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Better than she

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I'm better than she is. I'm better than she would ever be. I'm so much more.

I'm not so fragile. I'm not pathetic. I'm not weak. I don't feel pain the way she feels it. I don't suffer.

She's nothing… comparing to me.


My hair is perfect, better than hers.

My skin is perfect, better than hers.

My teeth are perfect, better than hers.

My body is perfect, better than hers.

I'm stronger, faster, smarter…

I am better.


She was smiling. I can smile too. I can do it better, of course… except… I can't…

I can smile but I can't truly be smiling.

She was crying. I can cry, but I can't feel sorrow.

I'm not crying. I'm only spilling my tears.

I can pretend that I feel, but I don't.

I can fool everyone, but not myself.

I'm better than she is, but I'm not real.

I will never be. I can try, but I'll never succeed. I can pretend, but I'll never make it real.


He needed her, now he needs me. I'm better. I can protect him. She couldn't. She couldn't even save herself. I can save everyone, but there's no need.


I'm better. She's dead. I'm… here.


He needs me, needs me! No… he needs her, but he has me. Does he want me? Or her?

It doesn't matter. I'm here and it's only me now. I'm not her, we look the same but we are not the same.


She's not here. I am… and it has to be enough...