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Stucky Prompts and AUs (oneshots)

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Steve Rogers always dreaded dinner with his family. Not because they were rude or disrespectful, definitely not. He dreaded it because without fail, one of his aunts would ask him if he had a boyfriend yet. The answer was always no. This time, he decided, he would lie to them. Purely to get them off his back. He would tell them he'd found someone and that they were dating. It would be simple. Then, in a few weeks time, he could tell them they broke up but there are no hard feelings. That should get them off his case for a while, at least. It was a foolproof plan.

So that night at dinner, when his Aunt inevitably asked if he had a boyfriend, Steve told them that he did. He had hoped that would be the end of the conversation, but it most definitely was not.
"What's his name?"  one Aunt asked.
"Is he cute?"  one of Steve's cousins asked.
"How long have you been dating?"  an Uncle asked.
"When are we going to meet him?"  Steve's mother, Sarah, asked.
"I'm terribly sorry, I need to use the bathroom,"  Steve said.  "I'll answer your questions in a moment. As soon as he got to the bathroom, he pulled his phone out of his back pocket and called his best friend, Sam.
"Sam, I need a favour,"  Steve said.
"What have you done now?"  Sam asked.
"I told my family I'm dating someone, to get them off my back but now they're asking me all these questions and they want to meet him!"  Steve explained, starting to panic.  "Do you know any guys who wouldn't mind stepping in temporarily and being my date?"
"I mean, I guess I could find one,"  Sam said.  "But it might take some time."
"What's that in the background?"  Steve asked, after hearing someone curse.
"My mate Bucky, he's staying the night,"  Sam said.  "Hold on, that's perfect!  I'll ask him and I'll text you details. "
"Thanks Sam, you're a true pal," Steve said, before hanging up.

Steve had just sat back down at the dinner table, when his phone buzzed.
He's in. James Barnes, prefers Bucky, 26, rather cute in a shaggy sort of way, works at that new Italian place downtown.
Steve smiled to himself, before saying to his family, "His name is James, but he prefers to be called Bucky. He's 26 and he works at that new Italian place downtown. And yeah, he's really cute." Steve decided to go out on a limb, so he texted Sam.
Reckon he'd be okay with family dinner in a couple of weeks?
Within seconds, he got a reply.
Definitely! ;) - B
"He's agreed to come to the next family dinner, actually!" Steve announced, before the conversation shifted once more.

A week flew by, and Steve had arranged to meet Bucky before the family dinner, to get their stories straight and run over the game plan. They decided to meet at a coffee shop not too far from Steve's apartment. Steve got there first, and sat waiting for Bucky as the minutes ticked by. He glanced around, scanning every face that walked by. A pretty blonde, a dull redhead, and the most beautiful brunette Steve had ever seen. The guy had shoulder length brown hair, beautiful brown eyes and a mesmerising smile.  Cute, in a shaggy sort of way.  It had to be Bucky.  Steve smiled at him and starting pulling at his sleeves.  He hadn't noticed how nervous he actually was until Bucky approached him. "Bucky Barnes, at your service.  I think I'm your date,"  he said, with an adorable new york accent.
"Steve Rogers,"  Steve said, holding out his hand for Bucky to shake.
"So, what's the drill?"  Bucky asked, planting a kiss on Steve's knuckle instead.
"Dinner is at my mom's house, most of the family will be there.  It's fancy but not too fancy, and there'll be a lot of questions," Steve explained, trying not too blush.
"What are our answers?"  Bucky asked.  "They gotta be the same."
"We met at this coffee shop;  we've been dating for around 6 months, Sam introduced us, you asked me out officially and you kissed me first,"  Steve said.  "They probably won't ask much about us as a couple, but they'll ask you lots of questions about yourself."
"What about kissing and hugging and stuff?"  Bucky asked, with a hopeful look in his eyes.
"We can kiss and stuff, we need to make it convincing.  Not too much PDA though, it's my family! " Steve said. The pair then sat down for coffee, chatted and flirted for a few hours. Bucky was the first to leave, kissing Steve's cheek as he did so. Steve watched him leave and finally acknowledged the butterflies in his stomach. A thought crept into his mind, that maybe he had found someone after all.

Family dinner night came around far too quickly. Bucky had agreed to pick Steve up from his apartment, and Steve was pacing in the hallway, staring at the clock. When he finally heard a knock on the door, he practically raced to the door. Steve took one look at Bucky and he felt like he might faint. Bucky looked gorgeous, he was wearing black skinny jeans, a blue button down shirt and he had his hair pulled back into a ponytail.
"You look incredible,"  Steve said.
"So do you," Bucky replied, before taking Steve's hand and escorting him to the mini.

Steve's hands were shaking as Bucky knocked on Sarah's door.
"Relax, babe," Bucky whispered in Steve's ear. " You got this. " Steve felt a warm fuzzy feeling fill him up, and flashed Bucky a smile.  Sarah opened the door and immediately pulled Steve into a tight hug.
"I'm so thrilled for you, darling,"  she whispered in his ear.
"Mom, this is Bucky.  Bucky, this is my mom, Sarah," Steve introduced.
"It's a pleasure to meet you, Mrs Rogers," Bucky said, before being also being pulled into Sarah's embrace.
"Call me Sarah," she told him. "Now, come and meet the rest of the family.

The family dinner went brilliantly, as far as Steve was concerned. His family all liked Bucky; Bucky seemed to like them, and Steve felt like he was falling more in love with Bucky with every passing second. Family dinner was over all too soon, which meant that Steve and Bucky would have to say goodbye. Bucky drove Steve back to his apartment, but just before bucky had a chance to leave, Steve leaned in and kissed the brunette. To his surprise, Bucky kissed back, and it felt like fireworks had exploded in Steve's stomach. Steve pulled Bucky inside and the two collapsed on Steve's couch, breathless.
"You're brilliant,"  Steve whispered.
"So are you,"  Bucky replied.
"I think I'm falling in love with you,"  Steve admitted.
"I think I'm falling in love with you too," Bucky confessed. Neither Steve nor Bucky had the energy to make it to the bedroom, so they both slept on Steve's couch.

The following morning, Steve woke up to find that Bucky had gone. He started to panic, wondering if he'd made a move far too soon and scared Bucky away. Steve clutched his phone and was about to text Bucky an apology when he noticed a note on his coffee table.
Dinner tonight, 7 pm, smart/casual. If you can't make it, call me xxx
Steve practically jumped for joy, he could barely believe he was going on a real date with Bucky. He had butterflies in his stomach for the whole day, waiting for 7 pm to roll around. Eventually, it did, and Steve was a complete wreck. He was so nervous for his date with Bucky he hadn't even noticed the fact that Bucky had already knocked on the door twice and was making his way inside.

"Hey, you ready?" Bucky asked, before noticing what Steve was wearing. "" Steve was wearing extremely snug jeans, a black shirt and some sort of hat that Bucky didn't know the name of. He'd also styled his hair into a quiff and it almost made Bucky weak at the knees.
"Is the hat too much? I can take it off," Steve suggested.
"No, it's perfect," Bucky assured him. "I love it."
"Where are we going?" Steve asked.
"It's a surprise," Bucky said. "You'll love it, trust me." Steve pouted, but ultimately let the matter drop. The pair chatted in the car, but mostly fought over the AUX cable. Bucky wanted to listen to Queen, but Steve had other ideas.
"We are not listening to this boyband trash!" Bucky complained.
"You cannot call Fall Out Boy 'boyband trash'! It's disrespectful!" Steve argued. Eventually, they both decided to give up the AUX and turn the radio on. Fall Out Boy was playing, which caused Steve to do a mini victory dance in the car.

The car pulled to a stop outside of a elegant restaurant with fairy lights strung over the entrance. Soothing, romantic music was playing ouside. When they got inside, Steve discovered that the restaurant was empty. Flowers were dangling from the ceiling, and it was the most breathtaking sight Steve had ever seen.
"Do you like it?" Bucky asked.
"Like it? Bucky I love it! How did you even..?" Steve asked.
"I called in a favour," Bucky explained. "If you think this is good, you'll love the food." Bucky ordered something that Steve had never even heard of. He felt out of his depth, so he was incredibly relieved when Bucky ordered for him.
"You looked lost, so I ordered you my favourite," Bucky explained. Their food looked and tasted delicious, and when the time came, Steve didn't want to leave. He simply didn't want the night to be over.
"I had an amazing time," Steve said, after Bucky had driven him home.
"So did I," Bucky replied, before kissing Steve on the cheek and leaving.

Steve couldn't stop thinking about Bucky for the rest of the week. His silky brown hair and deep brown eyes invaded Steve's mind. He couldn't get the brunette off his mind. They texted each other every day and they called each other at night. By the end of the month, they'd been on almost a dozen dates to various different places. Steve could hardly believe he and Bucky had been officially dating for a month. It felt so surreal to him. He felt like the luckiest guy in the world.

It was the 28th of June, and Steve and Bucky had been dating for 3 months. They were supposed to be going out for dinner, but Steve didn't feel well.
Babe, can you come over? I feel shitty xxx
Of course, baby. I'll cancel tonight's reservation if you're not feeling well xxx
You're the best xxx
Steve smiled to himself, before putting his phone down. Within minutes, Bucky opened the door and sat down next to Steve. He leaned over and pressed a soft kiss to the blonde's forehead.
"I love you, Bucky. I really love you," Steve confessed.
"I love you too, Steve," Bucky sighed. Steve rested his head on Bucky's chest and began to fall asleep. Eventually, both boys were sleeping on Steve's couch, too tired to move.

The following morning, Steve woke up to find Bucky lying next to him, fast asleep.
"Bucky," Steve whispered. " Bucky, you gotta get up! "
"Don't wanna,"  Bucky mumbled.
"You have to,"  Steve explained.  "We need to talk."
"What about?"  Bucky asked.
"About last night.  I told you I loved you and you said it back,"  Steve said.
"The truth is, I never loved you.  I was only pretending, Steve,"  Bucky explained coldly.
"I love you.  I love you, Bucky!  Why can't you love me back? " Steve cried.
"Sorry Steve,"  Bucky said.
"You broke my heart, and all you can say is sorry?!  And now you're leaving? " Steve cried.
"I have to,"  Bucky said.
"Please don't leave me," Steve begged.  "Stay, please."
"Please just let me go," Bucky said.  "It'll be easier that way."
"Okay, I understand," Steve said, with tears running down his face. "You can leave. Everyone else does, I'm used to it. "
"Steve..."  Bucky started.
"Leave!" Steve shouted. "Just leave!"
"I'm sorry," Bucky said as he left.

Steve could only watch as the man he loved walked away from him. He was a fool for falling in love, and an even bigger fool for believing that Bucky might still come back. Without Bucky, it felt like there was a hole in the middle of Steve's world. He hadn't known Bucky for very long, but his heart ached for the brunette to come back. Steve had tried so hard to hold the tears back, but now that Bucky was gone he had no reason to anymore. He collapsed to the floor and began to sob. The tears kept flowing like a waterfall, and Steve didn't know what to do. Eventually, he decided that the best cure for a broken heart was whiskey, and lots of it. He wiped his eyes, grabbed his coat and made his way to the nearest bar. He was so desperate to forget everything that had happened he didn't notice Bucky's mini was still parked outside.