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Save A Drum, Bang A Drummer

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“Oh, you’re being such a good girl! Yes you are! Aren’t you so cute?!” You coo, voice soft and gentle as you cradle your niece tightly in your arms. Her tiny body is covered in a soft white onesie, itsy-bitsy feet kicking out lazily as she yawns while teensy hands fist furiously.

“Such a big yawn for such a little girl!” Immediately you’re murmuring to her as you look over her small features in complete adoration. It’s not the first time you’ve met Seo-Yeon but you swear that you fall in love with her all over again whenever you see her. You have no idea how Jimin does it, getting to wake up to this adorable bundle of joy every day.

Looking up at your brother from where you’re sat on the floor, Seo-Yeon safely in your arms, you can’t help but give him the biggest smile. Jimin is deep in discussion with your husband, but his eyes remain firmly on the tiny body in your arms, his new paternal instincts refusing to allow him to let her out of his sight yet.

Seo-Yeon is only three weeks old, her features still screaming newborn and her cries still the pitiful wails that break your heart. It makes sense then that Jimin is still overprotective though, given your brothers natural instincts to protect what he loves.

The fact that she’s even here is a miracle to you, given your parents vehement opposition to Jimin getting his girlfriend pregnant. He’d only been with her for three months before they’d announced the pregnancy, and you knew that it just chapped your parents asses that he hadn’t married her. Hadn’t even proposed in fact.

But what were they going to do? Disown the only child they acknowledged? The child they had specifically raised to take over the company? No, Jimin had far too much influence in the company to be overlooked and given the company he had created himself, he was also far too wealthy for them to threaten with destitution.

When Jimin leant forward and made grabby hands for his daughter, you handed her over with minimal complaint. Though Hoseok’s little grin told you that he could tell you were internally pouting, but how could you not?! She was the cutest thing you’d ever seen!

“Hey there baby girl, daddy’s back. Yes,” He cooed, dark brown eyes focused firmly on the little girl he pressed to his chest, hand cradling her head where it rested on his shoulder. “No more of the big scary lady yeah?” Jimin looked at you as he said that, his obscenely plush lips that you’d always envied as they were always the perfect colour splitting in a cheeky smile.

“I am not big! Or scary!” The words leave your mouth before you can even think, the words chiding and filled with the childish retaliation Jimin and you had always done. At his bubbling laughter, body shaking to the point Seo-Yeon gurgles a complaint, your shoulders slump and you pout pathetically.

Hoseok let out his own quiet laughter, the sounds breathy as he tries not to attract your notice but you see it anyway. Looking over at him, your eyes narrow as you scowl at him and immediately he’s sucking a lip ring in while looking up at the ceiling in innocence.

You continue to watch him silence, eyes scanning along the Metallica shirt he’d ripped the sleeves off years ago before looking down his tattooed arms. Over the six years of being with him, you’d spent many times admiring the living work of art he’d become and had watched with fascination as he’d added more on.

Your eyes caught on his left wrist, where you could just see the sight of a gilded gold bird cage that was tattooed just below his wrist. Intricate and delicate, it sat next to a twisted and rusted metal cage, both doors broken open. Above this flew a pretty white dove surrounded by a phoenix.

When he’d first come home with this tattoo after your marriage, you’d been intensely confused as to why he’d done it. He’d always had that space free on his arm and had seemed to have no inclination to add something, so his sudden addition had been surprising and confusing despite his love of tattoos.

His chest was adorned with a rising phoenix, wings spread wide across his pectorals with fire exploding outwards behind it. Two tornadoes of fire danced their way down to his toned stomach, becoming a white and a red dragon that circled each other. He’d explained before that he’d chosen the phoenix because it was a symbol of rebirth, and when he’d joined his band he had experienced a rebirth and shed his old life.

It made sense, as you knew that he’d grown up in poverty with a deadbeat dad and an alcoholic mother. His school had a low success rate and Hoseok had been just another dropout statistic waiting, with a career of either crime or mediocrity awaiting him.

Instead, a music teacher had taken pity on Hoseok and encouraged him to take up drumming to get out his early teenage anger. It had worked, and Hoseok had discovered a passion for the drums that had remained even when he finally fulfilled his statistic and dropped out. But he hadn’t ended up in jail, in fact he’d never even had a parking ticket, and he certainly had not lived a mediocre life.

Instead, he’d created Enter The Vortex with his five close friends and had taken the metal world by storm. Their success had even spread into the mainstream audience, resulting in a few of their songs even reaching the top 10 charts and leading to a life of fame and money.

And so Hoseok likened himself to a phoenix, dying in his old life before being reborn stronger than ever. He’d pointed to the tarnished cage and explained that the cage was his life before he had broken free and the phoenix obviously represented himself.

But you’d choked up when he’d pointed at the ornate cage, explaining that this was your past life. A life that had been picture perfect and full of wealth and everything you could possibly want. Despite this, it had stifled you in your attempts to be the daughter your parents expected, the daughter you had realised you could never be.

Hoseok had been the reason you’d finally smashed that cage to pieces, choosing him over your parents. His finger had trailed up his wrist slightly to trace over the pretty white bird, small compared to the phoenix but still just as bright. He’d shyly said that the dove was you, because a dove represents love and peace, two things he hadn’t thought he’d experience in his life.

Needless to say, you’d bawled your eyes out when you’d found out that, which has resulted in Hoseok frantically trying to stop the tears and being terrified he’d upset you. But it had been the fact that he loved you so strongly, strongly enough to tattoo something so symbolic that represented you onto his skin.

Once you’d calmed down, he’d proceeded to explain that he’d left that spot free as nothing had felt right but once you’d got married he’d known what he wanted. It had felt right to him, as he’d tattooed over the veins that fed blood back from his ring finger to his heart.

You didn’t think you’d ever be able to do something so symbolic and important for him, but he’d just told you that your love was more than enough. Sometimes you didn’t think you deserved him, but you tried to make sure he knew how much you appreciated him either way.

Which was why you didn’t call him out on his laugh, instead feeling more than a little mushy after holding Seo-Yeon. Instead you shuffled over to Jimin and rested your arms on his knees, looking up at your sleeping niece with wide eyes of admiration.

“I can’t believe you made something so cute Jiminie.” You murmur, reaching out to rub her back gently. Jimin scoffs lightly before giving you a glare, slapping your hand away playfully.

“I’ll have you know I’m the cutest in the family. It only makes sense I make a cute baby.” He mutters, pouting lightly as his blonde hair falls into his eyes. His hand returns to slowly stroking his daughter’s back, a tiny whimper escaping her that immediately has him soothing her.

You sigh deeply before moving slightly to lean back against Hoseok’s legs, purring ever so quietly when he automatically starts to run his fingers through your hair. The man knows how to give great massages, you’ll give him that.

“Is Jisoo napping at home then?” You ask quietly, watching as Jimin looks back at you before nodding. He gestures for a drink and you grab his glass of water from the table, passing it to him.

“Yeah, she’s exhausted,” And so is he, if the bags under his eyes are anything to go by, you think to yourself. “So I said I’d bring little one over for a visit and let her get some sleep.” Laying your head on Hoseok’s thigh, you let out a tiny sigh as you watch the tiny girl doze on her dad.

“Does Uncle Hobi want to hold her? Auntie Y/N has been hogging her right?” Jimin grins, winking at you to soothe the sting before  shifting Seo-Yeon. She’s a good girl and doesn’t make much noise of complaint as she’s transferred to her uncle.

Immediately Hoseok’s face is lighting up with a pleased grin, mouth stretching wide and causing his cheeks to lift in happiness as his soft brown eyes sparkle. His blonde hair, black on his undercut, is pushed away from his forehead and you watch the complete dichotomy of this big, tattooed and pierced man - infamous on stage for pure sex appeal and contained violence - holding his teeny, pastel coloured niece.

You can’t stop the noises that escape your throat at the sight, and neither can you stop the ache you feel in your womb. Watching him with a baby was only igniting the desires you’d been feeling for the past year and you had no doubt that Jimin could see the broodiness in your eyes.

It was only to be expected, you’d been with Hoseok for six years now and married for two. He was 32 and you were 30, so it felt like the perfect time to completely settle down and start a family. You just hadn’t discussed it with Hoseok yet.

Pulling out your phone, you pull up the camera app and frame Hoseok perfectly in the light. He’s too focused on murmuring quiet words to Seo-Yeon, her wide eyes watching him carefully as he does so. Snapping a few photos, you sit back down and focus on editing one quickly.

The lighting is perfect and the filter dulls some of the colouring while making the colours of his tattoos and Seo-Yeon’s onesie pop even brighter. Biting your lip to try and stop the ‘awww’ you’re desperate to say, you quickly upload it to your Twitter and Instagram account along with a keyboard smash of a comment, asking everyone how cute your husband is with babies.

Putting your phone onto the table, you simply rest your elbows on your knees and watch as you husband plays with his niece, a large hand gently cradling her head so softly. A glance at Jimin lets you see the amused look on his face, lips turned up slightly as he scans over his brother-in-law silently.

“What are you smiling at?” You ask, reaching forward to poke at his thigh. He makes a whiney noise of protest and moves his leg away from you, pouting a little as he does so. Jimin shifts his body on the couch, resting his right foot on his left knee while he relaxes into the corner of it, arms spread over the back and arm.

“I don’t think I’ll ever get used to seeing Hoseok with a baby you know?” He chuckles, causing Hoseok to look up with a confused face, brows creasing slightly. You watch him with fondness, lips pressing together as you look him over. He was back on a small break from touring and would be leaving again in a few days, but he’d spent the last two weeks in South America and had gained even more of a tan than usual.

“Why not?” Hoseok looked down at Seo-Yeon with a slightly crestfallen expression and your heart clenches immediately, hands reaching out to allay whatever worry he suddenly has. “Do I not look like I could be good with kids?” His lips are already pushing together into a pout, his lip rings becoming even more prominent.

“Oh baby no, that’s not what Jimin meant.” You pacify, scooting forward till you’re leaning against his leg again and slowly stroking his thigh. He looks down at you and it doesn’t take a genius to see that there’s something going on, something he doesn’t want to say in front of Jimin.

But Jimin seems to sense there’s an undercurrent here that he’d accidentally stirred up and is immediately placating, hands gesturing out to your husband. “No, that’s not what I meant! I just mean that you’re this big, tattooed and muscly guy holding a tiny baby, it’s just an odd sight. I trust you with her, completely.”

You heave a sigh of relief as your brother immediately deescalates the situation and wryly muse to yourself that this is probably why your parents had no choice but to accept his girlfriend. He always knew what to say and when to say it to defuse a potential situation.

Hoseok eyes him slightly before cradling Seo-Yeon closer, eyes flickering between the two of you to check that you’re being truthful. Deciding to believe you, he tongues his lip ring before leaning back and choosing instead to focus on the little girl in his arms.

Laying your head on his thigh, you look over at your brother as he watches with a tiny frown. “How are mom and dad? Have they seen her yet?” You ask quietly, the words being tugged from your throat against your will. As much as they’ve hurt you in your life, they’re still your parents and there is likely to always be a part of you that will care.

Your words cause Jimin to sigh heavily, looking down at his lap before glancing back to you. “They’re good, still being over dramatic as fu-hell.” You snigger at his censorship despite the fact his daughter has zero comprehension of words yet. “But yeah, they saw her last week. I think…I think it went well. They didn’t snipe at Jisoo for once and I actually kinda think that mom pretty much fell in love with Seo-Yeon.”

Before he realises what he’s doing, Jimin is pulling out his phone and scrolling through his gallery. Presenting the screen to you, you see your parents sat on his sofa with Seo-Yeon carefully cradled in your mom’s arms.

Taking the phone from him slowly, you look at the image and swallow thickly. You haven’t even seen your parents for over two years, since they had disowned you after you’d refused to leave Hoseok. It would be nice if you could say that it didn’t hurt anymore, but seeing your parents accept Jimin’s girlfriend and look at his daughter with such love, even though they’d been against it like they had with Hoseok, was like a dagger to your heart.

They hadn’t even given Hoseok a chance, and you knew that there would be no pictures of your mother smiling at your child. It was a hard pill to swallow, you thought, to know that your brother had succeeded where you had failed. It was harder still to know that the reason for that was because he was worth more to them than you were. To the extent that they were happier to accept Jimin’s girlfriend even though they had only just had their year anniversary.

Hoseok and you had been together for four years when he’d proposed, yet they’d refused to even consider changing their minds. Looking down, you blink rapidly to try and stop the tears that are banking in your eyes before handing the phone back.

Jimin coughs awkwardly as you feel Hoseok’s hand squeeze your shoulder reassuringly. Both men are intuitive to your emotions, your husband’s from years of relationship and your brother simply from growing up together.

There’s a moment of silence before Jimin is sliding off the couch, his ripped jeans flexing to reveal his knees as he moves next to you. Without a word he’s wrapping his arms around your shoulders and pulling you in tight, your vision obscured by the black and white striped shirt he’s wearing.

“I’m sorry sis, I am.” He mumbles, warm breath hitting your neck as he cuddles you so close. You bite your lip before resting your forehead against his toned shoulder, letting out the heaviest sigh you’ve done in a while. “They don’t know what they’re missing out on, with both of you.” Jimin says, shifting slightly and when you look you see that he’s reassuringly squeezing Hoseok’s arm.

“They know, they just don’t care.” You sigh, staying within your brothers arms for a bit longer. It’s been a long time since you’ve hugged Jimin like this, and it feels nice. You feel young again, like how he used to protect you from your parents harsh words as a child.

“They might not, but I do. Okay? I don’t want you to ever forget that, either of you. I care so much about you both, you know that. Anything you need, I’m here.” His words were comforting and you wrapped your own arms around his waist, squeezing hard until he was giggling and pushing at your arms.

“You’re the best brother ever? You know that?” You ask, pulling away just enough to look at him with a bright smile. Immediately, a responding smile brightens up his face before he lets go, patting your back and wriggling backwards.

The moment is broken when soft noises of complaint soon begin to gurgle out of Seo-Yeon’s throat, her miniscule face scrunching up in unhappiness. Hoseok makes noises to try and mollifying her, bouncing her ever so gently to see if he can get her to quieten down but she’s having none of it, little hands fisting furiously as her noises soon evolve into cries, getting louder each time.

Jimin watches her for a moment before standing and removing her from your husband’s arms, tenderly wrapping her in his own as pacifying noises escape his mouth, pacing and rocking her. You have no idea how she knows that it’s her dad, but she begins to quieten down as her heart breaking cries become little whimpers, but you can see that Jimin is probably ready to go now.

Sure enough, he reaches for the baby bag he’d brought with him, the pale yellow with an adorable blue dinosaur on the side contrasting sharply from his normal fashionable attire. Turning to you both, he gives an apologetic smile before shrugging his shoulders.

“I think I should probably get her home, she’s probably hungry and I want to check on Jisoo. It’s been nice though, you should come over when Hoseok’s gone Y/N and spend more time with her if you’d like?” He suggests, heading over towards your door and slipping his shoes on without letting Seo-Yeon down.

Wandering over to say goodbye, you give him a brief one sided hug before standing back, Hoseok approaching behind you and wrapping an arm around your waist. Waving bye to them, you watch until the door closes behind them both before letting out a deep sigh. Turning in Hoseok’s arms, you wrap your own around his waist and rest your chin on his chest.

“You looked adorable with Seo-Yeon.” You whisper, smiling tenderly at him while you let your hands slowly roam the hard planes of muscle along his back. He looks down at you and raises his right eyebrow, the piercing he’d added last year glinting in the light.

“Did I? I thought I looked funny apparently.” He mutters, looking away and you sigh deeply, nuzzling your face into his chest and squeezing him tightly. You can tell that he’s a little upset, and you pull away before taking his hand and tugging him back to the couch. He flops down and lets his head fall on the back before a long sigh leaves his body, causing him to physically deflate.

Curling up next to him, you slide your sock laden feet under his thigh before reaching forward and taking one of his hands into your own. Laying your own head against the couch, you watch him quietly for a few moments as your thumb strokes his skin.

“You didn’t look funny, in fact it was adorable and made me feel all funny. I guess it’s just not what people expect to see someone tattooed and pierced being so careful with someone so tiny. You’re so good with her though,” You say softly, making sure to keep your voice calm and soothing for him. There’s a moment of consideration before you decide to say the next thing. “I think you’re going to make a great daddy.”

Your words cause him to tense up slightly before he’s looking over at you. The two of you had obviously discussed children in your six-year relationship and you knew that Hoseok wanted them as much as you did. But there had always been an uncertain question mark over the topic, something neither of you had truly delved into as neither of you had been desperate for children at the time.

The arrival of Seo-Yeon had changed that though. You’d been a little ashamed to realise you were jealous of Jisoo and once your niece had arrived, you’d felt an aching need to feel your own baby in your arms. A tiny little one of your own, with Hoseok’s eyes and smile. Hoseok’s busy schedule at the moment had just meant you’d kept your craving to yourself.

His pink tongue flicks out momentarily, wetting his lips before he’s coughing, clearing his throat. You’ve been with him long enough to recognise that’s building himself up to say something, so you wait quietly for him.

Finally, he lets out a tiny breath before speaking. “Do you want a baby?” His volume is low, and you can’t quite identify how he’s feeling. His words cause you to squeeze his hand involuntarily though as you swallow, pressing your tongue into the softness of your cheek.

“Yes, I do. I got a bit resentful of Jisoo but now seeing Seo-Yeon, I want to hold our baby so badly. And I want to see you being a daddy too.” You state plainly, recognising that he would listen to you and think rationally. Both of you had been in a relationship for long enough that serious talks like this were treated with the respect they deserved.

He doesn’t answer, instead looks down at his hand which you’re playing with nervously. Turning it over, he slips it into place and grasps your fingers with his own while his other hand come over to gently play with your wedding ring.

“What if I’m not a good dad?” His words are so softly spoken, you almost don’t hear them but you definitely feel the pain and fear in them. Immediately you look at him with a distressed face, upset that he could ever think that.

“Are you kidding? You should see yourself with Seo-Yeon, you’re a natural with her! And you’re so kind and caring with me and your friends, why would you think you wouldn’t be a good dad?” He’s chewing on his lip ring almost desperately now, the metal clanking against his white teeth.

Looking away for a moment, when he turns back you see the tears in his eyes and immediately almost crawl into his lap, cooing to him as you cup his face in your hands. “Baby, what’s wrong? Why do you think this?”

Hoseok stays quiet, his deep brown eyes focused firmly on you before he closes them slowly. “I don’t know how to be a dad. My only experiences with fathers haven’t been…great. I mean…my own spent more time in prison than with me and taught me that if you want your own way, you use your fists.”

Opening his eyes, he simply watches you sadly. “And your dad has taught me that there is no such thing as unconditional love. That there are things you can love more than your own child. Not to mention how I look. How is anyone going to accept me with a child? What if I scare our kid? Or what if I start repeating my own dad’s mistakes? What if they hate me? Like I do with my own?”

Tears soon start to fill your own eyes as you watch him struggle with his emotions, heart bursting for the concerns he’s obviously kept close to his chest for so long. You’ve always known that his upbringing wasn’t great, including the fact that his father had been abusive to both him and his mother. But to know that it had affected him so badly that he didn’t even think he’d make a great father?

You’re shaking your head before you realise it, tears falling down your cheeks as you watch the turmoil on his face. “I’m sorry that you’ve had a shitty representation of parents, but we are not our parents. If we were, then Jimin would have dumped Jisoo immediately when he found out. But he didn’t. And by your logic, I shouldn’t even be with you. But I am. I love you, and I wholeheartedly believe that you’ll be a fantastic father.”

Stroking his cheek gently, you simply admire his face for a moment as he takes in your words. His normally smiling lips are being bitten furiously by his teeth, the rings clanking and each movement reveals the dimples that adorn his cheeks. He looks down his sloped nose, the septum piercing still prominent after all these years before he swallows, angular jaw clenching slightly.

“You’ll be a great dad, because you’re Jung Hoseok. Not your dad, and not mine. I don’t know how to be a mom either and the idea of raising a child kind of scares me too. But I can’t think of anyone in the world that I’d rather do it with. If we’re bad, then we’ll learn. No one is perfect when it comes to children, and I’ll be here with you every step.” You whisper, leaning closer till the tip of your nose brushes his own.

“I want you to be comfortable though, so if you don’t want them then-” You’re cut off by his kiss though, soft lips pressing against yours firmly and the lip rings cool against your skin. He pulls away slowly, still close enough that his breath brushes against you in gentle puffs.

“No, no. I couldn’t do that to you. Not when I’ve said for years that I want them. That’s cruel to you.” A finger to his own lips stops his tirade, perfectly placed between the two rings and he falls silent for a moment, before pressing a gentle kiss to your fingertip.

“If you don’t want them, then you don’t want them. I’d rather not have kids than force you to have one and have you realise you never wanted them in the first place. That’s not fair to you, or the child.” The words are serious, tone level even though it hurts to say them. But it’s true, you’d forego kids if he didn’t think he could handle them.

You loved him far too much to force him into a situation he wasn’t comfortable or happy with, particularly one as permanent as children. “You only have to look at our parents to realise that sometimes, maybe people aren’t cut out to be parents. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I think you have to decide that now and not later.”

He’s quiet, gentle eyes focusing on the neckline of your grey button shirt as he thinks deeply. There’s more than a few minutes of silence between you, comfortable as you allow him the time to think. Finally, he takes a fortifying breath before looking back at you, love and tentative hope shining out.

“I want kids. I want to see you be a mommy so bad, and maybe I might be a bad dad but…I’ll try. I’ll try because neither of our dads tried, and I’ll be damned if they ruin something else in our lives.” He growled, voice vibrating with intensity. A tentative smile slowly begins to spread across your cheeks, happiness bubbling inside you like a fountain that began to overflow.

“Really? Are you sure?” You ask, letting your head fall forward till your gently resting it against his own forehead. He looks up at you and an equally excited grin appears, revealing straight white teeth and his beautiful dimples and causing his eyes to sparkle brightly.

“I think you should stop taking your birth control and we’ll see what happens.” Hoseok whispers, arms moving to rest around your waist as one hand strokes the flat expanse of your back. You shift your own hands from his face to rest them on his shoulders, nerves battling with anticipation in your stomach.

“I will, though it’ll probably take a while to get pregnant. I don’t think we should expect it immediately.” You warn him, pressing a tiny kiss to his nose and causing him to crease it cutely.

In retaliation, Hoseok begins to kiss across your cheeks as he makes an acknowledging noise. “I know, and I don’t think we should start trying properly until after I’ve finished the tour.” You nod in agreement, watching him before pressing a firm kiss to his mouth.

His reaction is to simply deepen it, arms tightening around your waist as he rolls you back onto the couch and proceeds to show you exactly how much he loves you, right there with the curtains open for the world to see.


The very next day, Hoseok had left again for the final part of his tour to promote Enter The Vortex’s newest album. It was a tour of Europe and took him away for a month and half, with him sending you daily selfies and photos of wherever he was. You’d smiled at your morning texts, which as usual were accompanied with either his smiling face or something he thought would amuse you.

His pictures of the cities they’d performed in had left you sighing with want. You’d gone with him on a few tours before, taking all your vacation at once to travel with him and had visited more than a few countries. But it was hard not to feel sad when he was sending photographs of the Danube in Budapest, the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin or the colourful building of Copenhagen.

Your job however, would not let you go with him very often, even if it was at the very label he was signed to. As much as the CEO of the label approved of your relationship, even supported it, your job unfortunately could not be done on the go and so you’d had to put up with more time without your husband.

It just made his return all the sweeter, particularly given the hormones that had been running rampant in your body once you’d stopped your birth control. Your first period had been ridiculous and you remembered how much you disliked them, not to mention how unbelievably horny you got.

During the time he was gone, you’d looked into ways to improve the chances of getting pregnant and had even downloaded an app that would track your ovulation. Even Hoseok had apparently been looking into it, sending you links occasionally of things you could be doing to increase your fertility.

Either way, he’d finally arrived back home and you let out a little squeal of joy when you heard the door slam shut, his luggage rolling noisily on the floor as he took his shoes off. Slamming your laptop closed on the table, you practically skidded out into the hallway and almost slid into the damn wall.

Hoseok looked up from his suitcase at the sound, lips splitting as a loud chuckle left him and his shoulders began to shake. You didn’t bother saying anything though, just ran at him with arms wide and leapt into his own waiting arms. He rocked backwards a few steps but squeezed you tight, face pressing into your neck.

“You’re home!” The words are muffled against his black leather jacket before you’re leaning back, keeping your arms wrapped around his neck while he holds your thighs to keep you up. His face is a picture of delight while you can see just a little tiredness in his eyes, blonde hair strewn messily on his forehead.

“I am. I missed you.” He whispered lovingly, causing you to lean forward and press your lips to his own. At the touch, a sigh leaves both of you, the sound of contentment after no physical contact for so long. “God I missed you.” His words can barely be heard but you hear them all the same.

Bringing a hand up to run through his messy blonde hair, you pull away and simply watch him for a moment. He licks his lips slowly, tongue running over his lip rings and you feel a tug in your stomach that quickly fires down to between your legs, thighs clenching around him without you even meaning to.

A slow smirk makes its way onto his face as he feels it, the muscles tightening around his waist and he responds by squeezing his hands. Taking a deep breath, you move forward to lean your forehead against his before whispering across his lips. “What does Master think about getting me pregnant?”

At your words, his eyes blow out immediately, black pupils expanding rapidly and taking over the beautiful brown of his irises. Hoseok inhales deeply before blowing it back out shakily and his hands are gripping you even tighter.

“He’d like that a lot.” Biting your lip playfully, you press the softest kiss to his mouth before slowly teasing him by tonguing his right lip ring.

“Good, because his little bitch is ovulating right now.” Probably not the sexiest words you’ve ever said to him, but his reaction is immediate as his jaw clenches, teeth baring in a primal reaction.

Bridging the gap between your mouths, he pulls you in for a bruising kiss, lips mashed together momentarily before he’s gliding his tongue along your lower lip. You knew he isn’t asking for entrance, but demanding it and you eagerly let your jaw drop, allowing him to invade.

He plunders your mouth without a moment’s hesitation, tongue dipping inside and fighting with your own for a moment before you give in. Moaning and shuddering in his arms as his piercing runs along the sensitive roof of your mouth, you tug him even closer and let out a pleased purr as he groans at the slight pull of his hair.

Pulling away from you, he gives you the slightest glare as he stares, lips shiny and swollen from the kiss. Glancing down from his face, you bite your lip at the sight of the black leather choker around his neck that he’s taken to wearing lately.

“What makes you think I’ll accept my little bitch pulling hair hmm? Hasn’t Master taught you better than that?” He growls the sound causing a shiver to run through you and combined with the imperious look he gives you, adds to the wetness that’s already begun between your thighs.

Before you get the chance to respond, he jerks you up like a child as he gets a better grip on you before walking to the bedroom, footsteps heavier than normal with your combined weight. Once inside, he kicks the door closed before slamming you against it, back likely to be bruised from the pressure as he rests his body against you.

The hard muscle of his toned body, defined from years of a combination of drumming, exercise and a long held passion for dance, pressed against your soft edges and your inner muscles convulse around nothing.

He murmurs something that you don’t hear before he’s pressing lazy kisses to your jaw, his mouth moving slowly and seductively before lazily trailing to his next spot. A breathless groan leaves you as he lowers down to your neck, mouthing at all the sensitive spots he knows like the back of his hand.

An open mouthed kiss on a certain spot sends your pulse thundering, and you’ve no doubt that he can feel it under the sensitive skin of his mouth. He takes his time with you, his control iron as usual as he leisurely explores the intricate expanse of your neck, taking his time to suck in bruises that you would no doubt complain at him for later.

Finally, he reaches your collar bone and oh so slowly licks a slow, wet trail along the defined bone before he slowly works his way back up to your jaw, the tip both tickling and seductive. Reaching his goal, he bites at it softly, teeth scraping the skin there before pulling away and looking at you sternly.

“Does my little bitch want Master to fill her up?” His words have you clenching, both your thighs and your pussy, as a whimper leaves you. He’s never really vocalised this kind of kink before, and while you enjoyed him cumming in you, you’d never realised you’d enjoy him talking like this.

A satisfied smirk pastes itself onto his mouth as he watches your reaction closely. Without a word, he grinds his groin into your hips and your head falls back against the wall with a gentle thud as you feel his semi press through his jeans and your sweats to your needy centre.

“Master, please.” You whisper, not entirely sure what you’re pleading with him for. He hums low, the sound almost a rumble with how deep it comes from within his chest and you claw at his shoulders slightly to stop yourself from reaching for his hair again.

“Please what? Use your words. Tell Master what you want, and if he’s feeling in a good mood then maybe he’ll give it to you.” He chides softly, the hands that are holding your ass squeezing in almost rhythmic manner and pressing you even harder into his hips.

Looking into his eyes, you see the want and lust in them that tells you he’ll probably do whatever you want, but you also see the cocky smirk that more importantly tells you that he knows damn well you’ll do anything and everything he wants.

“I want you to cum in me. Fill me with your cum.” An eyebrow raises, the ring there shining in the afternoon sunlight that dances its way through the window.

“And?” His tone is almost dangerous, a purring note to the single word that wraps around your senses and tugs the words from you without even trying.

“I want Master to get me pregnant, I want you to cum in me so much that there’s no possible way I’m not pregnant.” You gasp out, words trembling in excitement and need as you say something you’ve never told anyone. Something that would have been taboo before, but causes a shiver of anticipation to run down both your spines.

“Oh I will. I’m going to fuck you, and I’m going to fuck you so hard that you can’t walk properly. Which is good, because you’re going to be full of my cum and you’re going to lay there and take it all as I fill you up.” A hand moves up from your ass to your stomach, pushing up the plain white vest top to stroke your flat stomach that jerks with his movement.

He presses hard for a moment, causing you to go breathless. “That cum is gonna put a baby right here, as I think you’ll look so…so sexy all swollen with my baby. And if it doesn’t work today, then Master will keep fucking you full of cum until you are.” He’s whispering against your ear now, tongue lightly trailing the delicate arch of your ear as you moan wantonly, pussy already slick enough for him.

You feel the muscles of his body shifting under your thighs, tensing slightly before he’s lowering you down and taking a few steps back. Looking you up and down, the corner of his mouth twitches up before he gestures to the bed.

“Strip for Master. And make it slow, I’ve only had my hand to keep me company for a month and a half so my little bitch better make it good.” Chewing your lip at his words and the heady look in his eyes, you ever so slowly saunter over to the four poster bed, making sure to put a little extra sway in your hips just for him.

Turning around slowly, you sink your toes into the grey shag rug laid on the floor, providing a little warmth from the coolness of the wooden flooring. It’s with more than a little gratification that you notice the dark gaze he has firmly attached to your ass and you chew your lip slowly, biting away the final remnants of your strawberry lip balm.

Grasping the hem of your top, you slowly tug it upwards to reveal long expanses of smooth, toned skin. Unlike your husband, you remain an unmarked canvas, something which seems to turn him on even more.

Throwing the top to the floor, your thumbs hook into the waistband of your grey sweatpants, pulling them wide slightly before letting them drop to the floor in a heap. His follows the movement with his eyes before taking a moment to visually caress every inch of you as he slowly looks back up, eyes catching your finally.

Turning around to face the bed, you can’t help the mischievous smile that takes over once he can’t see what he really wants as your hands reach behind to unhook your bra before ever so slowly letting that drop to the floor too. A low rumble erupts from behind you, causing your skin to goosebump immediately at his obvious annoyance that you’re hiding from him.

Instead of acquiescing, you unhurriedly begin to push your underwear down your hips. They’re nothing special, just boyshorts with the Batman logo in pink and blue dotted around but the knowledge that he’s watching causes each touch to send shudders through you, mind already racing to imagine the way he’s going to use you so thoroughly.

And god, you hadn’t been penetrated since he’d left so the sheer thought had you almost gasping with desperate need.

As you pushed the soft fabric down your hips, revealing a lush ass that always got his engine going, you wiggle it ever so slightly while being fully in the knowledge that he can probably already see your pussy peeking past the clothing.

Suddenly, you’re being bent over forcefully as his hand presses down on your neck, an annoyed hiss escaping his mouth. A gasping laugh leaves your own as you shift your face slightly to avoid being suffocated and immediately his nose is brushing against your cheek, breath warm against you while his body cradles your own.

“Does my little bitch think she’s being funny? I said make it good, not be a teasing slut.” He presses his groin firmly against your ass, the material of his ripped, black skinny jeans pressing against your asshole instead of your pussy due to the height difference.

“I’m sorry Master.” You pant out, pushing back against him despite your words in a frantic attempt to get some stimulation from him. Immediately though he pushes you hard to the bed before letting go, a hard spank to your ass causing you to gasp out before he moves away. Sinking to your knees, you keep your head on the soft covers as you watch him head over to the chest of drawers taking up space underneath the window.

He crouches down, letting you see a perfect glimpse of his lean yet muscled thighs and a tiny whine leaves your throat at the sight, your own thighs clenching with the need to have him between them. But it’s when he stands back up and turns around that you look at him with wide eyes.

Putting all his weight on one leg, he takes a moment to look you over with an almost detached gaze before the corner of his mouth lifts. In his hands are some bondage ropes that you’ve both invested in over the years, not only to improve your sex life but also to be safer during playtime.

Letting one of the ropes unwind to the floor, your breath hitches as he points at the bed. “Get on it and lay down in the centre. Spread your arms to point at the posts.” Is all he says, the silence that follows filled with expectation.

Given you’ve already annoyed him once, you have no intention of being naughty again today and quickly scramble to your feet, letting out a soft hiss as your knee scrapes against the carpet to leave a burning sensation. You ignore it though, crawling onto the bed and laying exactly as he demanded, reaching each arm out as if you were going to grab the dark wooden posts.

Smirking, he walks over and runs a hand through your hair softly. “What a good little bitch you can be when you listen and don’t act smart.” Despite his gentle touch, his words are firm and he’s soon tying a rope around the bedpost before tying it around your wrist. It’s secure enough that you won’t be moving, but not enough to hurt unless you really tug hard against it.

He repeats the actions on your other wrist before moving to stand at the foot of the bed, looking down at you with a satisfied expression. “What’s your safe word?” He asks as he slowly licks along his bottom lip, eyes trailing a heated gaze down your body. His look is so strong you swear you can feel him touching you and your nipples pebble in response.

“Pineapple.” You gasp, eyes blown with need.

A breathy laugh leaves those pretty pink lips, a teasing smile slowly spreading as he presses a  knee onto the bed, rips spreading to reveal the golden skin beneath. Crawling forward, he stops between your spread legs and kneels there quietly, a hand grasping each ankle before lazily dancing up your calves.

By the time he reaches your thighs, the muscles there are quivering with want and he grins briefly before leaning down to press tiny butterfly kisses along your inner thigh. The miniscule touches set your skin ablaze though and you can’t help but try and clench your legs, trapping him in the middle till he forcefully pushes them apart.

He kisses all the way to your centre and your inner muscles clamp down greedily on nothing, desperate for some of his loving attention. The flash of white teeth lets you know he’s seen the needy movements, yet he simply moves straight over to your other thigh and begins to kiss a slow trail back up.

Whining quietly at his teasing, you can’t help but wriggle as you tug at the restraints around your wrists. He hums in response, pressing his hot tongue against the sensitive skin near your knee and licking a long, wet trail all the way back.

“Does my little bitch want me to eat her out? Do you want my tongue in your pussy?” He queries, nudging a delicate kiss to your inner thigh before biting down hard enough to have you whining. You can’t stop the frantic way your head nods.

Hoseok knows you too well though and simply pulls back, sitting up and letting his head fall to one side as he watches you. The movement causes his choker to strain against his neck and his hair falls into his eyes, causing him to run a hand through the blonde locks to push them out of the way.

Your husband has always been attractive, but he’s at his peak when he has you at his mercy and is fully aware of it, like right now. His black leather jacket is still wrapped around him, covering a vintage Motorhead shirt. Thigh muscles bunch under his tight jeans as he kneels there, you can’t help the soft groan that leaves you at the sight of him.

The devil has a name and his name is Jung Hoseok. One day, he’ll kill you just from his sheer sex appeal. And what a way that will be to go.

It’s only when you look back up after admiring his physique that you realise he’s been watching you with a bemused look, eyebrow raised. “Are you finished?” He asks bluntly, causing you to flush slightly before nodding meekly.

“Good” He states, shrugging the jacket off his shoulders before throwing it across the room. The sound of his belt unbuckling has you whimpering quietly, body writhing slowly as yet more liquid leaks from your centre.

Hoseok doesn’t move to take any more clothes off however, simply shuffles forward slightly before laying between your thighs and grinning up at you. “Master needs to get you nice and prepared right? Need to make sure this pussy is wet enough for me, get you ready to be filled up.” As he says this, he suddenly presses an open mouthed kiss to your clit that has your body jerking off the bed.

Your husband doesn’t bother wasting time, sucking the engorged bundle of nerves into his mouth and applying just enough pressure to have your core aching before his hot tongue is playing with you lazily. Each flick of his tongue has you gasping softly and struggling at your restraints but he makes no movement to ease the pressure, instead sucking hard before letting go of the pliant flesh with a barely audible pop.

He immediately begins to attack your most sensitive area, stiffening his tongue to run it along your clit in short, quick strokes that has your breath increasing just as fast before he changes the pace by sliding a long, flat swipe along you, the metal ball of his tongue piercing pressing on all the right spots.

“Oh god Master, please Master.” You whine, the precipice of your orgasm approaching faster than you’d anticipated due to the lack of contact over the time he’d been gone. Six years of relationship should have told you better than to beg him though as he immediately abandons your clit, instead letting his tongue slip down between your folds to your entrance.

For a few seconds he simply circles the wet hole idly before he’s pushing inside. The sensation of the thick muscle intruding has you gasping before your hips wiggle desperately as he curls his tongue as deep inside you as he can get. Each slow thrust of the wet muscle causes your hands to fist desperately, wishing that you could sink your fingers into that soft hair and pull. Your husband has a long tongue that you’ve been grateful for many times, but his piercing makes you wish he could reach the incredibly sensitive grouping of nerves inside you with it.

Hoseok continues on for a few minutes like this, dragging you ever so close to the edge of unbelievable pleasure before spreading your wetness along your inner thighs, letting your body calm down from the craving for a release before playfully bringing you all the way back.

Once he gets bored of amusing himself with his tongue, he brings his hand up to toy with your clit, thumb rubbing along the hood before pressing firmly down on the bundle of nerves. A long groan leaves you as he continues to stimulate your clit before letting his hand track down your pussy to your soaked entrance.

Pushing two fingers in with minimal resistance, he can’t help but let out the softest moan as he encounters practically zero resistance from your body. His long fingers, so used to handling drum sticks, play your body like his beloved instrument as he moves them, crooking them upwards so every stroke has the pads of his fingertips pressing against your g-spot.

The pressure intensifies immediately in your lower stomach and you can’t stop your muscles from tightening around him as your hips work, hoping and pleading softly for him to have mercy on you and let you orgasm.

“You’re gonna look real pretty filled with my cum little bitch, just look how wet you are now.” He smirks, pulling his fingers out before lifting them up for you. His fingers are soaked with your juices and you watch as the stickiness strings together as he separates them before he’s sucking them into his mouth, eyes fluttering shut as a pleased rumble leaves his chest.

“Ahh, you pussy is the best tasting thing in the world.” Hoseok whispers, pushing three fingers inside you now and starting a frenzied pace. “I’d love to watch my cum leak out of you, but we need it all to stay inside you don’t we? Need to fill you up till you’re fit to burst.” A wet kiss to your inner knee causes it to shiver slightly as he pulls pleasure from your core.

Moving forward slightly, he continues to finger fuck you furiously while he presses hot kisses to your flat stomach, currently heaving for breathes under his assault. “Yeah, you’re gonna look real good filled with my baby. Watch you get all round and know that it was because of me, because you let Master fill your pussy.” He glances up at you and grins, piercings glinting in the sunlight.

“Tell me what a dirty little bitch you are. Tell me.” His eyes are daring, gloating as an shudder wracks your body. “Tell me how much you want me to fill you up until you’re leaking my cum for days afterwards.”

At his rasping words, combined with the intense pressure he’s placing on your abused pussy and the sudden bruise he sucks into the skin of your stomach, your body clenches around his hand furiously as your orgasm slams through your body like a tidal wave. A choked cry leaves your throat as he keeps your orgasm going, fingers roughly pressing on your pleasure points until your hips are trying to pull away from him from the overstimulation.

“Ah ah ah, tell me what I want to hear.” He snarls, biting down on your hip and speeding up his arm until you have tears of pleasure and pain falling down your cheeks.

“I’m Master’s dirty little bitch, I’m such a filthy little slut. I want you to fill me till I can’t even walk without you sliding down my thighs.” You pant out, hoping vaguely that he’ll relent on his offensive on your pussy.

Instead, he lets out a dark laugh that vibrates across your stomach and causing you to involuntarily squeeze his fingers. “Of course you do, because you’re Master’s little bitch.” Hoseok noses his way back to your pussy and hovers for a moment over your clit, eyes glancing back up to you and you whine loudly at the animalistic desire you see there.

“Master, please. I’m too…it’s too sensitive.” You pant out, trying to pull your hips away as his fingers keep going. He just chuckles, scalding breathe hitting your clit and causing you to moan quietly.

“You can come for me again, can’t you? I need you to be ready to accept my seed after all. Need to make sure you get pregnant from it right?” He murmurs before his lips are enveloping your pleasure centre once more. Immediately, you’re crying out as the pleasure and pain racks up in your body exponentially, each combined movement of his limbs causing your body to almost short circuit.

It doesn’t take long for him to have you orgasming again, liquid gushing out of you with each thrust of his hand and causing his tattoos to shine with your excitement. “Good little bitch.” He whispers, pulling away from your clit for only a moment before he continues on, pressing the ball of his piercing firmly against you until you’re writhing desperately.

“Master, please…please Master. Please.” You’re not even entirely sure what you’re babbling anymore or whether you want him to continue or stop. He ignores your pleading however and simply keeps going, somehow managing to pull a third orgasm from your tired and abused body that leaves you tingling with a slight numbness and your lungs fighting for breath.

Finally allowing you mercy, he pulls away and looks down at your messy pussy with a satisfied expression, licking his lips that are glossy with your orgasm. Though so are his cheeks and chin, but he doesn’t seem to mind the mess you’ve caused as he practically purrs his praise to you.

“Good girl, we need you to be ready for my cock.” Crawling over you, he slowly lowers himself until he’s practically laid on you before capturing your lips between his own. His kiss is lazy, with his tongue playing with yours instead of dominating and the taste of yourself causes a ragged moan to escape into his mouth.

Pulling away from you, he grins briefly before kneeling back and pulling his top off quickly. “I think it’s time I fulfilled my promise to you right? Stuff your pretty pussy full of cum until it spills out of you, though I’d prefer it if we kept it all inside.”

Hoseok stands briefly to relieve himself of his jeans and the rest of his clothing, discarding them without a second thought before he’s crawling back. He pauses briefly, looking down at you with a hungry expression as his body practically glows in the soft sunlight, colourful tattoos vibrant and vivid.

The beautiful image is broken, or perhaps enhanced, slightly by the way he slowly strokes himself. A slow tug of his erection that has his hand squeezing the shaft firmly, causing a bead of translucent pre-cum to leak from his thick tip.

Watching him fist himself quietly has your hips wiggling on the bed, even more liquid leaking from you despite the three orgasms that has wrecked your body already. His fingers were good, but your pussy aches and clenches emptily at the thought of his length inside you.

Lifting your hips up slightly, you try to entice him into moving which gets an immediate amused smirk. Free hand coming forward to trace meaningless shapes onto your thigh, he grins at you. “Looks like someone is greedy for my cock today. Would you like it?” As he speaks, he inches forward until the head of his penis is resting against your soaked clit, rubbing it in your wetness slowly as you mewl in need.

“Yes Master,” You pant. “Please Master.” After your third orgasm you didn’t think you would have been begging him for his dick, but here you are. He’s silent for a moment before he drags his erection down your pussy slowly, pressing against your entrance just enough so that the very tip of him is wedged inside you.

“Can’t wait to fill you full.” He murmurs, stopping suddenly as he eyes something by your head. Before you can say anything, he’s reaching for one of the fluffy pillows resting next to you before tapping your thighs. “Lift up.”

You do as he says and watch as he positions the pillow under your hips, changing your position slightly and causing excitement to electrify your veins. Without a word he suddenly slams home, cock sliding into your well lubricated pussy with zero effort and the effect has you both moaning out. Your walls clamp down on him immediately, the combination of no sex for weeks with the over sensitivity of your previous orgasms.

But on top of that, you discover that the pillow changes the angle of your missionary position and has him rubbing against your g-spot with minimal effort, letting him go deep and rub against it with every thrust. As he begins to move lazily at first, your soft breathes quickly turn into needy whines and mewls as your body shudders under the pleasure.

“Oh you look so pretty like this little bitch, so greedy for me and so, so wet.” His words are a little incoherent as he closes his eyes, grasping onto your thighs and holding your legs up slightly to make it even tighter for him. An incredibly masculine groan leaves his chest, deep and low and almost immediately you respond by squeezing around him as he moves his thick length inside you.

“Cum in me Master, please. Fill me up like you promised.” You whisper, fully recognising that the lack of sex and the intense foreplay has left him with a particularly short fuse. Dark eyes look down at you again and you whine quietly at the intense sight of his abdominal muscles working as he fucks into you.

Each thrust leaves the quiet room echoing with the sound of your slick wetness combined with the primal sound of skin slapping against skin, breathy pants and moans the only music to be found. “Christ you feel so fucking good.” He murmurs, letting his head fall back as his eyes close tightly, jaw dropping while sweat causes his skin to glow even more.

You keep murmuring encouragements to him and begin to rhythmically tighten around his cock, trying to get him to reach his tipping point even though it sends sharp bolts of pleasure through you. Soon enough, his thrusts begin to get sloppy and any rhythm he has soon stutters to a close as he chases after his orgasm eagerly, grunts escaping him with every sharp pound of his hips.

His hands around your thighs tighten as he orgasms, slamming into you one final time before grinding himself against your pussy slowly. A long, low groan vibrates through him and an answering moan leaves you at the ridiculously hot sight.

His body shudders as he cums, cock twitching inside you as he empties himself deep inside you just like he said he would. As he reaches the tail end of his pleasure, he looks down at you through hooded eyes, fucked out yet still demanding and very much in control.

Glancing down at where you’re both joined, his cock stuffing you full, he gives a slow and lazy grin. “Master filled you up, just like I said I would.” Without warning, he thumb is suddenly rubbing slow circles into your ruined clit, the touch insistent and unforgiving.

“Oh god, Master, I can’t. I can’t.” You whine, head shaking from side to side as he begins to keep up a relentless pressure. Pleasure tinged with the sharp points of pain flood through your body as he continues, cooing to you softly in an encouraging tone.

“Cum for me one more time baby, cum on my cock and let all that cum go further. I know you’ve read the pages that say an orgasm helps with impregnation so cum for Master. Once more, be a good girl like I know you are.” He reassures you, running his free hand along your hip before resting his hand on your stomach.

“Cum for Master so I can see you swell with my baby yeah?” His words, combined with the relentless touch of his thumb and the ever so shallow thrusts of his softening erection send you tumbling down into your fourth orgasm. This one is almost equal pain with pleasure and seems to go on forever, positively clamping down on Hoseok’s dick as you let out an unintelligible shriek until he’s whining in overstimulation himself.

Once finished though, you both stare at each other tiredly before he gives you a slow smile that brightens his face as usual. “Good girl.” He pants out, patting your thigh before slowly pulling out of you. The loss of him has you clenching without even meaning to and immediately he’s tutting at you, hand coming down to push the slow trickle of cum that had leaked out of you back in.

“You need to keep every drop of that inside you.” Hoseok states sternly, pressing his fingers in until he’s confident it’ll stay. For now at least.

Reaching up to untie your hands, he flops down next to you and lets out a deep sigh before grinning broadly and pressing a kiss to your cheek. “You need to stay like this for at least like…half an hour.” His tone is excitable and you look at him with an eyebrow raised.

“And what are you going to do for half an hour then if I’m just going to lay here?” You ask wryly, causing him to laugh lightly. Wrapping an arm around your waist, he nuzzles his head into your neck and kisses the damp skin there.

“Have a nap of course, I’m a tired man.” You roll your eyes at that as reach one exhausted hand up to run through his sweat streaked hair.

“And after half an hour?” Querying his specific time lowly, though you’re pretty sure you know what he’s talking about.

He looks back up at you with a dangerous glint in his eye, Master reappearing for a moment while the ghost of a smirk plays on his lips. “I fill you up again. It’s gonna take more than one round…” Hoseok licks at your collarbone before pressing an open mouthed kiss there that lingers for a moment. “And I plan on fucking you until it works, so get ready.”