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It’s gonna be the future soon, and I won’t always be this way

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The massive hole in the floor unfurled before them, crumbling slightly the closer to the edge Karma got. His quirk was pulling him across the way and through the opposite door. Tokoyami seemed to be assessing the situation as well, Dark Shadow reaching out through the dim lighting to the other shore. It’s clawed fingers gripped at the stone and rubble.


“Can you pull us over?”


Shadow nodded then braced it’s hands on either side. Tokoyami gripped Karma around the waist, his red eyes glancing to the side in embarrassment, and with a grunt of effort began to carry them both over. The gloom was enough to boost his strength without quite driving him into madness.


Now safely across the gap, the two continued ever deeper into the yakuza base. With Karma’s quirk leading the way they found their pace picking up until they were both sprinting at full speed down each hallway. The further down they travelled, the fewer lights illuminated their way until it was a brief spotlight every few feet. Dark Shadow was beginning to get antsy, now fully unveiled from underneath Tokoyami, the massive bird creature loomed behind the both of them with it’s claws outstretched. It hissed like static, bright gold eyes whipping back and forth as it scanned their surroundings like a protective demon.


Karma wished they had Ritsu. With her help he wouldn’t have to rely on a vague feeling of ‘ this way ’. Strangely, they saw no one on their journey. As if the base was focusing their entire force on the heroes or if they’d simply scattered. Karma knew better, however, than to believe a yakuza gang would just up and abandon their home. The sounds of a scuffle was growing ever closer. A heavy banging of metal on metal and the screech of stone being dragged against stone, angry growls of people, and the dull thud of knuckles on flesh.


The hallway had begun to stink of alcohol, to the point that Karma had to cover his nose with his cape. His foot splashed in a puddle of it, throwing even more of it into the air, but the noise alerted a man sprawled on the floor and gurgling to himself. Perhaps alerted wasn’t the best way to describe it, Karma thought, as he could barely move or even glance in their direction. A blue bruise blossomed across his face, one that Karma added to by taking the heel of his boot and slamming it into the stranger’s head. The gurgling stopped. The man’s bird mask lay shattered.


In front of them was a wall with barely enough space for the other man currently trying to squeeze himself through it. He hadn’t noticed the two unstoppable forces of nature behind him, until the wall fractured underneath Dark Shadow’s massive claws. Karma thought they must have made a fantastic picture. The two of them striding forwards from the darkness with a demon behind them. The yakuza grunt was fumbling with a gun in his hands, attempting to swap out the bullets, but Karma’s appearance had made him pause long enough for Dark Shadow to snatch it from his shaking hands.


“Well, it looks like we’re at the end boss- eh, Tsukuyomi.” Karma grinned, an easy smile spreading across his face as he tilted his head back.


He drove his boot into the second man’s head over and over until the blubbering stopped. Across the bright room stood a hero, covering a young girl with his body, and another yakuza dressed in a fine silk shirt. Karma could see the way the man’s body language screamed anger and wounded pride.


“Who are you?!” He snarled from behind the beak mask. “Another hero? No matter how many of you there are, we will win.”


Karma took the gun from Tokoyami and glanced briefly at the bullets enchambered inside. They hadn’t swapped them out yet. He used the last three to shatter the bulbs lighting the room, allowing Tokoyami to stride through behind him.


“Not quite. You can call me Elysium. And this is Tsukuyomi.”


He could see the dawning realization on the heroes’ face as they entered. “You’re the two kids the League of Villains took.” He said.


“That’s right!” Karma tossed the empty gun aside and regarded the case of strangely shaped bullets that Tokoyami had taken. There were four and had a small syringe on one end and were filled with an odd liquid. “Let’s see...why don’t we try and guess what’s in these things?”


The man who was clearly the boss, or a high ranking individual, was slowly trying to back away from the gathering, favoring his side, but a quick glare from the hero made him pause. Karma marched towards them.


“You’re working on something to do with a quirk drug- I know that for sure. Two years ago was the rise of that Trigger shit, right? But that increased a person’s quirk and I don’t think you’d want to hit a hero with leaves...removing a quirk. Did I get it?”


“You did…” Muttered the man. “But you won’t be leaving here alive with that knowledge.”


Suddenly he dropped to the floor, the ground cracking and crumbling underneath his hands and almost throwing Karma and the others off their balance. The hero snatched up the girl before a series of jagged spikes shot from the ground towards them. Karma vaulted one, barely dodged another, and felt one become reduced to rubble at his back.


“Be careful!” Tokoyami called. Dark Shadow retreated away from Karma and back to him.


Again the floor began to shake, the spikes falling apart underneath the villain’s quirk, but this time both Karma and the young hero were prepared. As Karma dashed forwards, the other boy appeared to slide through the floor and shoot out of it at high speed- his fist clocking the villain in the side of his covered jaw just as Karma reached them from the other side. Their joint punches even throwing their opponent back a few feet. It seemed that everything was over. The yakuza was down for the count and the face of his compatriot was a bloody smear on the floor.


“We make a good team!” Karma laughed, pulling the mask free from the unconscious villain. He had no idea who he was, but with the way the hero was looking at him he was sure he was dangerous. “Who is this, anyway?”


“Overhaul. He’s the capo here. I’m going to have to ask you two to come with me as well.” Said the hero, face hardened. He was breathing hard and still in a fighting stance. “You have a lot to answer for.”


Behind him, Tokoyami was edging slowly closer to the girl that was cowering on the floor. Dark Shadow had retreated temporarily and the boy was whispering gentle encouragement to her. Karma kept his eyes locked on the hero.


“You’re not even going to introduce yourself? How rude.”


He seemed to be struggling with himself, the hero’s sense of propriety warring with the need to arrest the ‘villain’ before him. Karma stuck his hand out and slowly the boy approached as well.


“Lemillion.” He said, reaching out to shake Karma’s hand.


“A pleasure to meet you.”


The switch in Karma’s glove had been flicked surreptitiously, under the guise of adjusting it. The electricity coursing through his hand enough to drag Lemillion to his knees with a pained cry.


“Sorry~! But I can’t let you take us in just yet. Tsukuyomi, would you get the girl? We’ll take her upstairs.”


“No!” Lemillion cried out, struggling to push himself up on shaking legs. “I won’t let you take her!”


“Calm down.” Karma said, turning off his gloves and patting the quiet child on the head. “We’re taking her up to the heroes. I just don’t want you ruining my day by trying to arrest me.”


Lemillion’s eyes darted back and forth between Karma and the girl. She was subdued, but not in distress. Her eyes were full of confusion but not the abject fear from when the yakuza had been gripping her. Eventually Lemillion sat down. He still seemed distrustful of Karma and Tokoyami, but couldn’t deny the way his muscles were cramping put a dent in his plans.


There was a click behind them as Karma began to walk towards Tokoyami, and a shout of distress from the downed hero. Something thudded between Karma’s shoulder blades as he turned. It felt like the floor had been ripped out from underneath him, his own legs turning to jelly as pain seared across his back, but he forced himself to keep standing. Tokoyami’s eyes were wide and fearful but he kept the little girl behind him.


As Karma moved, the syringe fell from his back. Chisaki Kai had pushed himself up just enough to get a good shot at Karma, had snatched the discarded gun from the floor and gotten his revenge.


“Ah.” Said Karma, knocking the bullet with his toes. “That’s going to bruise.”


As he strode over to Overhaul, who was barely hanging onto consciousness, Karma considered his options. He slid his balisong from his sleeve’s hidden pocket and gently span it around his fingers. A wicked grin slid across his face.


“Karma-san!” Tokoyami called, his voice shaking. “Don’t do anything too rash.”


Bloodlust sang in Karma’s ears. Screw the watching heroes and his need to pretend to be a decent person. He’d been shot, careless, by a man on his knees before him. It was only sheer luck that it wasn’t a real bullet. Karma was mad. More than mad, even. The loss of his quirk was no big deal to him- he hadn’t grown up with it and barely used it- but the audacity of it all.


“I’m going to make sure you remember me, Overhaul.” He said, pressing the sharp side of the blade against his bare skin. There was no fear in his face as Karma began to carve, only hatred.


He sliced the kanji for his name into Overhaul’s face, then wiped his knife off on the man’s once pristine jacket. Slowly the adrenaline began to leave his system. Karma’s hands shook a little, the red fuzz around the edges of his eyes faded as he stood. He took a deep breath and let it out slowly before leaving.


“Where do you think Magne is?” Tokoyami asked as they headed for the back exit. The girl was so slight and small that he had no trouble whatsoever keeping her aloft on his hip.


“Wrecking shit, I hope.”


The way was silent. No more villains or heroes to stop them on their path to freedom. As they breached the hidden door, the sun shone brightly in their faces and the little girl trembled in Tokoyami’s arms. The passage had let them out a little way away from the main building and out of a warehouse door recessed from the road. The heroes and police were still gathered at the entrance.


“Hey kid?” Karma asked as Tokoyami gently lowered her to the floor. “What’s your name? Mine is Karma.”


“Eri…” She said, quietly.


“Okay Eri, you see that big group of people over there? Run straight to them. They’ll keep you safe.”


“You’re not coming too?”


“Not yet, but we’ll see you soon okay?”


She nodded and gave both of them a quick squeeze around the waist before taking off as fast as her tiny little legs would take her, tripping and stumbling the entire way. Karma watched her go with a soft smile.


“You’re good with kids, Karma-san.” Said Tokoyami, glancing his way.


Karma shrugged. “I’ve had some practice.”