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Hero Of Hell

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Bakugou was a short fuse. He was a fuse ready to blow up.  He really was personality and quirk in all.

Getting mad at the simplest remarks and pissy if someone made a smart comment on anything related to him. The years hadn't changed him much. 5 Years to be exact since the whole villain kidnapping.

Villains had tried to hire him to be on their side. Even though he still yells at people to die, everyone knows how hard he works to become the number one hero. Especially now that he is in training. Despite being in training he still got taken to missions.


Bakugou had woken up to his alarm shouting for him to wake up. Waking up in the morning was never a problem for him.

Dragging his weary body to the bathroom the mirror greeted him with a bundle of messy ash blond hair and a scowling expression. Beside possessing such a great quirk his arrogant, aggressive and violent behavior was also a trait of his.

During the rescue missions, civilians never could believe that the hero in front of their eyes, in fact, was a real hero. But in the end, it was Bakugou Katsuki who saved them and for that, they overlooked his many flaws.

Refreshing himself Bakugou left the bathroom getting dressed. Putting on a black tank top, which hugged him in the right places, green baggy pants along with black combat shoes he left the house.

Smoking. At first, it was out of curiosity but now it as impossible without it. It was the main for leaving the house. Walking down the same busy road to reach the store on the corner of the street of the big city without noticing the green piercing eyes that followed his every step.


How was the sweet saying? Years change you. And that is what happened to Izuku Midoriya. 

The dream to become a hero shattered with a point in his life taking a huge twist.

Finally seeing what Shigaraki and Stain saw.

And so he had disappeared the last 5 years. 

With slow, heavy steps out from the shadow of the alleyway, his eyes followed the blond hair that he would recognize even blind.

"Hello, Kacchan~ Long time not seen."

Legs abruptly stopping, Bakugou twirled his body around as if he had just been caught in the middle of a crime act.

"Deku?... What! Since when are you back you damn nerd?" 

 Crimson eyes wandered up and down the other's body taking note of the suit which looked to be worth more than a good car.

"And what is up with those fancy clothes?"

"What kind of way is it to greet your old friend? Back? I always have been here." So this was how the teachers had played out his disappearance. Moved to another city? Eh?

Smiling Midoriya leaned forward letting his finger trail down Bakugou's cleavage to the end of the v-line.

"Have I changed? Kacchan~?"

The crimson eyes didn't stop wandering and followed the finger trailing down half of his torso.

"Obviously you have. Since when were you able to afford shit so classy." Eyes locked the target and his hand went up grabbing the finger that left a hot trail on his skin.

"The air around you has changed." Letting the detail out that it is a terrifying kind.

A smile spread on the freckled boys face shivering at the way he gripped his finger. 

Pulling his finger out of the spiky-haired hand, he let it wander around and gripped him by the neck pulling him closer so that his mouth was lined up with his ear.

"One by one. I will answer them one by one. For now, just relax and don't let your guard down." Midoriya looked at his face his smile even wider now with a faint blush on his freckled cheeks. If Bakugou wouldn't know better he would have thought that Deku was related to that crazy Toga bitch.

The reason why the blond had shown no reaction yet was that shock went through his body slowing down his thinking and reaction process. In any other situation, the other would have already been blown away by now. But when he came back to himself Midoriya had already pulled away humming while walking back inside the alleyway into the darkness.

In the blink of an eye, he had disappeared leaving a confused Bakugou behind.

What was the meaning behind this strange, short encounter?

Where did you come from? Where did you go?

Shaking off the strange feeling, for now, he returned back to his routine with an uneasy feeling nagging in the back of his mind.