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The Powerhouse of the Team (or was that cell?)

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Thank the Babylonians for creating alcohol.


Lena's head is light and buzzing, the corner of her lips is lifted and she can tell that she’s finally feeling relaxed.


God. She needed this after the week she’s had. Taking over and renaming Luthor Corp into L-Corp after Lex stauntly refused to, moving the company base to National City, the paperwork that she’s had to fill out and sign, setting up appointments for all the organizations that the company had been sponsoring or donating to - including some soccer team of which she had to meet tomorrow (Lena didn’t even know that Luthor Corp sponsored sports), moving and settling into a new apartment complex, and seeing her new neighbor, Kara.


Kara who had come out of her apartment the first day Lena came, wrapped up in what looked like nothing other than the blanket she swaddled herself in, to grab a package outside her door and shyly grinned and waved at Lena before hastily retreating back into the apartment.


Kara who later came and knocked on her door in puffy pants and an oversized sweater with an adorably sheepish look, offering to help Lena move her belongings in.


Kara who had effortlessly moved heavy boxes into Lena’s apartment alongside the moving men and expedited the process by over an hour.


Kara who would groggily set out of her apartment each morning that week in sweats, skewed glasses, and a fitted workout jacket despite how warm it has been out recently, and would tiredly wave at Lena before departing with a large duffel bag slung over a shoulder.


Kara who would adorably stumble back into her apartment at night fidgeting with her glasses as Lena arrived home, hair muddled in her ponytail and in joggers and a tank top while sweat trailed down her muscles.


Lena took another sip of her drink, relishing the slight burn before she surveyed the other patrons in the bar from behind her Colombina Half mask - a simple design of dark green with silver patterns at the corners - for someone with gold designs on their mask.


A submissive.


Her eyes continued scanning through the bar and catches sight of something peculiar, a submissive with what looked like a white mask decorated with white sheer mesh and ornate gold at the temples, toying with some bar food.


A rather unusual choice for such a setting. Most patrons simply sat with a drink, some would even bring work with them. Lena often did back in Metropolis.


Curiosity piqued, Lena picks up her glass and sashays over to the table with her heels clicking methodically.


The submissive seems to have taken notice if the way her head turns toward Lena was any indication, and Lena feels more than sees the submissive’s eyes following her every move, noting the eye sockets had been covered with white mesh.


“Miss.” The submissive greets with a small smile. Friendly.


Like Kara.


Lena raises a hand in greeting that isn’t quite a wave, but was clear in meaning if the twitches at the corner of the submissive’s lips were any indication. “Is this seat taken?”


The submissive shakes her head, blonde locks whipping back and forth. “No, go ahead.” She gestures.


Lena takes the seat, slowly crossing one leg over the other.


The submissive looks down at her food, “Would you like some?”


Lena lightly laughs, affirming that she picked the right person to be curious about. “No. Thank you though.”


She shrugs, taking another bite of her food.


“That’s quite the mask.”


The submissive shyly laughs, “Um. Thanks.” She says, “It’s mesh, so I can still see through it.” She indicates to the sockets.


“I see.” Lena nods, taking another sip of her drink. “And… What brings you here tonight?”


The hand reaching for food freezes, and Lena smirks at seeing red flush down the column of the submissive’s throat. “Well…. I-I…”


Lena reaches for her hand, giving it a quick squeeze. “It’s fine. Just tell me what you like.” She purrs.


The submissive shifts, her hand turning to grab hold of Lena’s, and Lena knows .


“I have a room. How about we go upstairs and… continue this?”


The submissive nods, standing and helping Lena up, garnering a wicked smirk.


/ / /


The room is near barren, simple.




With only a queen bed set in the center, a nightstand, and a desk and chair.


Lena’s purse is already set on the desk, carrying a few number of items she was interested in using.


Just imagining them on the submissive thrilled her.


“Safe-word?” Lena asks, a dark blue blindfold hanging from one hand as the other lightly trailing down the submissive’s throat.


“Mitochondria.” The submissive shyly mumbles, twiddling and tugging at her fingers.


Lena pauses, staring at the areas where eyes would be. “Mitcochondria.” She repeats, mostly to herself as a means to remember, before amusement takes over. “Cute.” She simply says, walking behind the other, brushing her fingers against the submissive’s shoulders.


“Take off the mask.” She says, placing the band on top of the submissive’s right shoulder. “And place this on.” She takes a few deliberately loud steps back toward the desk to indicate her distance.


Simply to let the submissive know that Lena isn’t able to see her face. It was a rule of anonymity that the majority of patrons followed, and Lena was thankful for it.




Lena can see the blue band over the submissive’s head, and nods to herself, taking off her own mask to provide more comfort. She sets it onto the desk before turning around and leaning against it.


“Turn around, and strip.” She orders. “Start from the top. Go slow.”


The blonde hesitates, but compiles nonetheless and begins to delicately unbutton her patterned blouse.


When she gets to the last bit, Lena’s eyes zone in on the toned stomach.


As the blouse gets shrugged off, Lena purrs at the sight of muscles contracting to showcase abs before her eyes trail up to the submissive’s arms. The muscles become more defined as she reaches back to unclip her bra and Lena breathes out a breath as it hits the floor.


Reaching into her purse, she deliberates on what she’d like to do first. “Are you going to tell me what it is you’d like?” Lena asks as the long pencil skirt slides off next.


She can hear the submissive shuffle, and a shiver runs down Lena’s spine. She can’t wait to make her say it.


To make her beg.


She pulls out some a pair of silk scarves, picks up the purse to place on the nightstand for easier access later, and walks back to the now naked submissive. She lightly brushes her hand against the others chest and leans forward to start a slow, languid kiss. Lena purposely maneuvers her onto the bed, gently pushing her down.


“Go back some more.” Lena says in between breaths, reaching back to unzip her dress.


“O-okay.” The sub obliges as Lena let’s her dress fall, and steps out of it.


“Stop.” She says when the sub gets to where she wants. Lena quickly shreds her lingerie before climbing on top. The bed dipping further as she crawls up a bit until she's straddled over the sub's stomach.


“Lay back and give me your hands.”


The submissive does as she’s told, allowing Lena to grab each wrist and tie them up to the corners of the headboard, garnering a whimper. She lightly tugs at them, and wiggles two fingers underneath to ensure she didn’t cut off blood circulation, “Good?”


A nod.


Lena grins. “Good.” She says, ghosting her hands down the submissive’s sides, leaving goosebumps on her skin. “And just to make it clear, you will answer with a yes or no Miss or Ma’m. You won’t say anything unnecessary unless you’re uncertain about something or you’re begging . Are we clear?”


A visible shudder trails down from the sub’s head to her toes. “Yes, miss.”


“Good. Now,” Lena leans in close, her mouth whispering into the other’s ear as she slowly ran her hands up and down the submissive’s rib cage and breasts. “I’m going to put a harness and strap-on onto you.” She slowly says, tweaking a nipple and catching a gasp as she presses kisses down from the earlobe to the junction of her neck.


“And then,” She initiates another slow kiss, and breaks away “I’m going to fuck myself on it, and you won’t do a thing.” She whispers against the submissive’s mouth.


A mixture between a groan and whimper sounds from the submissive’s throat. Lena brings a hand up to the back of the submissive’s head, grabbing hold of a fist full of hair and lightly tugging. “Ah-ah. What do you say?”


A moan, “Yes, ma’m.”


“Good girl.” Lena hums, rewarding her with another quick kiss. She shuffles up to reach into her purse, and pulls out the aforementioned items, and lube, but doesn’t fasten them immediately.


It would be a shame to not explore the body presented to her. Especially if everything turns out well tonight, then perhaps this could be a regular thing between the two.


Lena sets the items off to the side, within reach.


She swings a leg back around to straddle the other, and starts off with another kiss, tongue peeking out to swipe against lower lips.


The moment she feels pressure from the submissive leaning up, Lena moves away with a grin and down to her neck.


“Can I leave a mark?” Lena asks against the heated skin, lightly nipping at the column of the submissive’s throat before pressing a kiss at the junction of her shoulder.


A groan, and slight creaking from the headboard sounded in protest against restraints as shoulders tense up. “N-no, miss. Please don’t. I-I’m s-“


Lena reaches up, pressing a finger to the other’s lips. “Shh. You’re okay. You’re alright.” She shushes, watching the sub visibly relax at the reassurance. “No reason to apologize. It’s alright. I understand.” She pushes herself to sit up and dips her fingers into the blonde’s mouth. “Now, be a good girl and suck.”


She watches with hooded eyes as she feels a tongue swirl around between her fingers and suck for a few seconds. “Good girl.” She whispers, pulling her fingers away as she leans back down to kiss and suck at a nipple. “You’re doing fantastic so far, baby. Keep it up and I’ll reward you sooner.” She whispers suggestively, sliding her wet fingers between the submissive’s sleek folds.


A guttural moan sounds through the room, muscles contracting as arms flex against the restraints and a dull ache shoots down between Lena’s legs at the sight.


She reaches for the harness and dildo, methodically fastening it onto the submissive’s pelvis. “Lift your bottom up, baby.” She says.


The submissive complies, allowing Lena to wrap it around, and jerks her hips when Lena caresses and squeezes at the firm ass.


“You work out a lot?” Lena grins, running her hands back to strong thighs.


“I-I uh-“ the submissive stutters, before lightly shaking her head. Perhaps remembering herself as she firmly nods, “Yes miss.”


“Good for me.” Lena purrs before tugging at the strap on.


Hips jerk again with a low moan, further stretching the smirk on Lena’s face.


“You feel that huh?” Lena asks, reaching for the lube.


“Y-yes, miss.” The submissive confirms.


“Perfect.” Lena grins as she applies a generous amount of lube. She tosses the bottle once she’s done, and scoots up until she feels the tip brush against her clit. She shudders, circling it a few times before resting the tip against her entrance and she already knows she’s ready. She looks down at the sub’s face with a pointed gaze, despite the fact that the sub couldn’t see her. “Remember, don’t move.” Lena says in reminder, her hands splayed against abs that twitch at the order.


“Yes, ma-“ a gasp escapes from the sub’s mouth instead as Lena immediately lowers herself.


A low moan shoots out of Lena as her hips set to work. “Fuck.” She breathes, her eyes fluttering close as she can already feel pressure for release building up.


She keeps her eyes open though, looking down to watch a taunt neck strain and arms flexing from a tightly clenched fist. A bead of sweat works down from those arms, and Lena remembers another pair of strong arms from earlier that evening.


Lena surges forward, pressing kisses against the sub’s neck while she trails her fingers up fluttering abs and to perky nipples that she lightly tweaks and pulls.


Another gasp escapes from the blonde, and the headboard creeks again in protest from the restraints. “Miss, please.” She whimpers.


Lena groans in pleasure, leaning up for a messy kiss. “What?” She demands more than asks, sliding fingers up to the back of the sub’s head. “Tell me what you want.” She punctuates with a light tug.


The sub lets out a guttural groan, but doesn’t say anything. Lena retaliates with a sharp movement from her hips, making another gasp escape from both their lips.


Please let me touch you.” The sub begs, “Please, please let me touch you. Please let me fuck you. I want to make you cum.”


A shudder runs down Lena’s spine and straight to her core, making it flood even more. “Good girl.” Lena rasps out with a kiss, “But not yet.” A pained whimper sounds from the sub that makes Lena press another kiss. “Can you be a good girl for me and wait longer?”


Sweat beads down from the sub’s temple, and soft, breathy whines escape from her mouth.


Lena tugs harder at her hair, causing a sharp intake of breath.


“Y-yes! For you, miss.” She nods, her voice husky and strained. “I can wait for you miss.”


“Good girl.” Lena says before beginning another kiss. “It won’t be much longer.” She says in between breaths. “Maybe if you beg more, I’ll reward you sooner, baby.” She suggests.


The sub groans, “Please, Miss. I-I can’t wait much longer.” She says, “I want to touch you. Please let me touch you and make you cum.”


A shaky breath escapes from Lena’s lips. She was close. “Keep going.”


“I want to fuck you. Please, please let me fuck you.” The sub continues, “I-I can’t cum unless I touch you.”


That does it, and a low moan escapes from Lena as she surges forward to capture lips in another kiss. Her hips lazily rock against the strap on as she rides the waves until they slow to a halt.


She knows she’s not going to be satisfied with just one orgasm, but she takes a moment to recuperate, resting her head against the crook of the sub’s neck before pressing a chaste kiss against her cheek. “Good girl.” She says, rubbing her side reassuringly.


She reaches up and easily undoes both knots, but moves the sub’s hands in a circular motion. “Feel okay? No numbness?” She asks as the sub sits up, her hands sliding against Lena’s back until they settle on her ass.


“No, ma’m.”


“Good,” Lena mumbles with another kiss, loosely resting her hands around the other’s shoulders. “Now fuck me like you begged to do.”


The sub immediately springs into action, strong arms reach up, and next thing Lena knows she’s on her back and the strap on is guided into her.




The thrusts start off slow. Deliberate and exploratory, but the sub quickly begins to find the spots that Lena likes and the pace picks up.


“Close?” Lena asks, already feeling her own climax slowly build up again. She cants her hips up, meeting most thrusts halfway.


A grunted, strangled confirmation is her answer, as she watches sweat working down the other’s face and Lena yanks her head down for a searing kiss.


The sub renews her efforts at the action, hips working without abandon to fuck Lena with a slight change in angle. A thrust hits that particular spot at the front of Lena’s wall, tossing her head back with her loudest moan thus far as she arches her spine.


The thrusts slow down as the sub pulls back, the building pressure slowly crawling back down into nothing but a low buzz, and before Lena can demand what she is doing, the sub slides the strap-on sharply back into her cunt against the same spot.


“Fuck!” Lena cries out, “Again.”


The sub obliges, redoubling her efforts and thrusting fast and hard against the same spot, forcing Lena’s climax to near. She can hear needy grunts and whimpers breath into her ear, and she can tell the submissive is close.


“Tell me what you need.” Lena gasps out.


A helpless whine escapes from the other with a shaky thrust, but the sub’s hips return back to its’ previous rhythm.


“Come on baby girl,” Lena breaths, reaching up to golden locks and yanking at it, “Tell me what you need.”


“I need- I need you to tell me to-!” the sub trails off in a needy whine.


Lena groans, the words unleashing a wave of heat down to cunt. “Then cum.” She orders, “Cum for me baby.”


The words elicit a sharp cry from the sub and a hand shoot down to circle Lena’s clit.


“Nng- fuck !” Lena moans out, her own climax seizing her and making her toes curl as the sub’s hips begin to slow into a roll, letting Lena’s walls flutter around the shaft as they both ride down the waves.


The sub extracts herself out of the harness and lowers herself gently on top of Lena, who smiles in satisfaction, her eyes slowly blinking closed as she hears a slow breath exhale from her ear as the weighted pressure on top fully presses down.


/ / /


Lena’s eyes fly open and she groans, pushing herself away from the warm arm on top of her as she reaches to her purse for her phone.


She didn’t mean to fall asleep, but she supposed after a long week filled with stress and a night of good fucking would make her exhausted enough to do so.


All signs of sleep and satisfaction immediately fly out as she catches sight of the time. “Shit!” She quietly curses, aware of her companion silently snoring away face down on the bed as stress files into Lena’s mind. She swings her legs off the bed and quickly scampers around to gather her clothes and change into.


Fuck. She woke up late . She didn’t even know if she had time to stop by her home for a change of clothes.


She checks the time from her phone again and nods. She’d be hard pressed, but if she hurried she could make it.


She quickly grabs the rest of her belongings, tossing them into her purse, but hesitates upon noting the dark blue band still wrapped around her sub’s head showing from the back.


How it stayed on throughout the night, Lena had no idea. She sucks her lips in, time weighing on the back of Lena’s mind before she comes to a decision.


She had fun last night, and the sub is a very good girl, good enough that Lena is willing to frequent her again if she sees her.


So she rips out some paper from a notepad and pulls out a pen, scribbling out a short note.


I had fun last night. Return the blindfold next time. -xo Miss


She leaves it on the pillow before rushing out of the room


/ / /


After the frenzied pace of this morning, the rest of Lena’s day… had progressively gotten worse.


First, she doesn’t think she has ever had to ready herself for the day that fast in the morning before or taken a shower for such a short time and she felt horrible . Like she wasn’t ready at all for the day. She still left the house as neatly presented as she could however, and was disappointed upon not seeing Kara.


She had made it into her office with a few minutes to spare, and had hoped she would have some time to catch up on some paperwork and collect herself, only to be told that she had an interview just a few minutes after.


Then she had a few consecutive business meetings, including a board meeting, to which she had been constantly looked down upon and was forced to assert her stance as the new CEO of L-Corp, a name she had to remind and correct several times during.


And now, she had to end the day by going out onto a soccer field to meet some team in heels and under the day's unusual blistering heat to wish a good luck during training camp for an upcoming friendly match.


If Lena was being honest though, she had no idea what that meant and briefly wondered if she was going to have to find someone to help her understand all this sport terminology. She didn’t even know friendly matches were a thing. She just thought every match was competitive. What was even the purpose of a friendly match?


She sighs, briefly considering visiting the bar again tonight.


Maybe that sub girl would be there.


The car stops, snapping Lena out of her musings.


She shakes her head, ridding herself of those thoughts as she tries to school her features. There was no time for that now.


She exits the car, greeted with a wave of heat and grimaces as she pulls large sunglasses out of her purse and slips them on. She’s granted brief reprieve by the shade as she walks through the entrance to the field, and is greeted with the sight of women shouting words of reassurance at each other as they work through drills and the sharp thrill of a whistle cadence.


She blinks, her head tilting to the side as she carefully walked the perimeter of the field, her eyes fixed on the all women’s team as she makes her way closer to where she thinks the one in charge is.


The head coach seems to have taken notice of Lena’s presence when she’s a few meters away as she sharply blows into the whistle, slowing the team to a stop to give their full attention. “Round up ladies!” She yells. The whole team jogs up to coach, standing to attention. “Now as you all may know, Luthor Corp has recently changed to L-Corp and was transferred to a new lady CEO.”


To this, the whole team applauses with laughter and smiles, hooting and hollering in support.


And honestly, this was incredibly empowering to Lena, as a woman to feel and see other women support her.


“Now, she’s here today to show her support. So we’re going to introduce ourselves and then get back to work.”


“Yes Ma’m!” They all shout in unison, moving as one as they all stand to attention once again.


The head coach turns to Lena with an easy grin and an outstretched hand, “Lena Luthor.” She greets, “Jillian Ellis, Head Coach. But call me Jill.”


“Alright Jill.” Lena takes the proffered hand for a firm handshake. “Then I insist you call me Lena.”


Jillian nods, “On behalf of the US Women’s National soccer team, let me just thank you for continuing to support us.”


“It’s my pleasure.” Lena says, taking off her sunglasses to keep eye contact. “You’re all looking good for the weather.”


Jillian laughs, “This is nothing compared to Beijing in 2008. Am I right ladies?” She calls over.


The group shouts in protest, denying all claims and eliciting an easy laugh from the coach.


“They’re just trying to impress you.” Jillian winks, “They were all complaining about it. Let me introduce you to the team.” She gestures before looking down and noting Lena’s footwear. She raises a hand before Lena can take a step and turns to the rest of the team, “Single file ladies! Upfront!”


The whole team jogs over, complying immediately and Lena wishes that her business associates could follow orders like the women’s team.


One by one, Jillian introduces her to the team and their position, and Lena was certain she would have to review them all later at some point in time.


Another thing she felt like she would have to get used to?


Fist bumps.


When the first player apologized for not wanting to give a handshake as she was all smudged with dirt, grass stains, and sweat she offered out a fist instead and Lena stared at it confused until Jill instructed her on what to do.


She felt silly, as this action seemed so normal to all the women, but they all had smiled at her reassuringly.


It wasn’t until a familiar face showed up though that Lena’s brows shot up in surprise.


“And lastly, let me introduce you to our most recent addition, forward, and powerhouse, Kara Z. Danvers.” Jillian says with a clap to Kara’s shoulders. “This girl here is sending our veterans for a run of their money when it comes to plays and goals.”


Kara’s shyly laughs, ducking her head as she tries to brush off the compliment. “Stop it, coach” She says in a dry voice and a wave of a hand, bringing the other one up to the side of her face.


“You’re doing good kiddo. Especially today, you seem a lot more lively than usual. Whatever it is you're doing, keep it up.” Jillian says with a few hard pats to the shoulder.


Kara flushes an adorable red before she peers up at Lena shyly. “Miss Luthor.” Kara softly greets in a husky voice, no doubt tired and strained from a full day’s activity of practice.


The voice and title suddenly reminds Lena of last night’s events when it shouldn’t have, but it sounded eerily close to the sub’s voice and - for God’s sake - now she finds herself staring at muscular arms and wonders what it would look like in those silk restraints that she used to tie up her sub.


And fucking dammit all! She was already struggling with her slight obsession on Kara her neighbor - her adorably cute, and awkward neighbor who was probably as vanilla as they come with arms Lena wishes she could feel under her fingers.


But now she had to deal with this.


Kara Z. Danvers.


Newest addition, forward, and powerhouse of the US Women’s National Soccer Team.


Who honestly probably had an Apollon body underneath those clothes.


Just thinking about it made Lena want to return to the bar and have another night with the sub.


“Kara.” Lena smiles, “Now I know what that duffel bag is for.”


Kara nervously laughs, “Um. Yeah.” She nods.


“Wait, you two know each other?” Jillian asks, pointing between the two of them.


“Yeah coach.” Kara nods.


“We’re actually neighbors.” Lena offers.


“Wow! What a coincidence.”


“Quite.” Lena nods.


“Will you be staying to watch?” Kara asks.


Lena considers, thinking of watching Kara’s muscles at work, “For a bit.”


Kara brightly grins, “Cool.”


“Alright, let's get back to those drills then.” Jillian states, emphasizing her point with a few clap of her hands. “Let’s go ladies!”


Kara cutely waves at Lena before running off to do what she’s told.


“You can sit over there by the benches if you’d like.” Jillian says, “Feel free to leave any time you’d like.”


Lena nods, making her way to said seats to watch the women’s team work and puts on dark sunglasses.


She silently observes Kara for what feels like a long while, taking in the sweat dripping down her face and muscles straining from her arms to her legs.


Her eyes flutter close, remembering the sub from last night and easily pictures Kara in her place instead. She wonders if Kara would take to orders from her like she seems to take from under her coach.


Lena abruptly stands with a low growl and takes her leave. Her head buzzing and draining out the shouts and whistle blows as she stiffly walks away.