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Potter Twins Squad and Philosopher's Stone

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July 31th, 1980
Two kids were born for Lily and James Potter. Twins, girl and boy. Girl was just seven minutes older than boy. Boy had black curly hair and slightly darker skin like James with emerald green eyes like Lily. Girl had red auburn hair and paler skin like Lily and hazel brown eyes like James. On girls stomach right above belly button was picture of sting node that looked like tattoo. Healer of St. Mungo's was holding both of them.
“They are both healthy and beautiful Mr. and Mrs. Potter.”
She offered them to Lily. She rejected girl but took boy on her hands. Then healer offered girl to James.
“No. I can’t take her.”
Lily looked girl sadly.
“Lily’s friend is coming to take her. We don’t wanna become attached to her.”
Healer just nodded to James. Soon room’s door flied open.
“Sorry I’m late.”
Woman with grey cloak said and looked seriously at James and Lily.
“All that matters, aunt Dorothea, is that you are here now.”
Woman rolled her sleeves and took girl from healer.
“Hello beautiful little miracle.”
Girl slept on aunt Dorothea’s hands.
“We will leave as soon as we can.”
“Yeah Lily?”
“Could we decide her name?”
“Sure, anything you want.”
“Vera Euphemia Potter.”
“Are you sure?”
“Vera Euphemia it is then. Have you decided name for boy jet?”
“Harry James Potter.”

Present day, 1991
Vernon Dursley and his wife Petunia Dursley and their son Dudley Dursley lived in normal and ordinary looking house. House was Privet Drive 4 and it was on Little Whinging, town in the English country of Surrey. They were just normal and boring family or that was what it seemed like. They didn’t want anyone to know that in their house in cupboard under the stairs lived a boy.
“BOY! Wake up!”
Harry turned around and blinked couple of times.
“Didn’t you hear?! Get up!”
“Yes aunt Petunia.”
He heard aunt Petunia’s quick and sharp steps walking away. Then he took his glasses from night stand and walked to the kitchen. He started to cook bacon.
“Try not to burn anything.”
“Yes aunt Petunia.”
At the same time his cousin Dudley looking at his birthday presents.
“How many are there?”
“36, counted them myself this morning.”
“36?! 36?!! LAST YEAR I GOT 37!!”
“Of couse we are going to buy two more today.”
Dudley seemed to calm down immediately.

Every single day of his life Harry had felt broken, empty and lonely. There was no one to love him, to be his friend, to take care of him. All he was is freak. It has always felt like something was missing.

Harry ate his breakfast and went to hallway to get mail. He got mails from the mat and looked them. When he read address from one letter his eyes went wide.
‘Mr. H. Potter, The Cupboard under the Stairs, 4, Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey.’
Who was writing to him? Harry put rest of the mail on the table and was going back to hi cupboard. Then Dudley crabbed letter from his hands.
“Harry got a letter!”
“Hmph… who would write to you?”
Vernon’s eyes went wide when he read the address. Then he ripped letter apart and put it in trash can.
“Hey! That was mine!”
“You don’t need it! Now go away.”
Harry couldn’t stop thinking about what that letter could have included. He should have opened his letter on the hallway.

After a week there was always more and more letters. Owls surrounded Privet Drive and Vernon have to start burning letters. Then they didn’t have any other option than leave from there. They went to so called Hut-on-the-rock. It smelled strongly like seaweed, there was only two rooms and it was really damp. Storm was pealing outside. When everyone was sleeping Harry was still awake. He was drawing on dust. Then suddenly there was large knock on the door. Then other one. Now Dursleys were also awake. Uncle Vernon took his rifle and pointed at the door.
“Who is there?! I have a gun!”
Suddenly large door fell over and there was man that was at least twice as tall as average man and three times as wide. His face was mostly behind large beard and hair. Without any problems man came in and lifted door back to its original place.
“You wouldn’t boil some tea, would you? Trip to here wasn’t very easy.”
Then man sat on the couch and glared at Dudley.
“Move aside.”
Dudley ran behind Petunia who was behind Vernon.
“And there is Harry.”
Harry looked up at the man that sat on the couch.
“Last time we met you were just a baby. You have become look like just like your father. Except those eyes, they are from your mother.”

Uncle Vernon was now even angrier.
“I ask you to leave mister! This is burglary!”
“Shut up Dursley.”
Man jerked rifle from Vernon’s hand and twisted it to node. Then he started to dig his jacket.
“I had something for you Harry, but I can’t find it. I may also have accidentally sat on it.”
Suddenly man lifted white box and handed it to Harry.
“There you go.”
Inside box was large, sticky chocolate cake with green icing that said “Happy Birthday Harry.” Harry was going to say “Thank you” but words lost on their way.
“Who are you?”
Giant man smiled.
“Oh right. I didn’t introduce myself. I’m Rubeus Hagrid the Keeper of Keys and Grounds of Hogwarts.”
He shook Harry’s hand with his large palm. He turned to P
After that he light fire on the fireplace with his umbrella. Then he started to empty his pockets from all kinds of stuff. Sausage baggage, copper pot, some teacups and other stuff. He started to make some tea and grill sausages. When they were ready he started to give them to Harry. Harry ate hungrily but didn’t take his gaze away from giant.
“I’m sorry. I’m not quite sure who you are.”
Giant sipped his tea.
“Call me Hagrid. As I said earlier I’m keeper of keys of Hogwarts. You surely know everything about Hogwarts.”
“No I don’t.”
Hagrid looked shocked and upset at the same time.
“Sorry?” Hagrid looked at the Dursleys.
“Those are the only ones who should be sorry. I was sure that you didn’t get your letters, but I didn’t know that you didn’t know about Hogwarts. Damn it. Didn’t you wonder where your parents learn all that?”
“All what?”
“All what?! Wait a moment.”
Then man jumped up from couch.
“You are not claiming that this boy, doesn’t know anything about anything!”
Harry just stared Hagrid and Dursleys.
“I know lots of things, like math.”
“Yeah, but things about your parents world, your world, my world about our world.”
“What world?”
If it was even possible Hagrid looked more angry now.
Uncle Vernon just mumbled something to answer.
“But you have to know about your parents. They are legends. You are also legend.”
“What? My parents weren’t legends.”
“You don’t know. You don’t know. You don’t even know what you are.”
Suddenly Vernon’s voice was back.
“Stop! I forbid to tell boy anything!”
Hagrid glared at him.
“You didn’t tell to boy! You didn’t tell to him what was written on that letter that Dumbledore left for him! I was there myself I saw that he left it! DURSLEY! And you kept it secret from him! All this years!”
“What they kept secret from me?”
“Harry you’re a wizard.”
Everyone in the hut were silent.
“I’m a what?”
“A wizard. And damn good when you get little practice.”
Hagrid sat back to couch.
“When your parents and sister were what they were you couldn’t be anything else. But now it is time for you too read your letter.”
Sister? He had sister?

Hagrid gave him his letter and Harry finally get to read it. When he was done he didn’t know what to ask first.
“What the letter means when it says that they wait my owl?”
“Waspish bitch! Now I remember.”
Then he dig real living owl, quill, ink and parchment paper from his jacket and wrote letter. He gave the letter to owl which fly out to the storm.
“Where was I…”
Vernon stood next to fireplace.
“Boy doesn’t leave.”
“It would be nice to see how muggle like you would stop him.”
“What?” Harry was now interested.
“Muggle. That’s how we call those non magical people.”
“We promised when we took him in that we would put stop for that crap. We promised that we would tear it out of him.”
“You knew…? You knew I was wizard.” Harry said.
We knew. Of course we knew. How wouldn’t you be when my sister was what she was. Only I saw what she really was… a freak. Then she met that Potter in her school and they went married. Then they got you and your sister. Your sister didn’t survive. Then they took and exploded and they pushed you to us.” Petunia sounded like she had wanted to say this years before.
“Exploded? You said they died in car crash. And I didn’t even know I had a sister.”
“In car crash?! How could car crash kill Lily and James Potter?!”

Hagrid told whole story about his parents, sister, Voldemort, Godric's Hollow and his scar. How Harry had survived from Avada Kedavra. How Hagrid had drove Harry to Privet Drive with flying motorcycle How good wizard and witch his parents were and how nice people they were. And how his twin sister was born dead. Then he talked little about Hogwarts and school’s headmaster Albus Dumbledore. How every single kid in Wizarding world knew who Harry Potter was.

Middle of story Dudley was sneaking to eat Harry’s cake. Hagrid pointed at him with his umbrella and suddenly he grew pigtail and pig nose. Dursleys started to scream, but Harry didn’t care.

When Harry listened something really painful moved on his mind. He remembered blinding green light better that never before. Same time he remembered something he hadn’t remembered never before, cold shrill laugh. There was flying motorsickle and lots of people around him.

“Now Harry, go to sleep. Tomorrow we will go to Diagon Alley and boy you all supplies you need for school.”
Harry laid on couch and think all he had learned that night. He finally felt whole. Something he had never felt before. Like last piece of puzzle had just put on it’s place. Still.. he wanted to hear more about his parents, sister and wizarding world. Slowly his eyes closed and he fell asleep.

He dreamed about man with black messy hair and woman with red auburn hair with green eyes. There was crying red haired baby with brown eyes. Then there was man with long black hair and other one with brown hair and scars. He didn’t know who they were, but he felt like they were close to him. Then there was flying motorcycle again.


To be continued...