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NOVEMBER 4, 2014


Phichit was worried.


He peeked over the book he was pretending to read as he watched his roommate, Yuuri Katsuki, wash the dishes at the sink. He was humming a particularly sad melody and once in a while, he'd stop washing and simply stare outside the window. His back was to Phichit but even without seeing his face, he could feel the sadness that was emanating from his roommate.


He cleared his throat loudly. Whenever he did that, Yuuri would resume washing the dishes. It was a cycle that had been going on for about... close to an hour now. How could washing a few utensils even take more than 10 minutes with only two people in the apartment?


Phichit was worried.


Yuuri was the type of person who kept to himself and tried to be as quiet as a mouse. Heck, maybe a mouse was noisier that he even was. If you didn't know someone else was living here, you'd assume that only Phichit was having full reign of the space. There were very few indications of Yuuri's existence in the living room. Most of his things were neatly organized in his room.


That was not the point as of now, though. It was the fact that Yuuri was never this... forlorn. Sure, he was that student walking in the campus with his head down. He was that guy who made it a habit of hiding himself behind surgical masks, beanies, and thick coats sizes too big. He was that skater who competed but vehemently wanted to shy away from being watched. BUT Yuuri was never like this! He was oozing with absolute misery as days passed. He was wearing it like one of those hideous oversized coats of his! And Phichit didn't know what to do.


Phichit was worried.


Yuuri had been like this for a few days now and an important competition was coming soon that could decide if he was to join the Grand Prix Final or not.


He turned his eyes down to the book he was pretending to read. He didn't even really know what the book was about. He thought hard when this all started.




Who was he kidding? He knew exactly when Yuuri had started acting so oddly. What he didn't know was why.




OCTOBER 26, 2014 [SKATE CANADA – Free Skating]


Phichit made sure that his snacks were laid plenty on the coffee table as he tried to spot someone on the screen of his livestream. His roommate and rinkmate since July, Yuuri Katsuki of Japan, was a competitor for the Grand Prix and, after coming in third for the short program, had a really good chance of medaling for his first qualifier this season. And Phichit, having been living with the guy for a while now, of course wanted to see him win this. Or at least medal in the competition.


Yuuri was nice and gentle, if socially awkward and timid. He didn't mind that he had to cook most of the time because Phichit was useless in the kitchen. He even offered to cook and wash the dishes while Phichit was in-charge of cleaning the apartment, excluding Yuuri's room. He was also very helpful in getting Phichit settled in Detroit, especially in getting around the neighborhood and university campus. In addition to that, the Japanese helped Phichit a lot in working on his step sequences and spins. He was like Ciao Ciao's assistant coach when it came to Phichit.


Admittedly, at first, Yuuri was a total snob. Or at least, that was Phichit's first impression. After the initial introduction and greeting, the other had shut himself inside his room for the rest of the day, only emerging that same night as he peeked out his door. When he saw him looking, Yuuri snapped his door shut and didn't come out for another few minutes.


Phichit was totally floored from the cold reception. Being in a foreign country on his own, he was nervous, insecure, and in need of a friend. He was hoping to be best friends with his roommate at the very least.


As if fate heard his lament minutes into it, Yuuri hesitantly came out of his room. Phichit pretended he didn't notice, not wanting to make a nuisance of himself any more than he thought he was already. Then, Yuuri surprised him with a soft, slightly shaky voice asking if he'd like to grab dinner with him.


Phichit almost cried. Okay, he was slightly teary-eyed. He turned to Yuuri and nodded enthusiastically. The older skater seemed to have noticed how he had made Phichit feel and ever since, Yuuri had been trying hard to be more open to and accommodating of the younger boy. It didn't take long for Phichit to realize that his roommate was neither snobbish nor unwelcoming. The boy who was less than three years older than him was just awkward as fuck. He was painfully shy and unsure of himself. Phichit was completely taken by the adorable boy hiding behind the already hiding form (if you knew what he meant).


Phichit knew that this roommate of his was now his son to protect. It didn't help that underneath that garbage he called clothes, Yuuri was beautiful: dark brown eyes that, just under the right lighting, could look like melted chocolate; warm, enticing, alluring, mouthwatering. It's a common color in Asia, but there was something different with how Yuuri's eyes glistened when excited or glowed when teasing. He often had to look closer to see if Yuuri's eyes had changed color.


He had jet black hair that if left unfixed could create a painting of some erotic scenario in anyone lucky enough to see him without those fucking hoodies and beanies. His skin was so fair and soft that licking it all day didn't seem to be a bad idea. Pink lips that when he had just finished drinking water could turn so red and inviting. Yuuri also had the body of a danseur; muscles that weren't bulky but weren't so small as well – just right to feel absolutely in heaven. His frame was basically almost feminine and he had all the curves a woman could wish for. Don't get him started with that gorgeous butt. Nope. Not even Nikiforov could rival that. Not even Giacometti. Also, in spite of his rather slim body, Yuuri had a motherfucking set of abs! No, Phichit was absolutely not going to think back on that day when he accidentally saw those abs. Nope. Oh, and his thighs! Absolute killer. Definitely, an absolute killer.


See, the point here was that Yuuri was a catch. He was someone that could enslave all sorts of people – which was both good and bad. If he was unfortunate enough, he could attract the attention of some dangerous fuckers out there, and that's the only reason Phichit was not making any comment about how Yuuri dressed himself. Which was a shame, really. He had a collection of Yuuri materials that his fans would pay so much money for. BUT! Okay, the thing was, Yuuri was his son and he was someone Phichit tasked himself to protect. End of story.


Or maybe not. Those materials... He really wanted to show them to the world. Fine. The real reason he was not yet uploading those was because Yuuri would hide in his room for the rest of his life if Phichit did so. But then... Yuuri was not active on social media... Hmmnn... choices, choices... And it wasn't like Phichit hadn't been posting certain photos of his roommate already...


He turned his attention (finally!) back to the livestream. He cheered when he finally spotted his pseudo-adopted son gliding around the ice practicing his step sequences. Yuuri's nerves were clear but he was, so far, looking calmer and calmer as he continued re-acquainting himself to the ice. The warm-up was about to finish and the final stage would be starting in a few minutes.


Phichit reached out for his tall glass of orange juice (just joking, it was soda. Not that anybody would know). The announcers were talking but he ignored them since they were just making a rundown of the short program results and the skaters' career stats anyway. He took a long sip from his swirly straw and almost choked when he saw Georgi Popovich, the skater from Russia who was for some reason crying and making dramatic step sequences on the ice, furiously launch to a quadruple salchow. It happened so fast, Phichit couldn't even be bothered to truly choke as he let the juice (soda) dribble messily down his throat (both internally and externally). Who had the time to choke when just after landing, Georgie fucking Popovich just collided with his son who was minding his own business with his beautiful step sequences?! That fucker!!!


Both Yuuri and Georgi were thrown in different directions as gasps and screams could be heard around the arena. Phichit was sure that Georgi's blade had cut Yuuri somewhere based on the flashing of the blade. Horrified, he almost planted his face against the screen, trying to get as near as possible to his son and examine his condition. His baby was not moving at all. He seemed to be totally knocked out and there was reddish tint on the ice near his head. Upon seeing it, Phichit's heart rate started going up.


Oh god... His son might have just died. Oh god, oh god, oh god... Phichit frantically tried to call Ciao Ciao before changing his mind. Their coach would obviously be busy tearing out his hair in fear.


Georgi almost immediately sat up and turned to see where the person he collided with was. The horror on his face was apparent when he saw his competitor sprawled face down on the ice - immobile. He gingerly stood up and tried to skate toward the other. Medic began to skate toward the fallen skater. About three of them surrounded Yuuri as they checked his condition, all the while trying to rouse him from unconsciousness.


The livestream continued and the announcers were talking about something but Phichit was not listening. His eyes were focused on the back of a medic in place of Yuuri's unseen face. He could only see his legs from the angle the camera was taking. The Russian skater was taken away from the ice by other staff members to be checked on some moments ago. He was not allowed to get close to his competitor.


And then, like a ray of light, Phichit saw Yuuri's legs move slowly at first. Then he slowly sat up and cheers could be heard all over the arena. The announcers were exclaiming frantically and, Phichit, poor Phichit, started screaming and crying in relief.


Finally, Yuuri's face was visible again. The personnel tried to help him up which he accepted but he visibly refused to be taken out of the ice by stretcher. He shakily skated toward the entrance where Ciao Ciao was waiting worriedly for him. The camera finally got a good angle of his face and Phichit gasped in horror.


Yuuri looked completely dazed and pale. Blood was gushing down his cheek, the red vivid against his fair skin. There was also blood on his chin and trickles of red were flowing down his throat. A bruise was forming on his other cheek. His son's beautiful face!!!


His facial expression though... He was curiously blank. Just blank.


Phichit started worrying again. That couldn't be normal. That couldn't be a good sign, right? He noticed how robotic and jerky Yuuri's movement seemed to be. Did he break a rib or something? He was not wincing or anything, though.


The livestream suddenly went to commercial and minutes later, ISU officials announced thirty minutes of postponement to get both skaters patched up and for decisions to be made. For Phichit, that was the most nerve-wracking 30 minutes of his life as of yet. He spent it gnawing on his fingernails (which he hadn't done since he was 15) and pacing around the living room muttering to himself that he couldn't decide who to blame: Georgi or Ciao Ciao. Why Ciao Ciao? Because he didn't allow Phichit to go with his son to the competition. If he did, Phichit wouldn't be here deciding who to blame and he wouldn't be gnawing on his nails because he would be too busy watching over Yuuri making sure that he was indeed alright. But no! Here he was about to stub his fingernails and about to look for someone to punch in the apartment building.


When the broadcast finally started again, he was relieved to see that Yuuri was well treated by the medic. He was now sporting a bandaged head, gauze – dressed chin, and a bandaged left hand. Way to ruin the costume...


Georgi, on the other hand, looked fine. There were no signs of injury except for a lightly bandaged right hand. Huh. Yuuri got the worst hit then.


Apparently, Yuuri decided to compete. Although advised against it by the medic, he was determined to finish the competition even as he looked so dazed.


Phichit got even more anxious.




That moment marked the change in Yuuri Katsuki. In spite of the injuries and with a surely pounding head as he skated his routine, his performance level only got more beautiful and his jumps, although sometimes shaky plus a hand down on one jump, were a little better than usual. His facial expression was dreamy. Phichit was sure that at this point, Yuuri was half unconscious. But then, it seemed like an injured Yuuri was better than an anxious Yuuri at this stage of events.


He let out a deep sigh of relief.




That day, Yuuri Katsuki, Japan's Ace, placed second in Skate Canada.





AUTHOR'S NOTES: I'm putting it here since I can't seem to get the system to do what I want with the notes. 

In case anyone was wondering, Yuuri is in a kind of blank mental state and will be for a few days because let's just say his going back to the past had been triggered by a slam of the head on ice. Not only are his memories shifting between past, present, and future but he's also physically unwell. His mind is adjusting itself to accommodate the changes that are happening within himself with a pounding head pffft. As he skates his routine for the Free Skate, he is basically running on muscle memory.

The Collision: If you haven't realized it yet, this is inspired by an incident between Yuzuru Hanyu and China's Yan Han back in season 2014 – 2015. Yuzuru Hanyu overall placed second in the competition (he was first following the incident, I think that was for the Short Program) (also, did you see how he cried in the Kiss & Cry? T.T No hate for Yan Han, though). I wanted to give Yuuri gold, but since he was on third after the short program, and given the situation, even in fanfiction, I think that's a bit of a reach. The choice between silver and bronze is finally decided by my goal of babying Yuuri in this story lol. Yuuri has to settle for silver just like Yuzuru.