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Chapter One: Scattered

Somewhere in the Arizona desert….

Two large grey wolves race along the desert floor. One had broken ahead and started towards a small hill. That wolf could feel the hot sand cooling under his paws and the sun set. The wolf behind him growled and snipped at his tail causing him to force himself to move faster. But they had been running for a while now, and the steep hill wasn’t easily to climb. Another snap at his tail had him looking over his shoulder and growling at the other wolf. Who just huffed and opened his jaws as him to try and bite his tail again. That was enough to get him moving with the last of his speed.

When he finally reached the top, the other wolf, moved up brushing against him, spreading his scent along his fur,until they stood shoulder to shoulder, showing that even in wolf form they were of identical size. They both could be heard panting as they looked out of the valley below the hill. It was a great view. They stood there for a while, as the desert grew darker.

Once he had his breath back, he quickly turned and licked the others wolfs snout, his own payback for his brother’s playing bites earlier. His brother growled but didn’t retaliate, probably to tired.

The wolf on his right gave a huff and slowly started to change his shape. He took a breath and quickly followed suit. A soft whine and a few pops could be heard and then their two wolves where gone, now in their place stood their human forms.

“I think it’s time we go back.” He said, not looking at his brother.

He knew how Aiden felt about going back. But he also knew they were being pulled back. Something institutive and primal, that they could both feel. Like a tug in their chests that was dragging them back to Beacon Hills. Aiden thought it was the pull of Lydia and Danny, but Ethan he had another theory, not that he didn’t miss Danny, one he hadn’t shared because it was a hope, and one he couldn’t give his brother until he was sure. Because if he told his brother and he was wrong Aiden would be angry. So, for now he kept it to himself.

They had spoken about going back several times since they left. Each time, one of them gave a reason for why it was a bad idea, and they kept moving, further and further away. They moved first up the coast and then away out across the county, finally settling in a small town in North Carolina.

But that tug, was getting stronger. They hadn’t mentioned much, but it was becoming clearer as slowly found their way back towards the coast. They had been moving closer and closer to California for weeks now, and he knew it wouldn’t belong until they were back in Beacon Hills.

No matter if that’s what they intended or not, their wolves seemed to want it to happen. So, it would. He just had to get his brother to stop putting it off.

He heard his brother sigh, “And if they don’t want us there?”

He smiled, because he hated said no.

Turning to look at his brother, “Then we prove to them we belong there. We are strong, fighters, and we can do things they will refuse. We can keep them safe.” His eye’s flashed blue to prove his point.

His brother’s eyes flashed in responds, “If they still want a fight or tell us to leave?”

He rolled his eyes, of course his brother would expect that. But he didn’t agree not after they helped them in the end. Not with the small bit of hope he had in the back of his mind as to way they were being pulled back. He knew that they wouldn’t be welcomed back with open arms but he also believed that given time they would be welcomed back.

“They won’t.” He said, closing his eyes and feeling for his wolf. This was new, something they learned from a lone wolf only a few months back, a way to change fully into their wolf. Not the misshapen half forms they had always known. This was form better, more connected, more powerful, and he hoped to teach it to the others, as soon as they could. He took a breath and there was his wolf, as always it was right there just in the back of his mind, waiting for him to embrace it. With very little effort he pulled it forward and let it again change his body.

He heard his brothers annoyed growl, as he finished his shift and took off at a run. It didn’t take long before he heard the sound of four paws chasing after him. He smiled.

He knew his brother was nervous about going back, scared that Scott; the Alpha, wouldn’t accept them and they would never be part of a pack again. But he also knew he missed her, the one person he let himself get close to, and the fear of being rejected by Scott wasn’t enough to over shadow the feeling off missing Lydia. Just like he missed Danny.

So, they would go back, and hope they could find their place.