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The Misadventures of Korekiyo Village

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Ah yes, Korekiyo Village, it was a small town not far from, wait, shit, fuck, I have no idea. Well, this town hosts many.. presences, if you could ca- "SHIT! FUCKING BULLSHIT, THIS IS GODDAMN FUCKING- UGH I CAN'T. I FUCKING CAN'T!" That was Makoto, one of the few normal people here. It was common to hear him, and Chihiro, giving up on their friends on a daily basis, understandable when you saw Kokichi insulting ten year olds, despair crazed maniacs, the five thousand Kiibo, and the uncommon presence of literal Satan, or Monaca, if you wanted to call her that.

At first, it was just a few of them there, Hajime, Nagito, the original Kiibo, and Monokuma, but slowly, they all started showing up, it was cha- "I NEVER THOUGHT I NEEDED GOD BUT HERE WE FUCKING ARE" Gundham, of course it was fucking Gundham who was always subjected to the wrath of everyone, then again, either Kokichi was taking over the world, again, or Ibuki was trying to bite everyone's balls, again, again, again.

If you asked any of the people here whether they would prefer to stay or get tortured in hell for all eternity, their immediate answer would be "For the love of all that is Atua, please torture me." Understandable, when your life is worse than literal hell, just ask Masaru, he's been there after being run over by Monaca.

Right now, the world is being ruled by Kokichi, and I'm going to tell you how we got there, sit down because this is going to be one hell of a ride.

"All of you need Jesus." For once, everyone agreed with Monaca.