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Colors of the trap

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blue: cold, uncaring, loyal

Aizawa was walking down the hallway to his classroom. It was lunch break and it took him some time to realize someone was actually tailing him for the students were a bit too loud each time they were given a break. He sighed. Now he was clearly hearing the footsteps that were cleverly studied to match his. But it was imperfect. He enhanced his pace. He had heard those footsteps before, the previous day in fact. And the day before that. And the day even before. He stopped suddenly. The person behind him was a second too late to stop. He assumed it was a first-year. They always were first-years. He glanced behind his shoulder. A girl. A first-year, he was right. She had made efforts to look cute, he had to admit that. Her hair was perfectly curled. Her make-up was on point. She really looked cute. But when their eyes met he had an odd feeling.

“Ai… Aizawa-senpai?” she asked with a voice that was perfectly studied to fake cute shyness.

She’s acting , he thought, A very good and well-studied act though, almost perfect.

“I’m not interested” he answered coldly because she could even go on.

“But…” she tried with a pleading voice.

“But I’m not interested” he repeated.

And now she’s going to pull off the crying act.

“Ah… well, that’s too bad, I guess” she just said, touching her cheek nervously.

Something in her attitude suddenly changed. In the blink of an eye, she wasn’t acting cute at all anymore. She seemed now… detached? Out of it? Aizawa couldn’t really say, he wasn’t expecting something like that either. If he had to put words on it, he would say she seemed like she had turned the ‘feelings’ button off. And when she apologized her voice was as plain as a robot’s. And when she bowed there was no sorry or sense of apology in it.

“Sorry I bothered you” she said with her head low.

As if by magic, the curls remained perfect, even like that. As if she could have asked them to fall off properly. He didn’t know why exactly but she was now making him feel uneasy. He couldn’t find words to answer her so he just stared at her when she lifted her head up, when her hair followed with grace, remaining neat. Those eyes which were sparkling a few seconds before were completely dim. Those cheeks which were flushed a few seconds before were not even blushing anymore. What just happened? This couldn’t be some kind of a shock reaction, right? Come on, he had turned girls down before, he refused to train first-years before. They cried, yelled or insulted him. But never…

She seems hollow.

When she turned her back to go back to her classroom, Aizawa felt like the one crying. If her strategy was about to make him feel guilty, she completely succeeded. Because he fought and fought the urge to call her but in the end…

“Hey…” his voice was shaking a little “Is everything okay?”

He couldn’t help asking in the end. Damn that too big empathy of him! This was probably just a strategy, goddammit was he about to fall for something like that? Her eyes , the thought was intrusive, Her eyes are so empty, she can’t be lying about that.

“Yeah?” her voice was monotonous, she didn’t even turn back to look at him.

“Sorry but you don’t look okay.”

“Ah…” she paused for a moment “I guess it must be so.”

What was wrong with her? How come she could be a clichéd cute girl and the second after… this , whatever that was? She moved to face him and the second after she looked a bit sad. But not too much. Just enough to match the face of someone who was just turned down. A faked sadness. What? Aizawa’s eyes widened. What was happening just before his eyes? What did this girl actually want with him? He truly felt like crying now.

“I forgot, must be bett…” she looked up “Oh jeez, sorry, I am sorry. It’s my quirk, sometimes I just… I just don’t know how to use it properly, I was about to ask for some help with it.”

“What’s that quirk?”

He was aware his voice was a little too quivering, he was aware he was a little too afraid of what that quirk may be. And… wait, no he didn’t want to know! He had too much to already think about. And what would the people he refused to train think? Shit…

I care too much already.

It’s those eyes.

Those so empty eyes.

“It’s complicated…” she said as she scratched her cheek again and he knew she wouldn’t tell him more.


And now that was awkward. He could feel her empty eyes linger on him but he didn’t have the strength to look back at her. He should say something… right? But what? That he should be going? She started to say something but the bell rang loudly, telling them they had no more free time. He sighed in relief. Good, that settled the things for him now.

“I should be going then” he said almost in a whisper.

That was so awkward. And she nodded and stared at her feet. And none of them made a move. Until Aizawa made one.

“Wait, senpai” her voice had changed somehow, it sounded… spontaneous?

“Yeah?” he couldn’t help answering.

“There’s no chance you would train me, right?” she cracked an awkward smile, a smile that seemed spontaneous too.

“Well…” he couldn’t say no, he couldn’t say yes “We can give it a try at least… can’t we?”

And as an answer, she gave him a smile. A bright smile, oh so bright, so spontaneous. He almost - almost ! - forgot about how empty her eyes were just a few seconds ago. He smiled back. They agreed on a meeting. Dammit, when Yamada would learn about this… Aizawa kept his head down when he entered the classroom. Lucky him, the teacher wasn’t here already. And the conversations the students had didn’t even stop. He sat down at his desk.

“Shouta…” Yamada drawled “What took you so long?” he winked.

“Stuff…” Aizawa just answered, pretending to be very interested about the next course.

“Could that stuff be… a girl?”

“Don’t be an idiot!”

Maybe he answered a little too fast, maybe he answered a little too briskly. But sure he wasn’t that cold and distant anymore. That girl was… really something he couldn’t quite figure yet. And shit, he didn’t even ask her her name! Well, next time…

Next time?

Sure he wasn’t cold and distant anymore...