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Voltron ~ College AU

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Welcome, to the Castle of Lions!

Here, we are accepting of those around the world - those of all races, genders, sexualities, and religions - to come and study together in a harmonious way.

I suppose, I should show you around, shouldn't I?

Well, here, at the Castle of Lions, you may have already taken notice of the five lion symbol that was above the entrance doors as you came in just now. They symbolise the main parts of the very building itself.

To the far left corner, you will find the Blue Lion centre, which holds lessons of the creative arts, including key subjects, such as drama, music, and art.

To the far right corner, there is the Yellow Lion centre, which mainly focuses on humanities, including history and geography, but also includes study on multiculturalism and languages.

Towards the front of our Castle, on the left hand side, you will find the Red Lion centre. This focuses on more physical activities, including sports and self-defence classes.

Towards the right hand side, you will find the Green Lion centre, where you will find the latest developments in science, including biology, chemistry and physics, as well as technology and mathematics.

Lastly, at the very heart of it all lies the Black Lion centre, which focuses on you. It includes club rooms, extracurricular activities and study, a library and main hall, a sports centre, and a cafeteria.

So, what is there not to love about the Castle of Lions college? Nothing, that's what!

We hope you enjoy your time here learning, laughing and crying with us.

The Castle of Lions welcomes you!