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Jimin and Yoongi are Real Adults. This is true, according to Yoongi, because they have a real bathtub in their new apartment.

It’s such an upgrade from their last place, the kind you rent when you just finish university and have no money at all - they complained to their old landlord probably every two months about their shower, as well as the damp in the study and the way the kitchen tap never got hot properly.

“Can you believe we really did it?” Jimin wonders aloud, Yoongi currently in the middle of putting the last box down on the ground. When he straightens up, he joins Jimin in looking around at their new place. All that space, just for them.

“Amazing, huh?”

Their new apartment is wonderful. The kitchen was probably put in under five years ago, there’s enough space around the bed to actually walk all the way around it. And there’s a big bathtub. Big enough for two, even.

So when they’ve finally gotten settled in, unpacked over fifty percent of the boxes, situated the couch where it should be, already had a night’s sleep and christened their bed, Jimin suggests they take a bath together.

It wasn’t a spontaneous decision; he’d been thinking it about it ever since Yoongi had made that joke about being real adults. He wanted to be able to relax in a bath with him peacefully. They’ve earned it with how hard they’ve worked, over the past year, two years, to save for that deposit.

He has even gone to the (minimal) effort of buying some bath bombs. The cheap kind that is practically scentless, mind you, but they’re fun to watch, and he thought it would be funny to see Yoongi’s reaction when he pulls them out.

Yoongi agrees immediately to the bath with the sleepiest, happiest little smile that makes Jimin’s heart clench. They bustle around, Yoongi unpacks their matching bathrobes their friends had gotten them as a joke, supposedly for married couples, but they now use completely unironically. Jimin runs the water, immensely satisfied when it gets hot almost instantly.

The bath is run and Yoongi is undressing when Jimin pulls out those bath bombs. Yoongi makes a disgusted noise.

“What on earth are those ?”

“They’re bath bombs! They’re cute, right?” Jimin laughs, Yoongi’s reaction completely unsurprising.

Yoongi shakes his head, frowning. "No, I’d literally rather you just put shower gel in the water or something and made bubbles. These are awful, you could have bought nice ones, oh my god I bet those smell like parma violets," he says. Jimin blinks, trying to catch up.

“Nice ones?”

“Yes, nice ones! How much did you pay for these, a thousand won?” He eyes the things with open distaste. It’s almost comedic.

“Maybe. Would you rather I spend a tonne of money on nice ones?” Jimin laughs. He climbs in the bath, leaving the bombs untouched for now.

Tilting his head to the side, Yoongi gives Jimin a look. “It’s not like we can’t afford it,” he reminds him. Joining him in the bath, they adjust themselves so they mold around each other, adapting to the space. It’s just big enough.

“Okay, well, if you wanna go buy nice ones, you do that.” Jimin reaches for the body wash. “I’m not gonna.”

“Fine. I’ll go get some this weekend. You’ll appreciate them in the end,” Yoongi nods, expression implying that he knows something that Jimin doesn’t. Jimin rolls his eyes.

“You do that.”


So Yoongi starts going to one of those really smelly, homemade bath bomb shops, and buying different ones for them to use in the baths that they start to take once or twice a week. Jimin is kind of taken aback when he pulls one out the next time they go to take a bath, but it smells like pure roses and it's kind of cute in the water, so who is he to argue? Plus, he can see the tiny bit of pride in Yoongi’s eyes, and doesn’t want to ruin that anyway.

He doesn’t ask how much they cost, but he suspects that they might be more than slightly expensive. And Yoongi never seems to buy the same one twice, apparently wants to try all of the ones he can find at that shop.

The second one they use, almost two weeks after they moved into the new place, is multicoloured, a pink, purple, blue, yellow and green mixture when it fizzes and it distracts him from his bad day for a whole five minutes. The colours swirl beautifully in the water, but they quickly realise that the way they mix turns the water a murky green-grey.

They settle in the water and Jimin thinks that it smells nice, a bit like vanilla, but the water is really, really ugly. He’s about to grumpily tell Yoongi so - maybe he’s not in the best of moods today - when-

“Is that- is that popping? Popping candy?” he asks incredulously.

Yoongi shushes him, and yep, there it is, a soft little pop-pop.

Today Yoongi is sat behind him, legs either side of Jimin’s waist, and when Jimin stops chuckling he presses a hand to Jimin’s stomach, has him lean back a little to rest against Yoongi’s chest. Jimin hears the click of a bottle top, sees Yoongi lathering up his hands with soap out of the corner of his eye, and with the presumption of being washed lifts his arm to be washed first. Instead of hands on him, though, Jimin gets a gentle kiss to the shoulder.  

“Arms down,” Yoongi’s voice is close to a whisper into his ear. When Jimin obeys he gets Yoongi’s hands on his shoulders instead, rubbing in the sweet-smelling soap and fingers starting to work at the muscles.

“Hyung,” Jimin moans, can’t help himself. Yoongi is so good at it, Jimin always jokes that he would have been an excellent masseuse if he’d chosen that path instead of tech support, of all things. Humming, Yoongi leans forward and kisses Jimin’s neck this time.

“Your shoulders have lots of knots. You really need to ask for a new chair at work, start sitting with better posture,” he chastises gently. Jimin hums an agreement, half listening. His boyfriend’s hands are kind of magical, it feels like he’s being put in a trance. “You could also try going and getting massages regularly.”

This has him opening an eye. “No,” he draws out. “Why can’t you just do it?”

An amused noise makes him squeeze Yoongi’s thigh. “I’m serious!”

“Maybe. How are you gonna pay me?” Jimin can actually hear the smirk in Yoongi’s voice, and he turns his head to catch Yoongi’s eye.

“Anything you want. Take advantage of me being laid out on your massage table,” he drawls. Yoongi does laugh this time, which bring a smile to his own face.

“Okay, make an appointment. Once a week, gotta maintain.”

“Just once a week?” Jimin throws a comedically suggestive look over his shoulder. “I’d be up for more, but alright.”

Kissing his cheek, and then the back of his neck when he turns back around, Yoongi chuckles. “Massages, once a week. I think I take advantage of you being in my bed, no?”


Yoongi likes the bombs that are citrus scented and gets excited about trying a gold coloured bar one night - it turns out that it’s actually a bubble bar. It does smell amazing though, orange and lemon and sweetness. They haven’t done bubbles before and it’s quite the novelty.

“Yoongi!” Jimin wails as Yoongi puts bubbles on his nose for the third time. Yoongi’s shoulders shake when he laughs, sat opposite Jimin in the bath.

“It’s a good look,” he says, nodding seriously when he recovers. “You should consider going with it full time.”

Jimin gives him a withering look that clearly isn’t very effective as it has Yoongi cracking up all over again. “Will you shut up and wash my feet?” He splashes a little for good measure.

Tsking, Yoongi does what he asks. “How do you feel about the bubbles? This is my favourite smell.”

“I don’t mind them,” Jimin hums. “They’re kind of noisy, though. Not very soothing. My favourite one so far was the vanilla and caramel, I think? I slept really well that night.”

Yoongi nods, eyes on Jimin’s feet. He finishes up and starts to pile bubbles on Jimin’s knees this time. His expression is so absorbed, and he looks so happy with something so simple. It makes Jimin smile a little to himself.

“If you wanna buy more bubbles that would be cool too,” he says, and the glimpse he gets of Yoongi’s little teeth as he smiles is worth any annoyance the bubbles might cause him.

Jimin remains smitten until he realises after the bath is drained that the tub is full of gold glitter. And the bath mats, and the floor, and their bathrobes.


In winter, Jimin starts to complain about having dry skin on his legs. It gets pretty bad, sometimes he’s just too lazy to put on moisturizer because he’s tired and work has been bad that day and sometimes he just feels like he wants to collapse in bed as soon as he gets home.

He never misses a bath, though. Can almost muster up some kind of excitement for those nights.

“What’s this one?” he asks Yoongi, leaning his chin on Yoongi’s bare shoulder to get a good look at the green turtle in his hand. It’s pretty huge, bigger than a lot of their other ones.

“It’s a jelly bomb, should smell like sandalwood and pine.” Yoongi holds the thing up to Jimin’s nose to smell.

It’s nice, Jimin always likes warm essential oil smells. “Jelly?” he questions curiously as Yoongi leans down to place it in the water. It sits on the top of the water as it dissolves into a pretty green colour.

“There should be jelly on the surface? I’m not sure yet.” Yoongi goes to take off his shirt but Jimin still has his arms around his waist so he’s rendered immobile.

Yoongi was right, there is a kind of strange gooeyness coating the water. Jimin isn’t sure that it’s completely a nice sensation and he avoids getting it on the walls, suspicious of the mess that this stuff is going to make.

“I put in an oil, too,” Yoongi mumbles, wrapping a hand around Jimin’s ankle. He’s between Jimin’s legs this time. He keeps putting the jelly on Jimin’s legs and rubbing it in and Jimin isn’t sure how to feel about that either, but Yoongi’s hands are nice so he lets it go.

After around fifteen minutes the jelly dissolves in the water, and Jimin washes Yoongi’s hair using the portable shower head to avoid whatever nonsense is in the water ruining his hair for the next day. Jimin can’t help kissing his forehead when his hair is pushed back and his eyes are closed.

“Hm?” Yoongi’s eyes crack open and for a moment he looks seven years younger, how he looked when he and Jimin first met, less creases on his face, more brightness in his skin. They’re only in their late twenties and Yoongi still looks young, of course, but Jimin knows his face, has seen it change. He swallows. Yoongi is still so pretty.

“You look like a drowned rat,” he says instead.

A smile quirks the corner of Yoongi’s mouth, and he just knows , Jimin can see it in his face. “Really?” he hums, leaning in and caging Jimin against the side. A droplet of water runs down the side of his face and Jimin tracks it instead of looking at Yoongi in the eye.

“Yeah,” he replies eloquently. His heart thuds a little faster as Yoongi leans in, face warm when Yoongi presses his lips to Jimin’s, like it’s not the millionth time he’s been kissed by him. Yoongi is so good at kissing, always has been able to make Jimin quake a little when he wants to.

“Am I done?” Yoongi asks huskily, and Jimin takes a moment to collect his thoughts before realising that Yoongi is talking about his hair. A nod is the best he can do in these circumstances, Yoongi’s hands currently settling on his thighs, but it’s clearly enough of an answer as Yoongi leans in for another kiss.

On their bed afterwards Jimin lies out, always ever so sleepy after staying in the warm water for so long. He cracks an eye open when he hears a small click and is greeted by the sight of Yoongi opening a new bottle of lotion.

“Since when do you moisturise?” he murmurs sleepily, not really a question. He’s seen Yoongi use lotion on his actual body a handful of times over the years, seen him use it in...other ways, a little bit more often. Sometimes there just isn’t any lube.

“S’ not for me.” Jimin’s brow furrows at that, but his question is answered when Yoongi finishes rubbing lotion over his hands and puts them on either side of Jimin’s left calf.


“It’s raspberry scented,” Yoongi says casually, rubbing his hands up and down and then massaging his fingers in little circles. He goes all the way down to Jimin’s ankles and then up to his knees, reaching for more lotion to rub on the extra dry areas. Takes it all the way up Jimin’s thighs, not even pausing to tease, lifting his leg so it’s propped up so he can get the back of Jimin’s thigh.

Throughout this, Jimin doesn’t move an inch, overcome by the sweetness of the gesture. He lets the other manhandle him, Yoongi switching to the other leg after a few minutes. His ministrations are so thorough that the oily cream is almost completely absorbed by the time he moves on.

Face blank other than the concentration evident in his eyes and the corners of his mouth, Yoongi repeats the process on the other leg, clearly being careful to not miss any spots. He’s tender with his hands on the parts where he knows Jimin is sensitive, like that spot on his inner thighs and the back of his knees. When he’s finished he re-caps the lotion, puts it on the bedside table, and flops down next to Jimin without a word.

“Thank you,” Jimin says quietly. Yoongi turns to face him, smiling just a little bit, and rests his cheek on Jimin’s shoulder. He looks so sleepy-soft, his hair already more than half dry and fluffy on the pillow.

“You’re going to have soft legs,” he slurs. “And I’ll have soft hands.”

Jimin can’t help the way he curls around Yoongi at that, kissing his cheek once, and having to go back again for another because he just can’t get enough. It strikes him that he is so, so lucky.

“Night, Yoons.”



Yoongi is sitting on the toilet, watching their current bath bomb fizz away in the tub. Jimin peeks into the tub, dipping his fingers in to test the water - Yoongi has a habit of making it a bit too hot for his liking - to see icy blue water and white foam, silver glitter in lazy curls on the foam here and there. It’s beautiful, and Jimin would rate it a solid eight out of ten, just because the scent isn’t his absolute favourite, soft florals and grapefruit. There’s something niggling at the back of his mind, though, the sight somewhat familiar.

He pushes it to the back of his mind when they get in discussing Yoongi’s brother’s upcoming wedding, and he gets halfway through telling Yoongi about their appointment to go get their suits tailored properly when he realises that Yoongi is humming something.

Suddenly it dawns on him what he was feeling that sense of familiarity with earlier, looking at the water. “Is this a Frozen bath bomb?”

A lazy grin spreads on Yoongi’s face. “Nice guess.”

Groaning, Jimin splashes him. “Why,” he whines, the tune of ‘Let It Go’ now stuck firmly in his head. This is compounded by the fact that Yoongi starts to hum it once more, splashing him back.

“Why not? We haven’t tried it yet. I’m running out of different ones to buy!”

“I very much doubt that.” Jimin’s eyes narrow suspiciously. He retaliates with the splashing once more. “You know I hate that movie,” he groans.

Not one to let Jimin have the last word, Yoongi splashes back again. This starts a little bit of a war, blue water splattering all over their bathroom, narrowly missing their stacked towels. They start wrestling, Jimin moving up on his knees to get to Yoongi better, splash his face, but he ends up pulled into Yoongi’s lap, panting.

“It’s a nice bath bomb. Don’t be rude,” Yoongi says, mock sternly. He grips Jimin’s wrists together between his hands so he can’t be splashed anymore. Jimin’s heart is pounding a little faster than normal due to the exertion; he blames this, as well as Yoongi’s proximity, on the fact that his dick is starting to show interest between them.

Testing the water, as it were, he rocks his hips ever so slightly. The grip on his wrists that was starting to slacken tightens up immediately.

“You’re really going to touch my dick after I sang ‘Let It Go’?” Yoongi deadpans.

Leaning forward, he rests his cheek on Yoongi’s chest, trapping their hands between them. “Don’t have to touch,” he mumbles. Right there, he can hear Yoongi’s heartbeat. Rolling his hips once more, he thinks he hears it pick up. “No?”

A sigh has Jimin’s head rising and falling with he movement of Yoongi’s chest. “Fine.”

“Don’t act like it’s such a trial for you,” Jimin chides, moving up to kiss Yoongi’s jaw. The latter almost immediately ducks his head so they can kiss, and Jimin starts a lazy rhythm with his hips, grinding his cock into Yoongi’s soft stomach.

When they both finish, Jimin cleaning Yoongi’s tummy with gentle hands - he flinches anyway, ever so ticklish and sensitive - Jimin decides to take a stand.

“No more Frozen bath bombs. You know I don’t like it. I know there’s an abundance of bath bombs we haven’t tried.” He pouts for good measure. Yoongi just rolls his eyes, pinching his side through the fresh sleepshirt Jimin had just pulled over his head. “And remember, tailors, Saturday, 2:00 PM.”

“Yes, darling,” Yoongi drawls. Jimin smacks his ass for good measure and nearly ends up back in the half drained bathtub.


On some bad days, like today, bath time did nothing to cheer Jimin up, the black water of today’s bomb, aptly chosen, matches his foul mood. He stays quiet the whole time, listens to Yoongi talk a little, exhausted and simply looking forward to collapsing in his bed.

It’s the first time that Jimin has felt claustrophobic in their bathtub; normally he’s so appreciative of how big their bathroom is, how lucky they are to have such a nice place to live, but today it’s like the walls are closing in, he doesn’t have enough room to move, he wants to move away.

The walls of the room are a stark white, but everything seems so dark. He’s shivering despite the heat of the water.

“Hey, Jimin.” He hears Yoongi saying his name, like it’s in another room of the apartment. “Jiminie.”

“Hm?” He looks up, trembles still wracking his body. Yoongi is kneeling right in front of him, between his legs, hands cupping his cheeks, lifting Jimin’s gaze towards his face. He looks so concerned, and Jimin wants to wipe it away. Blinking, he feels a hot tear fall.

“Oh.” His face is wet, but he hasn’t touched it or washed it? “Oh.”

“Shh, hey, baby, it’s okay. She’s gonna be okay,” Yoongi is murmuring, pulling him close into a hug, despite the awkwardness of the space. “Can you turn around for me? That’s it.”

He continues to softly encourage Jimin, helping him to turn around so they’re both facing the same direction, supporting him despite Jimin’s trembling limbs. When he’s situated properly he wraps Jimin in an embrace, holding him close, a hand in his hair.

“M’ sorry.” Jimin’s voice is so broken, he tries to clear his throat, but it doesn’t make it any better.

“That’s okay, baby, you’re allowed to cry.” Screwing his eyes shut in an attempt to stop the tears only has him confronting the image of his mother, so small in her hospital bed, once more. He whimpers.

Hands reach around him to take his, Yoongi’s long fingers intertwining with his shaking ones. He shrinks back into his lover’s warm embrace, curling up and wishing he could just disappear.

“Feel my breathing, baby? Try and copy it,” Yoongi says, mouth pressed against Jimin’s temple. Jimin tries his best, simultaneously trying to relax his body so he stops shaking. The warmth of Yoongi’s body helps.

It takes a little while for JImin to calm down. Yoongi suggests gently that they should get out, as soon as Jimin’s breathing is vaguely normal once again, and Jimin nods, though his heart aches when Yoongi pulls away from him. The distance makes his lips turn down when he climbs out and Yoongi has to step across the room to get their towels. It’s better when he comes back, throwing a towel over Jimin’s head with a quick smile.

“I’ll take the day off tomorrow, yeah? We can go visit her together. Don’t really want you driving right now,” Yoongi muses aloud, rubbing the towel up and down on Jimin’s arms.

Yoongi’s hair is wet, getting too long, long enough to get in his eyes, and the motion of him trying to flick it out of his eyes impatiently keeps Jimin distracted, enraptured. Yoongi continues to dry him off, the towel warming his skin, but Jimin barely notices.

“You need a haircut,” he whispers, reaching up and pushing the hair out of Yoongi’s eyes. Those sharp eyes find his, and a smile plays around Yoongi’s lips.

“You gonna try and do it again?”

Jimin remembers that scene, about a year ago, them both having a bit too much red wine and him thinking it would be an excellent idea to cut Yoon’s hair by himself. Needless to say, it didn’t turn out great. “Should I?”

Snorting, Yoongi shakes out the towel and wraps it around Jimin once more, tighter this time. When Jimin is swaddled, he kisses his nose. “Wait there a second.”

Now Jimin’s chest aches for an entirely different reason. He stands and waits while Yoongi dries himself perfunctorily, shrugs on his own robe and grabs Jimin’s.

Yoongi’s movements to dress Jimin in his robe are so considerate and gentle. Tears start to well up in Jimin’s eyes once again, blurring Yoongi’s face in front of him.

“Today isn’t your day, baby, hm?” Yoongi hums, and Jimin ducks his head. He hates crying, never cries, but today has been one of the roughest days he’s ever had, Yoongi’s right.

“I love you,” he chokes out, instead of answering. Looking up from where he’s tying Jimin’s robe, Yoongi looks mildly surprised, but the set of his mouth indicates sadness.

“Love you too, baby. Tomorrow will be better, yeah?.”

“I hope so.”


For Yoongi's birthday, Jimin ponders long and hard on his gift. It’s always difficult, and often he thinks of instilling some kind of pact where they don’t get each other gifts anymore, but he doesn’t trust Yoongi to keep to it. Plus, he really loves seeing Yoongi react to the gifts he gets - so bashful, the shy smile that spreads on his face.

Jimin considers going and getting him some of the bath bombs from the shop he always goes to, or going and exploring a different place, or even ordering some special ones online. Somehow, though, it feels wrong, because it's always been Yoongi that buys that stuff for them. He even went and bought them new fluffy towels when Jimin had started to complain about their old ones wearing down.

If he did buy something like that as Yoongi’s gift it would also feel really selfish, he thinks, because it would also be equally a treat for himself - if not more so, because over time he is starting to realise the amount of effort Yoongi puts into looking after Jimin on those bath nights.

The way Yoongi loves him is so quiet, so subtle, sometimes. Most of the time, in fact. It would be so easy for Yoongi to lapse into apathy, they’ve been together for so long, have reached a point where their love isn’t necessarily exciting anymore, but comfortable, and yet. Yet, Yoongi still listens when he says there’s something wrong, rubs lotion into his legs when he complains that they’re dry, holds him so tight when he’s sad.

Jimin really hopes that Yoongi feels the same way about him, sees the ways that Jimin tries to love him too.

He does end up in the soap shop, hesitating when asked if he needs assistance by the aggressively helpful staff. His first inhale inside the shop had him surprised, because Yoongi supposedly comes here so often but the smell is so strong it makes even Jimin’s nose twitch. Yoongi is supposed to be super sensitive to these kinds of things, it’s kind of astonishing that he manages to come here regularly.

A couple of days ago he had bought Yoongi an expensive whisky, exactly the kind that he likes and Jimin doesn’t, so he excuses this part of the present’s selfishness. It takes him a little while to find the ones that Yoongi likes, the citrusy ones, and after a small internal battle buys the glittery gold one that had made a mess too because Yoongi had really liked that one, he could tell. After some browsing he also picks up one of those tiny, expensive massage oil bars, one that smells like strawberries and cream, but not too strong.

The gifts go down well. Jimin hadn’t even been able to give them to Yoongi on the morning of his birthday, since Yoongi went to work before he even woke up, had only received Jimin’s birthday wishes over text after he’d been in the office for an hour.

“Isn’t this the one you hate?” Yoongi asks as he peeks into the paper packaging for the glittery bomb. Jimin doesn’t miss the way he sniffs it subtly and smiles just a tiny bit.

“It’s not that bad,” Jimin insists, and Yoongi just smiles at him.

“Thank you, anyway. Should we use it tonight?”

Wincing to himself in anticipation of the cleanup, Jimin agrees, goes to run the bath while Yoongi throws out the wrapping paper of his presents and probably to get himself whisky to put on his bedside table for after.

In the bath, Jimin insists that Yoongi sit between his legs amongst the bubbles, pulls out the massage bar - he hadn’t included it in his wrapped gift, wanted it to be a surprise - and realises that he has no idea what to do with it.

“Can you pass me the scrubber, thing, baby- oh, what’s that?” Yoongi turns to look at him curiously, the massage bar held awkwardly in Jimin’s hand. He probably looks completely clueless.

“Uh. I bought this as a present, and wanted to use it on you, but, uh…” He holds up the bar like it’s something foreign, and makes a face that he comes across like the embodiment of a question mark.

Eyes widening a little, Yoongi takes in his expression, and promptly bursts out laughing. Jimin pouts, doesn’t appreciate being laughed at.

“Don’t be mean! Do you know how to use it?” he quizzes incredulously.

It takes a second for Yoongi to calm down, gums on full display as he cracks up. “Okay, I’m sorry, you just looked so funny.” Leaning forward quickly, he kisses Jimin’s pout fleetingly before moving back, reaching for the massage bar, then stopping. “I can’t show you, my hands are wet and you’re supposed to use them dry. It’s too hot in here, too, it’s gonna melt everywhere. Throw it towards the towels and I’ll show you after.”

Jimin obeys, a bit put out that his nice surprise was kind of ruined. He busies himself with washing Yoongi’s hair instead, having Yoongi tickle his feet a little, the way he always does when he sits in this position.

A little bit later, after they’ve dried off, Yoongi pulls him to the bed and shows him how to warm up the massage bar between his hands, using his body warmth to melt it. He starts to rub the oil into Jimin’s calves when Jimin catches him.

“Hey! It’s my turn, lie on your front. This is supposed to be for you,” he says, close to a whine.

“Okay, I’m going,” Yoongi laughs, turning around.

He hugs a pillow as Jimin warms up the bar, just as instructed, and starts to rub his lower back. Ends up basically doing a full body massage, enjoying how soft and pliant Yoongi goes under him, being able to touch the skin that he doesn’t touch that much. Sometimes he wishes that they had the time to have indulgent, time consuming sex like they used to, before they got jobs that have them working ridiculous hours and coming home exhausted. It’s not completely necessary, and it’s not like they don’t have regular sex anyway, it’s just normally a lot quicker and to the point.

It’s just been so long since he’s been able to map Yoongi out properly with his fingers and tongue. He makes a mental note to put aside and do that, this coming weekend, maybe.

“Does it smell nice, baby?” Jimin asks after some time, to no response. This has him leaning over, looking at Yoongi’s face to find his eyes closed, his breathing steady.

“Yah, so unappreciative,” he murmurs, mostly affectionately. Yoongi’s nose twitches and he coos, reaching for his phone to take a photo. He wonders if he’ll ever get sick of taking photos of Yoongi when he’s sleeping.

Giving up on the massage, he puts the bar away, swaps out his robe for a sleep shirt and some underwear, and gets into bed. It takes a little bit of effort to pull the covers over his sleepy boyfriend without disturbing him, and he kind of fails anyway in the end.

“Hn?” One of Yoongi’s eyes cracks open and he makes a sleepy noise. Jimin just curls around him, tucking him in a little.

“It’s okay, just go to sleep. Happy birthday, lovely,” Jimin whispers, kissing the very tip of Yoongi’s nose. He’s just closing his eyes when he feels Yoongi kiss him back, sweetly, on the lips.

“Thank you.”


They never listen to music at bath time, use it as an opportunity to talk about their last few days; work, family, things that have been stressing them out. Usually it’s Yoongi’s working hours, or Jimin’s mother’s recovery, or the friends around them that are getting married.

Even if they've had an argument, they'll have bath time and a stupid bathbomb to break the ice before they inevitably end up apologising, kissing and holding onto each other in the warm water. They have both gotten better at saying sorry, admitting they’re wrong, over the years. Jimin is thankful for it, knows Yoongi is too; they were both so stubborn at the start of their relationship.

He also knows that all of their friends think they have something of a perfect relationship - Taehyung has asked him, before, what it’s like, if it’s really as wonderful as it seems from the outside.

“Not perfect,” Jimin had said. “We just, talk a lot. And love each other, a lot.”

His theory is that since they’re such a quiet couple, people don’t have much room to see anything that’s wrong. Not that Jimin can really find many faults, and he’s on the inside. The things he does find are so tiny, and he would never let someone as precious as Yoongi go for something so small.


Jimin and Yoongi are Real Adults, and this means that they get invited to pretentious dinner parties. The kind where you’re very much expected to dress smartly, will be judged on the price of the bottle of wine that you bring, and will eat a three course meal of food you probably don’t like.

Only a few of their friends host these kinds of events, and those that do really are more like acquaintances, often from work, and it means that they have assumptions about them as a gay couple that… aren’t completely positive. Over time, though, some of them start to see what Yoongi and Jimin’s close friends see.

Yoongi is being interviewed by one such woman that day, and Jimin can see the way he is carefully controlling his expression as he makes his way over to where they are stood. He pauses just within earshot, and he also sees the dirty look Yoongi gives him for abandoning him to such annoying company.

“So, Yoongi, you have to tell us. I know you’re cagey about who the man is, between you…” Yoongi’s eye twitches, and in the middle of a sip of wine, Jimin nearly chokes out of laughter. “But you could tell us, at least, what the secret is to you boys getting along so well?”

Jimin can’t keep the wide smile from his face when Yoongi replies, blank faced, "baths."