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So You Just Had A Redemption Arc

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You know how it goes.


Your neighboorhood gets terrorised by a biker gang. So you and your brother form your own biker gang to fight them off.

You accidently start a gang war spanning half of your home town and six different gangs that gets your brother killed and leaves downtown in pieces and you as the boss of all organized crime in the entire area.

As it turns out, you're a incredibly good fighter. Insanely good. You pick up sword fighting as a light work-out, and you excell. You are the best shooter around. You can pull stunts noone else even dares to try.

And then someone hands you a chakram, sort of a frisbee of death, and it's meant to be a joke, but you fall in love with it, it's the most heavy metal thing you have ever seen and it was meant for you.


You step on the toes of some superheroes. They mess with your business. You decide to become the most powerful bitch ever.

You start hanging out with some super villains. Some real A-Listers; Ares God of War, Kaiser C, alledged reincarnation of Julius Caesar, Borias, and, of course, the lesser known but infinitely more dangerous Alti, witch and necromancer. You take on the name The Destroyer of Worlds and you and Alti come up with a plan to gain inmessurable power by letting the underworld bleed into the world of the living.


This is where you mess up.


Because once the ghost army and the zombies and several incarnations of ultimate evil are let loose, you surprisingly loose all control.


It's bad.


It's so bad that you leave Alti behind as she tries to devour Night itself in a battle between overpowered necromancer and annoyed elder god, to join the superheroes and support them in a desperate attempt of saving the world, and it's a testiment to the direness of the situation that your help is welcomned with open arms.


You kick ass for hours, it's the most glorious thing you've ever been part of, and you and the heroes do manage to save the world, in part because the upheaval of a graveyard uncovers a magic sword that lets you kill the unkillable.


Most of the superheroes die that day. You're one of the few survivors.


The noble and strong, the protectors of the weak, all perished, thanks to you.


You know.

It happens.


Xena Thrace took advantage of the following days of chaos to slip away unnoticed. Inbetween rebuilding leveled houses, relocating fugitives and identifying of all the bodies (some of them zombies that were now fully dead once more), there currently was simply no time for law enforcement to look for someone who had probably been killed anyways. They had found a thin film of blood and bone and Alti's DNA covering the walls of an old farm house and it was assumed that Xena had met a similar fate.


Xena fully intended to make use of that situation and live out the rest of her life in peaceful anonymity.


Instead, she met Gabrielle.