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Skipping Work

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Ema was absolutely sick of working.

Not only was her case with the one and only glamorous Fop, but it was against Apollo Justice and his companions; Athena on the first day, joined by Trucy on the next; they had easily taken out any evidence that proved their client was even there on the day of the murder. After all that time Ema had spend analyzing those hairs and little drops of blood, the murderer was a whole different person.

When she left the courtroom (it was an easy victory for the Wright Anything, so there was confetti everywhere. Thanks, Gumshoe), Kay was already sitting in the lobby.

"Heya." Kay stopped kicking her feet and turned to Ema. "Umph, Ems, you look like hell."

Ema stretched. "At this rate, it's where I'm going."

Kay stood up and ran her fingers through Ema's hair, getting caught on tangles and bits of confetti. "You're a mess," the thief said, kissing the top of her forehead, "let's go back to your place and get you put back together, we've got an investigation later."

"I've got an investigation, you just follow me around," Ema mumbled, but obliged. She needed a break either way, and Kay was already taking her by the hand to the bus stop.

That was surprising. "Don't you have Mr. Edgeworth drive you most trials?"

Kay nodded as the bus came to a halt in front of them. "Nah, he's investigating with Mr. Wright at the moment."

Ema rose her eyebrows subtly, stepping up into the bus, and Kay must've noticed. "Yeah, 'investigating' is what he told me. They're on a date. I have a microphone in his car." She laughed. "He's always been a pretty bad liar."

"Mr. Chief Prosecutor Edgeworth is absolutely not a liar," Ema said breathily, giving the bus driver her pass and watching Kay drop money into the man's hand.

Kay laughed, a loud, ringing sound that made Ema a bit less heated over her previous statement. "Is too. Anyways, how'd your trial go? You seem a lil' cranky."

"Am not. Just tired." She nudged the taller girl in the arm. "And it went pretty bad. The witness was too busy fawning over the Fop to tell us about the case, and the Fop was too busy fawning over Mr. Justice to do his job."

The bus swayed as people got on and off, and people gave quick glances to Ema and Kay. Honestly, she couldn't blame them. Kay's key was taking up a significant amount of space and even poked an onlooker in back when the bus swerved. Meanwhile, Ema was small enough to not be seen, but if you looked from above, her hair looked like a rat that had washed up in the gutter. They were quite the sight to see.

Kay didn't seem to notice said glances, and kept on making pleasant conversation with Ema. Her voice was clear and sweet, and even though they had already gotten past the "pining" part of their relationship, still made her heart leap. It was confusing to the young detective, but not entirely unpleasant.

She could've sat there forever, but eventually the bus came to a halt near Ema's own home, something she had mixed feelings about. She and Kay were relatively silent as they walked back, Ema being tired and her girlfriend respecting that. As excited as she could be sometimes, the girl still knew there was a time for talking and a time for simply not doing so. That's what Ema loved the most about her.

They entered the apartment building, and Ema unlocked her own flat with a key from her bag.

"Come on in, I guess." She ran her fingers through her ratty hair with a feeling of exasperation.

Ema plopped down on her small sofa in the middle of the living room, and watched Kay walk down the hallway. Kay peeked her head out of the hallway after walking around without a purpose.

"Hey, where's your bathroom again? I keep on forgetting."

Ema rolled over onto her back. "Uh, it's the door on the left."

There was the sound of footsteps and drawers opening. After a couple minutes, she emerged once more and sat down next to Ema, hairbrush in hand.

"Ems, sit up, puh-lease." she chirped.

Ema groaned. "Why should I..."

"We've gotta get your hair combed, but then you can sleep, alright?"

Rising slowly, Ema slumped over against Kay.

Kay awkwardly took a couple attempts at getting the detective's hair untangled until she realized that it was impossible with Ema's head against her chest. She sat down the brush on the arm of the couch, and wrapped her arms around Ema.

"Ems... we're gonna be late to the investigation..."


The thief snickered, running her hands as well as she could through her girlfriend's ratty hair. She sincerely hoped it didn't hurt her. "You're a mess."

"So are you, Faraday."

"Hey!" She kissed Ema's forehead. "Don't 'Faraday' me, Detective Skye."

Ema laughed softly. "Gumshoe'll be there, we don't have to go."

"Isn't that your job?"

"You're unemployed."

Kay whistled. "Cold..."

Ema didn't respond, having already fallen asleep. Kay leaned against the back of the sofa, head wriggling until it found a comfortable position.

"G'night, Ems."