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Turnabout Farm

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When the bus runs over a pothole, Phoenix wakes up from his nap. He keeps his eyes closed as he straightens his head and sits up right. Once his neck isn’t twisted like a pretzel, he blinks his eyes open. The first thing he spots is a road sign saying, Stardew Valley 0.5 mi. It seems like he’s slept through most of trip, which is probably for the best. There’s only so much of lush green mountains he can take.

“Afternoon, Sleeping Beauty,” Trucy says without looking up from her cards.

“Hey…” his voice is a bit raspy, so he clears his throat before continuing, “sweetie. Have you been awake the whole time?”

“Nah,” she keeps focus on her cards, “I woke up a few minutes ago.”

Phoenix makes an agreement sound and turns to look out the window. He can see his reflection in the bus’ window. He’s still wearing his grey hoodie, a white T-shirt, and his locket. His face is pretty unshaven. He hasn’t seen the point in shaving since he’s been out of work for the last few months. Now he’s kind of curious what he looks like with an actual beard.

He puts his hands in his pockets and shifts around to go back to sleep. But his plan is interrupted when he feels paper in his pockets. Deciding to take out the piece of paper that changed his, and his daughter’s, life, he reads the letter for the thousandth time:

Dear Phoenix,

If you’re reading this, you must be dire need of a change.

The same thing happened to me, long ago. I’d lost sight of what mattered most in life… real connections with other people and nature. So I dropped everything and moved to the place I truly belong.

I’ve enclosed the deed to that place… my pride and joy: Wright Farm. It’s located in Stardew Valley, on the southern coast. It’s the perfect place to start your new life.

This was my most precious gift of all, and now it’s yours. I know you’ll honor the family name, my boy.

Good luck.

Love, Grandpa

P.S: If the Fey family is still there, say hello to them for me, will you?

It’s a bit late for him to have second thoughts, but doubt stays in his mind. He looks back at the light of his life.

“You ready, kiddo?” he says. She’s still doing something with her cards. No doubt a new trick. How she can practice slight of hand in a squished bus seat, he’ll never know, but Trucy would be the one to do it.

“Yup! It’ll be cool to live in a small town,” Trucy brightly says.

He’s glad for her cheerfulness, but all Trucy has known is the city.

“I hope you’re still saying that a few weeks from now,” he says.

“Don’t you know that I'm a cockroach.”

“Cockroach? I thought you were a magical girl, sweetie.”

She put her cards away in her pocket, “I am. I’m a magical cockroach girl! I’m magical and totally adaptable. So don’t worry about me, Daddy.”

“If you say so,” Phoenix takes off her hat and ruffles her hair. Her cheerfulness, even if it’s a front for her worries, is nice to hear and gives him confidence in his decision.

It's part of her charm.


He laughs as the bus pulls to a stop in front of a small empty field with a lonely bus stop sign.

“We’re here!” Trucy cheers and hurriedly gets her stuff off the shelf above their heads.

Phoenix, at a slower pace, follows her off the bus. Once he steps down, he sees Trucy frozen in front of a lady with a sharp look in her eyes. Her gaze land on him, but she doesn’t say anything.

“Er… Hello. I’m Phoenix Wright. This is my daughter Trucy. We’re new to town.”

“Yes, I’m well aware,” the lady finally says. “I’m Lana Skye, I run the local ranch. So it’s appears that we’ll be business partners soon. The Chief, Mayor Fey, sent me here to bring you to your farm. As the Chief is busy putting on the finishing touches on your house.”

“Ah… Thank you… Miss Skye.”

“It’s no bother,” she says with a frown.

If it’s no bother, then why does it look like you would rather be anywhere else.

“Miss Skye!” Trucy, now apparently done being scared of Miss Skye, says, “You work with animals? What kind?”

“I’ll tell you on the way to your farm.”

As Miss Skye leads them, she talks about the sheep, cows, rabbits, chickens, and even ducks on she and her sister raise.

“When did you start raising animals?” Trucy asks as she skips next to Miss Skye. Phoenix hangs back as he’s carrying all of their luggage.

“Maybe 20 years ago? My sister and I have been here so long that I’ve lost track.”

“What’s it like working with animals?” Trucy asks.

Uh oh… she better not be getting the idea about magic tricks with animals. Rabbits are okay, but I’ll put my foot down on cows.

“It’s certain a different challenge from working with people. But our animals are all well behaved. They aren’t a lot of trouble.”

“Do you like it here?” Trucy asks again.

“Yes. I would say I do.”

“What are the people here like?”

Without missing a beat, she says, “Eccentric.”

“Really?” Trucy’s little skip turns into a big hop.

“Yes. It certainly makes a small town more interesting.”

“See, Daddy?”

“Hmm?” he stopped paying attention to their conversation as his arms got more and more tired from carrying everything. Trucy’s magic equipment is heavier than it appears.

“If there are interesting people here, then there’s no way I’ll miss the city,” Trucy declares.

“I hope so, sweetie.”

From the corner of his eyes, Phoenix could see Miss Skype looking at them with a small smile. But when he turned to face her, the smile was gone.

“We’re here,” Miss Skye gestures outward.

Here isn’t much in Phoenix’s mind. Here is a large overgrown farm with a small wooden house at the top. Here the ground looks fertile. Here trees, weeds, stones, and small logs litter the whole place.

His grandfather must’ve been the last person to live here.

Guess I know what I’m doing for the next few days.

“Is something the matter, Mister Wright?” Miss Skye turns to him.

Her face is completely blank and he gives her a "can you not see what the issue is" look.

Understanding the disbelief on his face, she replies, “Sure it’s a bit overgrown, but the soil underneath is still good. I’m sure you’ll have the area cleared in no time.”

After speaking, Miss Skye continues to walk to the front of the house. Trucy gladly follows. Phoenix gets over the daunting work that is his life now, and he walks to the others.

“And here is your new home,” Miss Skye says.

At a closer look, Phoenix sees that the house is pretty run down. There’s a pretty big hole at the end of the porch, small dents on the front wall, and holes throughout the walls.

What have you gotten me into, Gramps?

As he’s looking for more issues with the house, a woman wearing a black overalls, a dark grey shirt, and yellow scarf comes out of the house’s front door.

“Ah,” the yellow scarf woman speaks up, “you must be the new farmer!” She then walks down the steps, which creak, to stand in front of him and Trucy. “Welcome! I’m Mia Fey, the mayor of Pelican Town.”

“Hi!” Trucy hops in place, “I’m Trucy Wright, and this my Daddy, Phoenix. It’s great to be here.”

“What she said,” Phoenix lamely says.

“It’s great to meet you two. I hope your move here wasn’t too rough.”

“Ah, well, we were asleep for most of it,” Phoenix says.

“Heh, probably for the best. Anyway, everyone has been asking about you. It’s not every day that someone moves in. So you’re quite a big deal right now.”

“So we’ll get to meet everyone?” Trucy eagerly asks.

“Hopefully,” a sly look overcomes Mayor Fey’s look. “How about I challenge you two to meet everyone in town?”

“Challenge accepted!” Trucy says as she excitedly jumps. She sticks out a hand towards the mayor, who happily takes it.

“I hope to hear a positive report back.”

Miss Skye speaks up, “The Wrights must be tired, we should probably leave them soon, Chief."

Mayor Fey nods, “You’re right. You two got a lot of work ahead of you, so we’ll let you rest for the night. I hope you soon get a chance to meet everyone and explore the town a bit.”

Phoenix gives a small head bow, “Thank you so much for everything.”

“It’s no big deal. Again, we’re just happy to have a new person join us in our small town,” Mayor Fey waves as she and Miss Skye turn to walk away.

He and Trucy wave in return, but Mayor Fey stops in front of a medium size box that Phoenix somehow missed on the way in.

“I almost forgot, if you want to sell anything, just place things in this box. I’ll come by at night to collect it.”

“Really? Just like that?” Phoenix couldn’t believe the mayor would do that for him.

“Of course! Just part of my mayoral duties. But the stores around here will also gladly buy things from you too.”

“Good to know,” Phoenix says.

“If you have any questions about farming or the town, Lana and I will gladly help you. Good luck!” Mayor Fey says as she and Miss Skye turn to leave once again.

The Wrights continue to wave at the women’s back until they’re gone from view.

Phoenix speaks before Trucy can drag him off to an adventure, “Let’s put our stuff away and see how bad the damage is.”

“Oh, come on, Daddy,” Trucy pouts, “it’s not that bad. It’s… rustic!”

“Crusty, is more like it.”

“Rude! My great-grandfather left me this farm, and I’ll restore it to its glory days.”

“I believe his will left the farm in my name.”

“Yeah, well, we both know that I’m the one with a mind for business, so the farm is mine.”

“Do you pay the bills, sweetie?”

“No. But do you?”

“Touché. Very well, Master Farmer Trucy,” Phoenix reaches into one of the bags and pulls out a rusty metal key, “will you do the honors of opening the front door.”

“Of course, my apprentice,” Trucy takes the key and strides up to the door.

Like the showman she is, Trucy pushes the door with a flair. The open door reveals single room with a television, a fireplace, a table with two chairs, and two beds. Only one chair and one bed looks new, the rest looks pretty old. Someone probably bought the extra furniture when the mayor realized that two people would be moving onto the farm.

“Well, I guess it could be worst,” Phoenix says as they step into their new home.

“That’s the spirit!” Trucy says as she runs to jump onto the older bed, which she now has claimed as hers.

“You sure you want that one?”

“Yeah, it has character!”

“If you say so,” Phoenix says as he starts bringing everything into the house.

He brings in three small bags before Trucy helps him bring in her magic equipment. They really don’t have much: just clothes, a few mementos, and Trucy magic equipment.

It doesn’t take long for them to settle in, but they were exhausted once they finished. Luckily they had some food with them, so they didn’t need to leave the one-room-house for dinner.

After they warmed up their leftover pizza in the fireplace, they watch TV for the rest of the night.