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Anna Valdez was preoccupied. A man's body was been found in the river at Chicago, he was shot in the face. The DA office investigated but they didn't find anything, she had not idea what to do and where to start. Since Peter Stone left she was promoted as first chair. She was in her office thinking about what to do when the phone rang "Valdez." it was the lab "I'm on my way."

At the lab Dr Fletcher updated her "So I was able to fix our victim face and let me introduce you Mr Horace Benjamin." while she said that Fletcher she tended her an ipad with the picture of the victim. Valdez took it and thanked her and left. When she came back to her office , Valdez was confused because the face of the victim seemed a little familiar to her.


"Sorry, where I can find Mr. Stone? The ADA?" asked a man

"He isn't here, he's at NYC right now." said a secretary

"Ah! you know when he'll be back.I need to speak with him, it's urgent..."

"Sorry sir but give me your name, I'll give your contact to him."

"Ah, Ok...but.. I need to speak with him , it's really important.." "Like I said sir, he isn't here."

"Ah! Ok.. so I'll give you my contact. Is it alright."

"Yes."the man gave her his card and he left the room anxious. Anna Valdez saw the man leaving and entered in her office 


Anna Valdez  picked her phone and composed Peter's number. 


Anna Valdez  was in NYC, she walked inside the New York County District Attorney's office.

Peter Stone was in his office, someone knocked 

"Come in." Valdez entered  "Peter." "Anna!" Stone get up and hugged her

" So how are you?" asked Stone "Fine."  "What's new?"  "Like I told you on the phone, I have a weird one.." Valdez answered, Stone offered to sit, Valdez said and explained to him

She explained that CPD discovered a body of a man in the river, that  there were nothing on the securities videos, they didn't have any suspect. She explained that PD didn't find any hotels reservations for the victim, that he wasn't a local . She explained, they only know the victim  Horace Benjamin was shoot in the face five times. 

After listening his colleague carefully, Stone said "As far as I know it's 2018 nobody is invisible, your victim said he wanted to see me?" "Yes, 5 months ago he came to see you but Linda forget to warn you. " "You saw the guy?" asked Stone "Vaguely..but..." "But?" " But for what I saw , he seemed agitated. Odd."

Stone thought, raised his head and smiled "Interesting case, let's investigate. They both get up and Stone escorted Valdez at the door, she marked a little silence "Peter.. I'm sorry..." Sone clench his jaws and nodded and Valdez nodded too and left.