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innocent Park Jimin

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Jimin sighs as his gun clicks back, he twirls it in his hands idly and the tension of the room increases by the second. The clock on the wall above the old cashier who looks near a heart attack ticks by.

Jimin licks his lips and lifts the gun finally to the head of the man on his knees in front of him. His men on either side of him wait silently but internally whine that Jimin yet again is dragging on.

“Two months? You’re shipment is two months late, right?” Jimin tilts his head, “what exactly did you think was going to happen?”

“I-it wasn’t my fault sir!” Jimin rolls his eyes, puffing his cheeks.

“Were you not in charge? Are you not responsible for mishaps of a shipment that was put under your supervision?” he asks, pouting in mock sympathy.

The man’s mouth flounders for an excuse but the tension is cut quickly by the convenience store door ringing as someone enters. Jimin blinks but doesn’t lower his gun as he looks over his shoulder to the kid walking in.

The kid has a grey hoodie on but Jimin can see the red hair peeking out from underneath. He has earphones in, Anaconda plays loudly through them and Jimin wonders how he isn’t deaf.

The kid doesn’t seem to notice them at all, keeping his eyes trained on his phone.

He walks past them, down an aisle, and still doesn’t look up as he grabs a ramen from the shelf - as if he’s here every night.
He walks back, towards Jimin, and now Jimin can see his face perfectly. He’s gorgeous, sexy even and god knows how hard that is in the gross, stained hoodie the taller is in. He’s mouthing along to the song, rounding the corner and goes up to the cash register.

The old man shakes and looks at Jimin, Jimin raises a finger to his lips and the old man looks back to the kid who’s taking out one earphone and setting the ramen on the counter. The cashier rings him up and says a quick goodbye, eager to get the guy out and safe but the kid turns and walks to the other side of the store and sets up the ramen at the microwave.

Jimin snorts when he puts the earphone back in, he smiles bigger when the guy sits at the small counter near the window and eats as he plays on his phone.

Jimin turns to the man on his right, “put the guy in the car, i’ll deal with him at home.”

He nods and bows, obeying orders and Jimin turns to the other guy, “fix the security cameras.”

He doesn’t catch the response he gets because he’s walking down the aisle and grabbing the same ramen. He sets it on the counter, smiling at the old man sweetly and handing him cash.

The cashier rings him up, still shaken up, and thanks him. Jimin bows and goes to the microwave, he follows what he saw the kid do and as it’s heating up he unbuttons his shirt, taking it off so he just has his white t-shirt on.

Jimin takes the ramen out and stirs it up with his chopsticks before sitting down next to the kid.

One of his men walk out the back room, silently telling him everything was fixed and Jimin nods, he shoos him out so it’s just him, the kid, and the cashier.
He puts his head on his hand that’s propped up on the table and watches the boy next to him play some game on his phone. He purses his lips, pulling out his phone and googling the details and it shows the results of the name.

He sets his phone down, flipping his hair back and checking in the window reflection if he looks okay, effortlessly perfect as always. Jimin clears his throat and touches the kids shoulder, making him jump and take out one earphone.

Jimin smiles sheepishly, “sorry, just, is that Super Rails? I just downloaded it yesterday and I honestly cannot stop playing it.”

The guy smiles, showing his bunny teeth, “me too! Oh my god, like I might not keep my job because I keep playing the game during my shift.”

Jimin giggles and runs a hand through his hair. Something shifts in the kids eyes and he scans over Jimin’s face.

“I’m Jungkook.” he says softly.


Jungkook takes his other headphone out, and turns his phone off. Jimin pushes down his smirk, instead smiling shyly and crossing his legs.
Jungkook asks what he’s doing there this late and Jimin bullshits something, in return Jungkook says he’s here because classes are a pain in his ass and ramen is the only thing helping him write some dumb report.

They talk for another hour, Jimin discretely texting his men to leave without him. Jimin touches him as much as he can to get his point across. Jungkook makes him laugh and he grips the younger’s thigh, Jungkook talks about how awful one of his professors is and Jimin rubs his arm.

Jungkook pouts at the clock over Jimin’s shoulder, “I have to go, my report is due really soon.”

Jimin clears his throat and rises from his seat, “let me walk you home.”

Jungkook’s nose scrunches with a cute smile, “shouldn’t I be offering that? You’re so tiny.”

Jimin smiles through the annoyance, “i’m tougher than I look.”

Jungkook laughs but agrees anyway, he throws their empty cups away and waves goodbye to the cashier who looks relieved to see them go. Jimin waves at him with a smirk behind Jungkook.

They walk in comfortable silence a couple blocks to Jungkook’s apartment building. Jungkook’s apartment is on the bottom floor and Jimin ironically tells him that’s dangerous.

Jungkook stops and turns in front of his door to Jimin, hands in his hoodie, “thanks, it was nice to have the company.”

Jimin shrugs and looks up at Jungkook through his eyelashes, “glad you got home safe, goodnight Kook.”

He turns swiftly, not making it one step before a hand is on his wrist. He smirks and stops, before controlling his face to concerned and raising his eyebrows back at Jungkook.

Jungkook scratches the back of his neck, “Jimin, it’s really late out and this isn’t a good neighborhood.”

“I’ll be fine Kookie-”

“You should stay here, please, it would make me feel better.” Jungkook says more confidently, big doe eyes.

Jimin bites his lips, “and that’s really why you want me to stay?”

He steps closer and grips Jungkook’s arm, “for my safety?”

Jungkook scans over his face once again, he brings up a finger and pulls down Jimin’s lip from his teeth.

“Come inside Jimin.” he whispers.