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Of Flaming Feathers and Bloodstained Fur

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To save everyone, Marco used his current existence. Never did he imagine that he will be reborn to a new world different from his own. It is a world filled with ninjas and creatures as large as Sea Kings that are made of pure living chakra. What can a pirate like him do to survive especially if he is a freaking bird? Thatch is right; he does look like a chicken. And a certain blue-eyed blonde is thinking of him as her new pet.


Of Flaming Feathers and Bloodstained Furs
By: Zelga Lim Li


To save his brother from dying and help his family and allies escape that disgusting place, Marco used everything in his power to save Ace, the boy his beloved captain slash father figure took a liking into, the rest of his brothers, sisters and every ally that is currently fighting for their survival away from that place. Somewhere safe, somewhere where these bastards won't be able to reach them. Albeit temporarily.

It took every last of his abilities and almost left him for dead. Well, not technically as he kind of immortal. Sort of.

The downside, well… He turned into a freaking hatchling. Not even a human child, which was the usual setup every time he uses the said technique.

Like his devil fruit's true nature, he is a mythical creature that has the ability to be reborn. No one exactly knew how old he is. Well, except for the old man and the former Pirate King.

It turns out that it isn't that bad depending on one's point of view granted that the one who will nurture him till he regain his full strength doesn't freak out once he turns back to his normal self in a few days or months depending how fast his regenerative abilities have improved since the last time.

Well, Uzumaki Naruto isn't typically your girl next door.

She is a ninja, a warrior of her own right.

Someone who continues to experience the hatred of her own world and is trying albeit futilely to live a meaningful life following her own ideal and choices.

For all his efforts not to get deeply and emotionally involved, Marco could not stop himself but to be drawn towards her.

He can be a friend. Or a lover (Ugh! Waiting for her to grow up shouldn't be that hard. After all, patience is an abundant trait he owns like a cloak according to his brothers and sisters.). He is even willing to be her pet for an unforeseeable future and annoy those who makes fun of her.

Never did Marco imagine that she is the one thing he's been looking for all his life.

His very own One Piece.

And he will do whatever it takes to give her the freedom and the acknowledgement she truly deserves.

From pirate to ninja? What the hell was he even thinking!