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Reading the Past and Future - Book One

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Chapter 1: Letters from nowwhere

Harry sat down to breakfast beside Hermione and Ron. He had another detention last night, his hand stung but he kept his head down as everyone filed in for breakfast.

"What are they doing here?" Hermione whispered, Harry looked up to the Weasley family, Remus, Tonks, The Minister, Madem Bones, Moody and Sirius in the form of Padfoot. Harry tensed as he watched them walk through the door.

Umbridge stood, "Minister welcome, to what do we own this honor?"

"Harry Potter." The Minister stated, Harry sat up, looking confused. "Someone from the future has sent back books of Harry's life for us to read. They have been tested, checked for spells and none have been found. The book are the truth, they can not lie."

Umbridge smiled, "Shall we read them."

"There was a note." The Minister pointed to Madem Bones.

She sighed as she read,

Hello everyone.

We have asked all of you here because we have tried everything else but this is the only option left. Now there will be things in these books that most of you will not want to hear, some that you do not wish others to hear but this isn't about you anymore. This is about the future of the Wizarding world. Some of you don't want to hear about Harry, trust us, he doesn't want you to hear it either. You all must sit through these books because of the Minister and Dolarlus Umbridge. During the reading of the books, no points can be taken and no one can be arrested or we will wipe your memories and start all over. Good Luck.

Holding Hope, P. L. W. L.

Harry groaned as he rested his head on the table before him. The Weasleys, Remus, Sirius all sat beside Harry as Tonk, Moody, the Minister and Madem Bones sat at the Professor table. The books appeared before Dumbledore who lifted the first one. "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone."