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The Family

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Spock and Leonard stood side-by-side at the front of the big, isolated cottage. It had been a week since Spock had initially asked Leonard if he would be willing to drive to Washington D.C. to meet his parents. They were going to be staying for the weekend. Spock glanced at Leonard and held his hand, before knocking on the door. A woman with greying brown hair and warm, blue eyes opened the door, beaming at Spock.
"Spock!" she greeted, hugging Spock. "It's so lovely of you to visit!"
"It's good to see you too, Mother." Spock replied, returning the hug a little awkwardly.
Spock's mother kissed his cheek, before turning to Leonard.
"You must be Leonard McCoy." she said.
"The one and only, ma'am," Leonard confirmed, smiling and holding a hand out. "Pleasure to meet you."
"Call me Amanda, please," Spock's mother replied, shaking Leonard's hand. "Come in, both of you."
Spock gestured that Leonard should go before him, so Leonard followed Amanda into the living room.
"Would either of you like tea or coffee?" Amanda asked.
"Yes." Spock replied, simply, knowing that his mother knew which he wanted and how he took it.
"Coffee'd be great, thanks." Leonard told her, smiling, suddenly feeling how tired he was from the journey.
"Do you take milk or sugar?" Amanda asked.
"Just milk, please." Leonard replied.
When Amanda went to make drinks, Leonard sat and made himself comfortable on the sofa next to Spock. He smiled softly at his boyfriend.

"What do you do?" Amanda asked Leonard.
Leonard smiled with pride.
"I'm a doctor." he replied.
"Oh! Yes, I remember Spock telling me now," Amanda said. "Why did you decide to go down that road?"
"I like bein' able to help people," Leonard explained. "It's kind of a family thing as well. My…" He trailed off. His smile faded and his eyes lost their spark. "My dad was a doctor. He… he put the idea into my head."
Leonard swallowed the lump that had formed in his throat. He felt a long hand place itself on his thigh. Looking to his left, he saw Spock's concerned eyes. Leonard covered Spock's hand with his and smiled weakly.
"I'm fine." he gently whispered, reassuring Spock.
Sensing Leonard's unhappiness, Amanda stood up to refill their mugs. The front door opened as she stepped into the hallway.
"Sarek." she greeted her husband, smiling.
"Amanda." Sarek replied, lightly kissing Amanda's cheek.
"I was going to make some more drinks," Amanda told him. "Would you like anything?"
"I'll have tea, please." Sarek answered.
"Well, when you're ready, come into the living," Amanda said. "Spock's here for the weekend, and he's brought someone you might like to meet."
"I will." Sarek promised, kissing his wife's cheek again, before going upstairs.

That evening, as Spock showed Leonard to the room he'd be sleeping in, Leonard seemed a little agitated.
"Spock?" he said to get Spock's attention.
"Yes, Leonard?" Spock prompted.
"Spock, does your dad like me?" Leonard hesitantly asked.
"Why wouldn't he?" Spock questioned, frowning.
"He didn't say a word to me all day." Leonard said.
This was clearly worrying Leonard and causing some self-doubt. Spock thought carefully about the wording of his answer.
"There are many similarities between my father and I," he told Leonard. "He prefers not to speak in front of strangers if he has a choice. But he is one of the few people whose emotions and thoughts I can accurately read. Trust me when I say that my father does like you."
Leonard let go of the breath he hadn't noticed he'd drawn in.
"That's good. I'm glad." he sighed.
Spock frowned again, though this time his eyebrows furrowed as well.
"Leonard, are you okay?" he asked.
"Yeah," Leonard answered. "I'm fine, don't worry about me."
Although sceptical of his words, Spock nodded.
"I'll be in the room next to yours if you need me." Spock told Leonard.
Leonard kissed him, softly.
"G'night, Spock." he whispered, letting Spock squeeze his hand lightly, before going into the bedroom to try to get some sleep.

Leonard had only been asleep for an hour, before he was woken again by thunder. He turned over and wrapped the quilt around himself. Thunder rumbled outside again. Leonard was about to try and get to sleep, but was stopped by a muffled whimper from the room next to his. He sat up, his thoughts quickly going to Spock. He stood and walked the short distance to the door of Spock's room, his bare feet padding on the carpet. Leonard knocked twice before entering.
"Spock?" he softly called.
Leonard could see Spock's figure on his bed. He was sitting with his knees to his chest and his hands were covering his ears.
"Leonard." he breathed, before whimpering when the thunder roared again.
"Hey, it's fine," Leonard reassured, softly. "Can I sit with you?"
A barely discernable nod granted him permission. Leonard cautiously put an arm around Spock. Spock let Leonard hug him gently, but didn't respond to the touch at all. Thunder rumbled outside again, and Spock let a squeak of fear escape his mouth, burying his face in Leonard's shoulder.
"It's alright, Spock," Leonard whispered. "Everythin's fine."
They stayed like that for a while.
"You okay?" Leonard asked, and Spock nodded a little. "You wanna lie down?"
"Will you lie with me?" Spock quietly asked.
"Sure." Leonard replied.
Leonard settled on his back, and Spock curled up against him. The storm was dying down outside.
"Can you sing?" Spock requested. "Please?"
"Sure," Leonard agreed. "What do you want me to sing?"
"I don't mind." Spock mumbled, sleepily.
Leonard considered the songs he could sing for a moment, before smiling when he decided.
"What would I do without your smart mouth? Drawin' me in and you kickin' me out. Got my head spinnin', no kiddin', I can't pin you down. What's goin' on in that beautiful mind? I'm on your magical mystery ride…" he sang, and Spock breathed out slowly and hugged him as he continued on with the song.