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Nurse Hizashi

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Hizashi woke up with a groan. He still wasn't used to waking up alone in Hitoshi's bed, having been banished to there for his own good. It felt strange, and lonely. Hitoshi hadn't slept in this room since they started their relationship, and it showed in the way dust covered the furniture.

He stood up, making his way into the kitchen, making some toast and coffee, and putting the kettle on the stove. He looked out the window, taking a sip of his coffee, as he waited for for the water to boil. It was quiet for a Saturday. Usually he'd hear the noises of papers rustling as Aizawa graded homework, and the soft drone of the TV, while Hitoshi dozed on the couch.

The kettle started to whistle, and Hizashi quickly turned the stove off, not wanting to wake his sleeping lovers. He took a few small bowls, filling them with instant cereal. Original for Aizawa, Maple Brown Sugar for Shinsou, and Cinnamon Sugar for himself. He quickly prepared the food, pouring two glasses of juice, and arranging everything on a tray. Quietly he made his way towards the master bedroom.

The air in the room was heavy, hot, and muggy. Aizawa was asleep on his back, hair messier than usual. Hitoshi curled into his side, resting his head on Shouta's chest. One of Shouta's hand holding the boy protectively. The two were covered in several thick blankets. Hizashi sat the food on the nightstand, before moving over to press a soft kiss to Hitoshi's forehead. Hitoshi blinked tiredly, slowly turning to look at Hizashi, not enough to actually move his head from Aizawa's chest however.

"Morning! How do you feel?" Hizashi kept his voice low, giving the boy a soft smile. Hitoshi and Shouta were hit with a pretty nasty flu, leaving Hizashi to take care of the two.

"Like death." Hitoshi mumbled, turning to bury his face into the coarse fabric of Aizawa's black shirt.

"Come on, at least try to eat something." Hizashi said, moving Hitoshi's food closer, before helping the boy sit up. While Hitoshi ate, Hizashi tried to wake up Shouta. The other hero wasn't having it however, simply rolling over onto his side to hide under the blankets.

"You're always so difficult." Hizashi whispered, knowing the other couldn't hear him. He could warm up Shouta's breakfast later he supposed, deciding to let Shouta sleep at least a little while longer. Hitoshi finished his food, quietly setting his tray aside. Hitoshi's skin was flushed, and covered in a sheen of sweat, hair damp sticking to his forehead in places. "Why don't we get you a nice relaxing bath? You might feel better." Hizashi offered, Hitoshi did look miserable.

"Dunno if I could stay awake that long..." Hitoshi admitted.

"It's okay, I don't plan on leaving you alone in there." Hizashi reassured. Hitoshi gave a weak nod, allowing the blonde pick him up. Hizashi made his way to the bathroom, setting Hizashi on the closed toilet seat to draw the bath. He turned around, finding Hitoshi weakly tugging at the hem of his shirt. "Here." Hizashi smiled softly, helping his younger lover strip, before stripping himself.

He helped maneuver Hitoshi into the tub, the boy letting out a pleased noise at the feel of the warm water. Hizashi quickly got in behind him, Shinsou immediately falling back onto his chest, face pressed into the blonde's neck. Hizashi's hand rested on Hitoshi's hip, pressing a few soft kisses to his forehead.

He reached for a washcloth, gently washing away the sweat. Hitoshi letting out a pleased hum, already dozing off in Hizashi's care. The blonde gently cupped the water, letting it run down Hitoshi's feverish skin, watching the soapy trails slide down into the tub.

They sat like that for a while, relaxing in each other's presence. Finally, once the water started to cool, Hizashi decided they should move.

He some how manged to dry and dress Hitoshi, drain the tub, and wrap a towel around himself without waking Shinsou. Hizashi made his way back to the master bedroom. The blonde held Hitoshi close, gently resting him on the bed. He pulled the thick blankets back over the boy, with one final kiss.

Now for Shouta.