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A Family For Kitty

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It would help if you read A Boyfriend for Christmas before reading this, but here is a recap. Character’s with different last names from canon will have both in bold.

Blaine is raising Kitty Smythe, daughter of his best friend Sebastian who was killed in a car accident. Sebastian was a multi-millionaire so he and his lawyer/boyfriend Hunter arranged in Sebastian’s will for Blaine to inherit all his money. They knew people would attempt to take Kitty from Blaine to get at it if he left it to her. Blaine and Kitty moved back to Ohio for Blaine to take a job at the newly-opened Dalton Elementary run by his friend Wes. His best friend Mike teaches dance classes there.

Sam hurt his shoulder in college playing football and moved to Lima to rehab with the help of his dad Burt Evans and twin sister Brittany. They had moved there after Burt met Carol in an online support group for people whose spouses died of cancer. Her son Finn is going to college at Harvard. After rehab and finishing college, Sam bought the Lima Bean. His best friend Noah helps him run it.

Kitty asked Santa to bring her Uncle Blaine a good boyfriend for Christmas. Sam had a secret only to Blaine crush on Blaine (who had a secret only to Sam crush on Sam) so he offered to help. Soon, with the help of friends and family, the two were boyfriends and not long after that fiancées. After a traditional ornament hanging ceremony at the Hudson-Evans, Sebastian appeared to Sam and asked him to take care of Blaine and Kitty.

Other Characters of note:

Quinn: Kitty’s birth mom from drunken one-night stand with Sebastian. Also, was Sam’s high school/college girlfriend but at that time went by Lucy.
Santana: Brittany’s fiancée. Her family owns a chain of department stores in Ohio and her mother is called Abby (short for Abuela) by Kitty.
Murray: Kitty’s stuffed toy Meerkat. He has acted as a security blanket for Kitty since Sebastian’s death. She takes him everywhere and he is treated as part of the family. Kitty’s therapist Dr. Emma has told Blaine Kitty’s attachment to Murray is perfectly reasonable but to be prepared for the day she won’t need him anymore. It is ignored/forgotten that Murray was given to Kitty by Kurt, Blaine’s ex, as an insult to Sebastian.
Mr. Adam: Kitty’s speech therapist. Due to his British accent Kitty uses one when she self-corrects
Marley: Blaine’s student teacher. Dating Ryder, one of Finn’s childhood bestie. 

Chapter 1

Christmas had been as close to perfect as possible considering it was Blaine and Kitty’s first without Sebastian. The one thing Blaine had worried about was Kitty’s reaction to the news he wanted to adopt her. However, once he explained nothing would change except he would legally be her parent and not her guardian, she was ecstatic. In fact, she never called him Uncle Blaine again. From that moment on he was her Papa.

Everyone cheered Blaine and Kitty’s announcement Christmas morning. While Sam, Burt and Carole were the only ones aware Blaine was doing this, Brittany called the news the least surprising surprise ever.

Two days later, Burt made an announcement of his own.

“What do you mean you’re kicking me out?” Sam asked (yelled) completely ignoring the ten other people in the room.

“I need your bedroom as my Wedding Command Center. I’m not saying you have to move today. We’ll move your stuff over once Hunter leaves. It’s not like you don’t already sleep at Blaine’s every night.”

“There’s one problem, Old Man. Don’t you remember how Blaine reacted when we made decisions for him the last time? Huh? Don’t you? He freaked out! You can’t decide what he does at his house, especially with…” Sam had to physically stop himself from finishing the sentence. Everyone knew there was a room at Blaine’s house with a locked door. Although curiosity ran rampant, no one asked why. So, when Blaine asked for help turning the room into a guest room for Hunter’s visit the entire Hudson-Evans family and friends said yes, but also noticed there was still no explanation to the secrecy. The suspense was driving them all a bit crazy…obviously.

“Stop!” All eyes turned to Kitty. While the little girl was never at a loss for words, no one had heard her yell like that before. “I’m sorrys I yelled but nones of yous was hearing mes and I has a question.”

Blaine’s first instinct was to scold her but clearly from the absence of self-corrects in her speech she was upset. “Sweetie, I’m sure nobody’s mad you yelled but next time come to me or Sammy and we’ll make sure you’re heard. Ok?”

“Yes, Papas.”

He was never going to get tired of hearing that. “Now, I promise we’re all listening. What was your question?”

“Whys is Grampy and Sammy fightings abouts Sammy movings to ours house? I thoughts he alreadys lives with us.”

Later that evening, Blaine came downstairs from tucking Kitty into bed and found Sam pacing the living room. “Sam…”

“Is the Munchkin ok? Did she get to sleep alright?”

“She’s fine, Sam. Come here.” Blaine motioned him to sit with him on the couch but Sam didn’t move. “Sam, please tell me what’s wrong. You’ve been awfully quiet since Kitty got upset.”

“I can’t marry you” Sam told him as the pacing began again. “Or, you can’t marry me. I’d be a horrible co-parent for Kitty.”


“Blaine, my yelling scared her so much she couldn’t self-correct her speech. She had no British accent what-so-ever.” Blaine got up, drug Sam back to the couch and physically made him lay down with his head on his lap. “You are deceptively strong for a little dude.”

“I’m not little. You were going to be a professional football player. Now, you are going to listen to me.” Blaine untied the tie Sam used to hold his hair back and began to comb it with his fingers. He loved this almost as much as Sam did. “Kitty getting upset was not your fault. It was mine.”

“Um, you weren’t the one in a yelling match with dad, who by the way, feels so guilty I think he’s planning a trip to Disney World as we speak.”

Blaine could see that being the case. The entire town of Lima knew Kitty had Burt Evans wrapped around her little finger. He didn’t deserve the guilt and neither did Sam. “A year ago today, Sebastian and I had the fight about Kurt. The fight where I walked out on him. Where I walked out on Kitty.”

“Oh, Blaine. You…”

“She told me she remembered me and her daddy fighting after Christmas. The yelling brought it back. When she told me, I realized the date.”

Sam was off his lap and had his fiancée in his arms before the first tear fell. He had prepared himself for New Year’s Eve. Hell, he was the one who suggested Hunter come stay with Blaine and Kitty (and him) so he wouldn’t be alone on the anniversary of Sebastian’s death. The fight was an entity all to its own. The two of them said a lot of hurtful things that day. Things Sam knew would haunt Blaine forever.

When Blaine’s tears were finished, at least for the moment, Sam lead him upstairs. This conversation required more than a couch cuddle. Once settled, it still took Blaine a while to open up further. “I’m going to be ok. I promise. It just kills me she remembers me and Sebastian yelling at each other. It’s one thing for her to remember Sebastian’s more colorful stories, but this? I know this is horrible for a parent to say…” Blaine paused but then admitted “Sometimes I wish she wasn’t so damn smart.”

“No, you don’t.”

“Um, yes, I’m pretty sure I do. However, like I said, only sometimes and it fades pretty quickly. Maybe I’m being oversensitive because of what’s happening tomorrow.”

Sam sat up which prevented Blaine from looking away. “Ok, I love you but my patience is gone. What is up with the locked room? Whatever is behind that door has got you tied-up in knots.”

Blaine knew this had been coming since the moment he decided to turn the room into a guest room. Didn’t make it any easier to say. “Sebastian’s in there.” A look of horror washed over Sam’s face which somehow broke the walls Blaine had guarding these particular emotions, so through his (slightly inappropriate) hysterics he added “Sebastian’s ashes, you dope. What did you think? I had him laid out in a coffin or something?”

“No! (maybe). This is not funny, Blaine.”

“Yes, it is and I love you for it.” Blaine pulled him back down and tried to kiss him, but Sam pulled away and pouted at Blaine’s teasing. “I’ve built this up in my head, probably because Kitty doesn’t know. Sam, when Sebastian’s parents initially sued me, challenging his will and thus my custody of Kitty, they managed to get a court order saying I could have him cremated but could not permanently intern him. So, he came with us to Lima. The order has been dropped, I just never made a decision on what to do next.”

Sam leaned in and gave Blaine the kiss he had denied him moments before. “Ok, I think I hate Sebastian’s parents even more. No, I’m sure I hate them as much as any person can hate people they’ve never met.”

“My Love, you are forgetting my mother, but I’m sure it won’t be much longer until she flies in on her broomstick. A visit is inevitable once she finds out about the adoption. She doesn’t know the money is already mine.”

“Well, she’s never met Burt Evans…or for that matter, Carole Hudson-Evans. Those two turn into ninja fighting machines when it comes to protecting their kids.”

“That is true.” Blaine smiled as he remembered probably the best Christmas gift he had ever received.

On Christmas morning Burt and Carol joined hands and declared from that moment on there were no more “steps” in the Hudmel family. Finn was from that point forward would be referred to as Burt’s son. Sam and Brittany would be Carole’s son and daughter. They also wished the steps from their titles were dropped as well. As was said every year in the Name Ornament ceremony, Christopher and Elizabeth would always be a part of their lives but the five of them were one family.


Before the inevitable hug-fest began, they continued and said there would also be no in-laws or even fiancées. Santana was their daughter and (what Blaine considered the best part) Blaine was their son and Kitty their granddaughter. At that point, Muriel Lopez joined them and stated everything Burt and Carole had said was the same for her including Blaine being her son and Kitty her granddaughter.

Kitty couldn’t contain herself and ran to hug her grandparents. She, which also meant Blaine, had gotten the Lima family she had so desperately wanted.

Like he had said, best Christmas gift ever.

“What are you overthinking now?” Sam asked, bringing Blaine out of his memory.

“About the wonderful family I have.”

“Yes, you do and don’t forget it.” Sam was about to give him another kiss but decided against it. The way he was feeling it wouldn’t have ended with a simple kiss and their conversation wasn’t over. “Blaine, they love you and will support you with whatever you choose to do about Sebastian.”

“I know and it feels amazing to have a family I can turn to, but this is something I want to discuss with Hunter.” Then, he couldn’t help himself. “Until then, I’ll move the urn into my closet so Kitty doesn’t see it.”

Sam literally went pale from the suggestion. “Um…uh…”

“Sam, are you ok?” Blaine knew he was being mean considering how wonderful Sam had been, but his freak-out earlier had been funny.

“Yeah, but…”


“Ok, you said Sebastian came that one night to visit you and I told you he appeared to me after the Name Ornament Ceremony, so if he’s in your closet…”

“What? Do you think Sebastian will make another reappearance to watch us have sex?”

“Well…uh, yeah.”

Blaine manage to get a hold on Sam and turn them until he was lying on top. He then nuzzled into Sam’s neck. His mouth close enough to Sam’s ear, Blaine could nip at the lobe and incite the groans he loved to hear. “First of all, I would never put Sebastian In the Closet if only due to the way it sounds. And I hate to tell you, but if Sebastian wanted to watch, he would have started long before now.”

Sam smiled, finally realizing the trap he had blindly walked straight into. While he was happy Blaine seemed to have recovered from the dark place he had been in earlier…the man had to pay! He rolled them over, gaining control of the situation. “If the ghost wants to watch, let’s give him a show.”