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Being Yourself

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Had Louie always known?


Did they feel bad for not always knowing?

Also no. How could they've? It's not something you're born knowing, but it also doesn't happen overnight. It's not like they woke up one day and were like 'I'm non-binary!', no there were subtle signs, little things here and there. Every time someone referred to them as a boy they would subtly cringe, they think Huey might have noticed but they couldn't be sure, and when they tried to refer to themself as a girl they cringed again. They hadn't known about non-binary at first, it wasn't until after they got their phone did they learn the term, as well as some other ones but that was for another day. When they read it and saw what it was it was like something clicked, finally a term that fit them! 

There were others things as well like not wanting to play a boy character when they and their brothers were playing pretend and not really liking suits, but really what kid did? They also had a problem when people used Llewelyn instead of Louie even when their brothers did it and the other two had no problems with their siblings using their real name, that was probably the first thing that tipped them off, why would they have a problem with it unless they weren't a boy? 

They wouldn't.

The triplets were thick as thieves and always would be, they share practically everything and can't sleep unless they're all in the same room so it had to be something else. And something else it was. They were non-binary simple as that, or not they still had to tell the others and for the first time in their life they were nervous to tell them something, how would they react? Would they hate them? They knew they couldn't handle that, their family was everything to them even if they didn't always act like it. 

What were they gonna do? 

After the fifth day of Donald knowing something was wrong with Louie, he went to talk to him. He was with his brothers in their room, they had both refused to leave his side since they noticed something was wrong with him. It was sweet, but it made talking to him a lot harder. 

"Louie can I talk to you?" Donald asked as he walked into the room, he vaguely noticed Huey and Dewey look up from their card game before turning his full attention to the duck laying facing down on his bed. 

"Whatever you think I did I didn't." They replied barely lifting their head up, Donald rolled his eyes at the reply and pretended not to notice Huey and Dewey's eyes on him. 

"You're not in trouble, I just want to know what's wrong." 

"Well I guess now's a good a time as any. I need to tell you guys something." Huey and Dewey joined them on the bed as they sit themself up but don't look at any of the others so they don't see their concerned looks. 

They didn't need to look to know it was there. 

"Louie?" Huey questioned quietly touching their arm, they cringed away and curled into themself. 

"I'm non-binary!" 


"Okay? Okay!" 

"What did you think we'd hate you? Gee, you think you'd have more faith in us!" 

"I dunno..." 

"Louie," Donald started, "There isn't anything you could tell me that would make me hate you, that goes for all of you. Understand?"

"Yes Uncle Donald." 

"So you guys are really okay with it?" Huey and Dewey shared a look before playfully jumping on Louie. 

"Answer your question?" Donald looked at them fondly before getting up. "I'm going to start making dinner."

"Do you need any help?" Huey questioned from the triplet pile though it's hard to say where his voice was coming from. 

"No, you kids hang out."

"Don't burn down the kitchen!" Donald rolled his eyes at Dewey's response as he walks out. 

 "So why did you take so long to tell us?"  The triplets laid on Louie's bed all worn out Dewey, who had asked the question, turned to look at Louie who was looking up. 

"Yeah, it's not like us to keep secrets from each other." Louie sighed and rised up a little using their wings as support the other two followed suit and waited patiently for their answer. 

"I don't know, it was stupid but I really didn't know how you'd react." 

"I guess I get it but Uncle Donald was right there isn't anything you could say that could make me hate you."

"Ditto." Dewey replied lightly bumping their shoulder. 

"You guys are the best." Dewey got a mischievous look on his face before quickly grabbing Louie's pillow and hitting them with it and as the three of them had an epic pillow fight Louie knew they were going to be alright. 

Everything was going to be alright.