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Hero Of Hell

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Bakugou was a short fuse. He was a fuse ready to blow up.  He really was personality and quirk in all.

Getting mad at the simplest remarks and pissy if someone made a smart comment on anything related to him. The years hadn't changed him much. 5 Years to be exact since the whole villain kidnapping.

Villains had tried to hire him to be on their side. Even though he still yells at people to die, everyone knows how hard he works to become the number one hero. Especially now that he is in training. Despite being in training he still got taken to missions.


Bakugou had woken up to his alarm shouting for him to wake up. Waking up in the morning was never a problem for him.

Dragging his weary body to the bathroom the mirror greeted him with a bundle of messy ash blond hair and a scowling expression. Beside possessing such a great quirk his arrogant, aggressive and violent behavior was also a trait of his.

During the rescue missions, civilians never could believe that the hero in front of their eyes, in fact, was a real hero. But in the end, it was Bakugou Katsuki who saved them and for that, they overlooked his many flaws.

Refreshing himself Bakugou left the bathroom getting dressed. Putting on a black tank top, which hugged him in the right places, green baggy pants along with black combat shoes he left the house.

Smoking. At first, it was out of curiosity but now it as impossible without it. It was the main for leaving the house. Walking down the same busy road to reach the store on the corner of the street of the big city without noticing the green piercing eyes that followed his every step.


How was the sweet saying? Years change you. And that is what happened to Izuku Midoriya. 

The dream to become a hero shattered with a point in his life taking a huge twist.

Finally seeing what Shigaraki and Stain saw.

And so he had disappeared the last 5 years. 

With slow, heavy steps out from the shadow of the alleyway, his eyes followed the blond hair that he would recognize even blind.

"Hello, Kacchan~ Long time not seen."

Legs abruptly stopping, Bakugou twirled his body around as if he had just been caught in the middle of a crime act.

"Deku?... What! Since when are you back you damn nerd?" 

 Crimson eyes wandered up and down the other's body taking note of the suit which looked to be worth more than a good car.

"And what is up with those fancy clothes?"

"What kind of way is it to greet your old friend? Back? I always have been here." So this was how the teachers had played out his disappearance. Moved to another city? Eh?

Smiling Midoriya leaned forward letting his finger trail down Bakugou's cleavage to the end of the v-line.

"Have I changed? Kacchan~?"

The crimson eyes didn't stop wandering and followed the finger trailing down half of his torso.

"Obviously you have. Since when were you able to afford shit so classy." Eyes locked the target and his hand went up grabbing the finger that left a hot trail on his skin.

"The air around you has changed." Letting the detail out that it is a terrifying kind.

A smile spread on the freckled boys face shivering at the way he gripped his finger. 

Pulling his finger out of the spiky-haired hand, he let it wander around and gripped him by the neck pulling him closer so that his mouth was lined up with his ear.

"One by one. I will answer them one by one. For now, just relax and don't let your guard down." Midoriya looked at his face his smile even wider now with a faint blush on his freckled cheeks. If Bakugou wouldn't know better he would have thought that Deku was related to that crazy Toga bitch.

The reason why the blond had shown no reaction yet was that shock went through his body slowing down his thinking and reaction process. In any other situation, the other would have already been blown away by now. But when he came back to himself Midoriya had already pulled away humming while walking back inside the alleyway into the darkness.

In the blink of an eye, he had disappeared leaving a confused Bakugou behind.

What was the meaning behind this strange, short encounter?

Where did you come from? Where did you go?

Shaking off the strange feeling, for now, he returned back to his routine with an uneasy feeling nagging in the back of his mind.

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"Listen Bakugou. No reckless actions. This is a dangerous mission from an unknown organization. Meaning we have no information and only go to gather information." His supervisor said raising his sausage formed finger to underline his words.

"The second I notice that you don't listen to my orders I will not hesitate to suspend you from the next missions no matter how good you are. If you got that then get ready now. We are leaving shortly."

Letting out an annoyed sigh Bakugou waved his hand around.

"Yeah yeah, just go to get information. Although if I fucking have too I will fight. You guys need my sorry ass day and night with all the stupid villain activity around right now."

Grumbling he changed into his hero costume and joined the team afterward.

It wouldn't take long and soon he would have his own agency and not just be a stupid sidekick. For now, he had to swallow. Endure it and make sure to rise to the top.


Reaching a big building both in height and width, each of them got handed a small earpiece.

Turning it on Bakugou put it on and was about to make his way inside as a hand on his shoulder stopped him.

"Don't go head first in. If something happens reach us first. Even if it is a single villain. Don't risk it, Bakugou!" With that warning, his supervisor left.

Rolling his eyes Bakugou waste no time and entered the building. Each of them was on their own. That made the information gathering easier. With silent steps, his hands in mid-air in case someone attacked he walked around. That's when he heard some sort of mumbling in the room down the floor with the door wide open as if it was an invitation.

"They wouldn't be stupid enough to leave the door wide open." He may be hot-headed and just go head first into every mess but he wasn't stupid. Once again he felt a hand on his shoulder which spun him once clockwise.

"DIE!" Is all he yelled using his quirk to blow whoever was behind him away but he had blown nothing away than mere air with his eyes widening.

Suddenly his eyes went wide when he found himself in a room, in the middle of a circle made out of villains. All of them were staring at them. Each of them ready to strike if he did more than even breathing in the wrong way.

The room fell silent. Only to be broken by the heavy footsteps. It was as if every sound was suddenly blocked. The sound of his racing heart was replaced by the footsteps. Turning around two of the Villains stepped aside to let the one who had been lingering in the shadows pass.

"Kacchan. I'm glad to see you again." Stepping closer to the blond he stood there. Having this crazy smile on his lips again.

Going into a defensive stance, his eyes circled around before locking themselves with Deku's. Upon seeing him closer he noticed that he was now taller and had the side of his hair swept back.

"What the fuck is the meaning of this Deku..." Knowing he couldn't take them all on at once he could try to escape, but his ego wouldn't let him.

"Young Bakugo! Do not worry. Why? Because I am here!" Maniac laughter echoed in the room putting a lunatic smile on every villain around them. Midoriya caught himself wiping a tear from his eye, staining the tip of his glove.

Bakugou's eye started twitching taking a step back from the other. There was no escape. Fucking great! Deku acted like a crazy lunatic whose next move is unpredictable.

"Do not panic.." Midoriya could see the small hint of fear behind Bakugou's eyes. His arms opened wide walking in for a hug.

"Don't you fucking come near me.." He gave back as a retort his hand quickly going up to the earpiece to push the button to communicate so his team would know what is up. Midoriya narrowed his eyes and with a quick movement grabbed the blonds wrist before he could even reach his ear. With his free hand, he reached forward taking the earpiece and crushing it in his palm.

"I don't like being taken for stupid Kacchan." Pulling the smaller male towards his chest, looking past him he nodded at one of the villains who threw an anesthesia syringe right into his hand. Bakugou may be good in combat and have quick reflexes but Midoriya movements were faster. And in less than a second, the needle pierced through his jugular*.

"Sweet dreams Kacchan."

Gasping sharply Bakugou gritted his teeth trying to lift his arm to blow him away but the anesthesia already kicked in.

"Stupid fucking... Deku.." Hoping that at least someone from his team got the message he slumped into his arms.

"You there! Use your quirk and put up an illusion. Keep them at bay. The rest of you make sure that we aren't followed." Midoriya said picking his Bakugo up and turning to another of his underlings.

"Your teleportation quirk is really handy. Now take us back." The same man that had teleported Bakugou into the room was now helping Midoriya get away from the scene.

"Now we are together again Kachan! You and me! Forever!" Laughing uncontrollably they disappeared.


 In order for him not to use his quirk, he put wristbands around his wrist which prevented the use of the quirk. Originally it was someone's quirk similar to that of Eraser Head. But with a bit of tip and tricks, he managed to steal their quirk and work it inside their newest technology. Although this was just a prototype and the only one.

"Kacchan.. my Kacchan is back!" Midoriya said while wrapping his arms around his neck, nuzzling him smiling.

An hour later

Crimson eyes slowly fluttering open, taking in their surrounding and closing back again. Swish! Bakougou sat up straight after registering what had happened and taking in his surroundings. Where the fuck was he?! Wanting to quickly stand up to escape a hand despite being gently pushed him forcefully back before making their way up to cup his cheeks.

"Shh... it's alright. No need to panic. I am here. No one will be able to hurt you," Smiling Midoriya continued "Have you missed me. Kacchan?"

Looking confused as hell at the other he opened his mouth to speak but closed it back again. How the fuck was he supposed to answer that?

Looking around he noticed the very well decorated room and just by looking at the furniture you could already smell the expensive scent coming from it.

"What the hell is this Deku?" Gritting his teeth in annoyance he tried sitting up again but Midoriya wasn't letting him.

"You are now with me that is. My precious diamond Kacchan is with me now." 

"What the fuck happened to you since school!" Baring his hand he was ready to blow the damn Nerd away but noticed quickly that the rush of his quirk wasn't there. Horrified he looked at his own hands. 

"Don't look so scared Kacchan. These wristbands are just blocking your quirk. One of my underlings has a quirk or better said had~ And I used it, transferring it to these pretty things on your wrist. It's almost similar to the quirk blockers the heroes use but just better!." Bakugou realized that Midoriya was in his own damn world. When did he change so much? What caused the change?

"Why are you doing all of this Deku?" Saying the name as if he just spat poison, crimson eyes glared up burning with a fire of wrath.

Midoriya, however, was unfazed by that fire. It was the opposite. It turned him on as a shiver went down his spine smiling from ear to ear.

"Because I love Kacchan." Getting on top of him he took his gloves off and touched the revealed chest under him letting out a pleasing hum. "You always had a love for deep V collars didn't you~?" Just like their first encounter, Midoriya ran his finger down the line.

This time it was Bakugou who shivered.

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"God Kacchan... Your body is so hot." Having his hands pinned above his head Midoriya leaned down letting his tongue run down Bakugou's chest who squirmed around trying to struggle free from Deku's iron grip.

"Let go you, damn nerd!" Arching his back up in order to get the taller male off of himself it was without success.

"Kacchan.. just be good and stop resisting." Putting more of his body weight onto the smaller male pressing his back flat to the mattress.

Holding his arms still above his head by his wrist he slid his other freehand inside the decollete. His finger rubbed the yet to harden bud circling it while making sure to watch Bakugou's face turn into a dark red complementing his eyes.


"Don't touch me and get away!" Snapping out of the short-lived embarrassment he used more force and managed to turn on his stomach crawling away desperately.

"Kacchan! Seeing you so desperate crawl for help.. turns me on!" By now he had reached the headboard of the fucking big bed before his face got stuffed into the pillows with the feeling of hot fingers tightly on his neck. Using his left hand Deku was pressing his index and thumb into Bakugou's sterno muscle in order to make sure he wouldn't be able to move.

"Kacchan. Clothes. Take them off." How the fuck does that shithead expect him to be able to take his clothes off in this position? Not that he would.

"Get off of me fucking Deku!... I will kill you!" Yelling only resulted in the curly haired male to lean over his back and bury his nose into the side of his neck sniffing and panting like some sick animal.

Bakugou could clearly feel something pressing against his thigh. Hoping it wasn't what he thought it was he still tried to wriggle out of his grip Midoriya was holding him down and that in the worst position. with his neck only paining more in that position.

With his mouth close to the blonde's ear he opened his mouth, "Kacchan~" Just hearing his name he could feel the arousal dripping off his tongue along with mad lust.

What he hadn't expected was the tightening of the other's grip.


"I don't want to hurt you Kacchan.." Lips grazed the sensitive skin under it, leaving an invisible trail of markings before teeth bored their way into the flesh. "Take your clothes off."

The voice in the back of his mind was telling him that no matter what he did he would still end up naked. And he preferred his clothes undamaged than rather ripped by Deku. So ever so slowly he moved his hands taking his clothes off which proved to be a real challenge with the grip still lingering on his neck.

Sliding his hero costume off butterfly kisses were placed down his neck. Midoriya surprisingly showed a lot of patience while he was stripping. And after a good damn half hour, he was naked. Naked.

"Kacchan so obedient!" Pupils dilating they wandered up, down, to the side to everywhere he could see skin. Leaning down the naked body under his grip was soon kissed, licked, bitten and smelled. 

"Ah! Kacchan! I think I will just come from smelling you!" 

"Stop it... Deku stop it." He did not want to sound so desperate while glaring with hatred-filled eyes at him. Yet at the same, time the anxiety was to be seen in them. "My neck hurts..."

Deciding to play dumb he smiled.

"Why does it hurt? I will do my best to make the pain stop."

"Are you shitting me, damn Nerd? My neck hurts from how hard you are holding it and how forceful you are!"

"Oh, I'm sorry. I would never hurt Kacchan on purpose!" For a moment the pressure on his neck was gone giving Bakugou a minute to relax. In a matter of seconds, he was turned over laying on his back with hands under each of his thighs as his legs were spread apart. His most private part exposed to a sick smile.

Once the cold air hit his member a soft gasp escaped his lips. With all his might he tried closing his legs to which Midoriya responded by spreading them further apart.


Midoriya starred at him. No. At his lower part. Yeah, that was more accurate. Crimson eyes watched as Midoriya's tongue danced along his own lower lip. Green eyes preying on the body below him and slowly reaching out making him flinch. Why the fuck did he just flinch!?

"Kacchan!~" Taking Bakugou's hand he guided it to his crotch with his hard-on pressing against his now too tight pants and the palm of Bakugou's hand.

"Can you feel how much I missed you? Can you? No one can love Kacchan like I can do." Moving his hand from his crotch to the waistline of his pants crimson eyes went wide quick to realize what was about to happen he tried to take his hand away before he was to touch the other in his pants. 

Too late.

Hand grazing his childhood friends long length, Breath hitching in his throat yet he couldn't do anything. The shock had settled in from the start. Midoriya's grip on his neck was not even 1 percent he had used.

"Deku. This is wrong." Gritting his teeth his hand went out of the warm, disgusting wall of fabric and skin (and pubes).

"This is alright. After all, I'm just showing my love for Kacchan." Face disappearing from the explosive boy's sight he soon felt a warm breath on his member followed by a tongue.

"Kacchan's delicious smell! Kacchan! Kacchan! KACCHAN!" Like a chant, he repeated his name. Baring his teeth Midoriya bit down on his inner thigh hard enough to leave blood trickling down the same way fresh tears trickled down Bakugou's cheek. His own hands shot down burying themselves in green curls, tugging and pulling in hopes to get him away. Not able to stop the pain in the sensitive area made him aggressive and feel so helpless.

"S-stop!" Hissing he tried sitting up and the result was simply his head hitting the pillow with his arms pinned to the side this time. 

Risking a look forward Bakugou came face to face with Midoriya. Feeling a friction he bit back a moan.

"Kacchan~ Look what I prepared for you! I have been waiting so long for this day!" Reaching under the pillows near the headboard he pulled out a bottle of lube.

"Soon we will become one and then nothing will be able to separate us!"


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Being shown the bottle of lube Bakugou Katsuki knew that the horror show was to start. Stop him. Somehow he had to stop him.

"Deku quit!" Struggling against the grip on his wrist Bakugou tried to move away. His movements were panic-stricken probably from the many times before he had struggled with the result that he didn't manage to get away just like now.

"This is rape!" Controlling his breathing for a moment he yelled at the freckled boy.

Midoriya's eyes grew in irritation as he yelled back: "No! No, no, no NO!" For some reason, he was panicking. In his own way. "I would never do something like that! I will make sure that Kacchan enjoys it! And if Kacchan enjoys it, it's not rape!"

Taking a moment himself he calmed down speaking in a gentle, soft tone.

"Kacchan. Get on your hand and knees." Bakugou didn't know what to do once again in this situation. His hands were pinned he couldn't use his quirk.
He was exposed and naked. He felt hopeless. Giving no reaction Midoriya spoke again.

"Kacchan. I don't want to hurt you." Voice so soft... so modulated. You could taste the honey dripping from his voice covering his actions.

Gulping the blonde shook his head not wanting to get on all fours. "No..." Weak. That is how his will was right now. How far could he go?... The hands from his wrist shifted all around his body forcing him into the position the stronger male had wanted him to be in.

"Kacchan if you don't stay in this position I will have to force and hurt you. I don't want that." Midoriya's voice turned tremulous with excitement. Breath heaving hands slowly extending only to cup two perfect round cheeks. "Such a cute little butt!" Laughing his hands started kneading the two cheeks.

At this point, Bakugou couldn't hide the blush creeping up his face as he whimpered. "W-wait...stop it." Turning his head he growled at Midoriya. "Stop touching me!"

"But it's so beautiful... Kacchan's butt.." Spreading his buttocks Midoriya leaned in licking his entrance while reaching from underneath and giving his member a stroke.

His tongue danced gleefully up and down is opening letting out satisfied sighs. While Midoriya had the time of his life Bakugou felt humiliated down to his core. The feeling was so strange but pleasing at the same time! Hating himself for having thoughts like that his hands gripped the sheets under him.


I will make you feel better. I won't wait long!" Pulling away he took the lube squeezing a generous amount on his hand.

With his index finger, he slowly circled the little gaping hole which kept opening and closing. Stopping his finger in the center of this hole he pushed it inside, forcing it past the muscle ring.

"Ahh! Shit...!" Groaning at the uncomfortable feeling Bakugou tried to move away as a hand on is stopped him from moving away.

"Can't have you escaping when the fun is about to start." Gritting his teeth he looked back at his childhood friend. "Take your fucking finger out! It feels horrible! Take it out!"

Slap! A sharp pain on his right buttocks silenced him. Midoriya had used more strength than intended to.

"Shh... I will change it now. I will make sure it will be only pleasure!" Biting the sheets the finger slowly started to thrust in and out of him. The slow pace wasn't kept for long and reached deeper inside with each thrust. The sensation with each time the long slender finger slid out grew with each thrust. Shit! He didn't want to enjoy this! And he didn't when he felt a second finger sliding inside wasting no time scissoring his insides.

"W-wait...that feels weird."

"Kacchan is still a virgin... I'm so glad.." Ignoring his statement his fingers just went further apart. "It looks beautiful inside of you!" Keeping his fingers apart he held them for a minute before going back to thrusting them straight inside and repeating the action to ensure that Bakugou was properly stretched. But there was no reaction from his beloved Kacchan. Instead, the boy had his face pressed into the pillow holding back any sound that threatened to come out.

"I know how to make you beg and writhe." After his words, the third finger followed and this time he bent and twirled them around inside of him reaching deep down into his rectum where he soon pressed down inside the inner wall which had Bakugou shooting up with a gasp and arching back. Using this opportunity Midoriya leaned over his back licking down his spine. Sending shiver after shiver down his spine.

"What the fuck was that..." A confused moan left him as Midoriya pulled his finger out again just to thrust them right against that spot. Just to pull more moans out of the blond he kept hitting that spot. That fucker, of course, did that on purpose.

"More.. moan more Kacchan! It's such a beautiful sound. Make me happy!" And once Bakugo's moan hit his ears did he slide his finger deeper inside.

With trembling lips, he bit down on them to prevent himself letting out any more humiliating sounds as his ass got toyed by Deku. In a slow motion, the fingers got pulled out just to go back inside the opposite speed.

"Wait... Ah!" Shuddering in pleasure his eyes rolled to the back of his head as he ended up cumming onto the sheets. The strength in his arms and legs gave out letting him slump onto the mattress. The ecstasy was short-lived when it settled into him that he came just from having his ass played with. Death was more than welcome to come and take him. After he killed that bastard Deku!

The fingers were slowly removed from inside of him and only that mattered. Turning on his back Bakugou closed his eyes resting. How foolish to think that it would end here.


Zip! Eyes shooting open his head snapped up realizing what the other was doing.

"No... nononono!" Crawling backward while maintaining eye contact with the crazy look he had of obsession. Bakugou had no idea what to do with everything going on. His mind was crashing like a virus had entered it

Midoriya grabbed him by the ankles pulling him back putting his body weight on him to make it impossible for him to escape.

"I will be gentle.." Is all he whispered before sliding inside of him with a slow pleasing groan and in one motion.

"Finally! I'm finally inside of Kacchan!" Moaning right into Bakugo's ear he pushed him flat to the mattress and wrapped his legs around his own waist.

Bakugou looked at the ceiling his face contorted into pain as he felt the other inside him. Whimpering he struggled hurting himself in the process. The dick inside him was nothing to be compared to three fingers. Opening stretched widely around Deku's member. The little glimpse he had caught of his cock told him that Deku was an average size but thick.

"Kacchan... Relax. Take deep breaths and let them back out." Not even noticing that he was holding his breath he breathed out. Strong arms wrapped around him, followed by a soft whisper in his ear that told him to relax over and over again. Not able to help himself he melted a bit in his arms after hearing the affectionate way in his voice. Only a bit did he relax.

"That's it Kacchan. Just relax. You are such a good boy." Taking his earlobe in his mouth he ran his tongue along it before softly nibbling, hoping it would help his Kacchan to distract him from the pain.

Midoriya was true to his word. He didn't want to hurt his Kacchan. That's why he showed patience.

Pulling slowly out his hips moved forward again. Slowly.. Bakugou wouldn't get used to his length in just mere minutes or even a day. But it was possible to make this less painful.

"You will soon start feeling good Kacchan. I promise. Now, be a good boy and open your mouth for me." Bakugou was gripping for dear life onto Deku. It was painful and that dulled his senses. It was as if he was in a trance from the whole pain and blood rushing.

Looking up after that command he slowly opened his mouth but still was hesitant. Which only turned Deku on more seeing how obedient his beloved was.

Burying his member ball deep inside he stayed like that collecting saliva in his mouth. One hand slid gently up taking his chin between his thumb and index finger to make sure he wouldn't have any chance to dodge what he was planning to do. Midoriya opened his mouth after feeling a good amount of saliva in his mouth. Letting his tongue hang out letting the spit slide down his tongue right into Bakugo's mouth.

"Swallow." Was the only command given.

With his chin between Midoriya's thumb and index finger, it was impossible to turn his head. A little splat was heard and Bakugou closed his mouth. Feeling the warm, thick, slimy water-like substance in his mouth made him almost puke. Disgusting. Is all he thought as he swallowed.

Midoriya smiled satisfied seeing Bakugou's Adam's apple go up and down indicating the swallowing.

"Now open your mouth again."

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That his precious Kacchan had obeyed the first time was a thing. So getting him to do it a second time was a lot harder. No. Midoriya exactly knew how to make him obey.

Pulling ever so slowly out of the warm cavern he had been buried inside just to slam it back inside in a harsh, quick thrust got him to the result he wanted.

"Ahh!" Bakugou let out a painful scream, hand shooting up to hold Midoriya's forearms and nails digging themselves into them. 

Midoriya using his chance leaned down forcing a kiss on him. His tongue didn't stay out of this as he forced it past Bakugou's slim yet soft lips.

"ha... Kacchan.." It was a long quarrel trying to catch his tongue between his teeth while the blond refused and avoided his tongue. Not for long. Managing to catch his tongue between his teeth Midoriya wrapped his lips around Bakugou's slippery tongue sucking on it.

Inhaling sharply a jolt went through Bakugou's body at having his tongue sucked. It left him feeling aroused than he had anticipated dulling somewhat the pain. No matter how hard he had tried to bit back a moan it still escaped through the kiss.

Meanwhile, while Bakugou was overwhelmed with the new found pleasure, Midoriya pulled out of the hot, tight cavern setting a steady rhythm. He made sure to take his mind off of his moving hips and kept his mouth occupied. 

Noticing what Deku was up to he bit his lip after saving his tongue knowing his aggressive nature was kicking in. Hands gripping onto the sheets as he was being thrusted into, his back arched with his breathing hitched in his throat and body moving against the bed. Holding back the moans and gasps was impossible by now.

Releasing the bottom lip between his teeth, his eyes locked with Midoriya's and they looked at each other. "Deku~.." Calling out his name in such a lustful way was in no way his intention.

A low chuckle escaped his lips tasing the faint iron on his tongue after licking his bottom lip. He wasn't angry. That's just how his Kacchan was. Always aggressive at one point and so feisty. Mixing it with his own desire he enjoyed that side of his beloved one. If possible he even got harder from it.

"Tell me what you want, Kaachan.."Reaching out he caressed his firm cheekbone with the back of his hand awaiting a reply.

Shaking his head another moan followed. Each of them had a hint of pain in them but Deku choosed just to focus on the ones that showed his pleasure. Embarrassed and humiliated at the same time. This forbidden feeling of guilty pleasure was alluring. He wanted to live the moment, feel the pleasure, climax. But not this way. This was wrong in so many ways. He won't allow himself to be a victim of his body's natural reaction!

The obsession and love he got were more than he ever asked for. To stop himself from saying anything he decided to bite his hand. Replacing his words with the pain he was giving himself.

 "No, no! Not even Kacchan himself is allowed to hurt Kacchan." Gently putting his hand behind the blonde's head feeling his soft locks he lifted it enough so that his pale, rosy lips were touching his throat.

"You can bite here Kacchan. Show me your love by claiming me." The chance to take revenge was offered to him on a silver plate. Even if that crazy fucker wouldn't see it that way. With no control over his body arms wrapped around Midoriya's neck pulling him closer to press soft lips against his delicate throat just to break the skin and make it bleed by biting into it.

Shit. Being in control like this turned him on more than he wanted, moving against Midoriya.

Feeling the sinking of teeth into his flesh made Deku go crazy. There was no pain. But only because it was his Kacchan. With anyone else doing it they wouldn't be alive for another second. Not to forget to even explain the sparks inside his chest when his Kacchan started to grind against him.

"Kacchan! Kacchan! I'm so happy!" Showing his happiness with the thrust of his hips had the boy moaning again releasing the flesh between his teeth. 

"Shit...Deku.." Throwing his head into his neck Bakugou inhaled sharply as Midoriya brushed past his sensitive spot. So close.. but he didn't want to!

"What's wrong Kacchan? About to cum?" An excited smiled came on his lips seeing that he was driving him to the edge. But Bakugou wouldn't let him get what he wants. Glaring his breath quickened, sweat rolled down his forehead, arms, and chest. Bringing the sheet closer to his mouth he bit down onto it to prevent any sounds from escaping again and somewhat hiding his face.

"That's not nice Kaccahn..." Pouting Midoriya hooked the legs firmer around his waist leaning over the muscular, trained body. Opening his mouth it caught Bakugou's right nipple running his tongue over the nub before teasing the center of the nub with the tip of his tongue.

Caught by surprise Katsuki gasped arching his back. "Ahngg!...! Deku!" The moving of the tongue didn't stop. In addition to it, the friction of his member rubbing against Midoriya couldn't stop his self-control as he came a second time mewling.

"Ah! This is a sight I want to burn into my memory!" Midoriya groaned out feeling him tighten around his member. 

After Bakugou had ridden out his orgasm Midoriya decided to pull out and continue with jerking himself off to prevent that his Kacchan would feel any pain. Wrapping his hand around his member he started pumping his erection. Keeping eye contact with Kacchan's glazed eyes was the best. Not even for a second did he break it.

'Ahaha! Kacchan is watching! Kacchan has his eyes only on me!'  The thoughts fueled his lust and soon he came all over Bakugou's body their semen mixing together.


With Bakugou's legs still hooked around his waist he pulled him up, positioning him into a sitting pose in his lap wrapping his arms around him.

"My precious Kacchan. Did you miss me? I missed you. That's why I watched you every day for the past years." Caressing the ash blonde locks out of his face that was sticking to his forehead due to the sweat Midoriya smiled.

"Like I'd miss you stupid." Out of breath, he tried pushing him away. "That's really creepy Deku... how long have you been keeping tabs on me?" 

"Doesn't matter for how long. I made sure Kacchan stays safe." Laying down with the boy still in his arms "Kacchan is the only one I have left. Kacchan is the reason why I am still able to smile. My sunshine. My reason why I haven't gone insane yet.. I won't allow anyone to take you away from me anymore.." Midoriya ran his hands through his hair hoping that would help him relax.

Just laying there he listened to him. There was nothing else he could do. He was dead tired. "You have many people who are with you. I'm not the only one. I'm actually the one that left you Midoriya. You have Uraka, Half and half bastard, Tsu, Kaminari... even All Might." They were laying in the spoon position with Bakugou, of course, being the small spoon. "I'm no one, you know they care for you. So don't tell me that I'm the only reason your sane when I'm not."

"I don't care about them... But you Kacchan... Since we were small you always were the one for me." Running his nose up and down the side of his neck, he inhaled his sweet scent. He smelt like fresh explosion mixed with the scent of his shampoo which was more pleasant than some would imagine.

Mewling from the feeling on his neck he opened his mouth in protest. "I have someone waiting for me Deku. I need to go back." Just now he seemed to remember that he probably had a lot of missed calls and texts. Kirishima.. the only one had kept in touch after graduating. Kirishima was the only one who understood him. But his thoughts were interrupted by a low growl. 

Fuck! Fuck, Fuck FUCK! The words he had chosen were his doom! 

Hearing the words 'someone waiting for me' made Midoriya's world stop. Rage, anger, possessiveness, and jealousy filled him. The urge to mark what was his got the better of him biting down on the skin that he was just caressing seconds ago. Restraining Bakugou with his body so that any escape was impossible he sunk his teeth into his neck.

Bakugou gasped and hissed as he felt the other bite down on his neck. Scrunching his face in pain he tried to get away from it! It was as if Deku was trying to rip his flesh out. Turning his head to look at the other shocked and terrified a bit.

"Who! Who is that someone!" Midoriya yelled after withdrawing

"K-Kirishima! It's Kirishima!" Managing to gasp it out in pain. "Ahn! I promised him I would see that movie with him! He must be wondering what happened to me!.."

"Kirishima?" The answer had him growling more. "Kacchan seemed to be on really good terms with him! Even during your rescue mission, Kacchan relied on him more! If I would have stretched my hand out you would never have taken it! But Kacchan is mine! And only mine!" 

At the remark of belonging to him, he just snorted as an answer. Glaring at him he gained some self-confidence back. 

"I listen to him because he wasn't spouting nonsense and actually took the time to get close to me and know me as who I am! And not decide to fucking kidnap someone and have sex without their consent!" Sitting up he pushed himself away from Deku. "Get off of me... and let me the fuck out of here before I find my own way out myself."

"Kacchan! I knew you longer than him! I knew you since we were children! I took all the time I had to get to know you! I know your deepest parts!" The anger was mirrored in his voice. Balling his hand to fists he didn't bother to stop him from pulling away or even moving away. He would be sore anyway.

Taking the first step failed as the pain shot up and he fell to his knees on the floor hissing holding his back "Fuck..." His eyes wandered to the wrist cuffs. If he could only use his quirk then he would have already blown his brain out!

Rising from the bed with his hair covering his eyes he slowly reached out grabbing the ash blond locks. It was a quick movement slamming the boy into the side rail of the bed. A gasp left his lips as the air was knocked out of his lungs for a second. Crimson eyes opened wide and alerted trailed up the other's body just noticing that he was clothed. 

"d...Deku.." Calling out with a hoarse voice something pressed against his lips. Something he now was familiar with.

"Suck." Another command.

But not this time! Closing his mouth firmly and turning his head he showed that he wouldn't put up with this bullshit any longer.

"Get your dick away from me." Reaching up he tried pushing him away by his hips with no success and the movement only sent more pain shooting through his back hurting and in pain.

"Kacchan!" Not expecting the yell he flinched.  "You made me angry. And in order to calm down, I need you to comfort me. You have also hurt my feelings and I am holding myself back as much as I can." Still having the hair in his grip he just strengthened his grip pushing the tip of his member past his lips so that they were rubbing Bakugou's teeth.

"Open your mouth. Now." But no reaction. He was still protesting. "Tch." Pushing his head back against the side of the mattress in an uncomfortable way so that his neck was bend he used his free hand to pinch Bakugou's nose forcing his member past his teeth. With the quick breathing, it was impossible anyway to breathe through his teeth for a long time.

"Don't even think about biting down." The little bit of gentleness that was there before was now gone. Tears formed in his eyes looking up at his childhood friend who was beyond recognizable. Deku didn't even think about starting out slow. Giving his hips a sharp thrust he moved his cock all the way down to Bakugou's throat. The poor boy overwhelmed with the length in his mouth couldn't do more than holding onto the legs in front of him while gagging. 

Deku didn't even think about slowing down as he chocked. Not able to breathe properly he started hitting Midoriya's legs in hope he would stop. To his luck, he did pulling out his member to let him breathe.

"Heahh..ha.. ha.. Are you trying to kill me!?" Snarling at him wasn't the best idea. The hand in his hair hadn't disappeared and just gripped more if that as possible. Deku was quiet and smiling as he pushed his member back into the warm and slippery place. 


Time passed and each second was filled with gagging and choking noises along with sobs and pleas to stop.


Instead of Bakugou's sob, it was Deku's groan that broke the silence. 

"A-ahn... I'm cumming!" Shuddering in pleasure he came inside his mouth, groaning softly. "Swallow." And to make sure his little cherry bomb wouldn't be able to disobey Deku covered his mouth forcing him to swallow.

"Don't spill a single drop."  Making sure that everything went down his throat he pulled his hand away, his mood suddenly much better. Compared to him Bakugou was panting and still gagging feeling like he could throw up. This was the worst. Eyes fixated on the ground he felt an arm behind his back and another under his legs as he was picked up bridal style. 

"Let's go and take a relaxing bath Kacchan." When would this nightmare end?...


Chapter Text

Carrying him to the bathroom that was connected to the bedroom Midoriya stepped inside the room which was as big as the room before. It was easy to see that it was a luxurious bathroom with the tub and sink shining with a white color that yelled expensive and the walls decorated with black shining tiles.

Wiping his eyes Bakugou held onto the other. At this point resisting was useless. Somehow he had to make sure to get Deku to lower his guard and wait for the perfect opportunity to escape.

His body was sweaty and his muscles were sore from all the fighting. Not to forget his ass. Damn. If only he could use his quirk. With all the sweat it was perfect. But again, if he could use it he wouldn't have been in this state from the start.  

While Bakugou was in his thoughts Midroiya had the warm bath already prepared. Slowly placing the Bakugou inside the tub he made quick work of stripping off and got behind him wrapping his arms around his waist while making sure that he was leaning against him.

Feeling the water seep almost to the center of his core he relaxed into it letting a sigh escape. It was like heaven! His muscles were thanking him for it. After Deku settled behind him in the tub it didn't stop him from trying to let the water take him and comfort him. It was the only thing at this point he had wanted at the moment. Maybe for now, only for this moment could he enjoy the affection Deku was giving him?

"You sure live in luxury here." Step one, start a conservation and try to gain his trust.

"Not I Kacchan. We live in luxury. This is also now Kacchan's home."

"What do you mean we live here? I have a home Deku." Sighing he could already see that this was going to be troublesome.

"This is now your home too, Kacchan." Running his hands up and down Bakugou's abs he felt every inch of them. Sighing softly into his ear he buried his nose in his neck next sniffing and smelling him. "Kacchan and I live now here. Like we always wanted to. My beautiful Kacchan, my smart Kacchan.. pretty- cute Kacchan!" Voice so soft yet crazy..

Bakugou listened and just sat there watching the other enjoy his body as he pleased and nodded.

"Yeah..yeah.. whatever."  he said and sighed unable to do anything with his quirk gone. Sitting there letting the other take in what he wanted to as he played with the water a bit. Feeling it fall between his fingers.

"Kacchan. You never heard the news did you?" The aura around him suddenly changed, it was suffocating.

"5 years ago. You never heard it did you? Or.. what did they tell you?" Placing his index finger under his chin he turned the blondes head to face him. 

"Kacchan. You never heard the news did you?" A smile so sweet that doesn't hide the murderous intent behind it. "What lie did the government tell you?"

Swallowing his lip started to tremble. Scary.. The way Midoriya acted scared him.

"N-no. I don't exactly watch tv either." Giving the next answer scared him of the result. "T-they told u-.. told us that you moved away." Taking a deep breath after finishing the sentence he felt like he had just run for his life. 

"Heh? And you all believed that? Even Kacchan?" Tightened his grip on the other males chin he tilted his head. "I'm sure they had a good actor. Otherwise, my Kacchan would have never believed it." Bringing his face closer he placed a kiss on his nose.

"I will tell Kacchan the real reason. And then you will see in what for a society we live in. ~I keep my Ideals with me!~" Deku started singing to which he could only remain silent, silently pleading for this nightmare to end.

Humming his mouth danced around the nape of Bakugou's neck biting and nibbling on every centimeter of his skin.

"Stop your going to leave marks." At the statement, Deku only snorted followed by a heart full chuckle. "There are already marks." But he did stop. After all, it was a request from Kacchan.

"Are you hungry Kacchan? Thirsty? Want desserts? I want to make sure that you are comfortable." Reaching up he caressed his cheek smiling softly. This felt so normal and like lovers! Midoriya couldn't stop smiling. 

Hm. Bakugou couldn't deny that he wasn't hungry after all this. "Food would be nice.. also cigarettes.. I want to smoke." 

"Just for today, I will allow the second one." Reaching for the shampoo he poured some on his hand and started washing Bakugou's hair while massaging his scalp. "It's a non-silicone shampoo. Kacchan always uses it." After his washing and rinsing the water off he took the body lotion washing him starting with the left side of his armpit. 

"I also know that when Kacchan takes a shower he starts with his left side." Crazy. This fucker was crazy. Beyond help. 


After the bath Midoriya carried his beloved back to the bed drying and dressing him in his clothes.

"Kacchan looks so cute in my clothes.." 

The door opened, which Bakugou seemed to notice until now, with two men walking inside. One carrying a foldable table while the other had a large silver tray. Opening the table they set everything before Midoriya sent them back away with a hand wave.

"Since today is a special day we will eat in the bedroom." Bakugou looked at the food lined up in front of him as he sat on the side of the bed. Immediately he reached forward to grab the cigarettes first but Deku's hand stopped him.

"Eat first before taking a smoke. I made sure it's your favorite. Spicy level 5, just the way you like it." His eyes scanned the different foods and he did notice that they were all of his favorites.

"After I ate. You will tell me what happened for you to turn this-.. like this." He shouldn't needlessly provoke him. Midoriya gave a simple chuckle as response leaning against the headboard of the massive bed and just watching his Kacchan as he started eating.


"I'm done." Putting his fork down and wiping his mouth Bakugou turned to Deku, who had his arms already open inviting the boy to lay on his chest, in his arms.

A bit skeptic Bakugou crawled over and laid down, with his head resting on his chest. Arms wrapped around him, stiffening he soon relaxed sighing. 

"Kacchan should know how much I always desired to become a hero. A hero that would save people with his smile, when I arrive people would know that the danger is over," gentle hands went up and down his body "but then the best news hit me. 'Give up your dream boy' said the doctor. Quirkless. I was quirkless Kacchan, ah, but you should know it the best right? After all, you tormented me till I wasn't here anymore."

Katsuki swallowed, slowly looking up as his crimson eyes met forest green eyes. And just like inside a forest, he was deep inside with those eyes following every step he was taking. Lost and scared.

"But we will talk about you later." With a dangerous glint behind his eyes, he continued speaking.

"It's not like you want blood on your hands as a hero-!" A slender finger pressed against his lips. "Shh.. Kacchan be a good boy and stay quiet. I am talking. Where was I? Ah right. But then the great All Might came and gave me his powers! Oh, I was so happy! Not only could I fulfill my dream, I also could be close to my Kacchan. It was like a dream! Everything was so perfect! Even the attacks from the Leauge Of Villains were something we mastered together as a class." Remembering the old times, a happy sigh left his lips. "We were so small.. And the Hosu incident happened."

Dark clouds pulling over the forest, swallowing it in eternal darkness. 

"Iida was seconds away from being killed along with a pro-hero. Todorki soon joined. And we fought for our lives. Yet at the same time, we had to hold back. To make sure! That we! Don't injure our killer in any serious way!" The first lightning struck.

"After capturing him he still managed to get free. Saving me and resulting in a broken rip to pierce his organ. He did survive. But at the hospital, we got hell for almost killing him. You know what I thought Kacchan? What would have happened if one us died? Just because we weren't allowed to kill him?" Having a hard time not to let his frustration out on his beloved, Midoriya took a calming breath.

"I dismissed these thoughts. After all a hero, that's what I wanted to become. Yet without realizing it, one by one my mind got intoxicated. One by one I started to understand Stain. And even Shigaraki. As the Symbol of peace got destroyed I was ready to become the new one. My mother was opposed to the idea of moving into dorms. All Might assured her to take care of me and I promised her that nothing would happen. I promised it her!" Following the lightning was the thunder.

"After the first year at the U.A. ended, everyone was allowed to visit their family for a short time of period, I was happy. After all, I had promised her to return as a hero and I had taken the first steps. What I came home to wasn't what I had expected. A villain had chosen from all the victims available my mother. I was ready and jumped in. I don't remember what quirk he had. All I remember where my mother's pain filled screams and her constant voice to get safe. 'Izuku go!, Izuku mommy is alright safe yourself!' while tears were streaming down her face she told me that! The villain had her in his grasp, crushing her while she tries to hold back those screams.

Jumping in I smashed and kicked him. No success, I was ready to kill him. Then the pro-heroes arrived and I saw hope. Ahahaha! I- I saw hope!" Midoriya started laughing and snorting having a hard time containing his laughter.

"Can you believe I had hope? They didn't even try to hurt the villain! They needed him as a source of intel! And when I wanted to step in they held me back! They held me back!" Midoriya yelled the words out. 

"And to even mock them further he crushed her in his hands, in front of me! Do you have any idea how terrified she looked! No matter how much she tried to hide it! She couldn't! All I see is her face, painted with horror. This isn't a brave story where the mother goes with a smile.. no! I couldn't save her!" Down came the rain, pouring down as if to kill someone. Enough to let everyone drown in it.

"K-Kacchan... She is dead.." Hearing the weak voice followed by sobs Bakugou looked up. Crimson eyes widening in shock as he watched his childhood friend cry. It wasn't the first time he had seen him cry. But in this situation, he felt his heart clench. Deku was right.. She was dead. Yet he saw no reason for him to make such a turn in his life. Sitting up he wrapped his arms around the green-haired male holding him in a hug while straddling his lap and pressing his face into his own chest.

"So what," The sobs stopped abruptly "I'm sorry for your loss, I am also devastated to hear that she is dead but how do you think she would feel Izuku? To know that her death was the reason for her boy to become a villain? Don't you think she also would be devastated? What makes you know so different from the one that killed your mother? I don't know what twisted thing you got in your head Izuku! During the incident in Hosu, it was you who reminded Iida not to act out of vengeance! Thanks to your words he got stronger!

As a hero, there is a lot you sacrifice! And you can't always save everyone! One life for that of thousand! No matter how cruel that is! This is reality Izuku!" Gritting his teeth he seemed to remember one of his own missions where he failed to save a girl. It still haunts him.

"So when you tell me you finally understand how villains think, I want you to know that I don't fucking care because the Izuku I used to know like you said died. I have nothing more to say to a fake." Without realizations, he had taken Midoriya's face into his hands making him look into his face while saying all that. He did not know who was in front of him anymore.


"Eh? That kind of talking doesn't suit Kacchan. I don't like it." Fuck.

Chapter Text

"Dek- Izuku! I didn't mean it like that!" Fuck, fuck, fuck! He couldn't risk having Deku take it the wrong way! "You know. I just think that it isn't reason enough to become a Villain!"
Yet at the same time, Bakugou couldn't keep his honest opinion out of this. He could understand the sadness, anger and the feeling of feeling lost but still not reason enough to change! Deku changed abruptly.

It was as if Deku's whole sanity and everything innocent had been hanging on his mother. And just like turning a light off all that disappeared.

The feeling of fingers digging into his cheeks pulled him out of his thoughts, glaring at the one responsible for the pain.

"Don't think I haven't noticed how you used my name just now, Katsuki." Thump! A shiver ran down his spine with his heart dropping to the ground. It was terrifying hearing his own name roll down his lips like that.

"Deku.. That's the name you gave me. And since we were kids you never used my given name. Not even Midoriya.. What's wrong Kacchan? Scared that I will hurt you while you speak like that?"

Till this second, Bakugou found it creepy hearing Midoriya say his nickname the whole time. But this time it relieved him.

"You are hurting me right now you bastard! What do you think you are doing!?" Hands wrapped around the single wrist, that belonged to the fingers digging into his face, trying to pull away without any success.

"You damn fucker! I said it hurts! Let the fuck go! LET GO!" Voice rising without the owner of it noticing it, tears prickled the corner of those crimson eyes, burning with rage.

"Kacchan. I love you. I really do. But even I get hurt if my lover spits in my wound." Splat. Like on commando Bakugou spit on Midoriya's face, the realization following shortly after.

Emerald eyes slowly looked up, seeing that the tears that had formed, rolled down as if they are trying to save themselves already anticipating what was coming next.

A hard sting to the cheek and with a loud thud did Bakugou found himself on the ground. Sting was too soft to describe the pain he was feeling right now. Shock and hurt fought who should take over. As if something was fighting inside him what he should feel he saw only red in anger.

Strong arms wrapped around him. "K-Kacchan! I'm sorry! I didn't wanted to hurt you!" Ugly sobbing again.

"Don't touch me! Don't you fucking touch me!" Finding the strength he thought was lost he managed to kick the other away. Kick. Not push. Standing up but stumbling backward into the closest wall he kept an eye on him.

"Stay the fuck away from me! You have gone crazy! And if you think I will allow a pebble to treat me like this! Then I would rather die! Die! Die!" Two fireballs going wild scanned the whole room once over again but the hands moved faster grabbing the night lamp throwing it at his kidnapper.

"I will k-.." The word hesitated to come out of his mouth. Why was it so hard to say that he would kill him? 

"Stay away from me. I will leave. And you won't stop me. Got it?" The whole time that he was speaking Midoriya hadn't even moved once or looked up. After the lamp that was thrown he had stayed in the same position with his arms shielding his face.

Bakugou's eyes traced out the line that would be his escape route landing on the door. It wasn't locked. That for sure. 


One step.. another step.. and another before breaking out into a sprint. 

Freedom! He was about to gain it back! Hand gripping the handle of the door for dear life he pushed it down as a smile came upon his lips. Open! Pulling the door towards himself it got smacked shut by another, familiar hand. 

"This is naive. Even for you Kacchan. To believe that I would let you escape so easily after making the trouble of taking you home." Humming softly he leaned his chin on the blonde's shoulder. 

Fucking hell! He might not be able to use his quirk but that doesn't mean that he has lost his combat skills! Deku was right behind him pinning him between his body and the door. Balling his hand to a fist he rammed his elbow right into his chest catching him by surprise and making him stumble backward. Bakugou could open the door now and try to escape but that would give Deku the chance to recover.

At the same time starting to hit him would end his chance to escape! Fuck this! He had to act fast. Kneeling down he started punching Deku. First his chest again, stomach and then face before quickly running away after opening the door.  What he shut out was Midoriya's smile as he laid there. 

"My Kacchan is feisty," sitting up he wiped the blood from his nose. "And yet so cute." Slowly standing up he started following the explosive boy.


No guards anywhere he went. That made him stop. Was he running into a trap? This was a fucking mansion and like an endless maze!

"Kac-chaaaan!~" The fucker already recovered. Running down the stairs he tried to find the way that would him out of here. "You can't escape from me!" The closer the voice came the more he started to panic. 

Staircase! It wasn't the normal staircase. But the one that led to the lobby which also meant that the door must also be there. Turning around no one was in sight. Deku's voice was also not to be heard. Good. He shaked him off.  Taking the first step down a warm hand pressed to his chest and he felt himself fall forward.

"Tag, you're it!" Midoriya started laughing as Bakugou's eyes widened.

"Crazy bastard!!" He prepared himself to soften his fall as much as possible. But his wrist got grabbed and he was leaning down sideways, eyes wide with horror.

"I just wanted to give you a scare." Getting pulled back forcefully he expected to crash against him but instead, his face kissed the ground.

Reaching down Midoriya buried his hand in blond spiky hair, gripping it tightly. "Now back to our room." Walking forward he dragged Bakugou behind him ignoring the cursing and struggling and just replying by tugging harder at his hair. On the way to the room did Midoriya realize how angry he actually was. His Kacchan tried to escape! And keeps insulting him! As if that isn't enough he also raised his hand against him.

What was he supposed to do now?


Stumbling inside the room the door closed with a loud 'click'.

"Bastard!" Standing back up he charged towards the green haired man and found himself on the ground, again. With more pain.

"Why? Why does Kacchan still act like this after I gave you all my love!? I bathed you, fed you! Gave you all my love and a warm place to stay but you thank me by running away?!" Walking towards him Bakgou scrambles backward. 

This fucker officially was now crazy. 

"Don't fuck with me! I had all that before you even appeared!" Gaining his usual attitude back he stood slowly up. While the displeasure in Midoriya's face was clearly to be seen.

"How long do you think you will get through with this?! Not more long and they will find me. And I will make sure to personally beat you into your cell! Useless Deku!" 

Why had he been scared before? That wasn't like him at all. But now he is back to his usual self and he couldn't help feeling more satisfied than ever. This felt good. This was the real him.


"Ah.. I love every side of you. Even your rude feisty side, Kacchan." Like many times before he reached out to grab the blonde. The more he was surprised to have his hand grabbed, getting pulled down and the air knocked out of his lungs.

"You could never beat me, Deku! And you will neve- Smash!" Interrupted by the bored tone of the other and the flick of his finger against his stomach, Bakugou flew back close to hitting the wall if it wasn't for Deku catching him.

"Almost forgot. I don't like having destroyed walls. Not to mention.. that was just 7% of my power Kacchan." Kneeling down and holding him in his arms he softly caressed his hair. "Breath."

Only now did Bakugou realize that he was desperately trying to fill his lungs with oxygen as he was gasping for air. Hand so gentle brushing through his hair would fool everyone into believing it wasn't the reason for this situation.


" Deku.." Voice hoarse oxygen started filling and leaving his lungs again. "I will! End you!" He managed to spit out as Midoriya just smiled.


"Of course you will Kacchan."


Chapter Text

Each fairytale had their own yet similar beautiful beginning.


"And if they didn't die, then they will today."




After he had been knocked out, Katsuki awoke to a soft humming and gentle hands running through his hair.

If it hadn't been for the smell and memories he would have thought that his mom had come over for a surprise visit. That was the old hag's favorite activity to do. Drop in for random visits not caring for any privacy. No matter how much he denied not to like it it was the complete opposite.

"Kacchan. You were out for a few minutes. Don't scare me like that." Huffing the scarred hand did not stop combing his blond locks. Sending shivers down his spine but yet comforting. 

'Maybe, just maybe if I close my eyes I can imagine someone else..'  Mentally slapping himself for the thought alone he pushed Deku away. Not in the gentle way but also not rough enough to tick him off again.

"Don't you fucking touch me." Growling fiery red eyes glared at the childhood friend he used to know years ago. "Move aside." Throwing the blankets off his body onto the ground Bakugou climbed off the bed eyes wandering to the door.

"Unlocked." Midoriya answered an unasked question while smiling. This bastard was testing him. It was probably locked. No. It is locked. This sadistic fucker just wanted to test him. Without a word, he made his way to the connected bathroom. One step after another his step soon came to a quick halt with the tug at his ankle too late to balance himself he ended up on the now all to familiar carpeted floor.

"The fuck?!" Loud laughing erupted as Bakugou's eyes trailed down his own body to his ankle only now to see and feel the chain around it leading back to the bed.

"I really thought you would notice it sooner. Or at least the second you stood up. But to be honest I thought you would make another dash for the door and then greet the floor in another way but this way is more amusing." Lifting his fist to his lips Midoriya tried to hide the small chuckle as he made his way over to the explosive blond on the ground, walking around him to kneel across his face.

"I once made a mistake and won't repeat it. Kacchan wanted this. Kacchan made me do this. Do not be angry with me for what I can't be blamed. It really broke my heart seeing you run away like that. After all, Kacchan is the only one I have left." Each word, each sentence was like a dagger to his heart. Bakugou knew that Deku was just spitting nonsense.. but with each word rolling off his tongue, making his eyes lose more of the already dim light tugged at his own heart. Guilt.


Bakugou was guilty...


Fuck! No! No sympathy or guilt! Or else this will turn into a Stockholm-syndrome situation. That was the last thing he would allow to happen!


"Well how about you fucking take this off so I can take a fucking piss. Because keeping it in hurts my bladder?!" 

"Kacchan, I don't want to hurt you so keep in mind not to misbehave or else I will have to discipline you." While Midoriya leaned down to unlock the chain that was robbing Bakugou already more of his freedom he just snarled at the green-eyed bastard. Without sparing him any worthy glance, Bakugou did what he said he would and walked to the bathroom.

Lifting the lid he pulled his pants down letting them drop to the ground as curses left his mouth. The numbness that he felt -or more like not felt in his legs let his blood boil. They were also disgustingly tingling. 


"Let me lend you a hand Kacchan." 

"Wha-!" No time given to react warm hands placed themselves on each side of his under thigh before his body was lifted into the air in front of the toilet. No control over his balder he started releasing without hitting the target.

"You crazy fucker! What the hell are you doing?!" Struggling he reached behind him catching two handfuls of Midoriya's hair in his hands gripping them painfully tightly. With the pulling, he quickly let his anger out getting rougher and rougher with each pull with the intent of pulling his hair out and hoping to leave a shining bald spot behind that will reflect the light of the sun like the screen of a phone.

"Kacchan you are hurting me," Speaking in a calm manner while digging his fingers into Bakugou's soft flesh "want me to get angry?"

Humiliating tears stung his eyes. A side of him wanted to let go of the other's hair while his pride wouldn't allow it.

And who the hell was Bakugou Katsuki without his Pride and Ego? 

Gathering all the strength he has left in his body, ignoring all red lights, all signals his mind is sending him he started tugging even harder. A small accomplishment or none at all for anyone else. But a fucking big one for Bakugou Katsuki.

What was this loud noise? Screaming? Was Deku screaming? Then why was his throat on fire? His muscles straining more and more as each vocal got louder and louder.

"Ahhh! Uahh!!" Was that. His own voice? 

Feet hitting the ground Midoriya moved his arms up wrapping them tightly around Bakugou's wrist. And as he did so painful sobs left Bakugou. 

Aware of his crime he was scared, knowing that his actions will bear consequences. P R I D E; wasn't written big for no reason.


"Katsuki!" The string snapped letting Bakugou's hands fall to his side. Dead silence. Silent enough to hear your own blood transporting the oxygen that was not wasted on screaming through your body.

Slowly he was spun, wet fiery red eyes locked with green dark eyes that are able to sense the horror pulsating through the veins.

Kneeling the fabric of his pants was pulled up covering up his now limp member. Belt back in place there was wetness. Probably his own urine which ended up on his pants due not aiming right while it was on the floor.

Hand gliding around his waist gently led him to the sink turning on the faucet. Head pushed down Midoriya splashed water at his face in order to wash away the tears while no single word left his mouth.

Bakugou opened his mouth in hope of catching a few droplets to extinguish the burning fire in his throat. To no avail. Midoriya pulled him back leading him to the bedroom where he poured a glass of water handing it to Bakugou who looked at the offer suspicious. His body reacted first to his needs grabbing the glass letting the water pour down his throat. 

The itchy, dry, burning sensation mitigated by the water he exhaled satisfied. Step by step it was as if he was stepping out of a trance. After the yell of his name, he had not resisted much and Deku seemed to be also calm himself.


Maybe the best was not to cause any trouble for now. Deku seemed to have calmed down faster than he thought. Good for him. Why. Then why was he smiling so softly?


"Kacchan." Taking his beloved hands Midoriya leaded Bakugou once more out the door the blond believed to be locked.

"Where are we going? I'm in no mood to go on any of your adventures." 

"No worries. I will take care of my Kacchan." 


A long walk down the hall another door was opened but as fast closed after the two entered a room isolated from the other rooms.


"Deku why are we here?" Suprised at how calm his own voice sounded Bakugou felt his muscles relax slowly. The break down he had seemed to also have made Deku rethink his choices. Good. For him at least.

"Shh.." Reaching out Midoriya still smiled gently caressing his beloveds cheek with his own covered. When had he put gloves on?


"You know I love you right? So please keep in mind that I'm just doing this for the both of us." The rise of his hand was slow and so gracious dancing with the wind. But the hand came back with more force backhanding Katsuki and sending the poor blond to the ground once again.

"Uf.. Don't you think I kissed the ground enough today? Ah. But then again. The ground will get more kisses from me than you will ever get." Spitting out the crimson fluid with the metallic taste he slowly stood up using his body as own support to stabilize himself.


"No Kacchan. Now it's time to discipline you," Black gloves buried deep into blond locks "I have a terrible headache because of you. And you may have reached your goal of plucking some of my hair out. But not enough."

Bending him down and making sure to hold him in a stable position Midoriya kneed him in the stomach. Afterward, he pressed him against the wall pinning his arms above his head with one hand.

"What's wrong Kacchan? You aren't fighting back." Bakugou's head was hanging between his pinned arms. "Kaaaaacchh~aaann~"

Leaning his head down he peered at Bakugou's face. 

"Oh?~ Is that horror I see in your face?" Katsuki's eyes were wide with horror. Paralyzed by fear. Scared of what this psychopath might do. "Cat got your tongue?" 


"Remember my touches Katsuki. Because which one you get to feel is up to you. These hands can either give you pleasure or pain. Your whole freedom lies in my hands."