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What is this Nightmare?

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iTERRAthisfamilyapart: why am i a part of this group?

demyxitup: because you're family to sora

chokemedaddy: and me

pimp_daddy: you must suffer with us

aqualad: please, can you not be dramatic for one day?

pimp_daddy: no, it's impossible


vaKNEEtas: hey, sora

soratheexplorer: yes?

vaKNEEtas: tell my old teachers they can go fuck themselves and i'm glad i graduated

soratheexplorer: i thought you dropped out?

vaKNEEtas: that was a rumor

ventits: he graduated top of the class

vaKNEEtas: to spite the teachers

aqualad: i was so proud of you :3

iTERRAthisfamilyapart: and this is why i say spite is a perfectly acceptable answer to "why do you do this?"

imzexyandiknowit: I have physics with Aeleus, which is good

rock_hard: :)

imzexyandiknowit: Not so good, I have chem with Even

science_vixen: >:O

imzexyandiknowit: On the plus side, you ARE the most competent chem teacher

science_vixen: The others are complete idiots who have no idea what they're doing

rock_hard: It helps that you're an actual doctor of chemistry

vaKNEEtas: then why are you teaching high school?

science_vixen: If you're teaching chemistry in college, there's no hope

science_vixen: Also, I only teach AP Chemistry, so the students are actually competent

imzexyandiknowit: He also secretly likes kids

getxiggywithit: Who do you have for gym?

imzexyandiknowit: Dilan. I'm not sure if that's good or bad

spearmedaddy: For you, good. For anyone else, bad

getxiggywithit: He's usually the hardass


pimp_daddy: zo, we're in PE together!

imzexyandiknowit: At least I have someone I can bitch with while I'm getting my ass handed to me by Dilan

spearmedaddy: Like I said, I'll go easy on you

getxiggywithit: Only because you live with him and he'll never hear the end of it from Even

PMSpersonified: i can't believe i have one more year at this shitty school

flower_power: #cantrelate

PMSpersonified: you shut your whore mouth

roxass: you think you're bad? I'M A SOPHOMORE


rollmedaddy: will i see anyone in algebra?

chokemedaddy: are you gonna teach us to count cards?

rollmedaddy: what kind of teacher would i be if i didn't?

chokemedaddy: i'll see you third period

pimp_daddy: alright, current students, we need to get together and compare schedules. we need to make sure we have SOMETHING with each other or die

soratheexplorer: bet. let's meet up early

pimp_daddy: don't miss breakfast

soratheexplorer: CRAP, MOM'S CALLING


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terrablepun: Anyone excited?

dab_ears: Haha, you're funny

terrablepun: Yeah, me neither :'3

da_bears: We're gonna die

treasure_hunter: i fucking hate that you and edgar have ALMOST IDENTICLE NAMES

dab_ears: Just like us ;)

treasure_hunter: which is which?

dab_ears: >:O I'M OFFENDED COLE

treasure_hunter: so that's edgar then

stolen_treasure: You two really are something else

dab_ears: WE'RE TWINS


terrablepun: Dramatic. The word you're looking for is dramatic

ramblin_gamblin_dude: didn't you two live in different homes until freshman year?

dab_ears: We don't talk about that

shadow_relm: can we not talk about school?

hall_shadow: You're going to class

shadow_relm: I KNOW DAD




shadow_relm: YAY!

hall_shadow: ABSOLUTELY NOT

stolen_treasure: Come on, Clyde, it's just one day

hall_shadow: ...Fine

shadow_relm: YAY! I LOVE YOU DAD!

terrablepun: We'll see you soon Clyde!


young_wizard added cashmere_sweater and rusty_nailbender to I have a question...

cashmere_sweater: rusty, why is your username just your name?

rusty_nailbender: my name is already a username

young_wizard: Anyway...

cashmere_sweater: what is your question, young wizard?

young_wizard: Why do people keep asking about my hood? I've always worn it, so why do people who know the answer keep asking?

rusty_nailbender: because they're assholes, my friend. ASSHOLES

young_wizard: Also, the next person who asks why I'm taking sewing classes wiLL GET KNITTING NEEDLES UP THEIR ASS

cashmere_sweater: shhh, don't listen to them. just enjoy your last year of high school


getinmyvaan added peneloforyourthoughts, ashe_ketchum, theleadingman, killerbuns, cagedbird, allinvayne, swordandshield, tomatohead, and littlebirdie to Why is it so hot?

getinmyvaan: so...who's the new blondie guy?

peneloforyourthoughts: he's kinda hot

theleadingman: He looks strangely familiar

killerbuns: I can almost name him...

cagedbird: Well, I'm sure we'll find out soon, won't we?


space_dad added samurai, sharpshooter, pidgeon, kissthecook, alluring_princess mathematics, and coran_coran_thegorgeousman to Happy first day!

samurai: shiro, i stg, i hate you

space_dad: :(


space_dad: ;-;

alluring_princess: You made him cry :(

samurai: have you considered: i don't care?

pidgeon: #rood

kissthecook: I think you just need a nice warm breakfast

samurai: i will cut the next person that talks to me

space_dad: cranky as always. i guess i WON'T drive you to school

samurai: cool, i'll just skip

coran_coran_thegorgeousman: YOU CAN'T SKIP YOUR FIRST DAY

space_dad: alright, as punishment, i'll drag you out of your room by your feet and make you suffer

samurai: how?

space_dad: i'll play The CD

samurai:'re bluffing

space_dad: am i tho?

samurai: *long suffering sigh* fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine

sharpshooter: what cd?

samurai: we do NOT speak of it

space_dad: justin bieber

sharpshooter: >:O

samurai: you're joking

pidgeon: ew


red_hot_daddy added niagra_falls, cold_shoulder, stone_cold, air_head, and caveman to Suffering

red_hot_daddy: why is everyone at this school so fucking weird?

cold_shoulder: I don't know, red hot mama, why /IS/ everyone at this school weird

red_hot_daddy: i stg kopaka, i will punch you

cold_shoulder: I don't know what you're talking about

niagra_falls: Who't the new blonde guy?

stone_cold: why is your name niagra falls?

niagra_falls: Because I'm always wet


caveman: *long sigh*

niagra_falls: Can someone answer my question?

red_hot_daddy: WE DON'T KNOW

niagra_falls: DON'T YELL AT ME ASSHOLE

cold_shoulder: Today's gonna be a great day

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samurai changed the chat name Happy first day! to HOLY SHIT

sharpshooter: what's with the overreaction?

samurai: so, remember the blonde guy we were talking about earlier today?

sharpshooter: the one everyone's talking about?

samurai: YES, HIM

kissthecook: Yes, what about him?


sharpshooter: you found out?

samurai: Y E S

pidgeon: stop being dramatic and tell us already

space_dad: Wait, what's going on?

alluring_princess: There's a new student at our school that everyone keeps talking about because, oddly, we don't get many new students


pidgeon: what do you mean he's not new? we've never seen him before

samurai: EXCEPT W E  H A V E

sharpshooter: WHO IS IT?

samurai: IT'S V I N C E N T  V A L E N T I N E

alluring_princess: N O

samurai: Y E S ! i had physics with him and the teacher was looking for him because all the teachers know everyone apparently, and when she didn't see him she called out his name and BLONDIE ANSWERED

sharpshooter: he's gotta be playing a prank

pidgeon: when has vincent valentine ever played a prank?

samurai: not only is he a natural blonde, he has green eyes, is fairly tan, and is like, a long lost cousin of C L O U D  S T R I F E

alluring_princess: But he's always had red eyes and black hair?

samurai: apparently he started wearing colored contacts and dying his hair young

kissthecook: What kind of parent would let that happen?

samurai: \("/)/


red_hot_daddy changed the chat name Suffering to ho boy

cold_shoulder: You are a ho boy

red_hot_daddy: are you going to make comments like that all the time?

cold_shoulder: Always

red_hot_daddy: alright, snape


niagra_falls: So what news do you have, Tahu?

red_hot_daddy: i know who the mystery blonde is

airhead: OOH, WHO IS IT?

red_hot_daddy: it's vincent valentine

caveman: really? i never would have guessed

red_hot_daddy: ikr!?

cold_shoulder: It seems like a dramatic change for him

niagra_falls: Hasn't he always had black hair?

cold_shoulder:  And red eyes

red_hot_daddy: WELL, i decided to ask him. apparently his mom made him dye his hair and wear colored contacts for whatever reason. even he doesn't know. so he decided over summer that he didn't want to do it anymore, he wanted to be "au natural" and she kicked him out? it was weird, but yeah

red_hot_daddy: he also said he learned he's cloud's cousin

airhead: this has been such a roller coaster and it's only lasted the span of a few messages

cold_shoulder: You know he's going to be the topic of the school's FB page now

caveman: does anyone actually look at that?

cold_shoulder: Everyone looks at it, you're just the odd man out

airhead: but no one has ever admitted to reading it

niagra_falls: It's a guilty pleasure run by a bunch of students that know it's a guilty pleasure

airhead: /i/ don't read it

stone_cold: why you lyin? we were reading it just this morning

airhead: don't expose me like this

niagra_falls: Gonna be honest, I thought you were in the committee running it

red_hot_daddy: has the administration found the people that do?

cold_shoulder: They never will

stone_cold: why not?

cold_shoulder: 1. They're incompetent

cold_shoulder: 2. I'm running it. They'll never find me

stone_cold: 1. oh shit you right 2. that's a lie and you know it

cold_shoulder: Is it, though?

stone_cold: ...yes

cold_shoulder: Are you sure?



emo_vampire added cloudywithachanceofmeatballs, beeewbs, flower_girl, talktoasquall, and gimmesometea to the chat why is everyone so interested in me?

emo_vampire: Also, does anyone know how to change usernames?

cloudywithachanceofmeatballs: you have to make a new account basically

emo_vampire: Seriously?

cloudywithachanceofmeatballs: i mean, you CAN email the company and ask to have it changed, but it takes so long and you have to do all this work and shit

emo_vampire: Anyway, can anyone explain to me why everyone is so interested in me today?

beeewbs: can i take this one?

gimmesometea: go ahead girlie

beeewbs: so, no one else knows about you being a natural blonde or having natural green eyes. they know you as 'emo vampire', so you coming to school with blonde hair and green eyes is a shock to everyone

cloudywithachanceofmeatballs: they also didn't witness the gradual change from black hair to blonde

emo_vampire: That was the most awful several months of my life. My hair is so crunchy now

talktoasquall: that's what happens when you bleach it. you could've just let it grow out

emo_vampire: Have you ever seen a natural blonde's roots grow out from black dyed hair? It's weird, I didn't want to deal with that

talktoasquall: fiar

cloudywithachanceofmeatballs: fiar

talktoasquall: you know what!?

flower_girl: don't let them get to you, vincent. i think you're much better off this way

emo_vampire: It's definitely strange seeing myself without all the gimicky crap now

cloudywithachanceofmeatballs: it's still strange seeing you in my room every morning

emo_vampire: You're the one that offered to let me move in with you!


emo_vampire: So the alternative was you stepping on me?

cloudywithachanceofmeatballs: ok, first of all, that was one time, after you moved in. SECOND, i didn't force you to sleep in my room, you made that choice yourself. I TOLD YOU I COULD CLEAN A ROOM FOR YOU, BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

gimmesometea: alright kids, bell's about to ring, get yer lazy asses to class


fangs4reading added 50shadesofvanilla, lightningstrike, insertstrippernamehere, pr1ntz355_53rrrrr@qtwzh, snowpatrol, and bus_driver to the chat Let's talk gossip

fangs4reading: ok, so who knew emo boy isn't emo anymore?

insertstrippernamehere: You're going to need to be more specific on WHICH emo boy

fangs4reading: the only one that ain't emo anymore

lightningstrike: Vincent? Yeah, he stopped wearing his contacts and started bleaching his hair like...right after last year ended

50shadesofvanilla: and you didn't think to tell us?

pr1ntz355_53rrrrr@qtwzh: I mean, we didn't think it was a big deal

bus_driver: Um, Serah, what's going on with your username?

pr1ntz355_53rrrrr@qtwzh: It's pronounced Princess Serah

bus_driver: ...How?

lightningstrike: DON'T ASK

pr1ntz355_53rrrrr@qtwzh: I'M GLAD YOU ASKED, SAZH

bus_driver: Should I be afraid?

pr1ntz355_53rrrrr@qtwzh: You see, a few years ago, there were several girls at the school running around calling themselves "Princess Sarah" and all their usernames were variants of the name. I, on the other hand, wasn't delusional. HOWEVER, I did rather enjoy irritating some people, so I created my name and told everyone it was pronounced Princess Serah. They were NOT happy, but I was XD

lightningstrike: She used to actually love getting in trouble

fangs4reading: that is legendary

50shadesofvanilla: much less sad than your username

snowpatrol: i meant to ask, fang...

fangs4reading: remember that really bad harry potter fanfic?

snowpatrol: ...which one?

fangs4reading: HA! i love you so much

snowpatrol: thanks hon. who doesn't?

lightningstrike: Me

snowpatrol: :(

instertstrippernamehere: Me

snowpatrol: HOPE, NOT YOU TOO

insertstrippernamehere: #Sorrynotsorry

fangs4reading: ANYWAY, the one i'm referring to is my immortal

snowpatrol: N O

fangs4reading: yes! XD

lightningstrike: Sazh, why is your name...your name?

bus_driver: What, bus driver? Well, you see, apparently no one could bother to learn my name, so when they were trying to figure out how to contact me, they kept asking for the bus driver. I decided to make things easy

lightningstrike: But...why were they...trying to contact you?

bus_driver: \("/)/ I've been trying to figure that out myself. Usually they ask why I'm late, even if I'm not

fangs4reading: reason #69 why i will never have children


princess_sarah ---> forever_echo, forever_hot, azure_witch

princess_sarah: Everyone is freaking out about Vincent right now, so I vote we go out to eat

forever_echo: thank GOD someone has some sense in this school!

azure_witch: Am I the only one that /wasn't/ surprised by the Vincent reveal?

forever_hot: I mean, I expected he wasn't naturally black haired, and he /definitely/ doesn't have natural red eyes, but i thought maybe he was brunette? With brown eyes? \("/)/

forever_echo: Wol, I fucking hate your name

forever_hot: It's true tho ;)

azure_witch: You're just upset you're the only one in our group that ISN'T boning him

forever_echo: *siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh* Where are we going for lunch?

princess_sarah: I'M SO GLAD YOU ASKED

princess_sarah uploaded 1 attachment

princess_sarah: As you can see, I went to the liberty of finding the best choices in our area. Now, we can start out by eliminating all of the restaurants that take a very long time to prepare and serve food

forever_hot: Obviously

princess_sarah: Then we remove all restaurants that have long average wait times. That still leaves us a couple of sit-down restaurant options, which I personally think we should take advantage of so we can get out of school for a little while and NOT talk about Vincent Valentine

azure_witch: No arguments here

princess_sarah: If we remove all fast food restaurants, that leaves us with the options of the Chocobar, Eorzea Cafe, and 7th Heaven if we're taking into consideration food quality

forever_echo: I'm down for anything

azure_witch: Which one is cheapest?

princess_sarah: Chocobar

azure_witch: That's my vote

princess_sarah: But you won't be paying

azure_witch: \("/)/ I happen to know several employees AND know they have the best wait and serving times, so if we don't want to be late, that's our best bet

forever_echo: Meia has never missed a single class

azure_witch: I'm on my way to valedictorian, sue me

forever_hot: Why don't I punish you in another way?

azure_witch: How about you feed me?

princess_sarah: I thought that was my job?

azure_witch: Not today >:D

forever_hot: I hate when you use that emote


redridinghood added ice_queen, pretty_kitty, yin-yang, Jauneofarc, achilles_heel, thora, and pink_lotus to the chat Welcome to Hell

redridinghood: who does everyone have for study hall?

ice_queen: Neo

yin-yang: same

pretty_kitty: I've got Cinder

achilles_heel: I also have Ms. Fall

pink_lotus: I, fortunately, don't have a study hall

thora: poo you, ren. i have cinder

Jauneofarc: I have Neo

ice_queen: Who do you have, Ruby?

redridinghood: I have both, depending on what day it is ;-;

yin-yang: wha-

redridinghood: on thursdays, they alternate 8th hour who's in the study hall room, so technically i have both ;-;

ice_queen: Poor you

redridinghood: I choose to believe that was sincere

ice_queen: Of course you do

yin-yang: Well, I'll See You All In Hell

Chapter Text

samurai ---> terrablepun

samurai: hey, i know we don't talk a whole lot, but i wanted to check on you

samurai: are you alright?

terrablepun: hnnnnnnnnnnnnn, i think so? i will be? idk at this point

samurai: should i throw hands?

terrablepun: trust me when i say i've got that covered

samurai: well, if you need us, i've got a huge gang that won't hesitate to punch a bitch

terrablepun: thanks keith :)


terrablepun changed the chat name from First Day Everyone! to I'M THROWING HANDS

stolen_treasure: LET'S GO GIRL, YOU, ME, AND SUBSTITUTE (ง'̀-'́)ง

dab_ears: Wait, what happened? Terra, why are you throwing hands?

terrablepuns: I HATE SUBSITUTES

stolen_treasure: Perhaps I should explain

terrablepun: PLEASE DO

stolen_treasure: So we had a substitute in our math class today

stolen_treasure: And it's Father's Day this weekend, so she decided it was a good idea to make cards and all

da_bears: Oh no

dab_ears: I don't like where this is going

stolen_treasure: So, Terra wasn't making one because obviously

shadow_relm: because mr. kefka is mean to her?

treasure_hunter: if by mean to her you mean verbally berates and physically beats her, then yes, he's mean to her

stolen_treasure: SO, subby decides to ask why Terra isn't making a card, and obviously she doesn't really explain since she can't emotionally do that to herself

dab_ears: I feel like I shouldn't be reading this


treasure_hunter: how did terra react?


stolen_treasure: She had an attack. I was able to get her out of the room before it got too terribly bad, but everyone could see she was shaking badly, and she started crying

dab_ears: Where are you two?

stolen_treasure: Girl's bathroom, east wing

dab_ears: Clyde?

hall_ninja: I'll escort you


imzexyandiknowit ---> terrablepun

imzexyandiknowit: So, murder is always on the table, jsyk

terrablepun: I love you, Zo, but I don't think that will be necessary. I just want this lawsuit to be over with so I can just...not be adopted anymore

imzexyandiknowit: What have you been doing during the proceedings? I know you haven't been with Kefka

terrablepunn: Mostly I've been staying with Edgar and Sabin, but I've crashed with pretty much everyone. Locke, Celes, even Clyde and Relm

imzexyandiknowit: I'd offer the mansion, but I doubt you want to live with a bunch of men, most of whom are teachers here

terrablepun: It's better than with Kefka

imzexyandiknowit: The door's always open for you


stolen_treasure added treasure_hunter, da_bears, dab_ears, terrablepun, ramblin_gamblin_dude, cloudywithachanceofmeatballs, talktoawall, talktoasquall, beeewbs, flower_girl, emo_vampire, onewingedangel, thing1, thing2, thing3, angelonthewing, getinmyvaan, peneloforyourthoughts, ashe_ketchum, theleadingman, killerbuns, cagedbird, allinvayne, swordandshield, tomatohead, littlebirdie, t-reks, rasle_dazzle, lightning_strike, insertstrippernamehere, pr1nt355_53rrrr@qtwzh, fangs4reading, 50shadesofvanilla, snowpatrol, princess_sarah, azure_witch, forever_echo, forever_hot, soratheexplorer, pimp_daddy, chokemedaddy, mansex, imzexyandiknowit, pup_pup_wolf, fire_crotch, demyxitup, flower_power, PMSpersonified, roxass, blankmedaddy, young_wizard, cashmere_sweater, rusty_nailbender, samurai, sharpshooter, pidgeon, kissthecook, alluring_princess, sashayaway, redridinghood, ice_queen, pretty_kitty, yin-yang, Jauneofarc, achilles_heel, thora, pink_lotus, street_rat, quick_silver, red_hot_daddy, niagra_falls, cold_shoulder, stone_cold, airhead, and caveman to the chat GSA

stolen_treasure: Hey, guys, I just wanted to say hello, how's everyone's first week going?

emo_vampire: Can't get anyone to stop looking at me, so it's swell T_T

treasure_hunter: i mean, you DID kinda show up looking like a completely different person

da_bears: You look like my long lost brother

dab_ears: I take offense to that

dab_ears: He's much prettier than me

young_wizard: I've got people harassing me about my hood again, so there's that

snowpatrol: geez, we can't catch a break, can we?

stolen_treasure: Well, I'm not about to help

pimp_daddy: oh no, what happened?

stolen_treasure: Mr. Reddas couldn't be our sponsor anymore because he's taken on a new club, so as of right now, we're not allowed to meet :')

sharpshooter: no way! that's not fair!

stolen_treasure: I was told we can start meeting as soon as we get a new sponsors, so does anyone have any ideas?

fire_crotch: i'd suggest dilan and/or braig so we could have the whole gym, but the teams use that court, so that's a no-go

roxass: i mean, we COULD use the cpr room

imzexyandiknowit: We could also ask Even or Aeleus. They don't have anything going on after class, and they're both LGBT as well

pimp_daddy: don't forget the +!

imzexyandiknowit: +

redridinghood: just please don't ask one of the evil study hall teachers

ramblin_gamblin_dude: I would suggest Shadow, but he doesn't actually have a room for us to use

chokemedaddy: we could just ask all the lgbt+ teachers and change rooms each session

stolen_treasure: That would be too confusing for new members

stolen_treasure: I do like the idea of asking Even or Aeleus, though. They have large rooms that could be utilized, plus we could easily ask the gym teachers to use their room if we need more space

red_hot_daddy: or we could use the space behind the bleachers that's used for ping-pong

redridinghood: i don't really like braig and dilan

imzexyandiknowit: Same

ice_queen: I rather enjoy Mr. Aeleus' classes and think he would be a good choice for our new sponsor

mansex: I hope you do know that we won't get one or the other, but both

ice_queen: Even better

samurai: Mr. Aeleus is a good choice

imzexyandiknowit: I can't stop at how formally everyone's calling him

stolen_treasure: I keep forgetting you live with them

imzexyandiknowit: Literally how?

stolen_treasure: I literally don't live with you :D

pimp_daddy: ooh, burn XD

fire_crotch: ooh burn

fire_crotch: screw you kairi

pimp_daddy: i don't think roxas would appreciate that

roxass: i'd rather it be you than me

pimp_daddy: :O

fire_crotch: >:O

soratheexplorer: WELL THEN

chokemedaddy: don't touch my girlfriend

azure_witch: I think what we need to do is consider WHERE we want to host our meetings. There's a lot of elements to take into consideration

princess_sarah: Like how discrete we can be. There are several members who aren't out and we need to be sure we can keep them safe

forever_hot: That's why Reddas' room was perfect

foerver_echo: Plus the accessibility. It's no secret that this school is a bit of a maze, so we need a classroom that's in an obvious and easy to find area

imzexyandiknowit: The science wing is easy to find, but back staircases can hide anyone trying to sneak in

cold_shoulder: From what I know of Even and Aeleus, they're very respectful of boundaries. Ienzo?

imzexyandiknowit: This is true

mansex: I can also attest to this

imzexyandiknowit: Especially Aeleus

yin-yang: i'm cool with this

pretty_kitty: So am I

theleadingman: Literally anyone that isn't my father

killerbuns: Agreed

allinvayne: Drace just agreed to act as bodyguard so...there's that

swordandshield: I mean, I'll also be there

allinvayne: Sh, you're a student

angelonthewing: are we agreed then?

stolen_treasure: I'm setting up a poll

stolen_treasure shared a poll to the chat GSA

74 votes on poll

stolen_treasure: Wow, okay, everyone agrees on this decision

terrablepun: Do we need a backup plan

imzexyandiknowit: Absolutely not :)

mansex: Never :)

stone_cold: there is something very unsettling about those smiley faces

imzexyandiknowit: The face of murder :)

mansex: :)

pimp_daddy: i need in on this

pimp_daddy: :)

caveman: ok, let's NOT become the muder squad

chokemedaddy: why not? it sounds fun

tomatohead: do we have any idea of when we'll start and when we'll meet? i'll need to make sure someone covers me at the restaurant

stolen_treasure: As of right now, no. I'll keep you posted, though. It's going to depend on who our new sponsor(s) is(are)

tomatohead: ok, thanks celes

stolen_treasure: No problem :)

tomatohead: are you going to murder me now?

t-reks: tomaj XD

stolen_treasure: Do you want me to?

tomatohead: not right now


dab_ears ---> terrablepun

dab_ears: *Break dances in* What's wrong little dove?

terrablepun: Little dove? That's a new one

dab_ears: I may have stolen it from GoT

terrablepun: Lovely

dab_ears: Anyway, you're quiet in the chat

terrablepun: Still upset tbh. I wanna cuddle again

dab_ears: I take it you're coming home with Sabin and me then?

terrablepun: I was thinking about going with Celes and having a girl's day, but I need those good Sabin cuddles

dab_ears: I'd be offended if Sabin didn't give the best hugs

terrablepun: Ultimate teddy bear

dab_ears: Do you have a suitcase ready?

terrablepun: Always


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science_vixen: ALRIGHT

rock_hard: Hello Dramatic, I'm Aeleus

ice_cream: student protection squad?

Dracemyoutline: *cracks knuckles* so, who needs protecting?

science_vixen: Well, just in general. You know how this school treats the GSA

getxiggywithit: LGBT people in general

spearmedaddy: Including staff

bergOUT: is this about Reddas *looks at him* taking another club?


Dracemyoutline: ignore him, you're doing great darling

red_death: At least someone appreciates me :'3

cinderella: this school is huge, how will we know if someone's in need of protection?

science_vixen: I'M GLAD YOU ASKED CINDER

rock_hard: *Suffering sigh*

science_vixen: Now, if you'll turn your attention to my 72 page slideshow

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roman_candle: holy shit, there's actually a slideshow

rock_hard: Thankfully it isn't actually 72 pages long

science_vixen: If our security guards are in their ACTUAL positions, then all the wings are covered by at least one teacher. We can use this chat to keep each other updated

coran_coran_thegorgeousman: I'm sorry I took so long to get on, I just finished cleaning up a HUGE mess left behind in one of the kitchens. You have no idea how much we need this

gimmesometea: especially since mr. principle isn't doing ANYTHING to stop the little assholes running around terrorizing the school

bus_driver: Yeah, hi, what exactly am I doing here?

science_vixen: You're our eyes on the bus

bus_driver: There's more than one though

science_vixen: And you know all the other drivers

bus_driver: ...You're right

rollmedaddy: okay, but who else would have quit if it weren't for the students?

roman_candle: zarkon can suck my left nut

ineedazargaBATH: these innocent kids need our protection

Dracemyoutline: we can take care of ourselves, but they can't, they're too young

cinderella: i have the strong urge to go make out with neo in front of his office just to spite him

ice_cream: i'm down

science_vixen: I don't think anyone wants to see me make out with anyone

rock_hard: /Especially/ Zarkon

ineedazargaBATH: not gonna lie, i thought you two were together when you started working here, aeleus

rock_hard: We get that a lot

Dracemyoutline: i mean, you could make out in front of him. it's not like you're having sex

science_vixen: Perhaps this once

roman_candle: PROTEST

rollmedaddy: this sounds more like an orgy

roman_candle: why not both?

Chapter Text

mansex ---> terrablepun

mansex: If you need anyone to talk to about your emancipation case, I'm always free. I've been through it before

terrablepun: Oh thank god. Don't get me wrong, I love everyone else, but they don't really understand the pain and suffering

mansex: It's a long, hard process

terrablepun: It is worth it, right?

mansex: It will be much more for you than for me. My dad still drops by from time to time. I see my brothers more than him, which is fine, but I worry about the youngest one a bit

terrablepun: What are you going to do?

mansex: Right now, nothing. He's fine. I don't know why my dad took out his anger on me, but he doesn't seem to be doing that to anyone else so \("/)/ If that changes, I'll be on his ass with CPS so hard

terrablepun: Do you think you could come with me today? It's hard with just my lawyer there

mansex: Sure. I can drive

terrablepun: Thanks



sharpshooter: how is everyone on this fine morning?

samurai: heavily caffeinated, so happy :3

sharpshooter: i can't believe the way to make my boyfriend happy is to get him coffee?

pidgeon: who isn't happy when heavily caffeinated?

space_dad: Have you guys seen this news story?

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samurai: i didn't see this, but i know about it. terra and i have sort of bonded over our lack of parents

space_dad: Excuse you

samurai: biological parents

space_dad: I'll allow it

alluring_princess: I had no idea she was going through this

mathematics: Why are we gossiping about another student?

space_dad: I'm concerned about the well-being of literally every student in that school

kissthecook: it's a bit late to start doing that tbh

mathematics: How are Zarkon and Iverson?

samurai: still shit heads that need to be punched in their ugly faces

mathematics: Then punch them

space_dad: MATT

samurai: i would

sharpshooter: but that means we have to touch them

mathematics: Fair point

alluring_princess: That reminds me, does GSA have a new sponsor?

mathematics: Reddas isn't sponsoring GSA?

mathematics: Did he die?

kissthecook: He took on another club, so Ienzo and Xemnas are asking Mr. Even and Mr. Aeleus to sponsor

space_dad: Even and Aeleus? I never would have thought

samurai: they're actually really helpful teachers

sharpshooter: mr. even just doesn't have patience for adults

pidgeon: apprently, raising a kid softened him up

mathematics: I did not take that the way you meant it and now I...have horrible pictures in my head

alluring_princess: Oh hush

coran_coran_thegorgeousman: They have agreed to host the club. A lot of other teachers have also signed up in case they have to stop hosting. Basically, we're prepared for another Reddas situation

coran_coran_thegorgeousman: Also, a lot of the other teachers, such as myself, will be attending meetings when we can

alluring_princess: Ooh, fun!

samurai: oh no, how horrible, we'll just be seeing more of the best teachers once a week. how awful

coran_coran_thegorgeousman: Don't sound so enthusiastic, Keith

samurai: :)

space_dad: So, how has class been so far? I already know how it's been for Keith

sharpshooter: it's been good. any homework we've gotten so far has been easy

space_dad: I hope you know, Matt and I won't be letting you all procrastinate until the last minute this year. We don't need anymore breakdowns

kissthecook: very fair

sashayaway: MMMMM, i swear, one more day at this restaurant may kill me

kissthecook: what's wrong?

sashayaway: just gotta hear my brother bitch about you :')


samurai: and his little brothers

sharpshooter: what's going on?

samurai: they're being little bitches

pidgeon: you need to be more specific

samurai: they just walked in here and booted some freshmen out of "their" table and sat down

samurai: oh shit, cloud is going over to the table!

sharpshooter: fuck, i'm gonna miss this fight!

alluring_princess: What's going on? Is someone going to have broken bones? Get suspended?


samurai: i'm getting out of here before i get caught in the middle

sharpshooter: i wanna be in the middle of this, i'm coming!

kissthecook: aren't you supposed to be in your first class? don't just leave!

sharpshooter: i'll just say i need to go to the bathroom

samurai: holy shit, i'm dying!

pidgeon: finally

sharpshooter: KEITH, ARE YOU ALRIGHT!?

samurai: cloud's crew came in screaming BELLS FROGS BIG CHERRIES PETER PAN MAGIC CHEESE, SEPHIROTH!

pidgeon: legendary

sharpshooter: let me guess, pretty boy squall is there?

samurai: he led the charge

kissthecook: what's going on now?

space_dad: Please tell me you're getting a teacher

samurai: everyone's laughing

alluring_princess: In all fairness, who makes a theme song for themself?

coran_coran_thegorgeousman: IS THAT THEM I'M HEARING? I'M COMING OUT!

mathematics: Congrats, Coran! What are you coming out as?

coran_coran_thegorgeousman: A TEACHER DOING MY JOB

kissthecook: mood

coran_coran_thegorgeousman: Hunk, you're in charge until I get back

kissthecook: sweet!

space_dad: There's been too much silence, what's going on?

samurai: sephiroth and cloud were sent to the principle because they were the ones starting shit, everyone else was told to go back to what they were doing

coran_coran_thegorgeousman: Crisis averted

kissthecook: how are they in gsa together if they can't stand each other?

pidgeon: group's big, they have other people to keep them in line

samurai: is there anyone in that club they're actually afriad of?

sharpshooter: afriad

samurai: you're lucky you're pretty

sharpshooter: :(

kissthecook: i'm not sure there is

alluring_princess: Me

kissthecook: mood

space_dad: He's not afraid of Celes kicking him out of the club?

sharpshooter: i mean, he probably is. celes is the queen of the club, after all

samurai: high empress

sharpshooter: i thought we went with the title high overlord?

samurai: zarkon told her and reddas they had to change the title as it "wasn't a name that created a safe environment", but somehow high empress is fine

pidgeon: asshole

mathematics: Zarkon's still pulling shit like that on the GSA?

alluring_princess: Yep :'D

space_dad: Do you think this should be taken to court? That's harassment, right?

coran_coran_thegorgeousman: A bunch of us teachers are keeping an eye on things, if things get out of hand, we'll take action

sashayaway: bless

kissthecook: hey, shay, you're alive!

sashayaway: you just now noticed i wasn't responding?

kissthecook: i thought you were working

sashayaway: fair enough

samurai: well, this study hall just got boring

sharpshooter: i can still duck out of class to come see you

samurai: please don't. you need to be in class

sharpshooter: rood

samurai: you wont' learn anything if you keep skipping to see me

sharpshooter: but

samurai: you'll see me soon


Welcome to Hell

yin-yang: so did anyone see the fight?

ice_queen: Ruby and I did

redridinghood: ngl i was really scared, i thought they were actually gonna fight

ice_queen: They would have if Mr. Coran hadn't stepped in

pretty_kitty: Those two are always at each others' throats, how do they function?

yin-yang: it's cute you think they function

pink_lotus: Wasn't today Kids Day?

thora: it was. i'm pretty sure ms. nokama locked her room down so no one could get in or out

Jauneofarc: that's smart, but how do you know that?

thora: i'm taking foods, it's right across the hall

thora: we could hear the kids crying, so some of us took our food over and gave it to them

achilles_heel: That was really nice

pink_lotus: What did you make today?

thora: ...pancakes

pink_lotus: So /you/ didn't share, I take it?

thora: ...

thora: they were really good pancakes

yin-yang: in her defense, i wouldn't have given away my hard worked on pancakes either

thora: thank you!

yin-yang: i gotchu

thora: best gf

pink_lotus: You're not dating her

thora: maybe i should be

pink_lotus: T_T

yin-yang: ;)

pretty_kitty: Oh dear god

yin-yang: what? jealous, pussy cat?

pretty_kitty: Pussy cat? Really? Was that supposed to be sensual?

yin-yang: did it work?

pretty_kitty: No

yin-yang: you never react to my flirting

pretty_kitty: 90% of what you call flirting is just making bad puns, 5% are bad pickup lines, and 5% are wtf lines

yin-yang: what would work on you?

pretty_kitty: Hi

yin-yang: hi

pretty_kitty: Hi, that won't work

yin-yang: :(

yin-yang: nora, you wanna go out with me some time?

pink_lotus: She's spoken for

yin-yang: i don't wanna be single

yin-yang: weiss?

ice_queen: Yes?

yin-yang: how would you like to go and cream?

ice_queen: Ice cream? Why ice cream?

yin-yang: because you're the ice queen

ice_queen: Sigh

yin-yang: is that a no?

ice_queen: Ask again tomorrow

yin-yang: :D

Jauneofarc: wha-

achilles_heel: Are you alright Jaune?

Jauneofarc: uh...yeah, i think so

redridinghood: ooh, jaune's jealous!

Jauneofarc: i am not!

achilles_heel: :( But it's still valid to feel that way

Jauneofarc: *pout*

ice_queen: Think of it this way Jaune: my rejection got you with Pyrrha

Jauneofarc: this is true

achilles_heel: :)

thora: SO, what are we doing for lunch?

yin-yang: i say we order a pizza. it's tasty and drives zarkon nuts when people order food when "there's perfectly good food here"

redridinghood: or we could go somewhere

ice_queen: It's hard to transport all of us to the same place, as all of the good restaurants are not equipped to handle all of us

redridinghood: but there's only 8 of us

pretty_kitty: You know Sun and his gang will join us, and Velvet will drag her friends with us as well, so that's 12 now, plus there's usually some stragglers that like to tag along with us

yin-yang: oh shit you right

pink_lotus: Going by that logic, we'd have to buy at least 3 pizzas in order to satiate everyone's appetites, and that's getting into dangerously expensive territory

ice_queen: Don't worry about price, just don't forget my salad

thora: pizza it is then :D

pretty_kitty: I can make the call. I know everyone's orders. Weiss, I'll need your card number

ice_queen: I'll get it to you during passing time

pretty_kitty: Sounds good

Jauneofarc: Pyrrha and i are going to make a drink run, what does everyone want?


achilles_heel: The last time we got you death coffee, you LITERALLY bounced off the walls

Jauneofarc: we'll get you juice

thora: apple please

pink_lotus: Apple is fine

pretty_kitty: I will get you apple juice then

ice_queen: Iced coffee for me

yin-yang: death coffee

ice_queen: No

pretty_kitty: I'm placing the order now, later bitches

Jauneofarc: Don't fuck it up

Chapter Text

angelonthewing ---> talktoawall

angelonthewing: Squall, I need help

talktoawall: what's up?

angelonthewing: I don't know what to do, help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

talktoawall: you're going to need to be way more specific ri

angelonthewing: *sigh* I may or may not have a thing for Fran, but I know she's with Balthier. What do I do?

talktoawall: ah, i see why you asked me

angelonthewing: I mean, you had a crush on Cloud when he was still dating Tifa, so how did you, y'know, manage?

talktoawall: no offence, ri, but i think your situation is worse than mine. cloud and tifa broke up, i don't see fran and balthier doing that anytime soon

angelonthewing: I know, it's were starting to let go of your feelings when the breakup happened, so obviously you found a coping mechanism that worked

talktoawall: honestly? i didn't. i just pretended i was over him, which is why i swooped in so quickly

angelonthewing: Do you think they ever regret their decision?

talktoawall: on occasion? usually it seems like cloud does when we fight, and it's apparently the same for tif, but they both know they're in much better places now. they wouldn't have worked in the long run

angelonthewing: It's just a small thing, it won't get bigger, right?

talktoawall: i'm not sure i should be the one to give you advice

angelonthewing: I need someone to be straight with me

talktoawall: then i'm DEFINITELY not the one to ask advice

angelonthewing: SQUALL

talktoawall: fine, fine. no, this thing is going to get bigger, and fran will figure it out in no time with how perceptive she is. your best bet is ripping the bandaid off, telling her how you feel, and seeing how she reacts. knowing her, she'll help you through it, realize it's a small thing, no big deal

angelonthewing:'re right, sadly. But Fran is an amazing woman, so I know you're right when you say she'll help me. Alright, I'm gonna text her. Wish me luck

talktoawall: you don't need it, but good luck


angelonthewing ---> killerbuns

angelonthewing: Hey, Fran, I was wondering if you were free to talk? I gotta get something off my chest

killerbuns: I have a few minutes, but if you want to meet with me, it will have to be after school ends

angelonthewing: I would, but I think I would chicken out

killerbuns: Alright. What is it you would like to talk about?

angelonthewing: Well, you see, I kinda have a thing for you, but I'm not really sure what that thing /is/. It might be a crush, it might be deep admiration, it could be anything, I'm not really sure. It wasn't even until I started typing out this message that I realized I'm not exactly sure what my feelings are, I just /assumed/ they were romantic. And obviously I don't want to ruin your relationship with Balthier, I'm still your friend and all, so if these /are/ romantic feelings I obviously won't act on them

killerbuns: That is quite a lot to take in, but I can't say I haven't noticed. We live in a society that doesn't really talk much about deep, platonic admiration, instead showing it as purely romantic, so it is possible that's all this is. It's also possible you really do have romantic feelings for me. As you said, there are many things this could be. It could be an attraction to my physical appearance, which will dissipate quickly, or it could be an attraction to my character, which will take longer to dissipate, but will still over time happen, as long as you do not become obsessed, which I do not see you doing

angelonthewing: I just don't want things to be weird between us, I'd hate to lose your friendship

killerbuns: Fear not, that will not happen. Crushes come and go, but friendship is much stronger

angelonthewing: Especially in this hellhole

killerbuns: Didn't you have a crush on Seifer? How did you get over that?

angelonthewing: I realized what a dick he is and that was that

killerbuns: Point taken, he's the worst

angelonthewing: I think that award goes to Sephiroth

killerbuns: Sephiroth doesn't out closeted members of the GSA

angelonthewing: ...So yeah, Seifer's the worst


talktoawall ---> angelonthewing

talktoawall: so, how did it go?

angelonthewing: Not bad, just like you said. She was very understanding and offered her advice and thoughts

talktoawall: told you

angelonthewing: Now we're bashing Seifer



angelonthewing added killerbuns and talktoawall to the chat Seifer Bashing

angelonthewing: Fran, he wanted to join

killerbuns: The more the merrier

killerbuns: Add everyone

talktoawall: this is why we love you

angelonthewing: And hate Seifer

talktoawall: did i ever tell you about what happened with cloud?

angelonthewing: I'm scared to ask

talktoawall: that's clearly a no. well, cloud was still coming to terms with his bisexuality himself when we started dating, apparently his family wasn't the most accepting? his parents are fine, but a lot of the extended family...not so much. so cloud was trying to figure everything out before he told his parents, but SEIFER decided to message them instead, telling them how cloud was sleeping with me behind their backs. when he didn't get the reaction he wanted, he outed him to the rest of his family. some people were really pissed that he was outing cloud, others were pissed with...well, with cloud. i won't repeat what they said cuz it's really bad, but cloud had a complete meltdown

killerbuns: So we murder, yes? :)

angelonthewing: Seems the appropriate thing to do

killerbuns: And make meat pies for his friends to eat

talktoawall: holy shit fran!

killerbuns: You know where I come from

talktoawall: i do, but i didn't think cannibalism was a thing you did

killerbuns: We didn't eat our kin, but other things did

angelonthewing: Note to self: NEVER piss Fran off

killerbuns: :)


I have a question...

rusty_nailbender: bobbin, why don't you ever sell anything?

young_wizard: Huh?

rusty_nailbender: you're excellent at making clothes and blankets and other things, so why don't you ever sell anything? make a little online store?

young_wizard: I don't think anyone would ever buy anything from me

rusty_nailbender: rubbish! your stuff is excellent, and one of a kind! i'm sure you'd have people flocking to your little store

cashmere_sweater: i agree, your work is so beautiful, people would admire and buy it

young_wizard: You guys :3

rusty_nailbender: you're blushing, aren't you?

young_wizard: ...Would that be a bad thing?

cashmere_sweater: not at all, young wizard :)

young_wizard: Then I may or may not be blushing

rusty_nailbender: i can't beleive the strongest one of us is the most adorable

young_wizard: I'd hate to burst my own bubble, but I'm pretty sure YOU'RE the strongest one of us

rusty_nailbender: you're joking right? sure, i can lift all the heavy stuff in the forge and all, but you can do so much more

young_wizard: You can't even list one thing I can do that falls under the "so much more" category

rusty_nailbender: you can lift TWO anvils


rusty_nailbender: i don't believe you

young_wizard: Believe what you want, it doesn't make you right

rusty_nailbender: :O fine, i'll prove it. tonight, we're having a strength-off

cashmere_sweater: are you two really fighting over who's stronger?

young_wizard: I mean /I'm/ not. You're boyfriend, on the other hand...

rusty_nailbender: WE SHALL HAVE A STRENGTH-OFF

cashmere_sweater: i swear, if you two compare dick sizes, i'm leaving you

rusty_nailbender: am i not allowed to admire the size of my friend's dick?

young_wizard: No

cashmere_sweater: no

rusty_nailbender: >:(

cashmere_sweater: ANYWAY, bobbin, i have a lot of fleece if you need some

young_wizard: How much?

cashmere_sweater: you remember the room my mother and i use to /store/ the fleece?

young_wizard: Yes

cashmere_sweater: we can't even get in there

young_wizard: :O

young_wizard: How much?

cashmere_sweater: how much do you want?

young_wizard: As much as you'll give me

cashmere_sweater: so...$1000

cashmere_sweater: UNLESS

young_wizard: *Cries while looking at wallet* I like unless

cashmere_sweater: IF you start an online store, consider this an investment :)

young_wizard: *Long sigh* Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine, I'll start a store

cashmere_sweater: :D

rusty_nailbender: :D

young_wizard: Also, Rusty?

rusty_nailbender: yes?

young_wizard: I'll bend your nail >:D


forever_echo ---> princess_sarah, azure_witch, forver_hot

forever_echo: Are the rumors about Lulu true?

forever_hot: What rumors?

forever_echo: Apparently she's pregnant

azure_witch: Sarah and I asked her after first period. Apparently she's not happy about the rumors

forever_echo: That's right, witches flock to each other

azure_witch: Go suck a dick Echo

forever_echo: :(

princess_sarah: It turns out they are true, but Lulu was hoping word wouldn't get out

forever_echo: Why?

azure_witch: Would you want that getting out?

azure_witch: But there's more than just people calling her a slut and all. First, there's the fact that her parents are not happy with her and threatening to throw her out

forever_echo: Another emancipation lawsuit?

princess_sarah: We aren't sure. She's convinced her parents are feeding her something that will make her miscarry because of how they feel

azure_witch: She also said her chances of miscarriage are high just on her own. She apparently has a lot of reproductive issues. She's actually really excited to have the baby, since it means she can actually have kids, but if she miscarries, well...

princess_sarah: I offered to let her stay with us, so if she comes knocking, Wol, don't turn her away

forever_hot: I wouldn't dream of it. We get along well

forever_echo: That just means that you two will end up on opposite ends of the house not talking to each other

forever_hot: We have a deep understanding of how the other works

azure_witch: I think we should just drag her to our apartment after class regardless. It's clearly not safe for her at her house

princess_sarah: I don't want to stress her more by making her do something she doesn't want to, but I think we should offer again. Ask her to come with us tonight

azure_witch: It wouldn't be a bad idea

forever_echo: Who's the father? Does she know how hard it's going to be?

azure_witch: We didn't ask, we thought that would be rude

princess_sarah: As for the difficult question, even the most prepared parents don't know how difficult raising a child is. There are so many variables that determine how to raise a child, and every child is different

azure_witch: I know Lulu, she'll be fine, but I'm going to help her when she needs it

forever_echo: Oh, of course. Between finishing school and raising a baby, she'll need a lot of help

azure_witch: Besides, she's a senior, she could graduate early if she wanted and have more time with baby

forever_echo: You really believe in her, don't you?

azure_witch: We have a very deep understanding

princess_sarah: I think we should get one of the guest rooms cleaned for her, just in case. Echo, are you still planning to move in with us after graduation?

forever_echo: Anything to get me out of my parents' house

princess_sarah: Do you have a preference for room?

forever_echo: Either one is fine with me

azure_witch: I think the one closest to the kitchen would be good for Lulu. She'll be close to food when she has cravings, the fridge when she pumps, and it's also close to the bathroom

forever_hot: Sounds like a plan. I can work on it when I get home, since you two will be at clubs all day

forever_echo: This is your off day then?

forever_hot: My day of freedom, all to myself :'D

forever_echo: For now

forever_hot: Sadly

forever_hot: Because you'll move in and then there will never be freedom again

forever_echo: >:O

azure_witch: Don't act offended, you know he's right

forever_echo: I mean, not entirely?

forever_hot: Oh, please, you FEED off of my misery

forever_echo: But too much food will make me sick, and your moodiness also makes me sick after a time


forever_echo: I'm sure we will soon

forever_hot: Make it come sooner