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Jungkook likes to think he knows Jimin better than anyone else in the world. 


He should, after all. They’ve been boyfriends for a few years now and they’ve been living together for longer still. Jungkook usually can’t take his eyes off Jimin, so he’s spent a lot of time observing all of the little foibles and quirks that make his boyfriend the person he is. He knows Jimin likes soft, oversized clothes, that he curls up into a tiny ball when he sleeps, exhaling little puffs of air through his squished up cheeks. He knows Jimin likes to burrow into something at night, preferably Jungkook’s side, but a thousand pillows and blankets will do in a pinch. He knows the difference between a sad Jimin and a tired Jimin and a nervous Jimin and an anxious Jimin. He’s seen his boyfriend at the highest highs and the lowest lows. 


Jungkook doesn’t just like to think he knows Jimin well. At this point, he’s sure of it. 


So when Jimin’s 22 birthday rolls around, Jungkook can’t understand why, for the life of him, he can’t think of what to buy Jimin in the way of gifts. 


The problem is that Jimin isn’t particularly materialistic. He likes nice things but he already has a lot of nice things, and what he doesn’t have he could easily buy for himself if he really wanted to. So clothes are sort of out of the picture, and jewellery is as well because its so easy to lose when they’re travelling around so much. He knows he could just buy Jimin a new manga, maybe a nicer pair of headphones, but the thing is, Jungkook doesn’t want to do that. His boyfriend is so thoughtful and so loving and Jungkook thinks he deserves the world. Unfortunately, manga and the world aren’t really on the same level. 


When Jimin’s birthday is officially a week away and Jungkook still hasn’t bought a gift, he’s forced to take drastic measures - asking his hyungs for relationship advice. 


He’s finishing up a late night dance practice with Hoseok, getting ready to leave the building when he walks down the hall and sees that the light is still on in Namjoon’s studio. Trying the door, he finds it’s unlocked. 


Jungkook opens it a crack, clearing his throat to get Namjoon’s attention. He’s clicking through files on his computer and thankfully, he doesn’t have headphones on. He turns around when he hears Jungkook. 


“Hey, Kookie. Heading home now?” Namjoon says. 


Jungkook opens the door a little wider, walking inside and sitting down on the edge of Namjoon’s couch. “Um, soon, hyung. I actually wanted to ask you something. Uh, do you have a minute?” 


Namjoon smiles and swivels his seat around properly. “Sure I do. I was just about to finish up here anyways. What’s up?”


“You know,” Jungkook starts, clearing his throat again. “You know how it’s Jimin’s birthday soon? And you know how every year he goes out of his way to buy me really thoughtful gifts, and how I’ve never really bought him anything even remotely thoughtful before?” 


Namjoon’s lips quirk like he’s holding back a laugh. “I guess?” 


“Well, I was wondering if maybe you had an idea for what I could get him this year? I know it’s less thoughtful this way, and I know I should really be able to figure this stuff out on my own but I really have no clue what to get for him.” Jungkook looks down at his hands, picking at his cuticles. “I want it to be special, because he’s special, but I’m - I’m starting to think I’m not a very good boyfriend.” 


Namjoon lets out a chuckle, and Jungkook’s head shoots up at the sound. This really wasn’t the reaction he’d been hoping for. 


“Kook, do you seriously believe you’re not a good boyfriend? Do you seriously believe Jimin thinks any less than the world of you?” 


Jungkook looks back down at his hands. “I don’t think he thinks I’m a bad boyfriend. But Jimin never thinks badly of anyone.”


“Jungkook,” Namjoon says softly, “Jimin isn’t dating you because you love him. He’s dating you because you show him you love him, every single day. Why do you think he waited so long before making things official with you? He knows his worth, and he wouldn’t be with someone who couldn’t prove to him that they know his worth too.”


“Maybe,” Jungkook sighs. “But regardless, I wanna make him feel really special this year. I don’t want his birthday to just feel like another day.” 


It had been a hard year for Jimin. The stress of their comeback had gotten to them all, but Jimin seemed to be especially effected. He was so hard on himself, with his dancing and singing and visuals, and with their popularity only growing, so too did his expectation of himself. He had been eating less and spending hour after hour practicing for Serendipity. Namjoon said Jimin knew his worth, and Jungkook knew in the back of his mind that that was true, but it was easy for both of them to forget. 


“Well,” Namjoon started slowly, “if you wanna make him feel special I think the best thing you could do is spend some time alone with him. Like, some proper time alone with him. He loves attention, but he loves your’s more than anyone else’s. Maybe you could take him on a trip when promotions are over?”


Jungkook spends the next few days thinking about his conversation with Namjoon. His hyung’s right, of course. Jungkook knows Jimin craves positive attention. And a trip together makes sense. That way it really would be just the two of them. But where would they go? Jungkook doesn’t want to go through the stress of visiting a foreign country with their English as bad as it is. And he doesn’t want to go on a super long flight either, it’ll just eat into their time together. 


And then Jungkook thinks - Japan. Jimin loves Japan. He loves the food and the culture and it’s not too far away and they speak better Japanese then they do anything else. They’ve never had the opportunity to explore the country in the way they’ve wanted to - until now, that is. 


The next evening, Jungkook stays up later than he should organising absolutely everything that needs to be organised. He confirms with their managers when their time off will be. He books the plane tickets and the hotel room, paying with his own credit card. He researches places to go and things to do - romantic things to do. There’s Disneyland, which he knows Jimin will love, and a whole host of restaurants he wants to take his boyfriend to as well, some fancy and some a little more underground. Two days before Jimin’s birthday he prints out their tickets and their itinerary and puts it all in an envelope, hides it in an old shoe box at the very back of his closet, wrapped up in a Gucci dust bag he takes from Tae’s room. 


The morning of his boyfriend’s birthday, ironically, they’re in Osaka, getting ready for their show at the Dome. They have a schedule that day, but Jungkook sets his alarm for extra early so that he has some time alone with Jimin before they have to head out. He wants to give Jimin the envelope in the evening, but he wants the day to feel amazing from start to finish. 


They fell asleep in the same bed the night before. The managers always book them individual rooms but they never keep to them anymore. That morning, when Jungkook’s alarm goes off Jimin just snuffles a little before burrowing deeper into Jungkook’s hold, but Jungkook reaches over as subtly as he can to turn it off without waking Jimin properly. He wants Jimin to wake up softly, not to the sound of an alarm clock. 


He lets himself lie there for a little while, running his fingers through Jimin’s overbleached hair. Jungkook marvels at how soft still is even in this condition. His boyfriend, he knows, spends exorbitant amounts of money on hair care products, on top of what their stylists already give him, to stop it from going dry and strawlike. As a result, Jimin always smells faintly of the expensive lavender products he likes to use. It’s a smell Jungkook’s come to associate with feeling safe and comfortable. When he went home to see his family on their most recent break, Jungkook hadn’t been able to sleep the first night. He’d been acutely aware of the lack of Jimin beside him, hadn’t realised how accustomed he had become to falling asleep with his boyfriend wrapped up in his arms, lulled by the familiar weight and smell. He’d gone out the next morning to buy lavender scented pillow spray, and although it wasn’t the same, he slept a little easier that night. 


But Jungkook knows he has to wake Jimin up soon, or else face the sound of their manager’s harsh knocking on the hotel room door. He kisses Jimin’s temple, his puffy cheeks, the end of his nose. 


“Hyungie,” Jungkook murmurs into Jimin’s ear, “wake up.” 


Jimin sniffles again, rolling over in Jungkook’s arms. Jungkook kisses the top of head this time. 


“Happy birthday, baby,” he whispers. The corner of Jimin’s lips turn up, his eyes remaining closed, as he takes a deep breath in. He exhales, stretching his arms up and slowly opens his eyes. 


“Mmmm,” Jimin mumbles blearily. “How much longer do we have?” 


Jungkook turns to look at the clock on the bedside table. “Maybe 30 minutes? If we get up soon, we can take a shower and I’ll wash your hair for you, if you like.”


Jimin’s lips twitch upward again. He rolls forward, smushing his face against Jungkook’s chest. “Everyone thinks you’re such a tough muscle pig, Jungkookie, but you’re really just soft, aren’t you?”


“Hey,” Jungkook whines, indignation only half fake. “I’m tough. I’m just … soft for you, I guess.” 


“You’re my Kookoo,” Jimin says, voice muffled by Jungkook’s chest. “And I want my Kookoo to wash my hair and give me a head rub.”


Jungkook makes good on his promise and gives Jimin just that. After they leave the shower to get dressed, Jimin sits down in front of the mirror to moisturise his face. Jungkook fumbles around in his suitcase, pulling out a slab of the fancy chocolate Jimin loved but rarely indulged in and the manga he had decided to buy as well at the last minute, clumsily tied together with a golden ribbon. 


He sits down beside Jimin and slides the bundle over to him. “Happy birthday, hyungie.”


Jimin’s eyes light up at the sight of the chocolate and the manga. “Kookie,” he says, eyes disappearing with the width of his smile. “You already gave me a head massage, and you washed my hair. You didn’t have to buy me anything.” 


“This is only half of your present. You’ll get the other half tonight. And that’s not a euphemism, in case you’re wondering. Although you can have that too, if you want.”


His boyfriend’s hand comes up to rest on Jungkook’s cheek. “You honestly didn’t have to get me anything, Kook. I mean, thank you, for going to the effort, but you really didn’t have too.”


Jungkook unwraps the slab of chocolate, holds a piece out for Jimin to eat. “I know,” he replies simply. 


The rest of the day is exactly what Jungkook had hoped it would be. It’s soft and lovely and Jimin doesn’t stop smiling. The other members meet them that morning with their own gifts, a shirt and an expensive ring they’d chosen for Jimin after asking Jungkook’s approval. The hyungs shower Jimin with even more praise than usual throughout practice, and Jungkook tries really hard to be more affectionate than he usually is in public. He sneaks up behind Jimin and wraps his arms around his middle. He takes his boyfriend’s hand in his at every given opportunity. He calls Jimin ‘baby’ and ‘hyungie’ whenever he addresses him directly. 


That evening they eat with the other members before going back up to their room. Nights are Jungkook’s favourite time of day to spend with Jimin. He likes it when they lie beside each other, sometimes with fingers entwined, sometimes with an arm thrown over the other, and just do their own thing. Jimin will scroll through social media, replying to his friends, showing Jungkook funny dog videos every now and then, or he’ll read whatever novel or manga he’s currently working his way through. Jungkook games on his phone or his tablet and sometimes watches anime. Regardless of what they do, its always nice. It’s quiet and peaceful and Jungkook doesn’t have to force himself to interact with anyone, which is relaxing. But he’s also not alone. They do just that for a little while, before Jimin announces he wants to do a Vlive. Jungkook doesn’t protest, goes into his assigned room so that his boyfriend doesn’t feel awkward. 


After he finishes, Jimin pokes his head through the door to let Jungkook know he’s done. Jungkook knows that this is his opportunity to give Jimin his gift, so when his boyfriend goes and flops back down on the bed, Jungkook excuses himself and goes into Namjoon’s room to collect the envelope he had asked him to watch over. It’s A4 sized and quite thick, since Jungkook’s put their plane tickets, itinerary, printed lists of places to go, hotel reservation and Disneyland resort tickets inside it. Jimin lifts his head off the pillow when Jungkook comes back, pulling himself to sit up cross legged. 


“What’s that, Kook-ah?” Jimin asks. 

Jungkook sits cross legged opposite Jimin and places the envelope in his boyfriend’s hands. “The second half of your birthday gift. Happy twenty second birthday, baby.” 


Jimin carefully opens the package, pulling out the paper and the tickets and lifting them up so he could examine them properly. After flicking through some of the sheets, Jimin looks sharply back up. 


“Jungkookie,” he exhales, eyes looking a little misty, “baby. Is this…”


“A trip for just the two of us to Tokyo, organised and paid for by your amazing and loving boyfriend? It sure is,” Jungkook finishes, trying to play it cool but failing somewhat. 


Jimin launches himself at Jungkook, positioning himself in his boyfriend’s lap and wrapping his arms tightly around his neck, hand still clutching the thick wad of papers. 


“What did I do,” Jimin whispers, “what did I do to deserve you?” 


“You didn’t do anything,” Jungkook replies quietly, folding his own arms around Jimin. “You just are. You’re just kind and loving and accepting to everyone you meet, and you’re especially kind and loving and accepting to me, and I just wanted to make sure you know I appreciate you. If anything, I don’t deserve you, Jiminie-hyung.”


Jimin pulls back to look Jungkook straight in the eyes. “Lets not do this,” he says seriously. “We’re equally deserving of each other. You don’t have to buy me international holidays to show that you love me, Jungkookie. You show me every single day. But I’m so, so grateful for this gift anyway. It’s so perfect. It’s exactly what I needed. I’m so excited to spend time with just you and no cameras in the actual daylight. You’re the most thoughtful boy on this whole planet, Jeon Jungkookie, and please don’t ever think otherwise.”


Jungkook looks down bashfully. “It wasn’t even my idea,” he mumbles. “It was Joonie-hyung who thought of it.”


“But you took the time to do all this research and to execute it and pay for it and make today as beautiful as it has been,” Jimin replies, stroking his thumb down Jungkook’s cheekbone in a way that makes Jungkook melt. “Really, Jungkookie. Thank you for absolutely everything.” 


That night, just as they’re about to fall asleep, Jimin whispers in Jungkook’s ear, “thanks for knowing me so well, Kook-ah.”