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Broken but alive(If only barely)

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In the beginning, there was an equal playing field for all. Animal forms didn’t favor any secondary gender. No omegas were shunned. But we all know how humanity works. Nothing ever stays the same after all. That held true as humanity evolved, change came with it. They turned to a life of the strong shall rule the weak. Omegas were slowly given the thoughts that they were to serve those above them without question, the lowest of all. Betas were given the thoughts that they were the “norm”, commoners. And alphas? Well, let’s just say that they decided they could have everything. And so, as history moved on alphas fought for power, for glory. Omegas became a rarity, males more than females after alphas disposed of them when they outgrew their likings. Predatory animal forms such as the deadly tiger or prideful lion favored those as an alpha, the rest were scattered among est both omegas and betas.

That brings us here, to Teiko. After the kings of Rakuzan, Shutoku, Too, Yosen and Seirin united in an effort to kill the rebellions sparking aflare they were named the Empire of Teiko. One came to rule above the others. A very wealthy family from Rakuzan challenged all and won. They were named the rulers of this new empire. The Akashi’s. Emperors. A family to be feared. Rebellion’s were destroyed beneath the claws, feet and teeth of Teiko. Omega’s went into hiding, as the demand for them increased. The era of raiders began, betas who kidnapped and dragged omegas from their homes to be trained and groomed into the perfect omega. Sold to the rich, most cases of omega kidnapping were given the blind eye. It became a natural occurrence, a natural factor in life. So what happens next? It seems that that decision is left to those that defy their own fate.