfast for him.

Izuku sat in bed confused for close to ten minutes listening to the sound of the water rushing through the pipes in the bathroom next to the master bedroom. When it stopped he heard Kacchan yell “Bathroom’s open.” The semi-implied request for Izuku to get cleaned up snapped him out of the daze. Izuku took his drawstring bag into the bathroom and took a quick shower, making sure the water was cold to calm himself down.

Kacchan had finished cracking the last egg into a prep bowl when Izuku entered the living room. He sat on the couch, not sure what else to do while Kacchan did the work.

“Yours is done,” Kacchan called from the kitchen. He sat a plate on the bar counter behind the kitchen counter and reached for his egg mix to make the next one. Izuku wandered to the bar and sat on a stool, watching Kacchan dump a mass of cut hot peppers into his own frying omelette. “Hope you like Western style.”

“I do,” Izuku lied. He didn’t actually know if he did or not because he’d never had one before but Kacchan made it so he was going to like it no matter what it tasted like. Izuku cut into the fluffy, yellow egg and took a bite. His prior lie became truth as he chewed. “It’s delicious, Kacchan.”

Kacchan grunted, folding over his own in the pan. “After breakfast, we can sit down and make out a list of the things you need. We’ve got a lot to get done since I have to go back to work soon, so I don’t want to forget anything major.”

“Okay,” Izuku said. “That sounds good.”

Kacchan finished making his own breakfast and ate right next to the oven. While Izuku continued to cut up his own omelette, he looked over Kacchan’s shoulder and saw a stack of books on the small kitchen table near the window. He couldn’t read all the titles, but at least one clearly read “Omega Care.”

Izuku set his fork down.

In his excitement about Kacchan—who had gone from childhood best friend to Pro Hero Ground Zero himself—had come to pick him up, Izuku had forgotten that even Pro Heroes were required to take Abuse Care Training before claiming an Omega at a Shelter.

That could explain why Kacchan had been so distant so far or why he’d offered to give Izuku so much space and the option to sleep alone the first few nights. Surely that book had instructions about taking things slow and feeling each other out for comfort levels before doing anything. Some of his friends at the Shelter were so jumpy around any Alpha that consummating the mating on the first night would have been traumatizing, even with the best of intentions. Izuku itched to crack open one of the text books to see exactly what it said.

If it had been any other Alpha on the planet that had claimed Izuku, he would have appreciated the kid gloves. Izuku would have insisted on some sort of proof that the Alpha wasn’t going to up and leave him after getting bored and a few days to a week of abstinence would be a good start on proving their sincerity.

But it wasn’t some random Alpha who’d claim Izuku, it was Kacchan.

And Kacchan could do anything he wanted and Izuku would be genuinely glad to be a part of it. Even if Kacchan got bored with him a few months down the road, Izuku would be mad to give up this chance to be with not only the person he’d admired most his entire life, but Ground Zero. Ground Zero! He was mated to a Pro Hero and whether it lasted a month or a lifetime, Izuku at least wanted a Mark out of it and one real memory to hold onto.

He still had one problem, though: He didn’t know if it was the book or Kacchan that had him keeping his hands to himself.

If Kacchan hadn’t slept with Izuku yet because he was trying to follow the guidelines in the book, Izuku would be more than happy to let him know that wasn’t necessary. They could throw the book out the window because it was Kacchan. Izuku would make it very clear he was a bright, shining exception to all the rules.

But if Kacchan hadn’t slept with Izuku yet because he didn’t want to that posed a bigger problem.

The key to handling Alpha was to give them what they wanted and to keep them happy. If Kacchan was waiting because he wanted to wait, Izuku would have to grin and bear it. Sure, they’d told him in Finishing School that if he wanted to have sex he could ask and the Alpha would usually say yes, but in practice he’d found that typically wasn’t the case. So much so that he found himself shocked years later that was still being taught or that it had been included in the curriculum at all.

Proposing sex himself had made some of his prior mates straight up angry their Omega was trying to make decisions, so he stopped that route of thought in its tracks after the first time he was Ordered to know his place and wasn’t allowed off his knees for a week.

It wasn’t even worth it to test how Kacchan would react.

“Are you finished?” Kacchan asked.

Izuku jerked his head up and snapped his mouth shut. He’d been mumbling under his breath again and Kacchan looked concerned. He nodded and said, “Yes, thank you.”

“Let me know if you get hungry later,” Kacchan said, taking the plate with his half-eaten omelette away. “As soon as I clean the dishes, we can go over the list in the living room.”

Izuku nodded and breathed out.

He was overthinking things.


Izuku had been with Kacchan for less than a day and this new situation was very different from his prior mates. Kacchan was being nice because he knew Izuku had been—had been used in ways that mates weren’t meant to and he was trying to take things slow.

He could handle slow.

For now.

Katsuki tapped the pen on the top of the notebook page. Deku sat about five inches away from him on the couch, leaning forward to watch him write. Katsuki scribbled “To do” at the top and underlined it twice.

“First things first,” Katsuki said. He wrote down the items as he listed them out loud. “We need to get you a chest of drawers or something. I don’t have enough room in my closet for two people, though we might have to get that another day. We definitely need to get you some toiletries today, though. I guess we can just go down every aisle and grab one of everything to make it easier and save me writing it all down.”

Deku nodded along, not saying anything. He’d been rather quiet most of the morning, but Katsuki figured the new situation finally hit him after their emotional evening. Deku folded his hands together and held them between his exposed thighs. The shorts he had on did nothing to hide his legs and the shirt looked worn, but thankfully in a loved way instead of a ‘cheap’ way.

“Clothes are a big one,” Katsuki said, looking away and back at the paper. “We need to get you some pajamas that fit and there’s no way you had more than one or two changes of clothes in that sack you brought with you. I’m sure we can find a week's worth of clothes to start and maybe a suit just in case.”

Katsuki pulled the pen back and bit the cap. He thought about the care book and tried to think if he was forgetting anything else that wasn’t an obvious life necessity. Food, clothes, shelter, and all that was covered by the apartment and Katsuki. The Heat stuff wouldn’t be for another two or three weeks if the House Mother’s note of when Deku’s last Heat had been was true, so Katsuki didn’t have to worry about that yet.

What was he forgetting? Katsuki tapped the pen on his thigh and glanced around the room. He spotted one of his hiking magazine and nearly hit himself. Of course! Deku needed stuff to do during the day when Katsuki was at work. Hobbies and leisure—that’s what he was missing.

“Speaking of not bringing a lot with you,” Katsuki said turning toward Deku. “Is there anything you want for your free time? Like books or games or shit like that?”

Deku frozen in place, eyes wide like the question had been unexpected and Katsuki kept himself relaxed and as non threatening as possible. The book had warned that sometimes Omega in situations with over controlling Alpha may not have had a lot of their own choices over anything, even for things as simple as preferences for their private moments.

Katsuki would be patient and wait for him to think it over.

“A notebook might be nice,” Deku said after working up the nerve to speak and a pause that spanned three television commercials. He dug his thumb into his palm and looked to the ground and away from Katsuki’s gaze. “With some pens to write with.”

Katsuki should have seen that one coming and smiled, letting it show on his face. He wrote down the request on his working list and asked, “Anything else?”

Deku said, “That’s enough.”

Katsuki didn’t push.

“Let me know if you think of something we're forgetting,” Katsuki said. He threw the pen on the table and got up, grabbing the list as he stood. “I have to go back to work the day after tomorrow, so I want us to get as much shopping done as we can today so we can spend tomorrow setting up.”

“Okay,” Deku said. “That sounds good—wait, we?”

“Yes,” Katsuki said, looking down at the couch. “All of this is for you, so you’re coming with me. I figure you’d want to pick most of this out yourself.”

“I—I can do that,” Deku said, clasping his hands together. He squeezed them tight enough Katsuki almost reached down to split them. Deku must have sensed his concern, or noticed him staring at them, because he moved his hands to sit on his knees instead. He looked down and bit his lip. “I’m not sure if I have anything to wear, though. I only brought another shirt and my shorts are sort of short.”

Deku tugged subconsciously at the edge of the fabric.

“You can borrow a pair of my work out pants,” Katsuki said. He headed to the back bedroom and pushed open his door. Deku trailed behind him, pausing in the doorway. “They’ll be too big, but we can tighten them with a rubber band or something at the waist. Your shirt’ll cover it.”

“Thank you, Kacchan,” Deku said.

Katsuki managed to find an older pair from the tail end of his high school days that was on the smaller side, saving Deku the rubber band. They rolled the top a few times and it fit loose, but nothing that would matter for a day trip. Izuku changed into the other shirt he’d brought with him that appeared to be newer and followed Katsuki out of the bedroom.

He grabbed his keys, phone, and wallet and slipped on his shoes at the door. Deku did the same, following him out. After he locked the door, Katsuki headed down the hall and they left the apartment without incident.

When they hit the street, however, Katsuki met the first of his troubles for the day. He pointed at Deku and said, “Stay there.”

Deku snapped up straight, confused as Katsuki stalked away from him. He headed straight for the glint he saw in the bush and snarled as he reached over and grabbed the camera before the man could escape. Katsuki placed his palm around the lens and yanked it forward. The reporter and cameraman on the other end sweat with wide eyes and panic.

Katsuki knew his eyes had slit pupils as he said, “I made it very two days ago that if any of you morons even thought about putting my mate in the paper or a tabloid before I gave you permission, that I’d break your equipment and put you in the hospital.”

He activated his Quirk and exploded the camera, film and all. The two reporters yelped and fell to the ground, covering their heads as the damaged equipment fell over them. Katsuki stomped on a loose piece and dug it into the dirt. “This is your warning. Go tell all your little buddies this story is off limits. You got that or do I need to go through with the second threat?”

“We understand!” The Beta cameraman yelled. He threw his hand over his companion’s mouth and dragged him back. “No story! Got it!”

The two of them scrambled off back into the bushes, running for the van parked down the street. Katsuki glared at a couple staring at him and he barked, “What’re you looking at?”

They looked away and power walked in the opposite direction. Katsuki snorted and blinked, shaking his head as he calmed down. He looked up and saw Deku staring at him with wide eyes that almost sparkled in their delight.

He couldn’t help the tiny puff of pride as he sauntered back over. “You like that?”

“You’re so cool, Kacchan,” Deku said, smiling bright and wide.

For a minute, Katsuki was back in the woods behind his apartment when he was four years old with Deku trailing behind him. That same look of adoration plastered on his face as he clutched a bug collecting kit in the heat of the summer.

“Kacchan?” Deku asked. “Are you okay?”

“I’m good,” Katsuki said, licking his lip. He turned and headed toward the train station. “Come on.”

He heard Deku’s footsteps pick up behind him and he reminded himself to stay focused in the present.

Izuku felt like he was being tested.

Not necessarily by Kacchan himself, but the universe at large. After the amazement of Kacchan using his Quirk wore off, it hit Izuku why Kacchan had attacked two people in the street: They were reporters.

It struck him again that Izuku wasn’t just mated to Kacchan, his childhood friend, he was mated to Ground Zero: the famous Pro Hero who had been the subject of the news lately because he was still single as he approached age twenty-two.

No wonder they were jumping on any lead they could find that if they found out he might be mated to an Omega.

Izuku’s heart pounded in his chest. As Ground Zero’s Omega, Izuku was going to be in the public eye a lot once Kacchan felt content enough to introduce him formally.

If he ever did.

Keeping more than one Omega was pretty normal for high status Alpha like Kacchan, so having his ‘Rescue Case’ at home and in private alongside a proper, equally high class Omega for the public wouldn’t be that unheard of.

Izuku could live with that. Maybe. It was still better than any of the alternatives, but that didn’t mean Izuku wasn’t going to do everything he could to earn at least a public acknowledgement.

Which meant he was going to do the very best he could by being the Omega of Kacchan’s dreams.

If only he’d cooperate and throw Izuku a bone about what he liked.

“What do you think I should get, Kacchan?” Izuku asked, feeling his last nerve snap. It’d been one thing for Kacchan stand back and let Izuku pick out his toothpaste and shampoo or even what sort of notebooks he got, but this was pushing it. How was Izuku supposed to make the Alpha happy if he wouldn’t say what he wanted!? “What do you like?”

“Does it matter?” Kacchan asked, looking up from his phone. He pushed his sunglasses up over his hair, revealing a confused expression. “We came to a second hand store because they have a bigger variety. Find stuff you like and later we can go to an actual outlet that carries that style later. Who cares what I like? They’re your clothes.”

Izuku cared and yes it mattered because Kacchan would be the one looking at Izuku. It would be better if he picked out clothes that Kacchan found attractive, but he had no idea what Kacchan found attractive because it clearly wasn’t short-shorts and oversized t-shirts.

Izuku had had three Alpha that were a tad higher standing than the general middle class and had reputations to maintain. All three of them had insisted on dressing Izuku to make sure he fit their style, which varied wildly between their three individual tastes. The rest of his mates either didn’t want him wearing clothes at all or bought him things that he looked “cute” in—or were easiest to get off quickly, but Izuku knew that comparing Kacchan to Alpha like that last bunch was a lost cause.

The point was, Kacchan both had a reputation to maintain and he had some sort of preference for Izuku to be in clothes more than he was without them since the Alpha had bought two sets of pajamas for Izuku to wear to bed.


Izuku dropped the pajama topic before he got back to that weirdness. His current dilemma needed more focus. It’d been subtle, but Kacchan hadn’t been pleased with Izuku’s current clothes and was too nice to say anything. Worst yet, though, it didn’t look like he was going to help fix that problem.

He’d have to get creative.

Izuku stared at the expanses of clothing racks and looked over his shoulder. Kacchan had gone back to texting on his phone with a stern expression, maybe talking with another Pro Hero. While he was distracted, Izuku searched the rack for clothes his size. If Kacchan wouldn’t tell him with his mouth what he liked, he’d just have to do it with his eyes.

After he’d amassed a fairly decent variety, Izuku tapped over to Kacchan and took a risk. “Kacchan?”

“Yeah?” He asked.

“Would you mind telling me if these look okay after I try them on?” Izuku asked, he held the pile of fabric close to his chest. He bit his lip for added effect. “I can’t remember the last time I picked out my own clothes.”

“Sure,” Kacchan said, putting his phone back into his pocket.

He walked side by side with Izuku toward the changing room and followed him in. Izuku left the stall door open for him after he picked one big enough for two people, but Kacchan had settled agains the wall near the larger mirror instead of coming with him.

Izuku shut the stall door and set his head against the back. He understood if Kacchan wanted to take things slow, but he figured he’d at least want to watch Izuku change clothes.

He smacked his cheeks and put his pile of clothes on the small bench. Izuku had a mission and he needed to stick to it. Izuku shed his meager clothes and grabbed the first outfit to tug on.

Izuku started simple: button up shirt with slacks. He stepped out of the dressing room and Kacchan gave him a look over, but his face didn’t change. “That looks okay.”

“Okay” wasn’t “I want to shove you in the dressing room and lock the door behind us.”

Izuku went back into the stall and ripped his shirt off. Dress casual wasn’t the right direction, so he went casual-casual for Kacchan’s second option. He pulled on a printed t-shirt in Kacchan’s Ground Zero colors of black and orange with some blue jeans.

That outfit received a similar response with an honest, but still not that impressed: “Looks good.”

Kacchan didn’t even notice the Hero colors.

He might need to step it up.

Izuku tossed on the black tank he’d found and threw a fishnet top over it. He squeezed into the short-shorts that could have passed for a bikini bottom and tugged on some black stockings to the knee. He grabbed the black boots he’d shoved under the clothes stack and laced them up. The short heel gave him some height, so he hoped Kacchan didn’t mind being eye to eye.

This outfit got a reaction, but it was a choked “That’s different” followed by a look that Izuku could describe as vaguely horrified and confused. He studied Kacchan’s face for any hint this was a “I’m turned on but embarrassed by it” expression but saw nothing of the sort. Kacchan was just shocked by the skimpy outfit and borderline uncomfortable with Izuku wearing it.

Back to the drawing board.

Izuku shut the dressing room door behind him and bit his thumb. Kacchan had to have a preference. Sure, he might be in over his head trying to figure out Kacchan’s clothing turn-ons only a day into their mated life, but Izuku was up for anything that would move the Alpha’s attention toward consummating that same mated life a little quicker.

He tried another four or five outfits with Kacchan showing near visible relief that none of them were as revealing as the fishnet getup, though that also covered any indication of preference between the next few options.

One outfit remained on the bench.

Izuku pulled it on without looking at it in the mirror, shoulders dropping. He’d stick with the t-shirts and jeans for now, and maybe the first collared shirt, if he had to. They weren’t flashy, but it was enough to wear around the house until he had a better idea of what Kacchan liked. Maybe if he studied Kacchan closely while they watched television or a movie he could pinpoint when Kacchan saw something he liked.

“Last one,” Izuku said, opening the door.

He took a step out of the dressing stall and caught it on Kacchan’s face: The widened eyes, the slow lowering of the bottom lip, and the pause in breathing—the interest was unmistakable.

Izuku glanced at his reflection in the mirror behind Kacchan and looked at the outfit he’d thrown on without thinking: a mint button-up shirt with a button-down collar with the sleeves rolled to the elbow because he’d grabbed a size too large on accident. He’d left it untucked and the shirt tails hung over the belt line of the black skinny jeans.

“What about this one?” Izuku asked, hoping for a verbal confirmation to match the tiny flicker of desire in Kacchan’s eyes.

“Looks good,” Kacchan said, nodding. “That’s a good one.”

“I’m glad you like it,” Izuku said. He saved the sigh of relief for after the dressing room door shut behind him. He whispered under his breath as he unbuttoned the shirt. “And thank you for a starting point.”

He folded the winning outfit neatly and set it aside before tugging his clothes back on. Izuku grabbed the one t-shirt he’d chosen and the second pair of jeans to wear while he was cleaning later before dumping the rest on the return rack in the corner.

Kacchan followed him out of the dressing room and to the clothing aisle where he’d found the mint shirt. Izuku picked up a few more similar tops, all one size too big, in different patterns and another pair of skinny jeans.

“I’m done,” Izuku said, holding his tiny stack. He winced at the time on the wall and pulled his shoulders in to look smaller. “I’m sorry that took so long.”

“You’re fine,” Kacchan said. He looked at the clothes and said. “You don’t want to try those on, too?”

Izuku shook his head. “I got an idea of what I needed.”

“If you’re sure,” Kacchan said. He took the stack of clothes from Izuku and walked up to the counter. Kacchan paid for their purchase and carried the bag without a care. As they left the store he asked, “You want something to eat?”

“Sure,” Izuku said. He glanced at the bag and said, “Can I change into one of those in a restroom first? I feel underdressed.”

Kacchan handed him the bag and Izuku ducked into the public restroom on the corner. He came out wearing the mint shirt and black jeans and Kacchan’s expression lit up just enough to prove that was the right move. Kacchan took the shopping bag from him again and Izuku felt better standing next to him now that he was properly dressed.

All through dinner, Kacchan kept looking him over, particularly at his neck and the tiny sliver of skin that the unbuttoned collar revealed. Izuku played with his sleeve cuffs near his elbow as he went over what they’d bought that day to make sure they hadn’t forgotten anything and he took note of every time Kacchan’s eyes flicked to watch his fingers.

Finally, Izuku was getting somewhere.

By the time they got back to the apartment, he was fairly certain that Kacchan would be taking that mint shirt off himself when they got into the bedroom. Izuku had been near giddy when Kacchan’s fingers played with his shirt collar while they’d watched the evening news and he’d thrown his arm over the back of the couch behind Izuku’s head.

They were a day late, but Izuku wasn’t complaining.

He nearly squirmed on the couch as he thought about what was coming. He tried not to let his imagination get too far ahead of himself, but it was hard not to think about Kacchan slipping his hand under the shirt and over Izuku’s belly to draw it right back down and shove it right down into his jeans, pressing hard into Izuku’s skin as he fought the tight fabric.

Kacchan turned off the televisions and Izuku pulled a leg up on the couch. He sat up straight and—

“Here’s your pajamas,” Kacchan said, handing him a small bag from one of the earlier stores they’d visited. “You can go ahead and change and get in bed. I’ll be in after a minute.”

“Alright,” Izuku said, holding the small bag to his chest. He left Kacchan alone in the living room and went to the bedroom as instructed. Izuku changed into the nightshirt and cotton pants and sat on the edge of the mattress. He fell on his back, ready to jump back up if Kacchan came in and huffed. “Stupid Pajamas.”

By the time he stopped sulking enough to crawl under the covers, Kacchan came in and headed for his own set of drawers in the corner. He changed and turned out the lights. Slipping into his side of the bed, he shoved a pillow between the two of them. Izuku stared at it and looked to Kacchan for an explanation.

“I’m hoping that’ll keep me from getting in your space,” Kacchan said, putting his back toward the pillow. He spoke softly, the dark of the room keeping the atmosphere gentle. “I didn’t mean to wake up crushing you.”

“I was fine,” Izuku whispered. “I really didn’t mind.”

“I did,” Kacchan said. “Night.”

“Night,” Izuku said, glaring at the pillow.

He waited for Kacchan’s breath to even out before he sat up and grabbed the pillow. Izuku would be the perfect Omega tomorrow, but tonight he’d risk the disobedience to the hinted command to stay on his side of the bed. Izuku tossed the pillow past their feet and scooted over until he could curl up against Kacchan’s back.

Izuku nuzzled Kacchan’s shoulder, throwing an arm around his waist and snuggling up. Kacchan didn’t wake up and Izuku took what he could get. Izuku kissed Kacchan’s back and fell asleep breathing in Kacchan’s Scent.

If Kacchan got angry in the morning for circumventing the pillow barrier, it’d have been worth it.

Chapter Text

Katsuki had given up on the pillow barrier.

After three more nights of it getting thrown around in their sleep and waking up tangled with Deku no matter what he tried, he accepted the inevitable. Katsuki had been concerned about smothering Deku in his sleep, but the twerp insisted he was fine. He also vetoed Katsuki’s suggestion of sleeping on the couch again so Deku could have his space and not worry about waking up with an Alpha shoving him into the mattress, albeit unconsciously. Considering it was one of the few thing he verbally spoke up about, Deku must not be too upset over having his personal space invaded in the night.

The book said some Omega felt safer sleeping with someone else close by than alone regardless of any prior trauma, so Katsuki didn’t feel the need to be concerned just yet.

“We should go pick out a dresser for you today,” Katsuki said, sipping his coffee. He picked up his empty breakfast plate and got up from the kitchen table to sit in the sink. “If I move that bench under the window to the living room, I think we can fit one in. I’ll have to measure it though to make sure we don’t get one too tall.”

“Okay,” Deku said, finishing off his food. He brought his own plates over and put them in the sink as well. Katsuki turned on the water and washed them out of habit. Deku stood next to him, fiddling with a dish towel. He stood close enough that their arms touched and said, “Is there anything else you want to do on your day off?”

“Haven’t decided,” Katsuki said, rinsing off a plate. Deku took and dried the clean dish before Katsuki could put it on the rack. Katsuki asked, “Is there anything you want to do?”

“I’m up for anything,” Deku said, like he usually did.

Unlike the bed thing, that was a tad more difficult to unpack.

From talking with his Alpha friends and the Care book, it was fairly common for many Omega to be content deferring to their Alpha for most things: How they spent their day, what chores they did, if they went out or stayed in, etc. In fact, Katsuki knew one Pro Hero buddy who’s Omega became legitimately stressed out and anxious if she didn’t give the poor guy things to do all day and tell him what to do. However, even extreme cases like that one knew that if they didn’t want to do something or had a preference, they could speak up for what they wanted—especially if they’d been given an explicit choice.

But Omega like Deku were often conditioned to defer to their Alpha for everything or they’d be punished. Alpha like that shouldn’t have been allowed to take care of a dog, let alone another person.

As much as Katsuki hated to admit it, it was hard to tell if Deku wasn’t speaking up because he was genuinely fine with Katsuki making the decisions or if he was scared of how Katsuki would react if Deku said “No.”

“Then I guess we’ll see what the afternoon brings us,” Katsuki said, finishing up the dishes. That was part of taking things slow, too, on some level. Maybe after a month or two after really getting settled in and Deku knew he was safe here, Katsuki would broach the subject and encourage Deku to speak up more about what he wanted. But until then, he’d try and give Deku easy options to try out. “I’m going to measure the space and then we can head out.”

“Alright,” Deku said, drying the last dish.

Katsuki tugged on the side of Deku’s shirt collar as he walked by, amused by the loose fabric. The shirt was way too big for Deku, but he couldn’t help but think the look fit him. “I shouldn’t be more than ten or fifteen minutes.”

He left Deku alone with the last dish to dry and rolled up his sleeves. Weird or not to be living with his childhood friend, Katsuki had made a commitment and it was time to make this place more of a home for two.

A dresser would be a good start.

Izuku sat cross-legged on the bed, watching Kacchan assemble his new dresser. Thankfully, the size restrictions meant that neither Kacchan nor Izuku had much of a choice with which one they got so Izuku couldn’t be put on the spot to pick one. After three stores and a quick lunch at a ramen place, they found one that fit the correct parameters—which meant it was perfect, even if it didn’t match any of the other furniture in the room.

He hugged the defeated pillow to his chest, lamenting that the metaphorical Pillow Barrier still existed between the two of them.

It’d been almost a week and Kacchan still hadn’t made a move. Aside from letting them wake up together after Izuku crawled into his arms after Kacchan went to sleep, there had been no attempts to kiss, touch, or otherwise fondle aside from playing with his loose shirt. Kacchan was either waiting for Izuku to break down and beg or he was legitimately not interested in having sex outside of a Heat.

One of the other Omega at the Shelter had talked about Alpha like that. Before she’d been hurt herself, she’d lived next door to an Alpha who’d taken in a “pity case” (She didn’t call other Shelter Omega that any more, though) to boost his standing in the community. She said her neighbor was treated well, but definitely was more of a houseguest than a “mate.” His friend said that her neighbor’s Alpha jacked off in the shower more than he slept with his Omega and that was endlessly frustrating.

Izuku hadn’t caught Kacchan masturbating since he’d started living with him, so either the Alpha was really good about hiding it in the shower—which Izuku didn’t think was happening because he’d listened through the door and sex pheromones would have cut through the water—or he did it at work and was already satisfied by the time he came home.

It would be Izuku’s luck that the only thing that turned Kacchan on was fighting crime.

“Do you see where the other bag of screws went?” Kacchan asked, standing up and looking over the mess of packaging on the floor. He lifted some plastic wrap and said, “Gotcha! Never mind, I found them.”

Izuku clutched the pillow and fell over on his side on the bed. In truth, Izuku still hadn’t completely separated his imaginary Kacchan from the real one and his unrealistic expectations continued to plague his thoughts. Six years of fantasy were hard to destroy in a few days, especially when Kacchan still smelled amazing and his touch made Izuku want more.

It was likely that Kacchan had brought Izuku home out of some weird sense of obligation or guilt since they used to know each other more than the desire to be with Izuku personally that he wanted Kacchan to have so badly.

Which might be why he hadn’t felt any real need to sleep with Izuku outside of what was required.

“Done!” Kacchan said, smacking his hands together. He turned and gathered the packaging material off the floor, shoving it into the box the dresser had come in. Izuku smiled as Kacchan grinned to himself, satisfied with a job well done. “I knew I could do it in under an hour.”

The fully assembled chest of drawers fit neatly under the window, the perfect size to match what Kacchan had measured. It had six thin drawers for Izuku to put in whatever he wanted. Kacchan had made it clear in the store it was his piece of furniture and if he wanted to decorate the top or anything, he was welcome.

Izuku smiled into the pillow, staring at his new dresser. He still had some hope that he was more than a “pity case.” Kacchan let him in his bed and was doing all he could to make him feel welcome, sex aside.

That had to mean something.

“I’m glad that’s out of the way,” Kacchan said, walking back in after throwing out the box. He had Izuku’s small basket of clothes under his arm and sat it on top of the newly assembled dresser. “I’ll let you organize that however you want.”

He stretched his arms over his back and headed to his own dresser on the other side of the room. Kacchan pulled his sweat-soaked shirt off and threw it into the laundry hamper. Izuku rolled over to watch him, eyes trailing over the muscles flexing along his spine. He dug out a clean shirt and pulled it on, shaking out his hair.

“Anything you want for dinner?” Kacchan asked.

“You” popped into Izuku’s head first and he shoved the thought down. He bit his lip and shrugged. “I’m good with anything.”

“I was thinking take-out,” Kacchan said, standing over the bed. He reached over and pulled the pillow down to see Izuku’s face. “You still like fried pork? There’s a diner down the street that delivers now.”

“Yes,” Izuku said. Red eyes locked with his own, the eye contact proving he was paying attention to Izuku’s answers. “That sounds great.”

“Then I’ll go order something,” Kacchan said. He let go of the pillow and ruffled Izuku’s hair with his hand as he left the room. “It shouldn’t take more than thirty minutes to get here.”

“Okay, Kacchan,” he called out.

Izuku shoved the pillow into his face and rolled over, pretending that he wasn’t getting hard from just a simple hair pat. Slow. Kacchan was taking things slow but then he did things like ruffle his hair and let him know what those big strong hands felt like and—

“Kacchan,” Izuku said, voice loud as he sat up and hugged the pillow tighter. “I’m going to take a shower while we wait, is that okay?”

“Sure,” Kacchan said back.

“Thanks,” Izuku said.

He went into the bathroom and left the door unlocked behind him. If Kacchan wasn’t going to help him, Izuku would just take care of it himself.

Izuku could only hope smelling the excess pheromones through the door would finally tempt Kacchan to come in and join him.

However, after a very, very long shower and an exhausted hand from delaying his orgasm as long as possible to give Kacchan the honor when he finally wandered in, Izuku gave up waiting on his Alpha. He finished himself off, unsatisfied. Izuku rested his head against the shower wall as he turned the cold water up and cleaned himself properly.

Izuku may have miscalculated in his more straight forward attempt to casually seduce Kacchan.

At least two Alpha didn’t like Izuku to masturbate unless they had told him he was allowed. One had been very clear that Izuku was never to do it unless his Alpha was watching. What if Kacchan was one of those Alpha?

What if he hadn’t come in to join him in the shower because he was angry?

Izuku’s hand shook as he turned off the water. He’d been so careful tip-toeing around Kacchan this past week and he may have just ruined everything because of something as stupid as sexual frustration. Izuku bit his lip and pulled back the curtain, listening. It was quiet and he sucked in a breath, hoping Kacchan was just ignoring him.

He crept to the bedroom and dressed, hoping to make himself as small as possible The smell of his pheromones in the hallway dissipated with the air conditioning with their source long clean. Izuku dressed and walked into the living room to judge the atmosphere and see if Kacchan was upset.

Kacchan wasn’t in the living room. Izuku clutched his oversized shirt and sat on the couch. Had he been so angry he’d left?

It’d been close to forty minutes since Izuku had started his shower. He pulled feet up onto the cushion and wrapped his arms around his knees. He breathed into his jeans and counted to ten. His Alpha was coming back. Maybe he’d just stepped out to avoid Izuku’s Scent because he didn’t want to be tempted.

That was it.

That had to be it.

The door opened after another ten minutes of anxiousness and Kacchan came in with two bags. He spotted Izuku on the couch and held one up. “Sorry that took so long.”

“You went and got it?” Izuku asked, too confused to be scared. He sat up at the smell of the food and asked, “I thought they were delivering?”

“When I called in the order they said their delivery driver was sick so I’d have to pick it up,” Kacchan said. He frowned and put the bags on the counter. “Maybe you didn’t hear me over the shower water when I said I’d be back.”

“I didn’t,” Izuku said, immensely relieved. “Sorry.”

“No, I should have made sure you heard me instead of just yelling through the door,” Kacchan said.

He started digging into the take out bags and Izuku covered his face, sinking into the couch to count to ten to calm his nerves before he got up to join his Alpha.

Izuku had gotten lucky and he wasn’t going to make that mistake again. He'd be better about his self control.

“One pork for you,” Kacchan said, handing him his take out bowl. He cracked open the lid to his own and smelled the dish with a soft smile that made Izuku’s heart melt. “And spicy curry for me.”

Losing Kacchan was not an option.

Katsuki dropped his duffle bag off by the door as he came in after his last patrol for the day. He was early, so Deku wasn’t there by the door to greet him for a change and Kacchan almost sighed in relief. Katsuki was not used to that sort of welcome every time he came home and he didn’t think he ever would be.

“Deku?” Katsuki asked, not seeing the Omega in the living room. He wandered down the hall and poked his head into the bedroom. “You in here?”

He found Deku taking a nap on the bed, his hand clutched around his cell phone. The Omega had set an alarm to wake him about twenty minutes before Katsuki normally came home. Deku curled tighter around the phone when Katsuki patted his hair and he took his hand back.

Maybe touching him when he was asleep wasn’t the best idea.

Katsuki went back to the living room and let him be. He smiled at all the little things that had moved in the room and at his notebook on the coffee table. He wasn’t sure what Deku was writing in it these days, it felt too private to sneak a peak in, but it was nice knowing the books were getting used. The blanket on the couch was unfolded, which meant he probably used it, and he saw a glass and plate still waiting to get to the sink.

Usually when Katsuki came home, the place had been cleaned spotless, like Deku hadn’t even been there.

This felt better and he smiled as he folded the blanket himself and picked up the used dishes. Katsuki had finished the last dish by the time Deku came into the living room, confused.

“Kacchan! You’re home early,” he said. Deku put his hands on the bar top and frowned at the dishes. “I wouldn’t have taken a nap if I’d known that.”

“I didn’t know either until I was relieved from duty early,” Katsuki said. He dried his hands on the towel and threw it on the counter. “Did you have a good day?”

“Yes,” Deku said.

Katsuki was about to ask him what he did when the door knocked and an obnoxious, “Bakugou! Open up!” came from the other side.

Deku stared at the door, standing up straight and Katsuki yelled back, “No!”

“Don’t give me that!” Kirishima shouted back with a laugh. He opened the door, still grinning brightly with sharp teeth as he let himself in with his key. He was followed by Todoroki and his mate, Momo, with Sero and Mina waving from the hall. “Your newly-mated first week is up and I missed my buddy! No more skipping dinner night for you!”

“We saw each other yesterday,” Katsuki said, noting that Deku had taken a couple steps back from Kirishima. He didn’t quite sprint, but he was clearly tense with the other two Alpha in the room. Katsuki took a step between Deku and Kirishima and crossed his arms. “You could have called.”

“You would have said no and this is an intervention,” Kirishima said. He wagged his finger back and forth. “The last time you skipped one agency get together, you weaseled your way out of them for the next three months and that’s just not good for team building.”

“Is that why they’re with you?” Katsuki asked, glancing over Kirishima’s shoulder. Todoroki and Momo were watching Deku out of the corner of their eyes while the other two chatted in the hallway. “Or did you want something else?”

“We’re carpooling,” Todoroki said. He shrugged. “The place they want to go is in the next prefecture, so I volunteered a vehicle. There’s more than enough room for the seven of us in my van.”

Todoroki had included Deku in that count, which made sense. Spouses were welcome at these Team Building dinner things, which now included Deku. He turned over his shoulder to introduce Deku when he realized that the Omega had retreated to the living room.

“I’ll be right back,” Katsuki said. He walked past his kitchen and leaned over the couch back next to Deku. “You okay?”

“Kacchan,” he whispered. He wrung his hands together, bowing his head over. “Sorry. I know you didn’t tell me I could leave, but you were talking and—”

“It’s okay,” Katsuki said. He put his hand on Deku’s head and tilted his head back to look him in the eye. “My agency does a dinner thing every month and it’s normal to bring your mate. Do you want to come with us tonight?”

“Do you want me to?” Deku whispered.

He remained rigid, hands squeezing tightly together. Katsuki could smell the other Alpha’s Scents from here, so Deku had to be able to smell them, too. If this was enough to set him on edge, there was no way he’d survive a crowded table of them in a restaurant. At least when they’d gone out shopping, most people had given them a wide berth because of who Katsuki was and because he’d chosen places with less guests. Dinner would be different and Katsuki was half tempted just to tell him to stay home.

But it was important Deku had the choice.

“Deku, I won’t be mad if you say no,” Katsuki said, rubbing his hand in Deku’s hair. “It’s entirely up to you.”

“I want to stay here,” Deku said, voice so quiet Katsuki barely heard it.

“Then I’ll see you later and don’t worry about staying up for me,” Katsuki said. He pulled his hand out of Deku’s hair and patted him on the back. “Have a good night, okay?”

“Have a good time,” Deku said, speaking up. His shoulders stayed slumped and he stared at his hands.

“Is everything alright?” Momo asked when Katsuki returned.

He rubbed the back of his neck and spoke softly. “At the Shelter, they didn’t allow more than three Alpha in the room at a time with the Omega. Plus it was a decent sized room, so there was a lot of distance between them all. I think Deku’s a little overwhelmed with so many Alpha around right now, which is probably why he doesn’t want to come to dinner, either.”

“Poor thing,” Mina said, covering her mouth.

Kirishima nodded along with Sero, not saying anything but the looks of pity were unmistakable.

“I think he’ll be fine once we leave,” Katsuki said, reassuring his friends. He scrunched his nose looking over his shoulder at Deku, who was still pretending to be invisible on the couch. “Though I do feel bad leaving him alone now that he looks upset.”

“I could stay, if you like,” Momo said. She put a hand over the top of her chest and tilted her head, spilling a sliver of her loose, long hair over her shoulder. “I wouldn’t mind keeping him company while you catch up with the others.”

“Fine with me,” Katsuki said. He glanced at her mate. “Todoroki?”

“I don’t mind,” Todoroki said. “I have to come back to drop you off anyway, so I can pick her up at the same time.”

“Perfect,” Katsuki said. He stopped whispering and called over his shoulder. “Hey, Deku! Momo says she doesn’t want to go either. Do you care if she hangs here with you?”

“No,” Deku said, shooting up straight. Momo waved at him and he waved back, tiny and close to his chest. “That'd be okay.”

Momo kissed Todoroki on the cheek and walked into the room, slipping her shoes off at the door. She walked over to the couch and introduced herself as she sat next to Deku. He answered back and Katsuki felt his shoulders relax. The two Omega would be fine by themselves.

“Let’s go before I change my mind,” Katsuki said, shoving his shoes on and grabbing his wallet. He pushed Kirishima and Todoroki out the door before shouting, “See you later, Deku!”

“Bye, Kacchan!” he heard back.

With that reply, Katsuki shut the door and locked it behind him. He looked over his shoulder and saw Kirishima smiling warmly with him, hands on his hips. Katsuki grunted, “What?”

“Look at you being all gentle!” Kirishima said, throwing an arm around Katsuki’s shoulder. “I didn’t know you had it in you! And to think I was actually worried when you suddenly went to take that test. You’re going to have to tell us everything about your new mate that has you so smitten!”

“Get off,” Katsuki said, shoving him away. “And we are not talking about Deku all night.”

Shouto said, “Half of our agency was expecting to meet him tonight, so since they are going to be disappointed, there is a good chance you’ll be bombarded with questions all night instead.”

“Yup!” Mina said, slapping him on the back. “You’re going to be the man of the hour!”

“Perfect.” Katsuki let himself be dragged to the car and hoped Deku had a better night with Momo than he was going to have trapped with his so-called “friends.”

Chapter Text

“Hello, there,” Momo said, approaching the timid man siting on the couch. “My name is Momo Todoroki. Thank you for letting me accompany you tonight.”

“Ah, no problem,” he said. Momo took a seat next to him on the couch, giving him a good foot of space between them so he wouldn’t feel crowded. He tried for a smile, though she could tell he was still tense. His gaze occasionally flicked to the door where the other Alpha were still gathered, but he did his best to stay focused on Momo. “My name is Izuku. It’s nice to meet you.”

“See you later, Deku!” Ground Zero called from the doorway.

“Bye, Kacchan!” Izuku called, turning to the door and watching as it closed.

Momo had to take pause—that was a rather cute nickname for the Explosive Hero.

The fact Ground Zero called Izuku “Deku” made sense because that particular Pro Hero had shown time and time again his ability to remember names was poor. It seemed like even in his own home that held true and she could believe that the Omega sitting next to her hadn’t worked up the nerve to correct him getting the poor man’s name wrong.

However, the diminutive nickname of “Kacchan” didn’t seem like the kind of thing Ground Zero would appreciate as a pet name, and she had a hard time picturing the man who’d been shaking seconds ago from too many Alpha in the room could be brave enough to call Ground Zero such a cute name within a week of knowing each other.

“Kacchan? Did he ask you to call him that?” she asked, unable to help herself.

Izuku covered the lower half of his mouth and his eyes went wide. A hint of panic laced his features and he grabbed the lower half of his loose shirt, clutching the fabric. “Oh! No! That’s just what I’ve called him since we were little and I didn’t even think about it. You don’t think I embarrassed him in front of those other Alpha, do you?”

“No, of course not.” Momo shook her hand back and forth to alleviate some of the panic. There was a possibility Ground Zero would be teased for the nickname, but no one in their friend group would be stupid enough to tease the man in front of his Omega. “I was just curious who came up with it since it’s such a cute pet name—wait, did you just say ‘since you were little?’ Didn’t you just meet a week or two ago?”

“No, Kacchan and I have known each other our entire lives,” Izuku said, staring at his hands. He rubbed his thumb against the other one. “Our parents are friends and we grew up next to each other. When we were really small, I started calling him ‘Kacchan’ and he called me ‘Deku’ and the names stuck.”

“It sounds like you two must have been close then, if you had nicknames for each other. Were you?” Momo asked.

“Yes and no,” Izuku said, unrolling his sleeve. He tugged on the end of the cuff, pulling it over his hand. “Kacchan was definitely my best friend, but I don’t think he liked me much as we got older. I didn’t have a Quirk, so he thought I was sort of useless to have around and I think I got on his nerves.

“He still let me hang out with him and his other friends, though,” Izuku said. “So he couldn’t have hated me too much.”

“I see,” Momo said.

Her concern must have shown on her face because he immediately sat up straighter. Izuku defending his Alpha immediately: “I know it doesn’t sound good, but Kacchan wasn’t that bad. I promise! And he’s grown up so much since then I barely recognize him, and that’s with keeping up with his hero career in the news when I could.”

“Oh?” Momo asked.

Izuku clutched at his shirt and laughed. “It’s embarrassing, but realizing I was probably never going to see Kacchan again was the worst part of presenting. I missed him so much those first few years in Finishing School, I’m not sure how I made it through.

“Seeing Kacchan win the U.A. Sports Festival might have been one of the best days of my life,” Izuku said. He continued twisting the fabric of his shirt in his hand, tugging his collar down. Momo noted there was no Mark yet and felt relieved. Shouto had been concerned about Ground Zero’s lack of patience and was worried he might be rushing things. Izuku let go of his shirt and grinned. “Seeing Kacchan premiere as Ground Zero might have been the best.”

“You seem very fond of him,” Momo said. She reached over and patted his leg. “I’m glad you two found each other again.”

“Me, too,” Izuku said.

“Oh! I almost forgot,” Momo said. She tugged out her phone and typed up a quick message to Shouto, making sure that Izuku couldn’t see the screen. She wasn’t going behind his back, but she had a feeling he might be a little embarrassed if he knew what she was typing. When she’d hit ‘send’, Momo put the phone away. “Just had to tell Shouto something.”

“It’s fine,” Izuku said. He rubbed his thumb on his other hand and asked, “What’s it like being mated to a Pro Hero? I have to admit, most of my other mates were pretty low class so I’m not sure what to expect now being mated to Kacchan, like with public appearances and things.”

“I wouldn’t be worried,” Momo said, covering her mouth to hide her amused expression. “We have the easy job of standing still and smiling. They’re the ones who have to do all the work talking to the cameras, but if you’re still concerned, I doubt Ground Zero will make you come to any press events if you don’t want to. There’s no shame in wanting to avoid their limelight.”

Izuku leaned forward and grabbed a notebook off the table. He flipped open the page and wrote a few notes. “That makes sense and how I figured it worked, but I wanted to be sure.”

Momo didn’t overtly glance at the notebook, but she did notice that the text looked disorganized and scattered, with random thoughts scribbled in all directions. Izuku bit the end of his pen before he wrote down one more thing.

He shut the notebook and put it back on the table, quickly pulling his hands back into his lap. “Sorry, was that rude?”

“It’s fine,” Momo said.

They both stared at each other, quiet and gauging. Momo reached for conversation but she wasn’t sure what to ask aside from straight up asking how Ground Zero was treating Izuku, but after finding out how biased he was toward the Pro Hero, she wasn’t sure if she’d get a straight answer.

She’d have to watch him for context cues and any sign that he was distressed.

“May I ask why you didn’t want to go to dinner?” Izuku shifted, pulling a knee onto the couch as he turned toward Momo. “Kacchan said it was normal for mates to go.”

“I’ve been to a ton of dinners, but it’s not every day I get to spend the evening getting to know someone one-on-one,” Momo said, doing her best to smile gently. “A quiet night in talking with a new friend seemed like the better option.”

Izuku’s smile turned more natural and he asked, “How long have you and Shouto been mated?”

Momo answered, relieved things were going well so far.

Shouto tugged out his phone at the dinner table as they settled into their seats and finished ordering dinner. They’d rented out the party room in the back of the restaurant, all the Heroes in their agency loud and crowded around the table. He’d felt his phone buzz in the car on the drive there, but knew better than to answer a text while at the wheel.

“How’s it feel no longer being single?” Kaminari asked Bakugou across the table. He grinned with his arm around his mate Kyouka’s shoulder and grinned. “I’ve gotta’ say, you sure surprised me when Kirishima said you got yourself hitched!”

“You guys really aren’t going to drop this are you?” Bakugou drank from his beer and slammed the cup back on the table. “And it’s weird, that’s what it is. Every time I look at Deku I see the guy I used to hang out with in elementary school and seeing him so mousey is weird. Deku was always on the shy and quiet side, but this is a whole different level.”

“Izuku,” Shouto said, speaking up as he read the text from Momo. He looked at Bakugou, turning his phone around to show the message. “Momo said your Omega’s name is ‘Izuku’ and she wanted to make sure you didn’t forget to tell us his actual name since you seem so used to calling him by the nickname.”

Bakugou shoved Shouto’s hand down until the phone screen was flat on the table and hidden. “Yes, Deku’s a nickname and his full name is Izuku Midoriya—or well, I guess Izuku Bakugou, now. That’s the part I really need to remember.”

Shouto texted Momo back that the mission was accomplished and returned it to his pocket. “I’m sure that will come more naturally with time.”

“Sure,” Bakugou said. He leaned back in his chair and looked around the table. “And why are you guys being so nosy? I don’t remember anyone else getting interrogated this much when they got mated.”

“They’re not the ones who spent a year and a half being unsatisfied with the every Omega they met in four different Matchmaking Houses only to drop literally everything and get a Care License so he could claim a mate by the end of the week,” Sero said, grinning into his cup. “That’s a major life change coming out of nowhere! Of course we’re curious.”

“He’s got you there,” Kirishima said. “I was pretty shocked too when you went ballistic at the shelter. I’m surprised they didn’t call the cops when you broke that wall.”

“Bakugou broke a wall?” Ashido asked, perking up.

“Totally!” Kirishima shouted, throwing his hands up. The guy grinned brightly as he retold the story of what happened at the shelter, finishing up with a “It was intense! Bakugou went into total Protect mode over a guy he hasn’t seen in forever. Like, I would have thought they’d been mated for years with the way he was out for blood concerning Izuku’s previous mates.”

“That’s so romantic,” Kyouka said, leaning into Kaminari’s side. “I need to meet this guy, too!”

“I’m sure everyone will at some point,” Bakugou said. He licked the side of his teeth. “Just not all at once, yeah? The guy’s already jumpy as it is.”

“Of course,” Kyouka said, holding up her hand. “It’s not like we’re pressed for time and I’d rather he be comfortable with hanging out before we did anything.”

“Good,” Bakugou said. He looked over his shoulder and shouted down the table. “Before I forget, hey! Iida. Did you still want to switch patrols next week?”

Shouto crossed his arms on the table, listening as the conversation slowly moved away from Bakugou’s newly-mated status and fell back into the usual Hero chatter. There was still much he was curious about concerning his friend’s new relationship, but he was sure he’d hear more from Momo later.

She was very good at drawing out information when she wanted it. Strategy was her specialty and she was quick witted and charming enough to pout any plan she had into action.

He was sure she’d know everything there was to know about Izuku before the night was over.

Momo had wanted to gather more information out of the other Omega by sharing about her own mate and experiences, but this wasn’t what she had in mind.

Specifically, she’d been hoping for more information about Ground Zero.

What she got was a vent fest about Alpha that she was pretty sure she never, ever wanted to meet in person.

“I swear, my ninth mate lost me in a poker bet to an Alpha that got off watching other people sleep with me, more or less prostituting me for free under the stipulation that he got to be in the room, and it was still my 6th mate that was hands down the worst I had to put up with,” Izuku said, leaning in Momo’s space. He glared at a spot over her shoulder, cursing under his breath as he shared his rather awful memories. “He wanted me to take charge in the bedroom, right? Which was fine. I’ve topped before. Submissive Alpha aren’t completely unheard of, but he was so bratty. Nothing I did was right. It was like he was backseat driving a car but from with his face in a pillow.

“Never mind I already didn’t want to do it because I hate topping, but he wouldn’t even critique properly and order me around. He just let me do things and went ‘Oh, you did it wrong. Try again’ and then not tell me what I did wrong!”

Izuku breathed heavily, half shouting and Momo nodded, shifting an inch away from him on the couch. “That sounds like a trying situation.”

He nodded to himself and continued, lost in his rant. “The worst part is I couldn’t even pretend the guy was Kacchan like I usually did with all my other Alpha when things were too much for me. Number six was so pathetic I didn’t want to sully Kacchan’s memories with anything associated with this guy.”

“You pretended your Alpha were Ground Zero?” Momo asked before she could stop herself.

Izuku stopped dead and looked up with a horrified look. He grabbed Momo’s shoulders and she could smell his Scent strengthen under his distress. Izuku whispered, “Please pretend you didn’t hear that.”

Momo winced under his grip. He was thin, but desperation created strength. “I won’t tell anyone, I promise.”

“Not even your mate,” Izuku said again, swallowing. “I don’t want Kacchan to know. It might freak him out if he knows I used to fantasize about him and I can’t risk that.”

“I promise I won’t tell anyone,” Momo said again. She reached up and held Izuku’s hand. “And it’s nothing to be ashamed about. It sounds like you were in some difficult situations and using the memory of your childhood friend to escape it may not have been the healthiest way to handle that, but if it worked, it worked.”

Izuku dropped his shoulders and said, “Thank you.”

Momo breathed out as he let go and sank back into the couch. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” Izuku said. He rubbed under his nose and laughed. “Though sometimes it still feels surreal being with the real Kacchan. I fantasized about being his Omega so much over the years it’s hard to believe it really happened.”

“Well it did,” Momo said. “And there are now many others who can confirm it’s real for you.”

Izuku chuckled under his breath and smiled. “I appreciate it.”

“So how about we focus on the now,” Momo said. She scooted closer and put on her ‘gossip’ voice. “What’s Ground Zero like at home?”

“The best!” Izuku said, eyes lighting up. “Did you know he’s an amazing cook? He makes breakfast every morning and it’s always something different. He’s made omelettes, pancakes, and french toast already.”

Momo nodded and smiled along as Izuku continued to gush about Ground Zero and his domestic exploits starting with cooking and ending with always stealing the chore of washing dishes before Izuku could get to them.

He didn’t talk too much about them as a couple, but she supposed they still had only been together a week. She didn’t have personal experience, but after researching Omega from Shelters when she found out she’d be meeting Izuku, Momo did notice that all the resources recommend that Alpha take things at a glacier pace with their Omega.

It wouldn’t be good to upset them more than they already have been.

She appreciated her newfound knowledge that Ground Zero had control over himself despite their initial concerns with his brash and harsh attitude.

There was no mistaking that gentleness she’d seen when Ground Zero went to Izuku at the couch, but it was even better to hear he continued that same behavior when no one was watching, too.

Momo continued to be relieved as Izuku kept talking, the affection and admiration dripping off of him long into the conversation as he shared about his favorite person.

Katsuki opened the door to his apartment with Todoroki in tow, ready to pass out in his bed as soon as possible. They’d already dropped everyone else back at their respective homes, tired and happy. Katsuki threw his keys in a bowl and looked around before saying, “Deku?”

“He’s asleep,” Momo said from the couch, holding her finger up to her lip to indicate he should be quiet. The television played across from her and Katsuki stared at himself as Ground Zero from a few old news reports. Momo followed his gaze and bit her lip. “He had a collection of your old news appearances he wanted to show off.”

“Huh,” Katsuki said, walking over. He looked over Momo at Deku, asleep and drooling on the couch as he leaned on Momo’s shoulder with his head tilted away from her. “I didn’t know that.”

“It might be nice if you pretended you still didn’t until he shows you himself,” Momo whispered. “He was a little embarrassed that he had it now that he’s mated to you. He said it felt weird still being such a big fan of your Hero persona now that you were his spouse.”

“I’ll bet,” Katsuki said. He reached for the remote and clicked the television off, not sure if he was flattered or not that Deku had kept up with his Hero career all these years while he was with other mates.

“How was your night?” Todoroki asked Momo. “Was there any trouble?”

She shook her head. “We had a quiet time and talked, that’s all. I think he appreciated having another Omega around so he could relax more. I think you were right to believe Alpha being around has him on edge.”

“Kyouka said she wanted to come over, too,” Katsuki said, thinking back to the dinner table. His stomach twisted wondering if he was included in the Alpha that made Deku nervous, but tried not to take it personally. You didn’t heal from what Deku went through overnight. “I’m sure this can happen more often.”

“I look forward to it,” Momo said. She gently stood up, steadying Deku so he wouldn’t fall over as she moved. She brushed off her skirt and said, “But I think it’s time for us to turn in as well.”

Katsuki saw Momo and Todoroki to the door and said, “Thanks for keeping Deku company” as they stood in the hallway outside his place.

“It was my pleasure,” Momo said. She folded her hands together, her face turning serious. Even Todoroki sensed the shift in mood and put a hand on his mate’s shoulder. “And Ground Zero?”

Katsuki stood up straighter. “Yes?”

“I’m not sure how much you realize it, but you really saved that man,” Momo said. Her expression turned kind, and she put a hand on Katsuki’s shoulder and squeezed. “So please keep being good to him.”

“That’s the plan,” Katsuki said.

She nodded, satisfied with that answer and waved. “Good night, Ground Zero.”

“Night, Bakugou,” Todoroki added.

He closed the door after the two of them and rested his head on the wood. Be good to Deku.

Boy was he trying hard to do that.

Katsuki returned to the couch and gently lifted Deku into his arms. The small Omega nuzzled into him by reflex, curling up in his grip. Katsuki smiled a bit and carried him to the bedroom. He didn’t bother changing their clothes and climbed into bed next to him, still fully dressed.

Deku mumbled, “Kacchan” into his skin as he snuggled closer and Katsuki threw an arm around him. He fell asleep breathing in the soft Scent of cedar and hoped he didn’t screw this up.

Chapter Text

Izuku was early.

He felt the shift like an electric shock through his entire body while sitting on the couch while writing in his notebook in the middle of the day. Izuku wasn’t supposed to have his next Heat for another week but bless Nature, it must have realized his Alpha needed a nudge. The closest Kacchan had come to making a move was carrying Izuku to bed the other day after he came back from the dinner with his coworkers.

By two o’clock, Izuku’s Pre-Heat pheromones were in full bloom and he was more than ready for it. He had a few hours to prepare for Kacchan’s return home and Izuku had no plans to waste a second of it.

It was going to be so good. Izuku grinned to himself like a loon as he retreated to the bedroom and took off his pants and underwear. He stared in the mirror on the back of the door, taking himself in as he wore the over-sized shirt and bit his lip. Izuku put the pants back on, leaving the underwear abandoned.

That way Kacchan could take his clothes off himself if he wanted, but Izuku was all for expediency this time around.

The excitement was almost too much to contain. Tomorrow, it’d be just him and Kacchan all week, connected and intimate during his Heat. Izuku would get his Mark—if he didn’t get it today—and they’d be official-official. Their mating would be more than a legality and fully consummated.

Izuku kept his eyes on the clock as he prepped the apartment, cleaning and keeping busy. He shoved a side table over and removed any obstacle that they could trip over between the door and the couch. Afterwards, he cleared a path from the couch to the bedroom.

He would just wait in the bedroom, spread out and ready, but Izuku wanted to see the moment Kacchan walked in the door and Izuku’s modified Scent hit him.

Izuku had seen it so many times on other Alpha: the stop of breath, the dilated pupils, the almost trance-like state they fell into as their instincts overrode everything else and the Scent dragged them to the Omega like a man dying of thirst who’d just found a spring. Izuku could not wait to see it happen to Kacchan.

The Alpha wouldn’t be able to keep his hands to himself, self control be damned.

After making sure the apartment was prepped and checking the clock, Izuku took a seat on the edge of the couch, eyes on the doorway. He rubbed himself through his pants in a slow, steady pace—just enough to spark interest without getting too ahead of himself. His goal was to increase pheromone production and help speed the prep time along, not get too far ahead before Kacchan got there.

One more hour.

Izuku pressed his hand into his jeans harder, sinking into the side of the couch.

He hoped Kacchan got home early.

Katsuki cracked his neck both ways, stretching his arms out over his shoulder as he waited in line to turn in his report. He’d helped stop two small muggings and assisted Todoroki with a Villain attack downtown, but nothing that wasn’t cleaned up in an hour. All in all, his work day had consisted of small time crooks with too much free time and not worth calling home about.

But it did mean he was off patrol about an hour later than usual and Katsuki looked forward to a quiet evening of passing out on the couch with Deku.

He stepped up to the front of the line when his turn arrived and dropped off his report before signing out for the day. Katsuki headed to the locker rooms, holding in the yawn and feeling relaxed for a change. He and Deku were approaching the end of their second week together and Katsuki felt like he had a handle on things.

He no longer second guessed everything he did and it was clear Deku wasn’t as nervous and jittery as he had been the first week. He still deferred to Katsuki for everything just about, but now whenever Katsuki asked him if he wanted something, he answered faster instead of pausing to process that he’d been given the option at all.

In another week or two, they might have settled into a comfortable enough routine that they could start taking the next few steps in their mated life.

He shut his locker door and picked up his duffle and checked his phone as he started his trek back home. His mom had texted him back to confirm his plans for next weekend and that she’d gotten the reservation he’d wanted at the only five star restaurant in the neighborhood. Whether or not that dinner happened though was still in the air. Katsuki still needed to ask Deku what he thought about it and then decide if he wanted to keep it a surprise or not.

His mother was in favor of a total surprise visit while his father thought prior notice would be better.

Katsuki figured he could always ask Deku which he’d prefer, assuming he wanted to go.

The Care Book had said things could go either way when it came to reuniting abused Omega with their families. Some jumped at the chance to regain contact and others would rather stay estranged. He would bet money Deku would jump at the chance to see his mother, but it was better to play it safe.

Katsuki yawned into his hand as he hit the button for the elevator in his apartment building. He’d bring it up tomorrow after work. Tonight the only thing he planned on doing was going to bed early.

The doorknob twisted and Izuku shot up, yanking his hand out of his pants. He buttoned them back up with one hand and fixed his shirt over it. Izuku absently wiped his fingers off on the couch and felt his pulse pick up. This was it. Kacchan was late but he was here.

Izuku leaned on the back of the couch, sitting up so he had a clear view of the apartment door, breath heavy as he bit his lip. A loose curl fell in his face and he blew it out of the way.

The door opened and he heard a soft, “Deku, I’m home—”

Kacchan paused, grip tight on the knob. He looked up and Izuku nearly weeped at the beautiful sight of Kacchan’s breath shuddering after a deep inhale. He looked straight at his Omega, pupils wide and you could have seen the lust that fell over him from a mile away. Kacchan took a few stumbling steps inside, slamming the door behind him. He dropped his duffle bag on the ground, gaze locked on Izuku.

Izuku breathed in, sitting up. This was it. This was it. This was—Kacchan stopped.


Kacchan slammed his hands over his nose and wheezed as he turned away. He shook his head and spoke into his palms. “Shit, almost lost it.”


Izuku got up from the couch, leaving it behind and taking a step closer. This was his good thing. They were finally going to be together. What was Kacchan doing?

“I thought this wasn’t for another week at least.” The Alpha breathed through his nose and shook his head before taking a few steps back closer to the kitchen. He must have sensed Izuku’s slow approach because he said, “Stay over there, Deku.”


Izuku’s eyes watered and his chest tightened. He grabbed his shirt, squeezing over his heart. Any hint of his earlier arousal washed away like it’d never been there as a cold feeling fell over his limbs. Kacchan really didn’t want him. He’d even fought past Heat Pheromones to get away from him.

He bit it back as hard as he could, but as Kacchan went for the apartment door to leave, Izuku couldn’t be a good, quiet little Omega: He cried, deep ugly sobs that made it hard to breathe.

“Deku, shit, don’t cry,” Kacchan said, turning back toward Izuku. He didn’t come closer though, and stayed too far away. “I’m sorry. Did I scare you? I promise, I’m not going to touch you. You’re safe, but I need to leave before the pheromones take hold again. Even I can’t fight them forever and—”

“That’s the point!” Izuku shouted, feeling the anger bubble up. He’d put up with too much over the years. This was supposed to be his day and Kacchan would love him and they’d be a proper pair. Why was he fighting this? “That’s why they exist! You’re my Alpha! The pheromones are supposed to get your attention!”

Kacchan dropped his hands from his face, eyes wide. “Deku?”

“You’re supposed to want me,” Deku said, voice choking.

He hugged himself and curled up, ashamed that he’d yelled. The tears continued to coat his cheeks and he stared at the floor, watching the wet spots grow near his feet.

Izuku listened to his own breaths, scared to look up and see that Kacchan had walked out. But the smell of Roses stayed in the room, coming closer even though Izuku still didn’t dare look up.

“As Alpha Pro Heroes, we’re trained to make sure we don’t react to an Omega’s pheromones,” Kacchan said. Izuku felt a hand on his cheek, the thumb wiping the line of tears back. “It’s incredibly important that we are able to leave and let a Beta take over so we don’t hurt someone we’re trying to save. Stopping myself and walking away is almost as much instinct as breathing now.”

Izuku looked up as Kacchan put his other hand on the other side of his face. He sniffed, trying to pull the tears back as Kacchan looked at him so fondly.

“It didn’t occur to me that this is the one time I don’t have to stop,” Kacchan said, inhaling.

Kacchan’s shoulders relaxed and Izuku watched his focus waver and disappear into that familiar trance-like state as he let the pheromones back in, no longer fighting Izuku’s call. He could smell the growing lust under Kacchan’s rose Scent and Izuku accepted the greedy kiss that followed, desperate for more.


Izuku grabbed tight to Kacchan’s back, tugging the Alpha with him as he headed to the couch. The bed would be better, but he didn’t want to risk distracting Kacchan again in case he changed his mind.

Kacchan growled into his mouth, reaching down and tugging Izuku into him by the back of his thighs, crushing them together. The movement caught him off guard and they stumbled, crashing into the couch. Izuku scooted back, still kissing Kacchan as he dragged the two of them to fit properly on the cushions.

Izuku broke the kiss and pushed Kacchan’s head into his neck, bucking his hips up. His Alpha took the hint and kissed behind his ear, sucking on the skin. Izuku kissed the side of his head and moaned as they ground against each other. “Kacchan.”

His Alpha remained lost in his pheromone induced haze, hands groping at Izuku’s sides and clothes but making no move to remove anything. Kacchan seemed content to nuzzle and nip, which wasn’t good enough.

Izuku reached down and unzipped his pants, now definitely glad he’d forgone the underwear.

“Fuck, you smell good,” Kacchan groaned into his neck. He kept kissing Izuku’s neck, tugging the collar of his loose shirt down.

Izuku grabbed one of Kacchan’s wandering hands and lined his palm against the back, aligning his fingers with Kacchan’s. Izuku guided it to his belly and pushed both appendages past his belt line. “I feel good, too.”

Kacchan whined as Izuku pushed their fingers inside to the knuckle, soaking them and adding a new layer to the smell of sex. Izuku removed his own fingers and pressed Kacchan’s hand into himself. The Alpha’s fumbling fingers spoke of his inexperience as they wandered, guided only by Izuku’s tight grip on Kacchan’s wrist. Izuku wasn’t sure what made him happier: That he finally had Kacchan inside of him or knowing that he was for sure Kacchan’s first Omega.

Izuku rolled his hips on Kacchan’s fingers, helping out as Kacchan breathed heavily into his neck, seemingly lost in the haze of the hand job. Izuku spread his legs open further to help Kacchan situate himself more comfortably between Izuku’s thighs. The Alpha’s arousal grew and Izuku could smell it cutting through his own Scent.

He wanted more.

Sex wasn’t going to be enough.

“This is yours,” Izuku whispered, squeezing Kacchan’s wrist tighter. He drew his legs up, boxing Kacchan into him. The Alpha’s hand trembled hard enough that Izuku felt it inside of him and the Alpha groaned. Izuku kissed Kacchan’s head. “You should make sure everyone else knows it, too.”

Izuku unbuttoned the top few buttons of his shirt, allowing Kacchan free reign as his fingers continued to move. Kacchan did the rest with his other hand, tugging the fabric away and kissing the newly revealed skin. Izuku reached up and put both hands on the back of Kacchan’s head and held it in place, hovering over the most traditional spot.

Izuku held his breath and closed his eyes, pulse racing. Kacchan was an Alpha. He knew what to do. It should come as natural as breathing, but he felt when Kacchan hesitated. Like before when he fought the pheromones, something held Kacchan back and Izuku wasn’t having it.

“Please, Kacchan,” Izuku begged, whining as pathetically as he could muster. He hugged the Alpha’s head closer, rubbing his face in Kacchan’s hair. “I want it, I promise.”

It was enough.

The bite came hard into the crook of his neck and Izuku jerked his hips hard as he dropped his head back. He felt Kacchan’s venom in his veins and he felt the tears well up again. It’d never felt this good before and he accepted the Mark with every inch of his being, moaning into it as the bite deepened.

Kacchan kissed the wound before he sat up. Izuku lay back on the couch, staring up into pupils fully slit and wild. Kacchan licked a smudge of blood from the side of his lip and Izuku shuddered, pulling his hands away from his Alpha.

The next kiss came harder and rougher, bruising his lips and pushing him hard into the couch. Kacchan’s hand shoved further inside, fingers deep and thumb pressing in from the outside. Izuku continued meeting each movement with a roll of his hips as he opened his mouth to let Kacchan in there, too.

Fumbling, Izuku blindly reached down to shove at his pants. Kacchan left him empty as he took his hand out to help, shimmying the jeans off and throwing them on the floor. Izuku immediately went for the front of Kacchan’s pants, opening them. As soon as Kacchan was free from the confines of his zipper, faster than Izuku could blink, the Alpha was inside of him.

It hurt, too fast and too big but Izuku didn’t care. He adjusted to Kacchan’s movements and soon enough the pain turned to pleasure. Izuku hugged Kacchan, letting the Alpha take over the control of their new rhythm, more than content to accept each growing thrust.

Kacchan’s grip on his thigh bruised the skin, already turning it purple, and Izuku loved it. The Alpha took him desperately, and Izuku felt more wanted than he ever had in his life. This was better than the fantasies, harsh, rough, and almost clumsy in its realness. Izuku whispered, “Yes” and “Kacchan” between his own heavy breaths to keep the Alpha encouraged. He was close and Kacchan didn’t appear like he was going to last much longer either.

Izuku came first, shoving his face into Kacchan’s neck as he shivered. He rocked as Kacchan continued to thrust, finishing a minute afterwards. Izuku was aware enough through the post coital bliss to feel it and he nuzzled Kacchan’s neck as the Alpha dropped, limp and sated.

They breathed heavy, lying on the couch wet and locked together.

Izuku petted the back of Kacchan’s head, soothing him as he cooled down. The Alpha fell asleep in Izuku’s arms, exhausted. Izuku kissed the top of Kacchan’s head.

“That was amazing, Kacchan,” Izuku whispered.

He tugged the blanket off the back of the couch by it’s folded corner and snuggled the two of them together under it. His shoulder burned with each movement and his hips ached, but Izuku couldn’t remember the last time he felt this good.

Izuku fell asleep looking forward to his Heat tomorrow for the first time since he’d presented.

Chapter Text

Katsuki woke with Deku sitting on his lap, straddling his hips and leaning forward with his hands on Katsuki’s chest. His stained, oversized shirt hid everything at their waists, but there was no mistaking the feeling of his cock inside of Deku or the sound it made when Deku shifted. Even worse, the Omega’s shirt collar hung open, revealing the rather large Mark on Deku’s shoulder, still red and wet from where the slow-forming scabs had yet to develop.

Looking down, he spotted a rather large bruise on Deku’s thigh—Both thighs. He didn’t have to put his hand over the discolored skin to know it matched. Between the hickey on Deku’s neck and the other assortment of bruises, the Omega looked like he’d been in a boxing match instead of a round of rough sex.

Well, shit.

“Morning, Kacchan,” Deku said. He pulled his shoulders in, lifting his hips up before lowering slowly. Katsuki grunted and tried not to react too much, even if it felt ridiculously good. Deku kept rocking, slow and steady with a dissecting gaze. Katsuki felt his breath and heartbeat pick up with each thrust, but Deku looked like he barely felt the ride. “Sorry if I got ahead of myself by starting without you, but I thought it’d be a nice treat. You were still inside me when I woke up and well, I couldn’t leave you to take care of that morning wood all by yourself, could I?”

How the hell was Katsuki supposed to answer that when all the blood in his body had rushed to his dick instead of his brain? His lower half shouted, “Yes, this is the perfect way to wake up every morning,” while the rational part of his brain reminded Katsuki that their first time having sex probably should have had more talking involved.

Katsuki was pretty sure he hadn’t been in his right mind when he kissed Deku last night. He also didn’t remember anything that happened past his brain yelling “Deku’s crying. Fix it!” and being an idiot who stayed in the room until the Pre-Heat pheromones took over his—

“Ah,” Katsuki said, dropping his head back as Deku thrust down harder. The little shit smirked, biting his lip. He went back to the slow rocking when their eyes met. The “pay attention to me” was pretty explicit in his expression. Katsuki almost hit his thigh for being cheeky, but thought better of it when his eyes caught sight of the bruise again. He sighed and shifted, pushing his knees up against Deku’s back as he settled back into the couch. “I still have to go to work, so you might want to finish up.”

“I can do that,” Deku said. He increased his rhythm, watching Katsuki’s face as he rolled his hips up and down. His breath stayed steady and even while Katsuki couldn’t ignore how close he was to coming. Deku balanced himself on Katsuki’s hip and reached one hand behind him to hold his knee to thrust harder and Katsuki finished embarrassingly fast. Deku pulled himself away and crawled forward to kiss the side of Kacchan’s mouth. “Good?”

Katsuki grunted in what he hoped sounded like a “yes” and rubbed Deku’s back. He looked over at the clock and pinched between his eyes. “What time does your Heat usually start?”

“Four or five,” Deku said, snuggling under Katsuki’s chin. “I’ll be fine if you’re late, though, since we had sex twice already. That keeps things pretty manageable and it won’t be anything painful until tomorrow morning.”

“I shouldn’t be late,” Katsuki said. He was hoping to be home early to squeeze in some early prep time and figure out what Deku wanted out of him. He regretted putting off the Heat prep half of his research for so long. Katsuki should have known Deku would start early with a new environment to adapt to. “Call me if anything feels different, though.”

“I will,” Deku said, hugging him closer. He rubbed his palm up and down on Katsuki’s chest. The satisfied smile on his face reminded Katsuki of a cat. “Though I do have one question.”

“What?” Katsuki asked, still half dazed from the orgasm.

“May I touch myself while I’m waiting for you to come back?” Deku asked. “The Heat itself won’t start until later, but sometimes the arousal starts early.”

That snapped Katsuki out of it. He curled his arm tighter around Deku and put his hand in the Omega’s hair. If he was asking permission, that meant there was a point where someone had told him “No.”

“Of course,” Katsuki said. “Anything to help.”

Deku nodded and squeezed his hand into a fist. “You’re going to be late to your morning patrol if we don’t get up.”

“Yeah,” Katsuki said. He sat up and cracked his spine as he stretched. He winced at the mess at his waist and looked at Deku, who was equally filthy. “You want to share the shower?”

“Yes,” Deku said, eyes hungry.

Katsuki wondered if he was going to survive this week.

Izuku knew he’d been pushing his luck hoping for shower sex after the pure instinct sex last night and the morning wakeup sex, but he couldn’t be too upset the Alpha had turned him down.

Kacchan really did have to go to work. Ground Zero was distant with his fans and the public, but he never disappointed them. It wouldn’t be good if he dropped out of the limelight again, even for his Omega’s Heat.

Izuku didn’t mind, though. He’d be seeing plenty of Kacchan tonight and every night for the rest of the week.

Even better, Izuku had learned a few things about his Alpha to note for later. Specifically, Kacchan hadn’t appreciated that Izuku had taken the initiative this morning. He hadn’t disliked the sex, but it was clear he hadn’t been fully into it either. Izuku had been with plenty of Alpha that preferred to sit back and let their Omega do all the work, getting the most of the experience from making Izuku perform, and that’s not what happened this morning.

Izuku had been humored, that much had been clear, and he wouldn’t make that mistake again. Kacchan could have all the control he wanted if it made him want Izuku more.

The clock on the kitchen wall switched to four o’clock and Izuku finished cleaning the living room and put the vacuum away. He’d spent all morning attempting to get their mess out of the upholstery of the couch, kicking himself for forgetting to lay down towels first. He’d been so excited about getting Kacchan to himself that he’d forgotten the most basic prep!

At least beds came with their own coverings he could rip off and wash with ease.

Izuku tugged off his shirt and dropped it in the hamper as he went into the bedroom, feeling the warm haze of his Heat start to gather. Izuku couldn’t say he was too fond of the later half of Heats, where it became impossible to focus on anything other than the intense desire for sex and his Alpha, but the few hours before were pleasant and relaxing.

Despite his earlier failure in guessing Kacchan’s preferences, Izuku decided to push his luck once again. He stripped down entirely and climbed onto the sheets naked, the comforter already folded neatly onto the end. Kacchan hadn’t reacted much to Izuku being naked with him in the shower this morning, but that might have been because he was concentrating too much on getting clean to care about ogling his Omega.

Izuku put his hands on his chest, staring at the ceiling. The cold sheets felt good against his warm skin and he was glad he’d turned up the air conditioner. Kacchan wouldn’t be back for another few hours, maybe sooner if he was able to leave work early.

A full eternity to wait considering the anticipation growing in Izuku’s loins.

He tugged over a pillow and hugged it, drawing his legs up. He wished that he could be as aware during his Heat as he was the Pre-Heat. Poor Kacchan had been so hesitant before his instincts took over completely—Izuku shivered again thinking of the intensity of his split pupils—and it was easy to forget that this was new to him. That was both adorable and frustrating. Izuku wondered how this Heat was going to go without him guiding Kacchan—granted, he’d figure it out pretty quick, but still, Izuku looked forward to more fully-cognizant sex in the future.

It hadn’t occurred to Izuku prior to yesterday evening that maybe the reason Kacchan wasn’t expressing what he wanted out of Izuku physically was because he hadn’t figured it all out himself, either.

Kacchan was as new to sex as Izuku's first mate had been, but with mountains more self control.

It’d explain why he took so long to answer whether or not Izuku could start without him. How could he know if he wanted his Omega aware, ready, and already prepped when he walked in the door or if he preferred a needy, desperate mess pleading and whining for his Alpha? If he hadn’t experienced either to develop a preference, it was hard to give a final word.

Izuku grinned into the pillow. That was only a minor set back. They had all the time in the world to figure out what Kacchan liked best and Izuku had already prepared himself to take as many mental notes as possible during his moments of clarity.

He looked at the clock again and snuggled the pillow. Izuku felt the increase of his heartbeat and the shift in his lower body. He reached a hand down between his legs and bit the pillow.

It had started.

Katsuki was a proud man.

But he wasn’t too proud to admit this might be one time he should get some advice before going home because he had already messed up day one of this entire fiasco.

He grabbed Kaminari by the arm as they finished up in the locker room and dragged him to the side corner and out of sight of the others changing. The other Pro Hero yelped, but didn’t fight it and said, “What’s up, man?”

“Deku started his Heat early,” Katsuki said, voice low and trying not to blush. He crossed his arms and rubbed his upper arm. Aside from Todoroki, Kaminari was the only other mated Alpha he knew personally and Todoroki had today off. But Kyouka seemed pretty head-over-heels for Kaminari, so he must be doing something right. “Any advice?”

“Vibrator dildo,” Kaminari said with a serious, straight face. “With a remote. I don’t know about your refractory period, but I don’t usually make it past two orgasms and Kyouka can go anywhere from needing three to five before she’s satisfied enough to go to sleep.

“Omega only need your dick the first time they come, so letting a toy do the rest of the work makes life easy,” Kaminari said. He shrugged and said. “I mean, hand jobs and oral and stuff works, too, but you’re going to be doing this all week, man. It helps to shake things up.”

Katsuki nodded, making a note to stop by the sex shop on the way home. Kaminari did have a point and this is why Katsuki should have brushed up on his Heat sex ed knowledge before Deku’s internal clock decided to strike early. He was pretty sure he’d had that multiple orgasm thing written down in his notes back in high school. “Thanks.”

“Any time,” Kaminari said. He smacked Katsuki in the arm and grinned with a thumbs up. “Good luck!”

Katsuki patted him on the shoulder and moved to walk away and get his bag when he heard Kaminari shout, “Oh!” before he grabbed Katsuki’s arm. Kaminari said, “Sorry! I forgot something important.”

“Yeah?” Katsuki asked.

“Has Izuku had kids before?” Kaminari asked. “Like with his first mate or something?”

“No,” Katsuki said, not sure why that mattered all of a sudden. He didn’t feel like spreading it around that Deku was basically infertile, but he did tell the truth. “Deku’s never had children before.”

“Ah, then I’m glad I remembered,” Kaminari said. “Because this’ll probably affect you two.”

“What will?”

“Make sure you’re mentally ready to comfort him on the morning after the last day of his Heat,” Kaminari said. He let go of Katsuki’s arm and rubbed the back of his neck, his face turning serious. “Sex ed didn’t cover this like at all, but Omega know pretty much immediately when they wake up if they’re pregnant or not after a Heat. Kyouka said it was hard to put into words, but there’s this empty ache they feel when they’re not knocked up.

“It gets worse for every Heat they go without having kids,” Kaminari said, licking his lip. “Kyouka said some hide it better than others, so a lot of Alpha don’t know it happens to their Omega at all. I don’t think she would have even told me if it wasn’t for the fact her pain had gotten so bad she couldn’t hide it.

“You might want to watch Izuku closely on that last morning. It’s not great to bottle all that up. Kyouka’s usually good after a cry and maybe some gentle post-Heat sex if it’s really bad. After that, she’s back to normal like it never happened within the hour, but I have no idea about Izuku and his situation.”

“Thanks for the head’s up,” Katsuki said. He had a few days to prepare for that at least, and maybe he could research a little on his own time while Deku slept it off. “I appreciate it.”

“Sure,” Kaminari said. He lightened up and clapped his hands together, sending off a tiny spark. “But enough of that, go take care of your Omega man! He’s probably ready for you now.”

Katsuki snorted and punched Kaminari’s shoulder in response in place of a verbal “See you, later.”

He had a lot to think about on his commute home—and sex toys to buy.

Just in case.