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That’s The Way Love Goes

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It’s a sunny day in Bensonhurst, NY but not so much for poor Elizabeth “Izzy” Rosetti, whose currently being roped into driving with her mom Stella, and Tony to Cambridge, Massachusetts to help her brother move into his college dorm at prestigious Harvard University.

“Izzy! Come on, hon! We’re gonna be late!”

“Do I really have to go, Ma?

“Yes” Izzy’s frazzled mom said “You’re going to help me and your brother unpack the car so he can decorate his new humble abode”. Shooting over a big smile to Izzy, the two women laughed out loud which lessened Izzy’s aggravation at always being asked to help her big brother out, and yet still Izzy asked,

“But why don’t Michael and Bella have to help? I mean I love Tony and all of that, but they do seem to get a free pass around here an awful lot, mom.”

“Iz, you’re 15. They’re just 8 and 10. You’re going to be able to do a lot more then they’d be able to do...for better or worse. Come on. It’s just not that big a deal is it?”

“Fine, but dude? This is your last year, right? Big Harvard stud that you are?”

Tony Rosetti could pass for a very young cousin of Al Pacino….Well, maybe Al Pacino’s cousin Lou. He’s really a combination of Al Pacino and Roy Scheider. In any case…he’s a nice looking 20 year old soon to be Harvard Grad, on-his-way-to-be-a-lawyer kind of man. Not to say he doesn’t get into trouble every now and then, but all in all he’s a good young man.

“Yes. But this is my last year here. Next year I’ll be in law school.”

“Ugh! Whatever…fine!

Pulling in front of Phi Beta Kappa Fraternity house at Harvard U, the first words out of Izzy’s mouth’s, almost was

“Bathroom…please. NOW!!!”

Stella said, “Fine you go help your brother settle in. I’m going to go to the quad and see what last minute paperwork, if any, needs to be taken care of. I’ll call you and we can catch up in a bit. Kappish?”
Both kids say almost in unison, “OK mom, later.”

“OK, lets just grab something, and there’s a bathroom on my floor it’s just 3 flights up, OK?”

Izzy jumps out of the car, grabs a box full of books and runs like a bat out of hell darting between all the students and parents like an expert athlete as Tony is screaming,

“Hey squirt, Room #317-C!!!” Reaching up to Izzy as she’s slowing down on the 3rd fight of stairs, she says

“Is this the last flight?”

“Izzy, you’re a cheerleader and a basketball player. You have plenty of muscle in your legs.”

“Shut it, Junior. I’m doing you a favor here. Be nice!”

Giving her a big smile, as he’s feeling pretty excited himself, Tony sprints ahead of Izzy and stops in front of what will be his new home for this last year at Harvard.

“317-C!! Here it is, sis!!” Tony says as he opens the door to his dorm suite barely, but enough for his little sister to barge her way in.

“Good. Here’s your shit, my sweet brother.” Izzy says this making her trademark smartass kissy-face, and then proceeds to drop a box full of books in the middle of the floor making a large thud, causing Tony’s new roommate to come running out from his bedroom. And this causes Izzy Rosetti to stop dead in her tracks.

“What the hell? Oh hey...You must be my new roommate, right? What is it Tony something. Right? I’m Rafael…um. Barba. Rafael Barba”

“Oh hey, yeah, I’m Tony Rosetti. Sorry about the…ah um…earthquake that’s my little sister every so gently putting my books down. Nice digs we got here I see.”

The two men laughed at each other while Izzy stood, wearing a nice shade of pink blush. She wanted to kill her brother for his “earthquake” and “little sister” comments but she had to play this cool…and just right…

“Um…excuse my brother’s rudeness, he’s actually a Neanderthal really, and has no manners whatsoever…My name is not really ‘Little Sister Rosetti’, it’s actually Elizabeth.”

“It’s what?” Tony said, with a puzzled look on his face, as he started to snort and laugh. But Izzy shot him a look so stern that he realized he really could lose his balls for good this time if he actually let it out. Rafael blushed what Izzy thought was a most beautiful rose pink and said,

“Hi Elizabeth. Well, again, I’m Rafael, and it’s really nice to meet you.”

“It’s nice to meet you too Rafael. And you can call me Izzy.”
“Ok, then. Izzy it is.”

“Ooooh. Are we having a party I didn’t know about Rafi?” From out of the bedroom came the most beautiful woman Izzy had ever seen. She towered over Rafael and Tony and looked like some sort a bronzed Hawaiian goddess with her long brown hair and her perfect brown skin.

“Yelina, this is my new roommate Tony Rosetti and his sister Izzy. Everyone this is my girlfriend, Yelina Ortiz.” Yelina gives Izzy the ‘once over’ and says,

“Well, aren’t you adorable, sweetie. What are you like 13 or something?”

Izzy raises her eyebrows once, tilts her head to the side for a second, and says, “I’ll be 16 in October actually.” Looking at Yelina as if she’s lost her fucking mind she turns her head back to stare out the window

Quickly assessing the situation, and knowing his sister’s temper, Tony immediately grabbed her and said, “Let’s go get the rest of my things, sis.”

“Yeah, let’s do that.”

“I saw that,” he said as they walked down the stairs.

“Saw what?”

“You were checking him out.”

“No, I wasn’t.”

“Well he was checking you out until his girlfriend, whatever her name is, walked in.”


“Don’t forget about Nick, Izzy.”

“Shut up.”