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Biting Benson

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“Rafael! Wake up!” Olivia hissed as she pulled on her t-shirt and shorts. Her head felt groggy and she desperately wanted to go back to sleep as she fumbled in the dark for her glasses before she finally clicked on the lamp beside her bed.  She left her undergarments flung over her chair before she yanked her bra off the bed post and tossed it to join her panties on the chair. It was already four thirty in the morning and she knew that if Noah woke up and wondered why Uncle Rafi was asleep in Mommy’s bed, she would have some explaining to do, and this was not something that she quite had the energy for right now.  She took a deep breath and lightly smacked his shoulder.

Rafael groaned and burrowed deeper underneath her blankets, “Five more minutes Liv.” He mumbled into the pillow.


“Barba, if you don’t get up now, I am going to kick your ass because I really don’t want to explain to Noah why Uncle Rafi is sleeping in Mommy’s bed.  Naked.” She smiled with satisfaction as that made him move.


Rafael glanced at the clock and cursed at himself. She admired his ass momentarily before she flung his boxers at him. Between the two of them, Rafael was dressed in minutes.  He smiled at her, sheepishly, “I didn’t mean to fall asleep. I was simply intoxicated by you and your bed is really comfortable."


“Maybe you shouldn’t have worn yourself out so much,” She smirked as she clipped her hair up.  

Rafael grabbed her wrist, pulling her close, “I shouldn’t have worn myself out?” He said lowly, smirking at her, “I think you should know I wasn’t alone last night.” He said as his free hand traveled down her spine, grabbing her bum.


“Then who were you with?” She breathed as she felt her body becoming alive again as she feigned innocent.  


Rafel took her glasses off, placing them on the bedside table before turning back to her, “The most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on.  She has the most expressive, the most beautiful brown eyes ever. With a smile that makes every room light up the moment that she enters it.” He purred before his lips captured hers.  


Liv felt herself sinking into his kiss as her fingers ran over the buttons on his shirt.  It would be so, so easy just to give in to him. She felt his hands roaming all over her body before she found herself walking backwards.  She felt the back of her legs hit the bed before the both fell backwards with an oaf and giggles.


“Why not stay five more minutes?” She quipped as her eyes searched his face.


He gave his half smiling, “I would like that more than anything.  But we lucked out with Noah not waking from a nightmare or wanting a glass of water last night.  I don’t want to risk it tonight. Ya know?” He kissed her in between every word, “Do you think that Rollins could take Noah tonight?”


Liv smiled, “I will see what I can do.”


“I promise, it will be worth your while,” He murmured and kissed her neck before he pushed himself upwards.  He drank in the view of Liv smiling blissfully with her hair all around her like a crown of warm chocolate waves surrounding her head.  


Liv pushed herself up, leaning on her elbows, “Do you have your socks?” She quipped as she watched him look around.


“There they are,” He sat besides her, pulling them on, “I can’t find my tie though.”


“I will find it for you,” She glanced at the clock. “But for now, you have to go. It’s five till.”


“Come to my place tonight.” He stole one more kiss before he left, the front door closing behind him quietly.  Liv smiled and started making her bed, briefly wondering where she had lost her hair clip. She smoothed out the comforter before she walked into the living room, locking the front door.  She looked around for his tie, but wondered where it was.


She was happy that it was thursday.  She had given Rollins today and tomorrow off.  Rollins had been the only one that she confided in.  She told her how she was seeing someone, but not who.  It was something that her and Rafael had agreed on. That they would only go public when they were sure that whatever it was this was would work out. After all, there was no use in ruining whatever it was that they had.


She hit the brew button on her coffee machine before she started to lift couch cushions, looking for his tie.  She felt her brows furrow as she thought of where his tie could have possibly gone. They sure as hell didn't use it last night. She scratched her head before she walked back to her bedroom.  She pulled on one of her sweaters and grabbed a different clip before putting on her glasses. This was one of her favorite times of the morning, the calm before the storm.  


She turned on the stereo to a quiet volume as White Rabbit hummed lowly through the speakers.  She smiled to herself as she stirred her sugar into her coffee. She waited for the sound of little feet pattering towards her calling for her.  She started to go through the normal motions of making Noah’s lunch in between the sips of her coffee. She kept glancing all over the kitchen and living room for Rafael’s brightly colored tie.  She noticed how since they had started to sleep together, his tie options had become brighter.


She couldn’t help herself but smile as she rinsed off her hands, wiping the excessive water on her legs.  She looked down as she realized she was wearing shorts. She had never worn shorts around Noah because of her scars.  She grabbed her comfy pajama pants and changed before she walked towards Noah’s room. She poked her head in as she saw her son still sprawled out, fast asleep.  She felt herself smiling.


I fought for life before I even knew you, because you were the reason I had to live before I even knew it. She thought to herself.  She quietly left the door open before she started to get ready for work.  She heard Noah calling for her as she brushed her teeth in her bathroom.

She spit out the toothpaste before she called out, “In here sweet boy,” She answered as she quickly finished and walked out, feeling her eyebrows shoot upwards as she saw Noah carrying Rafael’s black, blue, yellow, red, striped tie.  She laughed slightly, “Where did you find that?” She asked as she kneeled down to his level.


“Uncle Rafi put it on Eddie.” He mumbled tiredly as he wrapped his arms around Liv’s neck.


She couldn’t help but laugh.  How had she forgotten that, “What do you want to do for breakfast today? Pancakes? Oatmeal? Eggs?” She murmured  as he nestled his face into her neck. Liv picked him up, with him wrapping his legs around her. She felt his warmth radiating off him and she wanted nothing more than to bring him back to bed and call off work and call him out of school.  But Sunday’s were the day when they lounged around in pajamas all day long and ate sundaes for breakfast instead of healthy food. She ran her fingers through his thick curls, smiling to herself.


“Eggs Mommy,” He mumbled.


“Okay sweet boy. Come on,” She murmured and started making breakfast.  She left some of the egg scramble uncooked for when Lucy got here. She made Noah his breakfast, plating it as Lucy walked in.  


“Lucy!” Noah perked up as he slid off the chair, throwing his arms around her legs as she closed the door behind her. He was fully awake now.


“Goodmorning Noah!” She cooed as she picked him, resting him comfortably on her hip, “Uncle Rafi was over last night and he put his tie on Eddie!” He giggled out happily.  


Lucy grinned as Liv walked around, leaning against the beam.  She had her inevitable mug of coffee in one hand and her phone in the other, “Morning. I have coffee made and I have some egg scramble leftover. I will make those and you and Noah could finish breakfast together?” She smiled.


“I would love that, I am starved!” She smiled as she plopped Noah on his stool before she sat next to him. She gratefully accepted the eggs when they were served up.


“I am going to go get ready. I have to get in early today.  I am taking the entire weekend off. Fin and Carisi are going to enjoy that.” She grinned, “I am going to ask Amanda, but I will be working late tonight.  If it is okay by her, will you drop Noah off at her house?”


“Of course.  I am sure Jesse would be thrilled!” She smiled before she wiped some orange juice off Noah’s face. Liv kissed the top of his head before she walked back to her bedroom and pulled on her favorite black slacks that hugged her butt just right.  She pulled on her dark green flowy shirt and her blazer before she slid her her feet into her boots. She walked to the bathroom and decided her hair would be better up today.


She closed her eyes as she smiled, hearing Noah’s laughter radiating off the walls.  This was the best feeling that there could be. She walked towards them and pick up Noah, who was still in his pajamas.


“Okay sweet boy! You and Lucy are going to have a wonderful rest of your morning.  You have a great day at school. I can’t wait to hear about everything that you are got to learn about.  I love you,” she smiled and kissed his forehead as she felt Noah burrow into her neck. She rocked him slightly, hearing his breathing started to become calmer before he pulled back.


“I love you too Mommy!” He smiled and gave her a wet kiss on her cheek before he squirmed out of her arms.  Liv walked out feeling as though she was floating on cloud nine. Thankfully, that feeling lasted all the way to the office.  She walked in, greeting everyone, not surprised that there was someone already in her office. She pushed up her sunglasses, smiling.


“Chief Dodds, to what do I owe the pleasure?” She questioned as she left her purse on the floor besides her desk.  She hung her jacket on the back of her seat, before she walked towards him, sitting on the edge of her desk.


“I actually came here to tell you that you are going to be taking vacation.  You have too much overtime and your second person, Sargent Tutuola, will be in charge.”


Liv felt her good feeling leave her body, “And when was this decided?”


“Yesterday.  By me. You need some time off. I need Sargent Tutuola to get more experience handling things. I know you trust him, but this is for my own benefit.  Do you understand?”


“Do I have a say?” Liv shot back.


“No.” He said as he stood, smoothing out his tie and buttoning up his jacket, “I hope you have a good week off.” He said with a nod.


“Chief.  I was waiting until Noah was on spring break so that I could spend actual time with him. Can it wait until then? Please?” She asked. She watched as he swallowed before he nodded.


“Fine, but you are going to take Monday off. Can you handle a three day weekend?” He questioned rhetorically.


“Yes sir,” She answered before he left.



William paced around his cell. This wasn’t enough room for his long limbs and he felt tired.  Only getting to be in the yard for one hour a day was not enough for him. But soon, soon enough that would change.  He stared at his cellmate. He was normal unlike the guy that he had met in the halfway house. That guy liked to fuck soft blankets.  How was that okay? He felt little jolts of pain every time he took a step. But it was nothing like the pain that he was going to inflict on THE Olivia Benson.  He had only gotten her for four days last time. This time it wasn’t going to be four days that she had with him. No, this time, he would keep her alive for months.


By the time that her squad would find them, they would throw up at the sight of her body from all the things that he planned to do to her.  He knew that it would be trickier to go unseen. Especially since she was lieutenant now, but it was well worth the risk. Plus, he had his most recent lawyer wrapped around his finger.  Sometimes women were so easy to manipulate. This was for sure. He walked towards the bars, hanging his hands out. He watched as his CO walked towards him, “You got a visitor Lewis. What is it with you? You’re behind bars and yet you have two of the sexiest women visiting you,” He said, slightly besides himself.


William half smirked, “Women always did take pity on the weaker ones,” He said before he held his hands out.  He knew that playing good would help him. He knew soon enough, he wouldn’t need cuffs. He walked down the dark hallway, hearing all the screams of the other men wanting freedom.  He said nothing in response to their cries. He just limped along.


He kept his gaze as he sat down at the table.  He looked at Brooke McNally. To him, she was a close resemblance to Olivia Benson, but that was something she was too stupid to figure out.  He stood when she got close and kissed her, the only time that they were allowed to touch was hello and goodbye.


He noticed the way she struggled to control her breathing.  He fought the urge to hurt her where she was standing now. He swallowed hard and sat back down.  “Have you been looking at Beach Houses?” He questioned.


“Of course.  I know you said only New York, but I found some amazing ones in Jersey as well.” She smiled brightly. Brooke pulled out a file from her purse.


He shook his head, “No, New York only,” He said firmly, cocking an eyebrow, daring her to test him.


Brooke nodded, “Okay,” She swallowed, “Well I found some vacant houses that are more rural and not surrounded by anyone.  It’s going to be so romantic! I found some in Montauk, Green bay, and Southampton. Places where people don’t really go. Like you asked!” She smiled as she pushed the papers towards him.  She even made two copies of everything just like he had asked.


“You went to an internet cafe, just like I told you to, right? You know how bad the NYPD have it for me.  They are going to stalk me so bad the day that I am released.”


“Of course baby.” She smiled and lightly stroked his fingers before pulling away, “What else do you want me to do?” She questioned.


“Nothing for now.  That was all. I will make the choice when I get out of here. Next time you come, I want you to bring me the cupcakes.” He said as he looked at her under his lashes.


She nodded, “Why do you want them laced when you are going to be set free though?”


“I need a day out on the outside.  It’s too much staying caged all the time,” He said softly, turning his charm on heavily, “You wouldn’t understand,” He added before he looked down and away.


“No, I wouldn’t, but I promise you this, when you get out I am going to make you the happiest man alive,” She purred huskily.


Lewis smiled, stifling a smile.  He wondered how stupidity made this world go round and this was how.  He took a deep breath and stood, “I have to. When you come back, will you also bring me a newspaper?”


“Anything you want baby,” She said as they stood. Lewis smiled as he was lead away by the guard, leaving her in lust for a kiss that would kill her eventually.  He walked back to his cell, carrying the papers. He knew where he was going to take her, and four years of planning was not going to go to waste. He sat heavily on his bed, before laying down and stretching out, he stared at the ceiling. He could smell it all now.


He heard her screams as he would press a red hot key into her thigh again.  Or how she would beg for life as he branded her with a W. The possibilities were endless and he couldn’t wait to do them all.  He felt himself get hard with the thought that he would finally get to take her the way that he has been aching to.


He couldn't wait to trash her apartment. He couldn’t wait to wreck everything that she loved.  He couldn’t wait to hear her screams and begs. His biggest regret was that he had taken his eyes off of her for one second too long.  If only that stupid fucking maid hadn’t shown up with her kid. Then he would have gotten to take her that night like he had planned. He imagined how her flesh would taste and how she would feel as she begged him to stop.  This brought a small, but genuine smile to his face.