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Mirror (reader x ticci toby)

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"(Y/N) are all your things packed?" Mom asks walking into my room. I look around the almost empty room, "Just about, but I still need to pack my art supplies" I say with a fake smile. "Well hurry up we have to be on the road by eight." Mom says checking her phone quickly before walking out the room. Uggggg. Why do we have to move anyway? I might not have that many friends but I'm still happy where I'm at. Why do we have to move to Virginia anyway? It's so far away from here in California.

I complain to myself the whole time that I pack the rest of my stuff, by the time I'm finished it's 7:01. That was a lot quicker than I expected it to be. I go downstairs to find mom, and I find her cooking some breakfast. I walk up behind the counter as she hands me a plate of pancakes, "Don't you think it's a little early to leave at 8?" I asked trying not to be obvious that I want her to wait a little longer, "No. It's a very long trip." she says smiling at me. She already caught on to me, I try not to pout too much while eating my pancakes. We eat until we're full, and It's 7:50 by the time we finish. We hurry and load the rest of the boxes into the truck. I grab a cooler and fill it with ice, snacks, and drinks before we hit the road. We load the cooler into the back seat, and start our long drive.


My parents wake me up saying we were at the new house. I stretch and I look at my phone's front view camera, I'm a mess! My hair looked as if a tornado had hit, I try to comb down the wild beast of hair. I look out of the truck's window and see our two story brick house that's painted in dark colors.

I get out of the truck and start unloading, I bring in my bed frames into a room on the left side of the house. I go back and bring in my mattress, desk, dresser, desk chair, mirror, and shelves. I set up my bed and place everything where I want it. I bring in the rest of the boxes and slowly start to unpack everything. I go through my suitcase and pick out some clothes, I pull out a plain t-shirt with jeans and some (F/C) shoes. I go outside and check to see if I had forgot anything. As I close the moving trucks doors I can see the neighbors blinds close, probably some curious people or something.

I walk back inside and find my parents, "Would it be alright if I go see the neighbors?" I asked. I have nothing else to do so why not, and why not try to make friends. "Sure honey" my dad says "Be safe!" my mom calls to me. I walk to the neighbors left to the house, I knock on the door expecting a cute older couple but was surprised when the door opened and answered by a man who reeked of of booze. "What the fuck do you want?" he asked in a gruff voice. "Uh... I'm new to the n-" I was interrupted as the door swung close in my face. I turn to walk away as I was about to walk away I hear though the door, "TOBY! get your ass down here!" everything goes silent for a moment. Then a boy steps out, he seems cute but looked as if something was wrong, he was very fidgety. His brown hair went every which way, his skin almost looked gray, he had very dark eyes compared to that guy who came out..., and he even slouched a little too. "H-hi..." he says twitching, "Hey my name is (Y/N)" I say smiling. Toby holds out his hand, " I'm t-t-Toby..." he says hesitating "s-s-sorry for t-twitching s-so m-m-much..." I take his hand and shake "It's ok. So I'm new and I don't know much of this neighborhood... I wanted to meet more of the neighbors but since you're around my age do you think you can you show me around?" I asks. "uh...s-sure." he says looking away from me. He starts to walk a little and so I follow, along the way I try to make small conversation.

We get back to our part of the neighborhood "bye..." toby says walking away "Uh..." I said holding out a hand like a little girl wanting to be picked up,he turns around to face me. "I had I fun time... maybe you can show me around school?" I say putting my hands in my back pockets rocking back in forth. Toby smiles for a second "S-sure...Sweet dreams." he says already walking away. "goodnight" I basically say to myself. He hears me and I can tell because I can see a little lopsided smile plastered on his face.

I walk into the house to be greeted by my dad cooking dinner "Did you have a good time? You came back pretty late, I'm guessing you met someone new?" He asks keeping his focus on cooking. "Yeah... I met a kid... I think they're my age.." I say dashing upstairs. I pass my mom on the way, "I had a good time! LOVE YOU!" I call passing her on the steps.

I go into my room and get changed into my more comfortable clothes, I feel as if I am being watched. I look around my room until I see outside my window, and looking right back at me is Toby staring. He didn't seem to notice me at first, but once he did his face burned bright pink. I walk over to window and wave before opening it, "hey kid, do you have a peeping tom issue or something" I say laughing. He just covers his face and shakes his head, he looks up and slowly opens the window. He leans out and puts a finger over his lips and whispers over "I s-swear I didn't mean to look over, I just zon-ned out and when I c-came b-back you wer-were there in different clothes" he says face still pink. "So you admit you were looking over here at first?" I question. "N-no its n-not l-like that" he says his voice rising then lowering before he puts his hand over his mouth and looks back at the door. "Mhmm, sure Toby" I say laughing then closing the window waving again, he just backed away and closed the curtains while shaking his head again. I feel embarrassed for a moment but brush it off, I close my curtains and walk downstairs for dinner.


I wake up with a jolt, I feel a presence in the room, I look over at my window and see Toby crouching on my windowsill. Except he didn't look like himself, instead of his shy dark brown eyes, his eyes were cold and blank. His hair is covered by a hoodie he has on, except a little bit of his messy bangs that cover his forehead. His mouth didn't show because of the mask thing that was covering his mouth down to his chin. "Toby?" I whisper yell at him and he doesn't move a muscle. I blink a couple of times to see if I can see the details of what he is wearing and then suddenly, he's gone. I check the time on my phone 12:00 A.M., I sit in bed for a minute just staring at the window. I'm too scared and confused to just go back to sleep, I lay down but face away from the window. I toss and turn for the rest of the night because it's difficult to fall asleep when you see your new neighbor just chilling in your window.


I wake up in the morning to my alarm screaming in my ear. I look at my phone, crap! I slept through my first alarm and woke to the reminder. I throw on some jeans and another random t-shirt with the same shoes from yesterday. I grab my backpack and run into the bathroom to brush my teeth and take care of basic hygiene. I go downstairs with my bag already over my shoulders and see mom drinking coffee, "way to get a late start kiddo" she smiles pointing to the microwave. I grab the already heated pancakes and put them into a tuba ware container with two plastic forks, does he even eat breakfast? "thanks love you, see you when I get home" I say walking out the door. I almost run right into Toby "sorry I didn't see you there, "Do you like pancakes? I brought an extra fork in case" I say pointing at the container in my hand.  "Um. Y-yea I do. The-they look good." he says taking the fork, half way to the school and just about all of the pancakes are gone. "Wow you really like pancakes don't you?" I say laughing, "Yeah.. my mom used to make them a l-lot when I was little an-nd HE wasn't around." he says as his nose twitches when he says the word 'him'. I don't understand, "I don't mean to bud into your business but who are you talking about?". He looks over at me "I d-don't wan-nt y-you to thi-ink of me less when I-I tell yo-u thi-is" he avoids eyes contact with me, "It's the guy who answer-ed the door yesterday". "Why? I mean I saw that he seemed like he had a drinking thing going on..." I trail off. "U-um, it's a l-lot to t-t-take in...." he goes quiet. I don't bother to push the question because it obviously bothers him, I look over at him again for a second before looking away.

We just walk into school when suddenly a guy comes up to Toby with a smug look on his face, not paying the slightest attention to me. Toby backs up slowly and looks scared even though he is about the same height as the guy. "Tob-" my sentence is cut short by the guy punching Toby in his stomach "Fag!". The guy slowly walks away leaving Toby on the ground heaving, I get next to toby "Are you okay?". He shakes his head and pushes me away keeping his head down "g-et aw-way" he says in between breaths. "I can't just leave you hear" I say standing up looking for teachers, Toby looks up at me surprised still shaking his head and now coughing. "let me help" I say getting down next to him again, everyone just passes right by us and even sometimes some of them snicker as the move along. His breathing starting to go back to normal and he picks himself up again. "y-you do-nt wan-t to b-be seen wit-h me (Y/N)" he says twitching and stuttering so much more than before.