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Mission Accomplished - Steve Rogers (bearded) x Reader

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You could still recall the moment when your life irrevocably changed.  You were sitting at your desk in the Avengers compound when a text came in telling you to come down to the parking garage.  From the way it was written you could tell it wasn’t a request, and you knew the number coming up as “unknown” could only be from one person, Natasha Romanoff.   She had taken you under her wing and for the better part of year had been secretly helping you train so that you could test for a spot on a new mission support team that was being put together.  

You did as told, taking your purse and making your way towards the bathroom, then veering off and taking the emergency exit to the stairs.  It was normal to see you do this, as you frequently used them to fit in mini-workouts and build up your stamina. This time, however, it was a one way trip down.  

A nondescript black car was idling in a spot between two others and you went straight to it, slipping in as smoothly as you could.  Natasha quickly told you about the showdown between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark at a Berlin airport, and what she was able to find out about a smaller, more personal, battle that occurred after between the two of them and Steve’s friend Bucky Barnes.  You had seen the news reports and knew there was trouble brewing, but the Avengers being torn apart and ended was not something you had anticipated hearing.

Natasha had fought on Tony’s side during the battle, but her loyalty was always to Steve. She’d even helped he and Bucky escape from the airport.  Now she was posing the choice to you. Stay here and continue working at the compound and she, Steve and Sam would become ghosts. Or leave with her now, likely becoming a fugitive in the process, and become one of their team.   

You didn’t need time to think.  Your purse was with you and everything else was replaceable.  Your answer left no room for questions. “What are we still doing here?”  Nat smiled at you, and threw the gear shift into reverse, nodding to herself as you snapped your seatbelt into place and never looked back.

Three years had passed since then.  New members had joined the team over that time and you had become a highly skilled and integral part of it, recently being tapped to lead your own squad.  Those years also found your relationship with Steve Rogers evolving from friends to lovers.

Today’s mission had been particularly grueling on you, both physically and mentally, and yet you were also wired.  Being in charge of people’s lives and safety was never easy and you took that responsibility as if you’re very own life depended upon it.  Once the mission was over all you wanted to do was release control, but It had to be kept a little while longer since there was debriefing to deal with.

Once everything was on record you went to the bedroom you shared with your lover, Steve Rogers

Many things about Steve were different since dropping the Captain America shield.  As you stepped into the steamy master bathroom and let your eyes roam over his body the physical ones were the most prominent in your mind.

He had always been in incredible shape, but his body had changed since becoming nomadic.  He was more defined and his muscles had become even stronger. To help disguise himself he stopped shaving every day, keeping the clean cut look was no longer necessary, and had let his beard grow in and his hair to become long and shaggy.  The look suited him and you found it sexy as hell, especially when you got to lay beside him and run your fingers through his hair.

He had his back to you initially when you walked in and you got a good look at that perfect, tight ass of his, the thighs that had thickened, the shoulders and upper back that had somehow grown wider, stronger, and even more defined.  His acute hearing must have warned him that he wasn’t alone and he turned to the side, giving you a smile as he pushed his hair back and off of his handsome face.

Your eyes looked over every inch of him through the glass as you undressed, watching the way he ran his hands over body as he washed.  Admired the way his thick, large cock rested heavily between his legs. The way he held it as he cleansed himself, stroking it as he kept an eye on your progress.  Your body ached for him, ached for the release only he knew how to give you. You couldn’t wait to be in there with him.