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As I Want You To Be

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Peter had gone abroad once before in his life and that was during the Sokovia accords in Germany. After several month of therapy, he had finally had his last appointment two weeks ago and Tony had surprised him with a sudden trip to Bali.

He’d been freaking out all the way there as everything felt so new. Private planes, fancy hotels and a lot of good food. Tony had made sure he got to experience it all. The first week was filled with more ’Tony Stark’ kind of stuff, which meant dinners with important people and shopping for suits. But the week after that had been filled with action and adventure. It had been odd to see his father wearing less formal clothes.

Right before going back to New York, they had gone quad biking, which had been amazing but his favorite part of the vacation had been diving. It had taken a while for him to get enough courage to actually get into the water but Tony had helped him. He’d seen all different kinds of little fish and the water had been a beautiful turquoise color.

Of course Peter hadn't wanted to leave but eventually they had to. Now they were about to land to the airport and go back to the facility that had become their home after the attack on the Stark Tower.

There were two people waiting for them when they stepped out of the plane, they were getting their bags out of the baggage compartment. One of them welcomed them back to the country and Tony gave him a polite nod and a smile.

Peter could see Happy standing in front of a familiar looking black car. He was about to run towards him, when Tony stopped him.

’’What?’’ He asked, giving the older man a confused look.

Tony was looking at something with a stern expression and Peter couldn’t help but turn around to see what was going on. There were people standing behind some sort of a gate but they weren’t there waiting for their family or friends to arrive, most of them were holding big, heavy looking cameras.

’’What’s going on?’’ Tony wrapped an arm around his shoulders.

’’Paparazzi,’’ He replied quickly, making sure to cover Peter as much as possible. When Peter had been kidnapped, he’d shown his picture to the media in panic and ever since then people had shown interest in finding out who Peter exactly was. They hadn’t had any problems with paparazzi before though, since Tony had tried to keep it so that it would seem like Peter was only working for him. He wasn’t ready for everyone to find out about his son, just because he knew how cruel the media could be. He didn’t care about what they said about him; he’d heard it all before but he wasn’t sure if he could handle anyone saying anything negative about Peter.

’’How did they find out we’re here?’’ Peter asked quietly, when Happy opened the car door and Tony basically pushed him in, following behind him immediately.

’’That’s what I would like to know too.’’ Tony mumbled, giving Happy a look. They had to wait a while as the two men put their bags into the trunk of the car.

’’Someone took a picture of you in Bali, just one though,’’ Happy replied as he began to drive away, ’’But it was enough to spark interest. Somehow they figured out when you were coming home, I just don’t know how.’’

’’I did tell one lady at our hotel how long we were going to be staying,’’ Tony said, sounding disappointed, ’’I knew I shouldn’t have trusted her.’’

Peter looked at his father, worriedly, ’’B-But it’s okay now, right?’’

Tony’s expression immediately softened, ’’Of course, don’t worry about anything.’’

Peter nodded and turned to look out of the window. Bali had been amazing but it was nice to come back home. He’d missed the facility itself but mostly the people living in it. He just hoped that Steve and Bucky hadn’t been planning the indoor plant room too much, he really wanted to be part of it too. Peter had had flowers in the garden for a while but since the beginning of December it had been too cold. When Tony had seen how disappointed Peter had been, he had decided to build him and Bucky their own plant room with special lamps and everything else they needed.


’’Yeah, Peter?’’ Tony asked with a smile as they began to get closer to the facility.

’’Do you think they’ve delivered our flowers already?’’ He asked.

’’I’m sure,’’ Tony replied, ’’They better have or I’m suing them.’’

Peter couldn’t help but giggle and Tony laughed along with him. He couldn’t wait to start planting all the flowers in their pots. Although his therapy had ended, he couldn’t get himself to stop the gardening hobby he had fallen in love with.


When they arrived at the facility, Peter was the first one to get out of the car and ran to the door. He was just about to ask F.R.I.D.A.Y to let him in when he realized he’d left his bag in the trunk of the car.

’’Don’t worry about it, kid,’’ Tony said before Peter could even turn around, ’’We got the bags.’’

’’F.R.I.D.A.Y, let me in. It’s Peter.’’

’’Voice recognized as Peter Benjamin Parker-Stark, door is now unlocked.’’ The familiar voice said, ’’Welcome back, Peter.’’

’’Hi, Fri.’’ He replied and walked in, leaving the door open for his father and Happy.

He almost tripped on the boxes waiting for him in the hallway and he knew that those were the flowers and other plants they had ordered. He was surprised no one had opened them up yet. Maybe they had been waiting for him to come back.

’’Peter!’’ He heard a voice calling for him and he looked up, only to find Steve standing there. He ran to hug him.

’’Did you have a good trip?’’ He asked, wrapping his arms around the kid, ’’You used sunscreen right? You don’t look burned, so I guess you did.’’

’’I went diving!’’ Peter replied happily as he let go of the taller man, ’’And I did. Tony made me, even though I’m not sure if I can even get burned because of the healing factor.’’

Steve smiled and ruffled his hair. He was just about to say something more, when Tony’s voice interrupted him.

’’Hello, Cap!’’ He said, walking to them, ’’Good to see you haven’t blown this place up.’’

Steve laughed, ’’No, I haven’t. Bucky did try a couple of times.’’

Tony laughed slightly, knowing that he was kidding. At least he really hoped he was.

’’Where do I put the bags?’’ Happy asked from the doorway.

’’Just leave them there, we’ll take them to our rooms ourselves. Thank you, Happy.’’ Tony replied.

’’You’re leaving already?’’ Steve asked, ’’You should stay for coffee.’’

’’Thank you, but no thank you,’’ Happy said, already walking out of the door, ’’I have something I need to do at the bank. I’ll see you later.’’

’’Bye, Happy!’’ Peter yelled after him when the man closed the door.

’’I bet you’d like coffee.’’ Steve said to Tony, already walking into the kitchen.

Tony shook his head, ’’I actually just had some in the plane, I was thinking we should open up those boxes. The kid has been waiting for them for so long.’’

’’Oh,’’ Steve replied, ’’Aren’t you two tired?’’

’’We spent two weeks relaxing in Bali,’’ Tony said, ’’I think we’ve rested enough. You’re not tired, are you?’’

’’Nope,’’ Peter said, eyeing at the boxes.

Steve nodded, ’’Alright. I guess I’ll just go get Bucky. We already set up the infrared lights in the room but other than that we’ve been waiting for you to do anything else.’’

Peter smiled and sat down on the floor next to the boxes and waited for Steve and Bucky to join him. Tony looked at his son just sitting there, looking innocently excited. He couldn’t help but smile brightly as he sat down next to him. The kid hadn’t told him what plants he had picked out, so he was curious.

Steve came back as soon as he found Bucky and they joined the other two on the floor. Steve was holding a knife in his hand.

’’Shall we start?’’ Steve asked with a teasing grin.

Peter was basically pouncing with excitement, ’’Yes, yes, yes!’’

Bucky gave him a small wave and a smile, ’’Did you enjoy your vacation?’’

’’It was awesome, I’m gonna tell you about it later.’’ Peter replied.

Steve opened the first box and took out several different size pots. He carefully placed them on the side. Two other boxes were full of bags of different types of soil and they didn’t bother opening them up just yet.

’’Alright,’’ Steve began and handed Peter and Bucky their own knives, ’’This box is yours, Peter. And this one’s Bucky’s. Go ahead.’’

Peter cut the tape off from top of the box. He felt excited to show his father what he had picked. Bucky already knew because he had helped him pick them out.

First he took out three sunflower seedlings and couldn’t help but grin with happiness, ’’Oh, so cute.’’

Bucky gave him a smile and took out his own sunflower seedlings, both of them had liked them, so both of them had ended up also getting them.

He unboxed some cacti, orchids and an aloe vera plant. He took a moment to look at each of them individually. Peter thought all of the plants were beautiful and he was going to take care of them in the best of his abilities (and with a little bit of help from Bucky) but there was one more type of flower waiting to get taken out of the box. It was the one Peter was the most excited about.

The flowers were red and had an unique look to them. He’d never seen flowers like it and to some they may have even looked weird but Peter already loved them. He lifted one of them up and showed it to Tony with a proud smile.

’’Dad, look,’’ The other man turned to him and looked down at the flower, ’’Do you wanna know what it’s called?’’

Tony smiled, ’’What?’’

’’Spider lily.’’

Tony felt like he was going to explode. How did the kid manage to be so cute all the time?

’’That’s cool, kid.’’ He ruffled his hair, ’’That’s definitely the perfect flower for you, spiderling.’’

Peter’s eyes widened suddenly and he placed the flower in its temporary pot on the floor, ’’W-Where’s the other one?’’

’’What? The other one?’’ Tony looked around, looking confused.

’’There was one more flower!’’ Peter sounded panicked, ’’Dad, it was really important.’’

Tony ran his hand through the kid’s hair, ’’Alright, deep breath. It’s okay, I’m sure it’s in one of these boxes and even if it isn’t, we’ll get it delivered today.’’

’’Wait, is it this one?’’ Bucky was looking down into his own box.

Peter dragged himself next to the other man, looked down and let out a relieved sigh, ’’Yes, it is.’’

He grabbed the flower and moved back towards his father. He held it in front of his face.

’’It’s very pretty.’’ Tony commented, not really knowing what else to say. He didn't know anything about flowers.

’’You don’t get it?’’ Peter sounded slightly disappointed, ’’It’s… it’s a Columbine flower. It’s red a-and yellow and I thought it kind of looked like the Iron Man suit and-’’

Tony felt his heart melt and smiled softly, before laying his hand on the back of his kid’s neck, ’’Peter, it’s perfect. Thank you.’’

’’I thought that we could put the Spider lily next to the Columbine flower so that it’d be like us.’’ Peter explained quickly, ’’I tried to find flowers to suit the rest of the Avengers as well but the budget wasn’t enough.’’

’’The budget?’’ Tony asked and turned to look at Steve.

’’Yes, Tony, the budget,’’ The man replied, ’’They would’ve bought the entire store if I had let them.’’

Tony nodded, understanding the man’s point, ’’We’ll get them next month, alright?’’

Peter nodded, ’’I don’t mind not having them. As long as we have these two.’’

Tony smiled once more and placed a soft kiss on the kid’s forehead, ’’You have no idea how much that means to me.’’

Peter smiled back and leaned against his father. It was good to be home.


The rest of the Avengers had made their way into the facility when it was time for dinner. They all looked sweaty and kind of tired, which meant that they had been training for several hours straight. Bruce was the first one to go give Tony and Peter ’a welcome back’ hug.

’’It’s good to see you too,’’ Tony said, pushing the sweaty man further away from him, ’’Why were you training? Is Hulk not strong enough?’’

’’I was bored,’’ Bruce replied, ’’And Natasha may have made me do it.’’

’’He looked lonely sitting in that lab,’’ Natasha said in her own defence, ’’So I decided to make him have some fun.’’

’’If you call being kicked across the room by the winter soldier fun, you definitely do not know the definition of fun.’’ Bruce replied, chugging down a bottle of water.

’’Don’t call him that.’’ Steve mumbled.

’’Oh no, I’m sorry.’’ Bruce said, hurriedly, ’’I wasn’t thinking, I meant Bucky, I-’’

’’It’s okay, Bruce,’’ Bucky said to him, despite looking at his best friend, ’’It’s okay, Steve.’’

Steve gave Bruce an apologetic smile, ’’It is.’’

’’Wait,’’ Peter wondered out loud, placing his full plate on the table and sat down, ’’You were training before we started unboxing the plants?’’

’’Yeah,’’ Bucky replied, ’’Steve came to get me, so I had to finish before everyone else.’’

’’But you weren’t even sweating?’’ Peter asked with a mouth full of food.

Bucky shrugged, ’’I don’t sweat easily.’’

’’Have you guys started to plan the Christmas party?’’ Wanda asked, sitting down as well.

’’No, not really,’’ Tony replied, ’’Maybe we’ll just have Christmas dinner on the 24th and open the presents on the morning of 25th, just like everyone in America.’’

’’Sounds good to me.’’ Steve said.

’’I guess that’s the easiest way to go about it,’’ Clint joined the conversation, ’’We’ll just have to plan the menu… and get presents, of course.’’

’’I’m gonna make this Christmas cheesecake I saw in a magazine,’’ Steve said, ’’So there’s no need to worry about the dessert.’’

’’Alright, so Steve’s in charge of the dessert,’’ Tony said, making mental notes, ’’Are we going to order in the rest of the food?’’

’’That’d be easy.’’ Clint replied.

’’But it’s never as good as homemade stuff,’’ Peter mumbled, ’’May wasn’t the best cook but we always made everything from scratch. It was fun.’’

Tony smiled, ’’We could do that, right?’’

’’Right,’’ Steve smiled, ’’I think we could do that. But I’m going to need some helping hands, I’m not going to do it alone.’’

’’I’ll help!’’ Peter said immediately, ’’And so will dad. Right?’’

’’Right.’’ Tony replied. He didn’t remember the last time he had cooked a whole meal but he wasn’t completely out of his element when it came to cooking; he had had to make Peter food several times. He didn’t want the kid always eating fast food.

’’I can help as well.’’ Thor’s voice boomed, ’’I haven’t ever really cooked anything but I can do it.’’

’’Yeah...’’ Steve thought about it for a while, ’’Thank you, Thor, but it’s not good to have too many chefs in the kitchen. We’ll ask for extra help if we need it.’’

Thor only nodded and continued to eat his meal. He seemed happy with the answer.

’’Ugh, I’m so full...’’ Peter whined after finishing up every last piece of food on his plate, ’’And now I’m sleepy.’’

’’It’s only 9 PM, kid,’’ Tony said to him. He knew that they were having dinner so late that you could call it supper but usually the kid had energy left until at least 11 PM, ’’But you can go to sleep if you want to.’’

’’I think I’ll go,’’ He yawned, ’’Good night everyone.’’

All of the Avengers replied with some version of ’Good night’ and Tony placed a small kiss on the side of the kid’s forehead before wishing him sweet dreams. Peter felt slightly embarrassed that his father had done that in front of everyone and blushed slightly. He hurried out of the kitchen.

Peter had forgotten how nice and soft his bed was and how comforting it was to be back in his own room. The hotel room’s bed was soft too but nothing beat his own bed, the one he had picked out with his father.

He burrowed his face into the pillow and closed his eyes. The day had been busy but exciting and it had been great to see everyone again, despite the fact that he had loved spending time alone with his dad without anyone else taking his attention away from him. He knew that that sounded slightly selfish, but he couldn’t help himself. He liked his attention.

Sometimes when his dad spent too much time at work or talking with someone else, he couldn’t help but feel a small bang of jealousy. He knew that he couldn’t be around Tony 24/7 and it had gotten easier as time went by. Maybe he graved a lot of attention because he was still afraid of losing a parent, even though he had mostly gotten over that fear. His therapist had helped him a lot.

Peter shook his head a little bit, trying to stop his train of thought. He took a deep breath and began to count sheep. He hoped tomorrow was going to be as good of a day as today had been.



Here are the flowers I talked about in this chapter:

Spider lily:


Columbine flower: