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Shoto blew the puff of smoke out and watched it fade into the evening wind. The nights were slowly turning chilly. Next to him Katsuki coughed and swiped at the air.

“That’s a disgusting habit!” Katsuki said glaring at him. Shoto closed his eyes and leaned his head back against the patio wall. “Oi!” Katsuki yelled snatching the cigarette. He threw it on the ground and stomped on it. “You aren’t going to kill me with second hand smoke!”

“Doesn’t your mom smoke?” Shoto asked toeing at the remains of his barely used cigarette.

“That old hag is on the patch now,” Katsuki said with a grunt.

“Whoa,” Shoto said mildly impressed. Katsuki’s mom was a beautiful blonde who could leave the hearts, and tongue, of most men on the floor. At first glance you couldn’t tell, but she could out drink and out smoke the best of men. She’d been a yakuza's daughter through and through.

“I can’t believe we’re about to graduate,” Shoto said staring into the garden he’d grown familiar with over the years.

Katsuki groaned. “I can’t fucking wait. Cram school has been fucking with my free time.” Shoto laughed. Katsuki would use any opportunity to run off to a gokon or club. He’d ran though most every pretty girl at their school. His friend was on the hunt for a challenge. You couldn’t meet a lot of women if you spent six extra hours a week studying.

"I think your fiancé will appreciate the break," Shoto commented with a smirk. Katsuki's parents had already arranged a wife for him. A nice alpha young woman from a rich family.

Katsuki clicked his tongue. "That's why you have to get it out now. Before you're tied to some woman for the rest of your life."

Shoto frowned. "You sound like my dad."

Katsuki punched Shoto in the shoulder. "Never compare me to that bastard."

Shoto rubbed the spot where he'd been hit. He looked out to the garden and sighed. “He says I need to be a man before he introduces me to the girl he’s picked out.”

“What the fuck does that even mean? Are you going to be killing someone?”

Shoto shook his head. “He’s taking me to one of the host clubs.” There was a quiet moment of silence between the boys. Todoroki’s family ran a legitimate chain of hotels on the surface. Underneath they were they ran a network of sex clubs and illegal gambling.

“You should have just slept with that Kendo,” Katsuki said with a shrug. Shoto shot his friend a nasty look. Kendo Itsuka had been his girlfriend of almost a year. They’d gotten close and Shoto considered them to be in love, or at the very least some version of it. When things had gotten developed into intimacy Shoto hadn’t been able to go through with it. It hadn’t felt right. Their relationship hadn’t survived his rejection and they went through a bitter break up. Shoto hadn’t heard from her in months.

“I’m just saying,” Katsuki continued ignoring Shoto’s look of disdain. “You’d have slept with someone you cared about rather than some hooker.”

“I’m not going to be sleeping with anyone,” Shoto said firmly. He had a plan. Katsuki rolled his eyes.


Shoto tried to focus on anything but the half-naked young men and women walking around the dimly lit club. The “workers” consisted only of beta men and women. A beta woman turned his head to face her and Shoto couldn’t help but recoil. She pouted, obviously hurt by his rejection. But more likely hurt by the prospective money she’d just lost.

Shoto excused himself from the table and walked to the bar that stood a few feet above the rest of the club. He leaned against the balustrade that separated it from the rest of the club wondering how he’d let himself be dragged here. He looked at the women vying for his father’s attention and the joining in his illicit indulgence. Shoto felt a small peace that his parents were married in name only. His mother didn’t have to worrying about the revolting man coming to her after he’d been with his pick of the night. Enji grabbed the ass the red-haired woman that had tried to get his attention earlier.

He turned away his stomach churning. It was a lot to digest that a woman would be willing to sleep with him and still do the same with his father. He scanned the club slowly, looking to another table a few feet away. There an older man seemed to have only one companion. A green haired boy who was awkwardly shuffling to the other side of the couch they shared. He’s new. The older man lay his head on the boy’s shoulder and the boy awkwardly patted the offending object. Shoto chuckled to himself. The man could easily be the boy’s grandfather.

Shoto so lost in watching the encounter, hadn’t heard Enji approach. He may have been prepared for the hand that swatted at his back. His father laughed that classic loud bellow and Shoto braced himself against the handrail.

“You know that’s quite the eclectic taste you have,” Enji said whispered conspiratorially. Shoto arched a brow in confusion. “However, I must insist you indulge only in private,” the man said stroking his red beard.

Shoto wasn’t sure what he meant. The next thing he knew his father was shoving him toward a hall way. Shoto quickly realized he was approaching a private room. He tried to protest but Enji wouldn’t listen. Just kept laughing that annoying sound and insisting that Shoto would be well pleased.



Izuku almost breathed a sigh of relief when Akito came to fetch him from the floor. He didn’t mind Yamamoto-san most of the time. The man was a loyal and usually gentle customer. But when he’d had too much to drink he was a sloppy often angry drunk. The man had just promised to leave his wife for Izuku.

“Look,” Akito said firmly gripping his shoulder. “This is the owner’s son. You better not cause any problems, or I’ll kick your whore ass.”

Izuku nodded quietly. Suddenly Yamamoto-san didn’t seem so bad. Akito smirked before shoving him into the room. The door locked behind him. Izuku took a deep breath. He’d never had a high a truly important client before. The men that selected him tended to be older business men who had a fetish to explore. Omega boys were rare and most had some fantasy they wanted to satiate.

The boy currently staring at him wasn’t like any of those men. He was a young man with striking red and white hair that by some defiance of nature split evenly into the two colors. The boy had two different colored eyes. One was a grey like a stormy sky while the other reflected a sunny afternoon sky. The scar that covered his left eye only seemed to enhance the chiseled feature of his face. The boy furrowed his brows and Izuku realized he’d been staring.

“Oh sorry,” Izuku bowed at the waist. “Todoroki-sama.” The boy blew out a loud irritated breath. Izuku scrambled to his knees and crawled between the legs of the boy he’d be staring at.

“What the hell are you doing?!” the other boy yelled pushing Izuku’s head from his lap. Izuku fell back eyes wide open. Was he in the wrong room? No, Akito had personally led him here.

“I’m sorry,” Izuku said as he lay prostrate at the boy’s feet. “I’ll get someone else if I’m not to your liking.” Akito would be mad. Izuku could feel the phantom pain across his face from the last time a customer had complained.

The other boy groaned. “Get up,” he ordered. Izuku sat seiza-style with his back straight. He didn’t know what he was doing to upset the young heir. He hadn’t meant any disrespect. He kept his eyes glued to the other’s feet.

“I don’t want your services,” the other said with contempt.

“I-I’m so sorry,” Izuku said quickly rising to his feet. “I’ll get someone else.” His eyes never left the floor. He was used to people feeling contempt for him. Being an omega was already a disgrace in most people’s eyes. A male omega had no real hope for a good life. The lucky ones were born into a rich family that could marry them to an alpha who’d take care of them.

“No!” the other called. Izuku turned to face him, face etched with confusion. Todoroki-sama ran a hand to his hair in frustration. Izuku wasn’t sure what to do now. “You can’t leave,” he said. Izuku just stood there.

Todoroki-sama released another frustrated breath before patting the bed next to him. “I-I can,” Izuku swallowed hard, “I can stand.”

The other shook his head and patted the bed. “You can’t just stand there for the next twenty minutes.” He gestured to the clock on the wall. Izuku nodded. He didn’t want to stand there either. He was on his feet enough as it was. He sat on the bed as far as he could from the other boy. Izuku picked a spot on the carpet and kept his eyes glued there.

“Aren’t you too young to work here?” the young heir asked. Izuku just shrugged. He looked young. Younger than he actually was. Some clients felt in tantalizing other felt it was too taboo.

“I’m not as young as I look,” Izuku said turning to face the boy he was talking to. Izuku felt his heart hammering in his chest as he was looked over slowly. The boy didn’t seem like he wanted to be here.

“Why’d you ask for me?” Izuku burst out nervously. He quickly gasped and covered his mouth. I’m going to get myself killed, he thought squeezing his eyes shut.

“I didn’t,” Todoroki-sama said kindly. “My father did.” Izuku looked up confused. His companion shrugged. “We’ll both get in trouble if you leave early.” Izuku didn’t know what to make of that. Todoroki wasn’t the first boy he’d seen brought in by his father for a “teaching moment.”

“How old are you?”

“Eighteen,” Izuku answered honestly. He didn’t have anything to lose here. The other boy wasn’t interested in him. Todoroki’s eyes widened slightly before his face returned to the same passive look as seconds before.

“You’re a year older than me,” the other said more to himself than to Izuku. Izuku shrugged. He was currently the youngest working at this club, but he’d known younger than him to do this work. He supposed the son of a wealthy business owner didn’t know the inner workings of prostitution.

“Why are you working here?” More questions. Izuku would have usually minded. This wasn’t the place you gave out personal information. But the other boy didn’t give off the feelings of unease every other patron did.

“My mom died last year,” Izuku said hugging himself. “There’s not a lot of ways to make money as an omega without a high school diploma.”

“Oh.” Todoroki-sama replied. “I’m sorry.” Izuku shook his head but didn’t say more. He didn’t want to go to that dark place right now. He had four more hours to work.

“What’s your name?”

“Dot,” Izuku replied happily. Kiko had picked it out for him. She’d loved his freckles. He missed her. Todoroki shook his head.

“No. What’s your real name?” That question made Izuku’s eyes bulge. Izuku shook his head.

“I can’t tell you.” Todoroki moved closer and Izuku tensed. “Midoriya Izuku,” he whispered softly. Izuku didn’t know fear of what had made him tell. The other boy’s scent was so potent, an alpha. He didn’t want him any closer than he already was. The boy ceased his advance and Izuku looked at the clock on the wall.

“Um,” he got up and stood in front of the bi-color haired boy. The boy eyes him suspiciously as Izuku fell to his knees.

“I told you I don’t-” the boy quickly protested.

Izuku held up his hands, “Trust me.” Todoroki-sama didn’t respond just watched him carefully. Izuku proceeded to undo the buckle of the well-dressed boy’s pants. He rumpled the base of his well pressed shirt. He reached out to unbutton the boy’s pants when pale hands swatted him away.

“I get it,” Todoroki said and undid his pants. Izuku pulled them lower on the boy’s waist as he bit as his lower lip. He slapped his cheeks to bring some color to them before pinching Todoroki’s. The boy flinched and rubbed his left cheek. Izuku went back in position between the boy’s legs.

“It’s less awkward if you look up,” Izuku said softly. Todoroki rolled his eyes but complied.

As if on que the door slammed open and the older Todoroki entered with a bellowing laugh. Izuku quickly got up, bowed and exited the room as fast as he could. His heart was hammering in his chest.