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Dad Might

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Izuku's birth was a special one. The morning before was rushed and hectic. She went into labor. Hours later, she gave birth and she was glad. Inko was ready for her son to enter the world. He had a face full of freckles and a full head of green hair. He was beautiful. Toshinori remembers that day well.

The day he learned to walk both of them were there for it. Inko had been there to teach him how to, and like most babies, it would take a bit for him to master it, but he never lost hope. Toshinori buffed up to be All Might and sat down, patting his legs and the floor. Izuku stood up and giggled, stumbling over to All Might. He walked without falling over. He sat down on All Might's thick calves and giggled.

Of all the names that could have been the first to come out of his mouth, he wasn't expecting it to be Inko's. They were eating dinner together. They did this every night, no matter what All Might was doing. He was always home for Inko's cooking. Izuku was nearly done with his food, but he seemed to want more. "Mom!" They both froze, looking at Izuku then each other for a long moment. "Mom! Food!" Inko snapped out of it and put more food on his plate. "Tanks!" He smiled big. Toshinori smiled back with tears in his bright blue eyes.

They found out Izuku was quirkless at the age of five. To Toshinori, it wasn't a big surprise. Toshinori was quirkless too, in nature, at least and Inko didn't have a very strong power to pass on. One for All couldn't have been passed on genetically. He was hoping to be the Symbol of Peace for as long as he could, at the cost that his son wouldn't have a power. He didn't want to see him get hurt with the power he would be given, if it happened.

In honesty, he was hoping Izuku could at least buff himself like he was able to.

Nana's death hit Toshinori hard when he was just a teen. He knew who it was that killed her. As of late, her death was a reminder of what he needed to do to protect the people, even if it was his last act as the Symbol of Peace.

The villian surfaced again after many years. He would search for All for One. He would pay for what he did.

That night, he would attack to redeem Nana Shimura as his teacher and as his mentor, and as his predessor.

She was a good woman that he would do anything for. Even if she was gone now.

He was just about to leave, but Izuku was there. He looked worried. At the tender age of ten, he was worried about his dad. "Dad, where are you going?"

Toshinori smiled and turned around. "I'll be back soon, kid. Take care of your mom while I'm gone. I'll be home by morning." He patted his head, stood up, and walked out of the door.

He wouldn't come back home that morning or the next or the next. He wouldn't come home until a few months passed and he was healed.

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This fight would never be aired, and for good reasons. It was gruesome and left more blood on the ground than in a person. All Might was rushed to the hospital after the fight. His family was notified immediately. They rushed to see him, but he was in surgery and wouldn't be out until he was stabilized.

That freaked Inko out. He had to be stabilized to be okay. What happened to him? Will he live through it? Will she have to raise Izuku by herself? Would he be unable to do hero work? Those questions came through her head like bullets.

They would stay and linger until a doctor came over to her, saying that he was stabalized and that they could see him.

Inko was hesitant to see him again. She didn't know what state she would find him in. It could be anything. They didn't know what the fight was like that caused him to be this way. Inko grabbed Izuku's hand. "Dad will be okay." She smiled through her anxiety and marched after the doctor. Once they made it to All Might's room, it became clear how long he was going to be in the hospital.

"You'll need to put a mask on before going in." Inko did as the doctor told her and then put one on Izuku. He looked worriedly at the door. Inko did too. Anxiety spiked through both of them. They wanted to see him, but definitely not like this. They wanted to make sure, but couldn't they wait until he was awake or better? They didn't know if he was awake, they just knew he was stabilized.

Inko took a breath and nodded to the doctor, who opened the door.

Their anxiety only got worse. They froze without a word. Shock took them over. So many noises. So many unbearably loud noises screaming to keep Toshinori alive.

There was tubes everywhere and monitors keeping track of him. He was bandaged around his torso, but there was still tubes coming out of the bandages from his stomach. He was still out, but he would not be happy once he did wake up, if he ever did.

Inko looked at the rest of his body. His muscles were still there. He was still alive and looked as such. He was still her husband. Nothing would change that, even death.

His hair was unkempt as usual and his bangs still hung around his face.

He was going to be okay, she kept telling herself.

He was going to live, even if he was changed.

The doctors explained what happened. His left lung, stomach, and digestive track were gone. His right lung was badly damaged. They would need to do more surgeries, but they wanted the family to see him before they did. He would be changed and hero work would become slower as time went on. They would try to repair his damaged lung before giving him an artificial one that would make running difficult and hero work exhausting the longer he did it. As for his digestive track, they would give him a tube to his bladder. The stomach would be connected to the tube that would be his digestive track. His spleen was also gone, and though he could live with it, he would need to be careful with infections. He would need to be careful with hero work and careful not to injury himself more.

Inko thought it be best for him to just retire now before he got too injured, and before he lost more organs.

They knew he wouldn't settle with that, not when he was still young.

Inko held his hand tightly and kissed his forehead. They left the room so they could take him back into surgery.

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The dream seemed soft and pleasant at first. He dreamed about young Izuku. How lively he was. How he was so happy.

He didn't need this in his life. He didn't need to see his father injuried beyond repair. He didn't need this. He was so young. He didn't need to see his father become weak with every passing day.

The world didn't need this and he would have to hide this fight as much as he could to distract from his injury. That he was slowly dying and One for All would need a new holder.

One for All couldn't be passed on without him being alive. I mean, it could be. He told Inko what she would have to do if he died without passing One for All onto someone else. She would have to give the power to Izuku.

In the final moments of Toshinori being awake after the battle, he willed One for All to be passed on to make it easier. He thought about giving One for All to the next user: his son.

It put the fate of One for All in a tricky place. If one strand came out and happened to get into someomess hands, it would go to that person. Of course they would have to eat the hair first.

He would curse himself for making such a risky and rookie choice.

The dream turned into the fight. All for One came charging at All Might with all his strength in his hands. It was too fast and he was more focused on getting a land on All for One than anything else. All he could do was put it off it's intentional spot. It was aimed at his heart, but seconds before impact All Might had wacked the arm away. It did knock it off the intentional course, but it did still hit him.

It ripped a hole through his torso, his stomach and intestines were scattered on the ground in pieces. He didn't look. He didn't feel the pain at first. He had punched All for One in the face at 100%. His eyes bursted, leaving blood spewing down his sockets. His head was ripped open from the eyes up. He was down and most likely dead.

The pain surged on the left side of All Might's torso. He sunk down and was consumed by his own steam. Alarms surrounded him.

He didn't remember passing out or being taken to the hospital, but when he woke up, that's where he found himself.

When Toshinori found out about what happened to him and what his life would be like after the injury. He wasn't surprised. He knew All for One had done horrible damage to him and that he wouldn't be the same again. He felt hopeless for a moment. That he had to retire soon. That he would be giving his power to his son.

The rest of the world didn't know that All Might had a family. He kept it out of the media's eyes and the villians too. Even his close friends didn't know. Nighteye was to the only person he thought was close enough to him to know. He would never tell a soul about his family, even though he wasn't his sidekick as of late. Seeing All Might like this and seeing him soldier on despite his injury saddened the man.

Toshinori also never gave any hints that he was in a relationship or married. He never wore his wedding ring outside of house for fear a villian would use that to their advantage. Besides, the ring fit on his true forms hand, not All Might's.

He knew giving One for All to Izuku would be the best choose of action. He would start training him while he still could and still try to be the Symbol of Peace, even if he did nearly give it up.

He thought he was going to die, after all.

He asked kindly if there was more surgeries and the doctors said no. He wouldn't have to worry about any right now, unless he opened the wounds again, then yes, he would have to go in for surgery, but that was a big if.

Toshinori took the answer as a yes, because he knew hero work would end with him opening his wound up again and again.

He was told to rest. He would have a long couple weeks of recovery. It didn't make him happy to hear this. Inko was right. All Might would be disappearing for a short time, if not longer. However, he would never stop hero work.

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He spent about a week in the hospital before he was sent home. He was instructed to rest and try not to bend as much. Hero work was unfortunately off the table for now. The media was wondering where the Symbol of Peace was. He somehow disappeared out of nowhere. He would have to show the world he was still okay, but not when his family was still awake.

Izuku fell asleep in his lap. Toshinori didn't know if he was doing it because he missed him or because he didn't want him to get injured again. He must have felt bad for not stopping him.

He soon drifted to sleep.

The next morning, he was woken up with breakfast from Inko and Izuku. He smiled and accepted the smoothie. It was quite nice and he could get used to it. Before he could drink anything, he started to cry.

"I'm sorry! Because of me, I'm like this. Izuku tried to stop me, but I went ahead." Inko hugged him before he could say any more. Izuku was crying and hugged his parents tightly.

"I promise to be better."

Another week passed with more confusing as to where All Might had disappeared to. He was starting to get nervous that villains would start growing and showing up again. He would have to make his stand tonight. Recovery Girl had joined the group of doctors taking care of him. She had closed his wounds and said he could do hero work, but to be careful. Being the Symbol of Peace was very important to him, almost more important than anything else. Without him, society would break apart.

He put on his hero outfit and left the house that night after the news broke out about an incident, a villain.

"When I said hero work, I didn't mean fighting! I meant like meeting the public or just giving a hope that everything will be okay and that you were okay!" She scolded him. He looked away from her. He looked at his stomach that he ripped open again. "You should really start worrying about your family more. They worry about you enough. Maybe it's time you retire."

"I'm still young! Besides, this isn't going to stop me from being the Symbol of Peace."

Recovery Girl slapped him. "You're an idiot! You're never going to get better if you keep hurting yourself. If you never get better, you'll never be the Symbol you are or you once were." She sighed and looked towards him. "You can always tell the world you need a break!"

"I can't! If I do, the villains will come back and the world will turn to hell again! They need me!" He stood up and gripped his hands into fist. "Do everything you can to heal me now! I can't let the world down. Too much is resting on my shoulder!"

"You're so stupid sometimes." Recovery Girl shook her head. "No, this is your punishment for leaving your family to do hero work! They're probably worried sick! Go home, All Might."

He did go home. He was greeted with his family still asleep. He got out of his hero outfit and into his pajamas before crawling into bed. He wouldn't say anything about what he did that night or that he opened up his wound again. He would slowly hid his weakening form from his family so they wouldn't worry.

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He rushed home before dinner. He just finished bringing down another villain from society. It felt good, but it was still a strain on his body and it was only getting worse.

Toshinori made it home and found himself surrounded by white gas. It smelled unpleasant. It was coming off of him. He always did this, but not in this volume. He has been straining himself to keep his form up. He never had to do that.

He walked in the door once the gas left him. "Sorry, I'm finally home!"

"Dinners almost ready."

"I'll be right down." Toshinori walked up the stairs to the bedroom. He changed out of his hero clothes into something nice. Satisfied, he made his way out of the room. He passed by the mirror. His face was beginning to sink inwards. There was bags under his eyes from lack of sleep or straining himself. He still had his strong blue eyes. He was still himself, right?

He looked away and made his way downstairs again. "Sorry about that!"

Inko walked over to him. "After dinner, I want to talk to you," she whispered to him.

He nodded, giving her a soft smile. She ran back into the kitchen.

Dinner was quiet. Izuku kept looking at Toshinori worriedly. He smiled and rubbed his head. He could only do so much to reassure him.

He finished before them. He sat on the couch and found out he dozed off because Inko woke him up worriedly.

"Can we talk now?" Inko looked worriedly at him. He nodded and was about to get up, but felt a heaviness on his chest. Izuku was there, asleep on top of him. Toshinori moved him gently off him and onto the couch.

They climbed the stairs together, though Toshi was getting slower than her. They used to run up the stairs in their youth, but both of them were slowing down. Inko was going chubby and Toshinori was getting weaker.

Inko made it to their shared room and opened the door before walking in. She sat down and patted the bed. He sat down next to her.

"I'm really worried about you. You haven't gotten any better since the surgeries. I think it's time you retire. Izuku looks up to you as a role model and as a father. He needs you as well as me."

"You're far from selfish, Inko. You've been there for our son more than I ever could, but I should have been there more." He put his hand on her shoulder. "Before I can retire, I need to do a few things. I can't abandon the people. I need to keep working until Izuku is ready. I need to make sure people still have hope in me." Inko hugged him suddenly, shaking at her core.

"Please try to be more careful! I don't want to see you get hurt!"

"I promise I won't."

He wasn't expecting the Principal of UA to contact him. He heard of the fight with All for One and the injury he sustained during the fight. He wanted to talk about the next successor of One for All. Toshinori wasn't expecting that from him.

Nezu was a bit concerned when he saw All Might. This once great hero was decaying.

They talked for a long time about the different students that he could pass the quirk onto. A third year was a very good choice, but All Might insisted on giving the quirk to his son. Nezu couldn't change his mind no matter what other choices he gave him.

He didn't look at himself for awhile, but the effects were still there when he didn't see himself in the mirror. His stomach was only getting smaller. His muscles were becoming smaller as he couldn't work out like he used to. In fact, he couldn't work out anymore.

When he did see himself again, it shocked him. His once bright, youthful face had turned into a bony, sunken mess. His eyes were sunken so much his sclera had turned black. His eyes were so big and shadowed. Bags were heavy under his eyes. He couldn't believe that was him. It scared him to see his face so sunken in. He looked very tired. He wasn't, but bags still stayed on his face. He rushed out of the bathroom, taking a towel with him. He jumped into his office and slammed the door. He hid his face into the towel. This was too much.

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Another of hero work and a slower day. He could only do so much now. His time was limiting every time he used his power and every time he strained himself to be the Symbol of Peace.

He was just about home when he had to stop. He hunched over and started coughing violently. He was starting to get these fits more and more because of his only lung. He was having to catch his breath more. He didn't know what is still damaged in his lung, but it was hard to run or train more than ever. He was so angry at himself for letting this happen, but it was worth it after all, right? All for One is dead. One for All is safe. It could be passed on to the next generation. He didn't have to be this symbol when he could retire. He could have his son be the next All Might.

He was worrying so much about this that it shocked him when a liquid exited his mouth into his clenched fist. He moved his hand away and saw red. 'Blood?' Yeah, it was blood!

He couldn't process this because he only started coughing more. He knew he was losing so much, but he wasn't expecting to lose blood. He has already, he just wasn't expecting more. He walked the rest of the way home coughing. Coughing so much and leaving blood on his hands.

Toshinori looked at himself in the mirror again. He didn't remember punching a hole in it, but it was cracked. He looked worse than last time. He wasn't expecting to get used to the look of himself so easily. He wasn't expecting to get used to coughing up blood, but he eventually did. He cleaned his hands off. He would have to hide this from the family.

Nighteye was right. His prediction was correct. He would meet a villain that would bring him to a gruesome end. He hasn't died yet, but it seemed like it was close. There was still so much to live for, but damn, life and death seemed to blur.

Toshinori found himself coughing up blood every time he was All Might, or at least afterwards. He couldn't risk the public guessing he was sick or injured. He even hid the blood from his family. It would worry them too much. It would break them apart.

"Toshi?" Inko opened the door of their shared bathroom. It was late at night. Izuku was already asleep. Inko was asleep too, but the coughing kept waking her up.

He was on the toliet with tissues covering his mouth. He seemed to have grabbed them suddenly once the door opened because they seemed clumped.

Well, he was on the toliet before opening the door, but he stumbled into the shower and was hunched oddly in the corner. Inko walked inside gently and sat down a bit behind him. "Are you okay? You've been coughing all night for the last few days."

He only nodded. That's all he could do as she let out another fit of coughs. His breaths were wheezy. Inko patted his back gently. She supposed calling the hospital would be the best. She stood up. "I'll get someone to help you."

"Wait, Inko." He quickly grabbed her arm, one hand still covering his mouth. She noticed how skinny he was, how sunken his eyes and face were, how his tissues covering his mouth were a bit red. He was not in a healthy state.

"Toshi! What happened to you?!"

He wanted to answer, but her reaction sent blood out of his mouth and bloodied the tissue more.

"Why are you coughing up blood?!"

He put a hand up and placed it on her shoulder. He quickly wiped his mouth and looked up to her. "I didn't want you to be worried."

"I've been worried about you since you got injured! The fact you still keep doing hero work, despite your injuries! You shouldn't push yourself . . ." She bit her lip. "I hate seeing you like this, Toshi."

"You don't need to see me like this. I thought if I put myself away from you and Izuku then you could be happy and I could still be All Might."

"Being All Might and being a father . . . it doesn't." She grabbed him tightly into her arms. "I don't want this, Toshi! I don't want this to be such a divided world for you. You- we were doing so well as a family before you got injured. You balanced hero work with being there for us. I'm not angry at you, it was because of that horrible man. He's the one that broke this family apart. If it wasn't for him, you would be okay! Your master would be alive!"

Toshinori held her tightly as she said this. If it wasn't for his Master's acceptance of him, he wouldn't be where he was today. He wouldn't have killed All for One. A looming evil would still be in the world. He wondered what she would have said if she saw him today.

"He hurt so many people, but now he's gone. I finished him off, but at the cost of my body."

"Oh Toshi . . ." She grabbed him very tightly. She started to cry. "It didn't need to cost your body or nearly your life!"

"You're right . . . it didn't."

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They slept together for the night. When they awoke, Toshinori would see Izuku again. He was scared at first, unsure of who this man was, but then his eyes lit up. "Dad!" He ran up to him and hugged him tightly. "You look so skinny!"

"I am, but I'm still your dad."

"Of course you're still my dad!" Izuku beamed a smile. Toshinori smiled softly at him, tears in his eyes. He hugged his son tightly, holding him against his bony body. "I love you, Izuku. I love you, Inko. I'm so sorry. I hope you can forgive me for my past decisions."

"Just stay with us, dad! I missed you so much!" He smiled up at Toshinori. "Will you do that, dad?" Toshinori didn't know what to say. He wanted to say yes. He wanted to tell him everything was okay, that he would be there for everything, but he could very easily be knocked down to a useless state.

"I . . ." He looked away from Izuku. "I'll try my hardest." He was looking at Inko. He felt like if he did say yes, that would mean a promise he couldn't keep. "But . . . that means that you will soon take my place. I will train you to be a hero, my young boy."


"Yes! And you will get my quirk! You will be like me one day!" He put his hand on Izuku's shoulder. "When you are ready to train and be my successor, I will train you. To get my quirk, you will need to work hard."

"I will! I have to work harder than anyone else. I don't have a quirk, and I'm really confused about the quirk thingy, but you used to tell me about your master and how she gave her quirk to you."

'Oh yeah, I forgot about that.' He thought to himself. "She was a great woman and you'll be a great man one day."

Izuku started to cry. He hugged Toshinori tightly. "I want to start soon, if not right away. I want to be strong like you, Dad!"

"All right! First thing two days from now will be the start of your training!"

"Why two days from now?"

"I need to figure where we will start and I might have someone to help out."

"I'm even more excited for this!"

Toshinori smiled at his son. He would need to talk to two people he called close, and probably another one to tell him about his success.

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After dinner, Toshinori was seen hovering over the phone. it had been so long since he's called him that it would seem odd to suddenly do it and ask for his help, but he had to. He trained him so many years ago and brought him to the man he is today. He owed him a lot from his advice and aid in the past. He was there for him before and after his injury. He was like a father to him like Nana was like a mother. Her death crushed him as much as Toshinori.

He looked up, clenching his fist. He grabbed the phone and dialed Gran Torino's number. He waited as the phone dialed.


"Gran Torino, it's me, Toshinori."

"Toshinori! Good to hear from you! How's the family?"

"They- we're on good terms. Listen, I've been thinking about Nighteye and what he said about me retiring. I think it's time I train my son to be the next symbol of peace."

"You're retiring before me, well good for you at the very least." He paused for a moment. "So I take it you want me to help you train him?"


"How could I say no? It's what your master would have wanted."

". . . Thank you."

"When are you thinking of starting the training?"

"In the next two days. I have others to call, and I still need to research."

"There's Dagoba Beach not too far. It's a dump and is in need of some much needed cleaning!"

"I'll check it out and see if it's to my liking. Thank you again."

"Have a good day, Toshinori! Don't forget to call more often!" He hung up the phone before Toshinori could.

He figured talking to the next one might be harder. Nighteye.

He dialed pressed his name in his contact and waited. He almost imaged every one of his ringtones were in his voice saying his joking lines from the past. Who could blame him for having that as his ringtone? Toshinori even had him as his own ringtone.

"All Might?"

"Hey Nighteye, how are you?"

"I'm doing just fine, All Might. What brings you to call me this morning?"

"I've been thinking about what you said. I'm going to retire, once my son has trained and inherited my power."

"That's great new, All Might, but wouldn't someone besides your son be a better fit? People might think you two are alike. I just don't want villains or someone hurting you or your family."

"I think he would make a great successor. He wants to be a hero. It's the best I can do with what strength I have left."

"Then that's your choice. Keep me updated on your son."

"Hey Nighteye . . . I was wondering if you can help out with his training when he gets stronger."

"I'll see what I can do. Goodbye All Might. Call more often, okay?"

"Sure thing, bye now!" He hung up. He had a lifted feeling in his chest. His son was going to be a hero, something he has always wanted to do since he was young. He was going to give him that chance.

Chapter Text

Izuku was woke up earlier than he was expecting from All Might. He was smiling down at him. "Today starts your training. Get some clothes on and get ready. I'll be out in the kitchen." He patted his head before moving out of his room. Izuku got out of bed, changing from his pajamas to an All Might t-shirt and sweat pants. He slipped on a pair of socks on his feet. He walked out of his bedroom to the bathroom to quickly brush his teeth. After doing that, he fluffed up his hair and walked out of the bathroom, heading to the kitchen.

All Might was enjoying a cup of tea. He had another one for Izuku in his hand when he came in the door. "Here, have some tea."

"Thank Dad." He softly drank it while his dad kept smiling at him. "Sorry, I'll finish this as soon as possible." He kept drinking, but faster.

"Don't push yourself, Izuku. I'm not in a rush." He opened his phone while he was drinking his tea. Izuku smiled at him as he moved his finger along the screen. "I woke you up early before you had to go to school." He sipped his tea silently.

Izuku drank his tea faster, careful not to burn his mouth. Toshinori noticed this and started drinking his tea faster. They finished at the same time, putting their cups in the sink. "Okay, let's go!"

The car ride was otherwise filled with cheerful, casual talk that a father and son could experience. They stopped in the parking lot of the local beach not too far from the house. It wasn't a clean beach, but in fact a beach covered in trash and unwanted appliances. It was sad to see something once so beautiful turned horrid. Izuku knew his dad well. He would do anything he could to save the planet in anyway he could. He loved nature and would do anything to save it.

There was a short man in a white body suit with yellow gloves, boots and cape. He had greyish white hair with a chin beard. He was old and held a cane. Toshinori climbed out of the truck, followed by Izuku. "Midoriya, this is Gran Torino. He used to be my homeroom teacher at UA, a friend of my predecessor and an old friend of mine. He used to be my trainer after my predecessor died." His legs were shaking a bit. "He was my combat trainer."

"Whoo, really? That's so cool!" Izuku walked over to the old man. "Nice to meet you, I'm Izuku Midoriya."

Gran Torino looked from Toshinori to Izuku back to Toshinori. "You sure this is your kid? He looks nothing like you."

Toshinori coughed up blood in response. "Yes, he's my kid. You were there after my wife gave birth to him!"

"You sure?"

"Sorahiko!" Toshinori slapped his hands to his mouth. "Sorry, sir." He pulled his hands away and blood was there to welcome him. "Can we just get started?"

"Of course!"

It was later that morning. Izuku had done a bit of cleaning already on the beach. Toshinori looked proud. "Good job today. We have a long way to go, but we made good progress for the day. I'll take you home. Thanks again, Gran Torino."

"Where are you going?" Gran Torino asked.

"I'm taking my son home and then going to work."

"Have a good day at work, Toshinori! See you tomorrow!"

Toshinori waved at his former teacher and shut the door behind him while Izuku was waiting patiently in the car. "Let's take this to the dump. I'll take you home so you can get ready for school."

"Okay! Gran Torino was so cool! I can't believe he was your teacher when you were at UA! That's so cool!"

"He was also a strong teacher and left me with a lot of bruises during my younger years."

"Was he a good teacher?"

"He was, and a good friend."

Toshinori stopped the car. "Well, get cleaned up and make it to school on time, okay?"

"Okay, Dad!" Izuku got out of the car and ran inside. Toshinori smiled proudly at his son before coughing up blood. "Oh right, I need to take this to the dump." He wiped his mouth with his hand and pulled out of the driveway to the dump.

He finally made it to work. He left his car back at the station and took the train to his tower he called work. It was in the heart of the city and where most crime took place. He would pretend to be himself, Toshinori, while being All Might when saving the day.

That's how it was every day, but today would be interesting. He would meet someone he called a friend, Tsukauchi.

Toshinori made it home after that eventful day. He would wake up early every morning for the next five years to clean up the beach. Izuku would prove him wrong and surprise him every day by how persistent he was to be just like his dad, minus the creeping death.

'A villain will bring you to a gruesome death!'

"I'm not dying, Nighteye." He smiled at his son's room. "Not when I have him to protect."

Chapter Text

It was a year into cleaning up the beach. It was slow work, but it was making progress. He went into his son's room, but he wasn't there. He kept doing this the longer he was trained. He would wake up early to start cleaning early and keep cleaning until he passed out on top of the trash. He would have to carry his son back home.

He walked over to the beach and found his son on top of a large pile of trash, screaming loudly as the sun rose in the sky from it's long slumber.

The entire beach was clean.

"Whoo whoo kid, I didn't think you would do all of this. This is beyond!" He was smiling brightly, buffing up to becoming All Might. Izuku staggered and dropped off the pile, but All Might was there to grab him, holding him close.

"I did it, dad!"

"Yes, you did! You did good." He put his son down. "I think you're ready."

"Ready for what?"

"Ready for my quirk." He smiled at him as he grabbed a hair from hairs that created the iconic bunny ears or 'v' and pulled it off. "You earned this, now here's your reward, my son." He thrust the hair in Izuku's direction. "Eat this!"


Toshinori started to laugh. He remembered when Nana had done this to him so many years ago and how confused he was when she asked him to eat her hair.

"In order for me to transfer my power to another, you need to swallow some of my dna! It's how it works!"

"I wasn't expecting this!"

Three years later and nearing ever closer to Izuku end of middle school and onto high school. Toshinori went to his son's room, but he wasn't there. He ran around the house for a solid five minutes. Inko walked out of the bedroom groggy. "Toshi, what's wrong?"

"Izuku's not in the house. He might be at the beach. I'll be right back." He passed her, grabbing his coat. He turned to her and kissed her passionately, holding her close. "I'll be right back." He repeated. He walked out of the house, hopping into his car, and making his way to the beach. He got out of the truck and walked to the edge of the stairs that made it to the sandy beach. Izuku was running back and forth along the clean beach.

He was so proud of him. He has learned how to control some of One for All. At least he isn't breaking his bones anymore. It wasn't anyone's fault besides the strength of One for All. Toshinori was just lucky he could harness 100% right away, even though both of them started out quirkless.

"Hey young Midoriya!" Toshinori waved to his son!"

"Hey dad!" Izuku walked over to his dad. Toshinori put up his arm for a high five. Izuku high fived his dad.

"Hey, are you getting ready for the entrance exam?"

"Yeah! I think I'm ready! It's today actually."

"Already?! Time really flies. How did you tests go?"

"I don't know, but hopefully good."

"Don't worry about that now. You should focus on getting ready for your test."

"I will, thanks dad."

"Let's go home and clean you up."

Chapter Text

Through the last three years of Izuku having One for All, he's managed to control 70% without hurting himself. It was a long process and took a lot to draw that power out. A lot of training and a lot of pain, but it was worth it to get this far.

As for Toshinori, he's gotten a lot weaker and probably won't last much longer with One for All. He was trying not to use it as much as he has been in the past, but it's hard when he has to keep the peace and protect others. He definitely hasn't been able to use his power as much and has decided to only use it once a day if not less than that.

He wanted to be able to protect the people, but soon his job as a teacher will start soon. Even if he could just show the students his true form, he couldn't trust all of them to keep it secret and they might lose faith in the Symbol of Peace.

At least he could still be All Might for around three hours.

So when he saw his son destroy the zero point monster in one hit, it made him feel joy that he chose the right person. He had destroyed others with points so at least he would pass and make it, but seeing him save that girl with his power brought him more joy than seeing him pass. He would be the next Symbol of Peace.

And a good one at that.

He wanted to save people. That was a joy and a relief off his chest.

Izuku landed on the ground carefully with a big smile on his face.

The two met on the beach with smiles on their face. Izuku found out he passed and ran to see his dad as soon as possible, who already knew since he was the one to tell him.

They high fived and hugged tight, Toshinori picking him up with joy in his eyes. "I'm so proud of you! You've gone so far and look how much you've grown in these past few years!"

"I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't because of you, dad!"

"That's not true! You did most of the work, I just pushed you to do you're best."

"But you still helped so much! I wouldn't be where I am without you."

"That's not true." Toshinori put him down. "You've done so well today and over the last three years. I couldn't be more proud of my son."

"Th-Thanks, Dad. I'll push harder to be able to access 100%."

"Don't push too hard. Also don't forget that I never use 100% at all times. Just because I have access to 100%, doesn't mean I'll use it."

"Right. I'll remember."

Before both of them knew it, Izuku's first day at UA arrived. Toshinori got there early for a teacher and facility meeting. He was buffed as All Might and it was quite strenuous. He hasn't told Izuku or Inko about how little time he has left as All Might and as the Symbol of Peace. He was grinning wide as the other teachers walked in. He noticed that Eraserhead, also known as Shota Aizawa, was missing. He must be running late.

After the door shut behind Nezu, Toshinori deflated back into his true form. Those who didn't know were a bit shocked.

Chapter Text

Nezu, unlike all of the people in the room, was unfazed. "This is All Might's true form. He has been recently injured and can only maintain his form for 3 hours. Please keep this a secret." Toshinori raised his shirt to show the others. "Also, please be sensitive with his injury and try not to damage it more."

There was some muttering of excitement, probably with the knowledge that they now knew the true face of the Symbol of Peace.

The rest of the meeting went smoothly as he explained the course of action for the teachers and passed out their schedules. After the meeting, Toshinori decided it was best that he looked at who Izuku's teacher would be. After all, his teacher back when he was Izuku's age was his mentor, Gran Torino.

He had looked into teachers beforehand. Most of them were nice teachers, but Aizawa wasn't the nicest. He had expelled a full class of first years without hesitation.

Unfortunately for Izuku, that's the teacher he got.

"Shit, he got Aizawa." If he rushed, he could warn him, but it was almost time for class. He buffed up and sprinted to the classroom as fast as he could.

Once he made it to the classroom, he noticed it was empty. 'Shit'

He ran outside, and there was the class, already in gym outfits. Man, that took him back when he wore those outfits. He might still have pictures of him wearing the outfit back in his day. He says his day, but it wasn't long ago, in fact.

Even if he was strong now, he still worried he would get kicked or the entire class. He watched as Izuku excelled at each test. He was brought to ease shortly after the results were in and his son was near the top. He was becoming like him and it reminded him so much of his younger years when he was at UA. He found himself brought to tears. He was going to be okay.

He encountered Aizawa in the halls shortly afterwards, and he was still buffed up as All Might.

"Ah, how was class?" All Might smiled through his nervousness.

A glare was there to meet him. "Are you mocking me?"

'He's worse than Enishi.' All Might thought. "Ah, no! I-" He found himself compress back into his true form, coughing up blood. Luckily no one was around. He knew he wasn't past his limit, so it had to be Aizawa's doing. "Why did you do that?! Are you trying to blow my cover!"

Aizawa was more surprised than Toshinori was. "I- you're a skeleton."

"What? No!"

"The Symbol of Peace is secretly a skeleton."

"No! Just let me-"

"A secret skeletor."

"Shut the hell up! I'm injured!" He raised his shirt up to reveal his injury.

"You don't need to show me that gross shit. Quiet your profanity."

Toshinori pinched his nose. "I don't know about you. You know now about my identity, so just keep it a secret."

"I will."


Chapter Text

Toshinori went home after that encounter. Aizawa was a good man with strict ideas.  Despite everything, he was a good person and hero.

UA should be proud to have him.

Inko was on the couch, watching some old videos of All Might. He could have swore she was just as fanatic of a fan as Izuku and Enishi.

"Hey honey!"

"Hey Toshi! There are some old videos of you back before you got injured."

"What are they playing now?" Toshinori made his way to the couch, sitting down softly besides Inko.

"Some old fights of small villains, nothing like . . . All for One's. I can see why you didn't want that fight to air. You wanted to seem like the man who always won, so even if you did win against him, no one wanted to see that. What did happen out there?"

"I'm not ready to tell that story yet. It's still a harsh feeling to think about right now. I don't think you even want to hear about it."

"I probably don't." They drifted into silence, watching the old videos that was a compilation of fights and rescues All Might did. There was more of his time in America with David. He smiled to himself. Inko reached her hand over to Toshinori and lightly gripped his hand. He grabbed her hand back, smiling softly.

"I love you, Inko. Thank you for being there for me."

"I love you too, Toshi, but you don't need to thank me. I don't know what I would do without you. So please, keep pushing and living. I was so worried when you got injured. I thought you died. So when I knew you would be okay . . . I was so happy." Inko brushed tears out of her eyes. "Please don't do that again, please."

"I won't."

Little did he know, he would be breaking this promise he made to her just one more time. He thought he would die again. He thought Inko would have to raise Izuku on her own. He thought that Nighteye's prediction was correct, and that he would die horrifically by a villain. However, in the moment, all he cared about was winning against the great evil. All he cared about was about the people of the world, and making sure they were safe.

If he loses, than the rest of the world is endangered.

He also thought about his family and keeping them safe. That's all he could as Izuku's father and Inko's husband in that moment.

They needed him too.

However, this isn't for a couple months. Don't get too ahead of yourself. We still have some time before the time is ripe.

They spent the rest of the day and the night together. Dinner was made and ate. Baths were taken. Bodies were dried. Covers were brought over another. Sleep took them all in the Midoriya household.

The next morning was fresh as any morning could. Coffee was made with exchanging of kitchen snuggles between Inko and Toshinori. Dad jokes were made between Izuku and Toshinori. Jogs were taken between the three after breakfast. It was pleasant to feel the soft wind against their faces as they jogged together.

Before the three knew it, school was about to start. They stood outside UA. Izuku hugs Inko before running into the school. Toshinori hugged and kissed Inko before heading into school.

Chapter Text

He wasn't expecting to be asked by Aizawa himself to help teach for Class 1-A. He thought Aizawa hated him, but as it turns out, he is really tired and wants to sleep. Besides, All Might needs teaching experience, so what better than having him teach his class.

He taught the class, and before he knew it, he found out just how exhausting it was going to be such just a three hour time limit. If he didn't use his power, he might be able to go longer, but the matches went by quickly.

Izuku had won his match, even if it meant fighting against an old friend. That friend was Bakugou. The kid was always rough on Izuku, especially when he knew him as quirkless.

He was unable to fight until he was given One for All, then spent his time getting better with the power until he finally could use it without hurting himself until now being able to use 70%. He was nearly there, but it was always nice to be about to use 100% when needed, not that he was going to right away.

"Now watch as a pro exits, like he has somewhere to be!" He ran as fast as he could. His time limit at its end. He started to smoke, but by the time he started to, he was outside of their sight. He jumped into the teacherst office and deflated back into his true form again. He couldn't keep doing this. Teaching turned out to be more exhausting than one would believe. He was half tempted to tell the class about his injury and deflate in front of them.

However, they might lose the faith in him, even if Izuku never has.

He hasn't been heroing nearly as much as he used to, but his body was growing weaker and weaker. It made him sad. He wouldn't be able to be the hero he wanted to be forever. He would have to retire and watch his son succeed. He had good years being the Symbol of Peace. He had made a world where people could be safe.

He knew this was the fate of him, but did he really want it? He might have given up One for All, but did he really want to give up heroing?

No, he didn't.

He had reached his limit earlier in the day. He couldn't stand by while people needed help. So that's what he did. Helped the people out. He was only able to do so much.

He ended up waiting in the teacher's lounge in hopes he could last a bit longer in his muscle form. He called the teacher's at the USJ. He apologized to them and told them he would be there as soon as he could. It was strange that Aizawa and Thirteen weren't answering.

He buffed up and ran out of the door, not caring about the blood coming out of his mouth.

He ran into Iida, who had a worried look on his face. He explained to All Might that there was villains in the USJ. All Might told Iida to get the others while he ran towards the battle. This was bad. What if the students were injured or even killed? What about Izuku? Was he okay?

He smashed into the door, seeing the scene before him. Thirteen and Aizawa were injured, but the students were safe. Izuku was okay too. He was fighting along with the others against the villains. He was kicking one after another, bringing them down in a swift motion.

However, there was one villain that despite every hit it took, it wasn't going down. It was his job to defeat the villains and bring peace of mind to the students. He rushed towards the villain in charge, but as he did, another rushed to counter him. They slammed fists before slamming over and over again. He hooked the villain in the face with his fist, but nothing came of it.

He moved away, but with the opening to give to the villain to punch him, which he bent backwards to avoid. Izuku noticed that he was having trouble and came to his rescue, punching the brain villain in the face, sending him away from All Might.

"Are you okay?"

"Yes, young man, I am. Please be careful!"

"I will, but please let me help you."

"Okay," He grabbed his son's hand, smiling at him. They let go of each other, Izuku rushing forward first with him behind his son. He kicked at the villain than ducked when All Might put punch after punch against the villain. He kept doing this until he had managed to slam the villain into the ground, then with all his power, send him out of the USJ and into the sky above. Pros suddenly came to help finish the job. All Might could rest, knowing he didn't need to fight anymore.

Steam came off his body. There was smoke and dust around him, so it hid his deflating form well.

The rest seemed like a blur. He must have passed out from using too much of his power. He woke up in Recovery Girl's office. It seemed like just yesterday that he needed her help.

Chapter Text

After waking up, he felt weaker. He might not have gotten hurt, but he pushed too far past his limit. He had to make sure not to do it again or else he might run out of time faster than he wants to. Sure Izuku was very close to becoming a hero, but he still had to be the Symbol for at least another year.

Izuku was there with a worried look on his face. "Dad."

"Izuku? Is everyone okay?"

"Dad, they found out."

"What did they find out about?"

"Your secret."

The class of 1-A were there, looking worried too.

He woke up again, but it was night time. No one was in the abandoned nurse office besides Recovery Girl. She woke up. "Oh, sorry about that. You can go home now."

"Oh . . . thank you."

He did as he was told by her. "Oh, you should go home too, Recovery Girl. Oh, and thank you for everything you've done."

The news of his reduced time limit was troublesome. He didn't have very long as the Symbol now. He had to tell Izuku about this.

After that news, he made his way to Izuku. Luckily it was lunch time. He found him with Iida and Ururaka. In his dorky humor, he decided to go for his signature catch phrase.


Izuku looked shocked at this. "Whoo, All Might! What are you doing here?"

"Lunch! Wanna eat with me?"

"That's adorable!" Ururaka exclaimed. Iida nodded to Midoriya.

"Sure thing." He followed after Toshinori as they went into a meeting room. Once inside, Toshinori deflated. He sat down and Izuku followed a few seconds later. "I should get straight to the point. I can only be All Might for 50 minutes." He said as he stared at Midoriya.

"Only 50 minutes?!"

"Yeah, that's how long I can use my power. I can barely look like All Might for an hour and a half."

"I'm sorry-"

"AHAHAHA! You don't need to apologize. We are alike, you and me. Have some tea."


"I wanted you to know that you should be ready for the sports festival. Just keep your training in mind and do your best. You have a clever head on your shoulders and you've worked hard. I want you to succeed so you can take my place as the next Symbol of Peace. I want you to show the world that you are here and here to stay."

"I will, dad."

And that's what he did. One trial after another, he won and moved on time and time again. He won against Shinso, Todoroki, Iida, and even Bakugou. He had won the sport's festival.

Shinso's fight was one that seemed like it wasn't going to be won. Toshinori had watched the fight behind Izuku. However, Izuku broke Shinso's quirk from his mind and managed to win. Afterwards, he had told Toshinori about the people he saw when he was in a haze. About the others users of One for All. When he was Izuku's age, he had something similar, but it never affected him.

Todoroki's fight was a lot of attacks at once. He got Todoroki to see that his fire was his own, and not just his father's. They battled to the end, but Izuku had won, even if it was barely.

Iida was a harder fight, and they tried to avoid combat as much as they could, trying to push each other out of the ring. Izuku ended up kicking him out of the ring.

Bakugou and Izuku was the most thrilling and nerve raking of them all. Both of them wanted to win and tried to overpower each other. But in the end, Izuku had won. Toshinori rose up in his chair and cheered.

He went down as All Might to award the winners. His smile was the brightest its ever been. He awarded Tokoyami, Bakugou, and Midoriya. He lingered for a moment on Midoriya before raising his hand up. "Go beyond, PLUS ULTRA!"

Toshinori was walking with Midoriya. He was in his true form, so it made blending in a bit easier, even though he was still taller than most of the students and a lot of the teachers. Mina, Iida, Todoroki, Kirishima and Uraraka came over. Toshinori tried to look as casual as he could.

"Hey, Midoriya, is that your dad?" Mina asked. Toshinori coughed up blood suddenly, looking away from the others in hope they don't notice.

"Nope! He's just m-my trainer! I need help to master my odd quirk! Th-that's all!" Izuku quickly laughed it off nervously.


Chapter Text

Even though Midoriya won, the offer from Gran Torino stood out to Izuku more than the others. He told Toshinori after picking his choice. Toshinori was surprised. "Is it because he already knows about One for All?"

"That, and he will helped me with you back on the beach that year I was still quirkless and even more during the last three years. Besides, maybe you should see him too."

"I am grateful for him, but this is your internship, not mine. Besides, I know the guy more than I should. Just do your best out there! I'll be here if you need me at all."

"Hey, are you okay?"

"Yeah, why's that?"

"Your legs are shaking."

"Gran Torino makes me nervous is all." He stopped in his tracks. "And I had this weird dream that my secret was revealed about my form to your classmates. I haven't been able to concentrate too well since then."

"I didn't tell them and they still don't know. I've been good to keep it a secret."

"Keeping what secret, Deku?" Uraraka asked.

"Ah, nothing!"

"Who's the skeleton guy?" Toshinori coughed in his hands and tried to sneak away, but Iida was there too.

"Oh, he's just someone who's trying to help me with my quirk."

"Nice to meet you, sir!"

"Yeah, nice to meet ya."

"Are you surprising us with new techniques?"

"Yeah! I just need to practice."

"I can't wait to see it!"

"I should get going and practice before my big internship!"

"Yeah, see ya!" Both of them waved as Midoriya and Toshinori ran off. They ran all the way home, even though Toshinori was already exhausted less than half way. It shocked him that his son picked him up and ran the rest of the way home.

By the time the two got home, Toshinori was asleep in his arms. Inko took him off Izuku's hands, gently putting him on the couch. He was so light.

She was glad that he would retire soon.

The internships came and gone. He got a call from Gran Torino while he was researching. He didn't notice the number or that it was his old friend and mentor. He jumped up out of his chair and coughed up blood. "Toshinori?"

"What?! Hi, sir!"

"You should have warned me about Izuku Midoriya. His recklessness to rush into action is just like yours. He's getting more and more like you, which isn't good. Thanks to him, I'm getting a pay cut and my teacher's license suspended."

"Oh no, what did he do? I'm sorry he caused you so much trouble." He walked out of the room slowly. "This is bad."

"I'm not worried about the license. I only did it so I could accomplish my promise to Shimura. She would have been proud."

"And thanks to you that I'm the number 1 hero today. I really should visit you more often."

"Then why don't you? Is it because of the kid?"

"That, and my teaching job keeps me busy."

"Don't forget that you have a wife that loves you. Find time to let her know that you care too."

"I do."

"I don't need to hear about that." Toshinori blushed red. "How much have you told to young Izuku about One for All?"

"What didd it have to do with him?" Toshinori made it into a secure room and shut the door behind him.

"I met the Hero Killer for a brief time, but in that time, he shook me to my very core. I' some way, his intensity is like yours when it comes to being the Symbol of Peace. He might influence others around the world because of his ideas. Him and the League are connected .The nomu in the city was proof enough plus the two standing on top of a rooftop. The nomu had more than one quirk, so it's possible that he's returned."

"All for One?"

"Yes. That's why it's important for you to tell him. Don't leave anything hanging. That's including what Nighteye said."

Chapter Text

Izuku walked into the room. He was still in his uniform . Toshinori didn't try to look grim, but he did. This was hard to hear that he son was attacked by a villain, even if it was his fault.

"Sit down."


"I heard that the Hero Killer ate some of your blood."

"He had a quirk that allowed him to paralyze people by disgusting their blood."

"Do you remember what I said that day when I gave you my power?"

"Eat this!"

"No, not that! The secret is in my dna, that's why you had to swallow the hair."

"Does that mean the Hero Killer has One for All?" Izuku was panicking and it shooked Toshi.

"No, he doesn't. I just thought you might be worried about it, but I see it never crossed your mind." He took a deep breath and explained the origins of One for All, that it originated from All for One. That One for All wasn't one quirj, but two that are combined together.

"There will come a time that you will need to fight this great evil, because I failed to do it myself."

"I'll do it .I'll do anything you all of me! If you're by my side, I know we can do it."

Toshinori put his hand to his mouth. "You'll suffer a death, to gruesome to describe."

'Just tell him. He needs to know.'

"Thank you."

When he heard that Izuku was targetted by the League, specifically Shigaraki, it worried him so much that he had to come to the station as soon as he could when Naomasa told him about what happened.

He was so grateful. He patted his son on the head. "I'm glad you're safe."

"I'm okay, thanks." In public, they acted like mentor and pupil, so they weren't seen as father and son. "I'm more worried about you!"

"I'm not going to die any time soon," Toshinori tried to reassure, but it was a lie. He was going to die by a villain one way or another.

He knocked on his son's door after getting a message from Melissa. He had his suitcase packed. Izuku woke up and realized what was happening, then packed too in a hurry before rushing out with his dad.

Before he knew it, it all seemed like a blur. The villains, the truth about David, the giant fight, it all seemed so blurry. He woke up again on the plane, as he did coming to the island. He was so frustrated. David. Oh David how this isn't how it was supposed to end. You didn't have to worry about me. You just got caught in my web and got hurt. I'm so sorry. I'll make All for One pay.


"I'm okay, sorry." He grinned, trying to push the negative feelings away. "Sorry about what happened."

"It's not your fault!"

Toshinori only smiled.

It was his fault. He ran into that fight, and even though he won, he lost.

Before long, Izuku was off with his class into the woods. It would be good for him.

Toshinori and Inko spent time watching tv together, bathing in old times with young Izuku running around, with Toshinori before he got injured when he would use Inko as his weight and lift her up and down. It was such precious moments. It was still precious moments with the three, but it just seemed slower and without the same feeling as it used to have.

Toshinori couldn't do what he used to and Inko was always so stressed . . . he wanted to do something for her.

"Did you want to take a bath with me?" Toshinori invited her.

"Huh?" She seemed a bit spaced out. "What was that?"

"Do you want to take a bath with me?" Toshinori said.

"Oh! Sure!" Inko blushed at how she said that so fast. "This is the first in awhile, are you feeling better?"

"I'm never going to be better, but I just figured we haven't spent time . . . like alone together. Like . . . naked."

"Like sex?"

"Yeah. Like sex. I mean- having sex."

"So when you say bath, you mean sex?"

"No- I mean, I want to take a bath with you and maybe sex."

"Sounds like you want just sex."

"I want to take a bath and have sex."

"At the same time?" Inko giggled at him. "How about sex then a bath?"

"Okay . . . I don't . . . maybe I don't . . . maybe I can't . . . you know."

"I don't know what you mean."

"Since I got injured . . . I can't overexert myself . . . and sex is . . . great, but . . . probably very exhausting . . . for me . . . we just haven't had it . . . since I got injured . . . and maybe we should be gentle?"

"I can always be top, if you want. I'll try not to put too much weight on you."

"Maybe . . ."

"Oh, stop it! We'll be fine." Inko took him by the hand to the bathroom.

The whole experience was actually quite enjoyable for both of them. Toshi started out as bottom as Inko rode him. She wasn't as heavy as he thought she would be, and she was good at this. Midway through, Toshinori topped her to completion with a set of pillows to raise her up since she was so much shorter than he was.

He finished, laying beside her. Both of them were sweaty, but smiling.

"Let's go take a bath, since you wanted one so badly."

Chapter Text

The news hit Toshinori hard. Bakugou was captured. Many were injured and unconscious. Worse, his son was injured. He was in the hospital. His body was damaged. He had to see his son. No matter what. He rushed to his side.

Izuku was still out, his arms braced, his forehead wrapped, his legs wrapped and braced too. His hair unkempt, but he was alive. His burst into tears. "Young Midoriya." He hugged him softly, sobbing into him. This wasn't like him at all. He tried not to cry, but he cried more than he wanted to. He didn't want to show that side of himself to his son, at least not yet.

Toshinori held his son tightly in his arms, sobbing into his son's shirt. Inko was right behind him, but he sprinted so fast that it took her longer to get there than he took. She saw the scene before her. Her husband huddling their son. He turned to her. "I'm so sorry." She gently put the sliced apples on the table besides Izuku, put the note down and left.

Toshinori wouldn't speak to her again until two days later, and a lot happens in these two days.

He also wouldn't be talking to Izuku for that long too or most people for that long.

Naomasa called him, asking for his aid to rescue Bakugou and defeat All for One one last time.

He agreed instantly. He was the only one to be able to defeat All for One, that he knew of. Toshinori went to the police office immediately and was greeted by heroes joining into the room too. He was grateful to have so many strong people in the room.

When Gran Torino walked in, he had to take a double. He hadn't seen him for a couple years now, but he barely aged since he last saw him.


"Ah, Toshi! Nice to see you again."

"You've aged well."

"Same as you, Toshinori."

The meeting began soon enough, with the plan to rescue Bakugou and take down the League for the last time.

The plan was set in motion and the group came to the bar. The counter attack would soon begin.

Edgeshot was the first to start. He distracted the ones inside while All Might slammed through the walls, kicking back a few villains that were near the door. It worked wonders and the enemy wasn't expecting it. Kamui Woods was next, binding the villains were they stood. Gran Torino knocked the flame one unconscious. Toshinori was the center of attention in this encounter.

His rage got the best of him. He wanted to get his hands on All for One. To kill him. Just as quickly at the counter attack took place, so did the counter to that counter attack. Nomu came out of no where. Bakugou was taken, along with the other members of the League. It was all a giant mess.

"I'm going after All for One, Gran Torino!" Toshinori had said after defeating four Nomu.

"I'll be right there! Go ahead!" Toshinori nodded and jumped.

Chapter Text

He made it to the other hideout in little time. As he had expect, All for One was there, along with the rest of the League and Bakugou.

At least the boy was still fighting against these villains, but now he's surrounded.

He couldn't grab the boy, even if he wanted to. He couldn't grab Best Jeanist or Gang Orca or Mount Lady.

There was too many in the way, not to mention All for One was keeping him back. All he could do was clash with the man. To keep him from intervening with Bakugou.

Little did he know his son was there too, along with at least three others. As Bakugou fought against villains for his freedom and Toshinori fought against All for One to keep him back.

There was a sudden crash coming from the building, then the air seemed to go cold. A giant ramp of ice was made in an instant. Everything seemed to pause. Everyone looked at Iida, Kirishima, and Izuku.

Bakugou shot up into the air as Kirishima yelled for him. They grabbed hands, and shot off. The enemy needed Bakugou, but Mount Lady was there to stop one of them. Then Gran Torino finally arrived to stop them from doing anything else.

Despite it all, Toshinori couldn't be more proud of him, even if he didn't realize it right away. He was angry for their recklessness, but he was proud of them.

"He's growing more and more like you, not a compliment!"

"I thought after Hosu he wouldn't come to the battlefield. Damn teenagers." He coughed again. He felt himself nearing his time limit. Despite all of this, he kept pushing. Pushing towards his end. "It's bad I had to rely on them, but now I won't hold back against you!"

All for One activated his quirk in his finger tips. "They got us." He seemed to target All Might, but as he moved out of the way, he was targeting Magne. "Forceable quirk activation: Magnetism." The villains were pulled into the portal made by the warp gate. Shigaraki continued to struggle against it. Toshinori looked at him for a moment, and he saw the same pain on his face as he did when he lost his master and Gran Torino had to pull him off the battlefield so he didn't die along with her.

"Master! I won't go!" Shigaraki was sucked in with the others and the gate closed behind him.

Toshinori turned back to All for One, ready to strike him down again. "Warping, plus shock inversion!" Gran Torino was before him. He couldn't stop the punch coming straight for Gran Torino, then the punch came straight back to him, but without the concentrated force of a fist.

"Ugh! I'm sorry!" He wasn't able to contain the arm he used to to punch Gran Torino with on accident. It flapped in the high speed winds.

"I only came to save Tomura, but if you say you're going to fight, then I'll face you as you wish. In the past, your fist crushed one after another of my comrades. Many were forced in the shadows underground, while you were extolled as the Symbol of Peace. What a grand view you must have had atop our sacrifices. A hero standing on the mountain of our defeats."

"Detroit" He grabbed Gran Torino and pulled him behind him. "Smash!" He threw a punch, but it was quickly thrown back at him. Unlike this time, it seemed to last longer. It ripped slowly at his clothes, mostly his sleeves. He kept a grip on Gran Torino and hoped he didn't get hurt because of the blast. He couldn't hold back the blood in his mouth and coughed it out.

All for One stopped the attack and muttered to himself. "You still won't fight me with your full power, huh? Cause doing so will endanger all the people you've sworn to protect."

"You showed up! Always toying with people! You steal, break them, manipulate and discard them! You scoff at innocent people who are just trying to less happy lives! This cannot continue!" He gripped All for One's arm tightly.

"It's over."

"I won't let it!" He slammed his fist into All for One, using mostly his own body weight to throw him down. He was panting violently. His hair on his right side started to drop into his face and unravel from his head to spike outwards.

"Toshinori! You reached your limit!" Gran Torino. He already knew this.

"What's wrong?" Toshinori turned back to All for One. "You seem to be worked up about something. I've heard the same line before you know." All for One started to laugh. It could only be one other person. No one else has fought him before. "From the person who had One for All before you. Nana Shimura."

"You have so much in common with Nana Shimura. The utter waste of a human who passed One for All onto you."

"My master was a true hero! Keep her name out of your filthy mouth!"

"A woman with no skill and grand ideas she couldn't live up to. How embarrassing for me, the creator of One for All to see her inherit the power. And the way she died was so pathetic! Shall I tell you all about it?" Toshinori was furious at this point. He raised his left arm up to punch him.

"Enough!" Just as quickly as he was ready to throw a punch into his face, a counter attack was in place and threw him into the air very quickly. He coughed up blood again as he flew into the air. Tiny arms grabbed him suddenly, sending him off course from the newly arrived helicopter and to the ground below.

"Gran Torino?" He looked a bit shocked. He was sure his friend was knocked out from the hit. He should know better than that.

"It's the same as last time. Toshinori, calm down. Six years you got distracted, and that's how he escaped and put a hole in your stomach. That's always been your weakness. Don't let him get under your skin."

"Yes sir."

"His quirks and fighting style is completely different than they were. Use your wits. Can you still fight?" Gran Torino turned to him. Toshinori nodded softly as he panted. "It's do or die. You must go past your limit!"

"I will!" He slowly stood up, ready to face him again. He started to cough and kept his hand over his mouth.

"I find myself conflicted. Tomura has been the one to chip away at societies trust in heroes. So is it fair that I should land the final blow? You know All Might, as much as you hate me, I think I probably loath you more. I killed your master, sure. But you took away so much from me, everything I tried to build. That's why I want you to suffer until your last breath, and die broken and disgraced, for all the world to see!" All for One's arm expanded.

"Big ones coming, dodge and counter!" Gran Torino jumped up in the air and Toshinori was about to jump.

"Not everyone is so fast!" All for One taunted.

Toshinori heard a noise behind him. Another survivor! He stayed put, not knowing anything about this person, but knowing he needed to protect her. He wasn't going to let her die!

"Watch out!" Gran Torino didn't see her. Toshinori only saw her, or knew she was there.

"I will obliterate everything you protected!" The blast came straight at Toshinori. He felt his clothing rip more, his skin being ripped off his muscles. He felt his body deflate little by little as he countered the attack. He was such a fool, but he wouldn't have done anything different. He wanted to protect! It was his duty as the Symbol of Peace.

He felt like his skin being scratched and peeled off by the blast. He felt blood run down his face. Despite it all, he kept his arm out, not letting him obliterate this innocent bystander who was probably enjoying her day before this .Maybe was asleep, maybe was watching TV. It doesn't matter, she had a happy life. The attack ended, smoke whirling around him. He knew he was in his weakened form and the smoke wasn't going to last for long. His arm shaking, his stayed in the position as his body shook. 'Dammit.'

"First to go will be your self respect and ridiculous public image. Show the world how pitiful you really are, Symbol of Peace." He kept his eyes on All for One as the smoke cleared. If he was lucky, he was hoping this didn't happen and that his retirement wouldn't end with the reveal of his true form, that he could just disappear and finally be happy.

However, it wouldn't be the retirement he wanted. If he was going out, it would be like this. It would be in battle with his strength and remaining bits of One for All still in him. It would be protecting the people with all his might. He wouldn't want it any other way.

Toshinori gritted his teeth, still glaring at All for One.

"Hallow cheeks and sunken eyes! To think you're their greatest hero! Now the adoring fans know your true form! Try not to be embarrassed!" He paused, head tilted to Toshinori. "Your move." Toshinori continued to glare.

"Even as my body rots and grows frail. Even as you expose my weakened state! In my heart, I remain the Symbol of Peace! There's nothing you can do to take that from me!" He clenched his fist tightly. Even in his weakened form, he still had fight in him, even though his punches were pretty weak.

"Ah, I forgot how stubborn you are! I guess I'll just give up! But there is one thing that you might be interested to know. Tomura Shigaraki, my apprentice! He's Nana Shimura's grandson." The words sunk into him. "I wondered what would annihilate your golden heart. So I found Tomura. Groomed him to hate you and watched as you smile so proudly as you beat your master's decedent."

"That's a lie," Toshinori still couldn't believe it. It couldn't be. In some way, he was begging for this to be a lie. He was shaking at this.

"Oh come now. You know it's the truth. That is clearly something I would do." He paused, admiring his foe's shaking form even though his eyes weren't looking. "Huh? That's strange, All Might. Where is your smile now?" He started to laugh.

"Y-you bas-tard!"

"How very entertaining! I think I've taken piece of you after all!"

"He was my master's grandchild. My god, what would she say if she knew how we turned out!" He shouted out, despair running through him.

"Don't lose! Keep going, All Might! We need you!"

Muscles started to form on his right arm. He wasn't giving up. He has to remember why he does what he does. He does this because ever since he was a kid, he's wanted to be the Symbol of Peace that has brought joy and peace to the world and most importantly, Japan, the homeland of him and his master. "Fear not, Miss."

All for One hummed. "You're right! A hero has so much to protect in this world! Which is why, I will defeat you!" He coughed up a bit of blood.

All for One started to rise up into the air. "There it is. That's the last of your strength, isn't it All Might? A wounded hero is a most frightened animal! Do you know that even now I sometimes dream of you charging at you with your entrails sprawled across the ground." His right arm expanded and pointed his hand towards him. "You have what, two or three punches left!"

Flames suddenly shot from the side followed by the gust of wind that countered the blow. Toshinori knew who it was before he even showed his face.

"Are you serious?" A heavy footstep was heard from the side the fire came from. "WHAT THE HELL'S GOING ON WITH THAT WEAK LITTLE BODY?!" He stared at him in anger. "Dammit All Might." He muttered to himself. Toshinori couldn't hear him, but he was definitely talking about him. "STAND UP AND SHOW THEM WHY YOU'RE BETTER!"


"If the only reason why you're here is to cheer him on, I prefer you to remain silent."

"Think again, mad man! We're here to assist!" Kamui Woods was there in a flash, rushing around the battlefield at a quick pace, grabbing people, mainly Best Jeanist, Mount Lady, and Gang Orca.

"All of you came!" Toshinori was shocked.

"Of course we did. If we can just help a little, we have fulfilled our duty."

"Thank you."

"You have to stop him, All Might. This personification of evil. Pros and citizens everywhere are praying for your victory. No matter what you look like, you're still everyone's number one hero!" Edgeshot flew around, trying to distract All for One while Endeavor shot fire at All for One.

"How pointless." All for One suddenly sent compressed air towards the ground. "Let's do focusing on heroism and start focusing on reality." He proceeded to ramble off all of the quirks he was using. "The shock waves up until now were simply to wear you out. I knew it would take a lot more than that to kill you. In order to put you down for good, I will punch you with all the quirks I have stored up within me right now. This will end you." This is the end, Toshinori kept thinking. Regardless, he rose his arm up, ready to fight back. "I wasn't sure until we exchanged blows tonight, but now I am. One for All no longer dwells within you. What your attacking me with is just a lingering ghost. The embers that remain from what you already passed down, and that fire gets weaker every time you use it. Even now it's a spark about to put itself out. Izuku Midoriya! He's the child you passed One for All onto, isn't he? I bet he came here without your asking. You have no control over him! It sounds as though you will die full of regrets, All Might. As a hero and as a teacher!"

Both of their fists clashed. It was only a matter of seconds before Toshinori couldn't keep up with the force of the blow and was driven backwards.

"Impact recoil!" Toshinori felt his arm break in places and blood started to spurt out.

"You're right. As his teacher, I should have reprimanded him for coming here. I failed, which is why I have to make it up to him!"

"I see. The weak embers inside you are resisting. Trying to rekindle some of your former strength. A desperate attempt to rage against the enviable, and fulfill your duties. But it's not enough!" He drive down on Toshinori. His arm was now for sure broken.

"I'll beat you. Not because I'm a symbol, but because I'll do what me matter did for me. Until I'm finished training young Midoriya. Until he's ready!"

"It's embarrassing how much you're resisting."

"I won't." Toshinori left arm grew in size and gained muscle.

"Perhaps I was wrong."

He let his right arm shrink and fall behind him.

"I refuse to die!" It happened so fast. All for One fell forward from the lack of Toshinori's fist. His giant arm ran behind him. An opening was made and Toshinori took it. Slamming his left fist into All for One's face.

"A clever trick. That's so unlike you! Still weak though!" All for One started to charge up his left arm. Toshinori's left arm shrinked and All for One seemed to be shocked by this. He was going to use his injured arm.

"That's because I didn't put my back into it that time!" He rose his arm up into the air, clenching his fist and growing his arm up with muscles.

"Goodbye, All for One!" He moved quickly towards his foe at a high speeds, but remembering his training 

"UNITED STATES OF SMASH!" He punched All for One and swiftly threw him on the ground in one swift motion. Strong winds swirled around him and his foe. He felt the taste of iron surging up his mouth and nose. His previous face wounds bleed more.

"Goodbye, One for All."

The winds faded, and the smoke disbursing. He found himself hunched over, bleeding. He heard the helicopter behind him. He slowly rose up his left arm into the air, and grew muscles over it. He waited a moment, then went into his muscle form. It was too much for him and he hunched, smoke coming off him.

He helped pick up All for One and take him towards the police. He deflated completely afterwards, unable to keep his muscle form. He would probably be lucky if he was able to maintain it for a second.

The reporters were talking, but all he could do was look at All for One and come to realize that he was now quirkless, unable to fight once again. It would have brought him to tears, but there was no time to cry right now.

He pointed towards the camera with a shaded look. Toshinori didn't want to look at the camera. He didn't want to tell the world that he's done. That this was his last fight.

"Now . . . Now, it's your turn."

His lowered his unbroken arm. His vision was going white. Just like that, he must have dropped to his knees and didn't feel the ground under him.

Chapter Text

He woke up in a dark area. He wasn't sure where he was, but he didn't feel any pain.

"Hey Toshi!" a familiar voice came behind him. He turned around. It was Nana as he remembered her.

"Nana!" His surprise was on his face. He smiled. "You're alive!"

"You did really good! However, you can't go yet!"

"I can't?" He looked over at a red arc before turning to her. "Is this what Nighteye saw?"

"You can't die, Toshi. Not yet" She smiled to him. "You need to take care of your successor. He still needs you. I'll see you before you know it!" She touched him and everything went black.

He wasn't expecting to return to this fight again in his dreams, but he did.

He was giving blow after blow to All for One, despite his chest bleeding, his stomach lurching, his breaths hard to come by. He was doing more damage to All for One than he was to All Might.

He was sweating, which he never did. This was bad, he had to end this.

In a swift motion, he punched All for One in the face, sending him to the ground, and he was motionless. He was dead, or so he thought.

The pain screamed on his left side. He held it and saw blood. So much blood. He didn't realize he was kneeling before the body or that he was hearing the lingering words that was sent along with the wound.

I'll make sure you never smile again.

He woke up in the hospital. Sorahiko and Tsukauchi were there. Toshinori sat up slowly with his left arm. There was a lingering pain in his arms, but mostly his right arm. It was in a cast with a wrap around his neck.

"Is . . . Is it true? About One for All." Gran Torino asked.

Toshinori nodded. "The embers inside of me have been snuffed out. The Mighty Symbol of Peace is no more. But I can't rest-"

There was a knock at the door of his room. "Come in."

Nighteye peered into the room. "Is there room for one more?"

"Nighteye! Yes, come in!" He hasn't seen his sidekick in a long time.

"I'm so glad you're okay and alive! I watched the broadcast and I thought- I though that was your end!" He walked over quickly, hugging him tightly, body shaking as warm tears fell down his face. Naomosa looked confused at this. Gran Torino looked at him with that look. He would tell him later.

The others had left, letting All Might rest. Recovery Girl didn't come. He wasn't surprised. Her healing could only do so much. 

He picked up his phone. He hasn't looked at it since the fight and even before then. There was a lot of calls, a lot of text messages, lots of emails. His phone was blowing up with love and support from his fans and from his family. Inko had texted him many times between the last few hours.

Honey, are you okay?

I'm sorry. I didn't mean to run off like that.


Oh my gosh, Toshi.

That's not him, is he? The man who hurt you? Toshi, please get out of there! Please don't die! Toshi, I need you!

I know you can't see these right now, but I just want you to know how much I love you!

Toshi. You're secret! I still believe in you! Please don't give up!

Toshi, please! You need to keep fighting! Don't let this man under your skin! Please Toshi, we need you! I need you!

Yes, Toshi, please keep fighting!

I'm so glad the others are here to help you and are okay


I'm glad you're okay! I'll see you later. Text me when you get out of the hospital!

There wasn't anymore texts after that. He smiled. He was so damn lucky.

Toshinori was emitted out of the hospital soon afterwards. He went straight to the beach. He just stood there, thinking. He texted Izuku, telling him where he was.

He just stood out, watching the waves hit the beach. He stood there for what seemed like forever, until a familiar voice cried out.


"Ah, you finally made it," he turned to his son and smiled.

"Are you okay?!"

"Took you long enough!"


"Texas SMASH!" He slammed his good fist into his son's cheek, knocking him down while blood came out of his mouth. "You made a promise, but as it turns out, you can't keep your word. If any of you got hurt, it would have all been in vain! You've got some bad influences!" He was done scolding him. He couldn't hurt his son anymore than he already has. Seeing his mouth quiver and his eyes watering. "Young Midoriya, listen. I'm officially retired as a pro. It's clear that my body won't allow me to fight another battle." His son's eyes watered more and lip kept quivering. A sense of humor was in order.

Toshinori buffed up into All Might. He threw three punches with his unbroken arm. His strength failed him and he reverted back into Toshinori. Blood surged out of his mouth in a large amount. It kept dripping from his mouth to his chin. Izuku screamed. He looked more shocked than anything.

His arm was shaking from trying to use his power that he didn't have anymore. "The last sparks of One for All have left my body, and my muscle form won't last for any significant amount of time. I can't protect you when you put yourself in danger now, and you're always rushing in to try to help no matter what I tell you, destroying your body over and over again. Yet back there, you managed to-" He reached a hand out to Izuku. He coiled into himself, expecting another blow to his face. He cupped his cheek and shut his eyes.

Toshi loamed over Izuku. "rescue your friend without getting hurt or into fight. I'm so proud of you." He put his hand on Izuku's heads and he kneeled down to his son. He was glad that Izuku couldn't see his face. His voice showed enough emotions that he rather not show.

"From here on out, I'll devote myself to training you. You're stuck with me. Let's keep working hard together."

"Thank you," Izuku sobbed. "Nothing would make me happier, dad!" He felt hot tears on his shirt.

"What did I say about keeping your word, you little crybaby." He let a tear fall from his sunken eyes. All of the emotions he's tried to keep in check broke. The sadness of Shigaraki's background, Nana's death that started this all, the prospects of his death that could have happened in that battle. It all seemed so much, but the fact his son was okay. That he was alive, it made this situation better. He had entrusted this power to him. He was so worried his son would die. That One for All would no longer continue to aid in the fight against evil. He didn't want that. "I thought we agreed you would stop it with the waterworks." Izuku only cried more.

In this moment on the beach, he would let his son cry. Their thought were on each other. On the fact of their possible deaths that could have happened. He couldn't help but cry with his son.

He told him about Shigaraki. He told him how he is his master's grandchild. How he intends to find him. That's all he said. He didn't want to tell him more.

The next few days would be hard on him and the rest of the world.

Chapter Text

Toshi has a lot to do, but seeing Inko again was first.

He brought Izuku home with him. They needed to be a family again. They would have plenty of time now that his retirement was near.

He would need to tell her his plans. That he was a retired man. That he would have her in his arms again, not having to worry about anything besides the future ahead with their son.

They made it home. He hadn't seen her since before the fight. Before he got Injured by All for One. She probably knew how much he got hurt to protect the world around him. She was probably worried sick.

He opened the door. She was in the kitchen, looking at her food. She looked up. A smile on her face. She got up. Toshi smiled too. He ran towards her. A swift punch to his groin. He grips it, blood flies from his mouth. He collapses to the ground, holding his groin.

"Why didn't you message me when you got out of the hospital? I was worried about you!"

"I'm sorry, Inko." He looked up at her. There was tears in her eyes. "Inko . . . this is-"

"It's not! It's that bastard of a man! He ripped you apart. If it wasn't for him, you wouldn't have had to give up your power so quickly! Maybe you could have killed that awful man for good!"

"Inko, he was too strong for me. Even if I did kill him, I would have died myself. And I have a family that needs me alive." Inko walked up to him, kneeling down and hugging him.

"Thank you, Toshi. For being there." Inko looked sad. "I didn't want this to end like this. That you had to lose so much in front of so many people. But, I don't need to worry about you anymore."

"I don't need to worry about you. You don't need to worry .I'll be right here for you." He cupped her cheek, tears in his sunken eyes. "I love you. I hope you know that."

"I do. I really do."

"Mom. Dad." Izuku ran up and hugged them both. They both stayed like this. Together, on the floor. A family together at last.