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The Tournament

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It was a crisp spring day. The birds were singing, there was wind howling in the distance and if you listened close enough you could hear the sound of tires heading up the long pathway that leads to the estate. The estate has 24 acres of beautiful land with a forest running alongside the east end. The land house three buildings, two of which are 27 bedroom mansions built in the 1800s, a nice pool/spa set up and a stable. The sounds of tires stop when the buses stop in front of the grand fountain. The doors open and 54 teens and young adults file out from the buses. As the last one steps off the doors of the mansion fly open, a very attractive man bursting through them. He stands in front of the crowned of people, clears his throat and said,”welcome gentlemen to the el’cheaster estate, my family home.’”

“You all must be wondering why you're here, that will be told in due time. But first let me introduce myself, my name is eric el’cheaster and I'll be your host for your time here. Each of you has been handed an envelope, you may open them now. In those envelopes will tell you which manor you will be staying in and who you will be rooming with. And with that, I'll let you get settled in and I'll check up on all of you in a bit,” Eric states before walking back in.
Everyone exchanges glance at each other before grabbing their stuff and heading off to there assigned locations. Still wondering why there were invited, but also looking forward to all the possibilities that might happen. In enters group one, there taken back by how nice the foyer looks with its grand staircase with a red oak railing, looking around the room they notice three doors with Orange Court Stormers, Functional Thugs, and Lazy Strikers.
“I think these are the rooms were supposed to enter. The sheet that I was given has orange court Stormers on it,” the strange kid with the arrow tattoo said.
“ no shit really”spat out the punk with the green mohawk.
“Let's just get this over with, the sooner we enter these rooms the sooner we’ll find out why we were asked here,” said the man with the eye scar.
The rest say their goodbye before entering there designated rooms. Meanwhile, with the other group, things have a more upbeat vibe. Everyone was examining the room they just walk into shocked by what they were seeing the room was silent. Until the sound of chainsaws started to fill the room.
“Duuuude nice one,” the skater looking one said with a chuckle.
“ thanks, mate I've been holding that in the entire trip, sighed the man with an Aussie accent. The two walked off with each other to continue their conversion. The rest of the group continued to source the room.
“Hey I found something on this door,” yelled the green-skied man.
“It reads Afraid Deadly,”
“There's something on this one too it said Embarrassed Sharpshooters,” states the fat one.
“And there's one over there as well it says Famous Chemical Slammers” replied this odd animal looking thing.
After all, that being stated they look at their cards and sees that they have one of the rooms listed on them.
“What rooms are on your card mate,” the Aussie asked.
“Dude I got Famous Chemical Slammers,” beamed the skater
“ damn I got Afraid Deadly”
“Just because we’re not in the same room doesn't mean we won't see each other again.”
The two parted ways and entered there assigned room and the rest followed suit eagerly awaiting for the reason why they have been summoned.
The group walked into the room and scanned their surroundings. Within this room sat six chairs, a table, and a couch facing a marvelous wood burning fireplace. On the tables laid a note.
“Hey looky here, I found a note,” said this nerdy looking kid.
Dear guest,
I’m writing this to explain a few things to you. First of all the people, you see around you are from here on in your teammates. There are six teams in all, there will only be three teams in each house wi which you all probably figured out by now. Play nice with the others, some of you know some of the other guests here, your team is now the most imported people here. So please keep that in mind. Please get to know each other before the dinner, and at this dinner is when you will be told why you all were asked to come. Please make yourselves. You will find your room keys hanging by the door. I hope you enjoy yourself and I can't wait to see all you at dinner. Welcome to your new home Orange Court Stormers will be summoned when it time to eat
The note was passed around, during the process, an awkward silence engulfed the room. When the last person finished reading it he cleared his throat and said:” guess it time to introduce ourselves, my name is Danny Fenton, I’m 18 and I’m happy to be here and meet all of you.”
“Well if we’re doing this then I'll go next, names Zuko,” said the guy with the eye scar.
“Fuck yes man, this is going to be a blast, the names Ryuji nice to meet ya,” said the blonde jumping with joy.
“Guess I’ll go next, my name is Cody, I hope we all get along”, said the nerdy looking one.
“I’m Aang, it's a pleasure meeting you all”, the boy with the arrow tattoo shouted.
“God this is pointless, but it does remind me of the farm, oh ya names Scott,” he said.
Natsu, Kaoru, and Yosuke introduce themselves and then went to sit on the couch by the fire. They all start talking and getting along before they no it there was a knock on the door. Danny walks up to open the door, as the door opens a nice looking girl walks in
“Dinner is served, please make your way to the dining room,” she said before walking out of the room closing the door behind her.

Meanwhile, in the second room, the group of guys just finished reading their note and setting it back down on the bar. The room itself has style line up around the bar and a pool table.
“Our name is pretty cool, Functional Thugs it has a nice ring to it,” states the futuristic looking one
“ and the names cyborg”
“ the name is cool and all but it could have been cooler, like the breathing dragons. For your information I’m Jake” said the small Asian
“And the guy with the beanie is named spud”
When he heard his name he perked his head up and waved before laying his head back down. The rest stat there names starting with gonta, reef, mike, gray, Kazuichi and lastly Ishimaru. They all look around and notice the nice array of colorful characters that they have. Jake and spud head off to do there own thing cyborg, reef, Kazuichi, and mike started a game of pool joking around, having a good time. Gonta and Ishimaru started a heated argument over the science of flies and their mating habits. They were so caught up in their conversations that they didn't realize that the maid had walked in.
“Sorry to interrupt you, but dinner is ready so can you all meet me in the dining hall,” she said before walking off to who knows where

And this process repeated with every room. Which will be recapped right here. Room three consists of Jonesy, Roxas, Axel, Duncan, Geoff, Ron, Fuyuhiko, Keith, and Kokichi. Room 4 consists of Jude, Tucker, Sokka, Shawn, DJ, beast boy, Gundam, Lance, and Demyx. Room 5 consists of the ripper, Aladdin, Kid Flash, Superboy, Owen, Sora, Robin, Leon, and mondo. Lastly, room 6 consists of Riku, Noah, Lighting, Alejandro, Hikaru, Hajime, Kanji, Haida, and Yusuke. All parties gathered into the foyer before entering the dining room. Friends were catching up, telling them about all the cool and interesting people they just met.
“ Jonesy comes over here, I have someone I would like you to meet” Jude yelled from across the room. Jonesy makes his way through the crowded and finds Jude standing next to this blue hair guy.
“Dude who is this”
“People call me ripper” after saying that he raises a leg lets out a PPPPPPRRRRRRRRRRRBbbbbhhhhhhhhhpt
“ Oh dude nice one, I can see why. We should totally have a fart contest just the three of us.,” asked Jonesy.
“For sure mate, let's hope you too can keep up”
“I bet we can, right Jude”
“You know it dude,” Jude responds well wrapping his arms around his best friend and newfound one. ripper puts a hand behind Jude and grabs one of his cheeks. Jude just turns his head towards him and blushes a little causing a chuckle to escape rippers lips. Just then the doors the dining room open with Eric standing between them.
“Without further to do, let's get settled in and begin our feast.


As soon as the rest of the people entered and sat down, dinner started. The dining room was spectacular with the crystal chandelier, a nice long grand oak table with matching chairs. The spread on the table was just as amazing, with 20 different kinds of beans, vegetables of every color and the mix of roast meat would make anyone drool with anticipation. There were also vegetarian options for beast boy aka there was tofu. It didn't take long for the conversation to start up or plates to be filled. They were having such a good time that they didn't realize Eric was trying to get there attention.
“ excuse me, everyone, may I get your attention please,” he screamed. The room becomes silent and they all turn their eyes towards him.
“As I was saying I know that you’re all wondering why you were all invited here. I’ve invited all of you here to compete in a competition of sorts,”
“What type of competition,” said Lance
“I’m glad you asked, the competition or tournament as you may call it will be a fart tournament.
“We’ve got this in the bag, right Jude” ripper whispered to Jude well wrapping his arm around him.
“The rules are simple, one person from each team will compete, the winners get to stay and the loser will be escorted off the property immediately after the winner has there way with them. After dinner, you are free to do whatever you want. Everyone must be in their rooms by ten and breakfast is at 7.Well after saying all that I will see you tomorrow for the start of our little game, enjoy the rest of your dinner and have a great night. I’ll see you in the morning.” after saying that he got up and left the dining room. the dinner continues without a single word, every once in awhile there was glace exchanged and whispers were shared between friends of old and new. Everything was going fine until phrrrrrrrrbht.
“I’ve held that in since we started,”Jude said with a sigh of relief.
“Dude nice one,”Jonesy said
“Excellent timing mate,” said, ripper.
“But can you beat this one” bbbrrrrrrrrrphhhhhhht.
Jude winked a ripper and continued eating.
“I can’t believe that we were invited here to fart, like how funny is that,” Ryuji laughed.
Everyone broke out into a roaring laughter and they quickly finished up dinner and headed off to their respected locations. All excited and nervous about what the days will bring.