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To Be By Your Side

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To Be By Your Side


It was just another day for Luci or so she thought, she'd gone to the criminal court with her son as he'd finished a project for school with some guidance from her younger brother Brandon who was a lawyer, Jason had achieved an A in it and was so exited about it that he managed to cajole his mom into letting them go and see him so that they could tell him the great news. They had just done that and were coming out when she saw a man go down, another kid had gone over to him, but his mom had instructed him to come away, instead she went over and found him unconscious and scarcely breathing, immediately her former doctor side kicked in as she yelled out for someone to call 911. She had commenced doing chest compressions when two men came dashing out, in that moment the man had also just given up breathing so as she just commenced doing both chest compressions and mouth to mouth, one of the men spoke to her in a panicked voice "What's happened?" She then explained about the collapse and that she believed he'd had a heart attack, as she spoke, the man answered "I should have realized what was going on, he was complaining of not feeling well and had gone very pail in court stating that he needed some air and who are you?"

She responds "I am former physician and heart surgeon Luci Frankel and just over there is my son Jason. Who is this man?"

The man kneeling on the floor with her replied "He's my boss Dr Jason Bull and I'm Benny Colon, what about an ambulance?"

A voice from another person answers "I called, but it appears he made an attempt at calling one himself before he lost consciousness and I got told that one is on its way."


By the time the paramedics get there a few minutes afterward and she is still doing chest compressions and mouth to mouth, they of course recognise her so she then gives her report to them full of medical jargon, as they then begin to bag him and attach monitors as well as getting him onto a stretcher, they get her to go on with the chest compressions, but because of the access situation to get him out of there she can't continue the compressions by his side and has to go up onto the stretcher with him, as she does so she mutters under her breath "Thank God I put trousers on today."

Then as they begin to take Bull away she then has a panic about her son and just as she says "What about Jason?" Benny advises her that they will follow her to the hospital and will bring him with them. As she then says "Thank you Mr Colon." He yells back "It's Benny please."

Just as they get him loaded onto the ambulance he all of a sudden crashes, so she jumps off of the stretcher and they immediately transfer it onto the trolley as she goes on with the compressions while they get the defibrillator set up, then once it is she's the one to administer it because even though she is a former physician and heart surgeon she never gave up her license and can continue practising. To start off with things seem to be a complete no go and they get no response, so on the next attempt before she says "Clear" and places them onto him she mutters under her breath "Come on Dr Bull, I know that we've never met in person, but in my time I have never lost a patient so please don't go and let me down now." Then as she does the shock it's enough to get him going again and they then start on the rush to hospital, and as she places the paddles back onto the apparatus once again she whispers "Thank you Dr Bull." Before then helping the paramedic get him wired up onto the monitors and keeping him monitored.


As they arrive at the hospital she starts to think that her job may be over, but as they go into the trauma room her friend and colleague Charlie Greenway is the one waiting there for their arrival so he asks her about helping him with Dr Bull, she says that even though everything over her problems that forced her out of her job have now been sorted out she couldn't come back because of her son and only being able to work within school hours. So with that he says to her that they will deal with Dr Bull together and all she has to do is go in when her son is at school and they will consult on the case jointly. So in the end she relents and says that she will do it, but after they've gone through with the tests and determine their next course of action she will have go to and call her brother to come and get Jason because they were at the court seeing Brandon when things happened and at the moment he being looked after by Dr Bull's colleague's who she will have to update as well.


Following the examination they conclude that they need to operate right away, so it means that it's going to be a long night for Luci, so while Bull is taken to be made ready for the surgery she goes outside and makes her call to Brandon who says he'll be right down to come and get Jason he will also collect some stuff for him on the way through to the hospital. She explains that she's just on the way to the OR and will be taking Bull's friends to the waiting room up there and Jason will be with them. After completing the call she then goes out to the waiting area where she also now discovers that Bull's friends have increased by quite a few more individuals, as along with Benny there is also now three women there as well, when she goes over to them Benny then informs her that Chunk is in the waiting room's play area with Jason, as she then explains that her brother is coming to pick him up to take him, but they will all have to change to the OR's waiting area, so with that Benny tells Cable to go and get the two of them she goes off to do so. She then sits down with them all and says "At the moment we are getting Dr Bull prepared for surgery, it was as I originally assumed and he did have a heart attack. Just as we got him onto the ambulance we nearly lost him, but we did get him back once again, since then he has been actually fighting to remain with us. In the tests that we have run myself and Dr Greenway have agreed that he requires a heart by pass surgery, we will be doing the surgery jointly and we should be no longer than a couple of hours or so, I'll take you all up to the waiting area and I promise you that I will keep you updated when I can with what's going on. Before you also ask Dr Greenway has twisted my arm to be the consultant with him because I was once a leading heart surgeon I had some problems and gave the job up, I am still licensed and can do this job, I just didn't come back to things owing to having lost my husband a couple of years ago and having to bring up my son."

She then gets up and as she does so Benny says "This is Marissa Morgan and Danny James, the woman that went off to get Chunk and Jason is Cable McCrory and we are all colleagues of Dr Bull as well as very close friends because as far as we know he doesn’t have any family." As Jason and Chunk come around to them with Cable bringing up the rear, Jason sees her and comes rushing over yelling "Mommy!" Before diving into her arms he then says "Are you going to help Dr Bull?"

She smiles and kisses his cheek as she says "I am and Uncle Brandon will be coming soon to pick you up and you can go home with him, as I won't be back until later on and you will be in bed.” He then responds "Even if I am asleep when you get home, will you tell me if he's ok?"

She chuckles and answers "I will do I promise."

She then places him down and she's somewhat surprised when he grabs her hand, but also grabs Chunks hand as well.


In the end the operation goes smoothly, but the damage is a bit more extensive to what they had originally thought it would be with the tests that were carried out initially and in the end it turns into a triple heart bypass, so it turns into a bit of a long few hours. Bull also manages to give them a bit of a fright when they first take him off of the bypass machine as his heart takes a little longer than normal to start working once again, but all of a sudden as Luci is saying her silent prayers for his heart to get working, it springs back into life once again and she breathes a sigh of relief as it does so. She and Charlie then go and get scrubbed clean following the operation before then going round to the recovery room to oversee how things are going and to keep an eye on everything as they bring Bull round.


Like with everything else of course Bull seems to be one of those awkward people to bring round, but it also ends up being rather a funny moment because Luci is just looking at something on the monitor as she says slightly jokingly "Are you just determined to be a pain in my butt today Dr Bull?" She then jumps when a drowsy voice says back to her "I hope not Dr."

She then turns round and responds with a slight laugh to her tone this time, as she also smiles down at him "Hello Dr. Bull, it's nice to have you back with us again. I realize that this may be a bit of a dumb question given the situation right now, but I do have to ask, how do you feel and what do you remember about what happened?"

As the nurse allows him to take off the oxygen mask and they then work to replace it with a nasal canula instead he responds "I feel tired and sore, and like there's a ton of bricks resting on my chest. I remember being in court for the end of the trial and all of a sudden feeling really breathless and my chest going tight, I got out telling Benny that I needed some air. Then all I remember is the pain I had in my chest as I went down on the top step outside the court, trying to get my tie off and undo the top button as I also tried to call 911, then nothing other than the feeling of someone pressing on my chest but nothing more than that."

Luci then says "That was probably me doing chest compressions as we were starting to loose you. You had a major heart attack and we had to operate, you had to have a triple heart bypass, but we will have to talk more about that in the morning, as you need to get some rest."

He then makes her laugh once again as he retorts "Don't you think that I've had enough of that already Dr?"

"Nope I don't think you have, and I'm Dr Luci Frankel one of the Dr's who operated on you and this is my colleague Dr Charlie Greenway. We're going to now get you sorted with a room and move you there, but I ought to get out there and tell your team what's been going on, seeing as they've been here for the whole time since you rushed in here, then hopefully if you're not going to be any trouble to me anymore I need to get home and check on my son, as even though he should hopefully be asleep by now he nevertheless made me promise that I would wake him up when I got home so that I could tell him how you were doing and he was somewhat worried about you, specially as he saw you go down when you collapsed at the court and I think that he's also become a bit of a hit with your team as well and I have a suspicion that he may have fallen in love with Chunk already.

"He responds "My team can have that effect sometimes, but I hope that I didn't alarm him very much and I hope that I might be able to get to meet him?"

She says "Hopefully you will do, but first in the next few days or so Dr Bull you will need to have some rest and recuperate from what has happened today."

"I will do and please drop the Dr it's either Bull or Jason."

She says "I'll try to remember that, but it will get confusing if I let my son come to meet you, because he's Jason as well."

"But that is a great name."

The nurses then finish what they're doing and nod to her and Charlie so she then says "Ok let's get you transferred to your room and I'll go to see your team, we will allow them to see you very quickly for tonight and only one at a time, and only for a few minutes because..."

He interrupts by saying "I need to have my rest, I know and I promise I will be good Dr Frankel."

"Please call me Luci, I detest being called Dr, it makes me feel old."

He smiles and responds "Ok Luci it is."

As they then begin to move him to head towards his room and she goes to go the other way to go and talk to everyone in the waiting room, she all of a sudden stops when she feels his hand brush hers, before he then takes her hand properly into his, as she then steps back towards him he then says "And thank you for saving me Luci." She does a coy smile as she responds "I was truly happy to Jason."

As they then go in one direction she goes off in the other direction to the waiting room to find Bull's team, with the look that they give her she offers them a fatigued smile as she takes a seat and then says "I'm sorry that it's been so long, but it took somewhat longer than expected. When we got into his heart there was more damage than we originally expected in the tests that we initially did, so the operation turned into a triple heart bypass. When I just left him he had just come round and they are presently taking him up to the room, the next few days will nevertheless be critical for him, but he has come through this so far very well. For now we can allow you all to go and see him once he's settled, but it can only be for a couple of minutes, once he starts getting some rest then we will be able to allow you to have a bit longer with him. As long as he behaves himself and will now work hard on his recovery he will be fine, but it is going to be a long process and he will most assuredly for a time, will have to slow down with things." Benny says "Well we will certainly make sure that we are there for him and that he behaves, and thank you Luci for everything that you've done."

Marissa then adds "Yes thank you and please promise us that you will go home and rest now, because you look like you need it and I hope that we won't just see you here, you can come and see us at TAC anytime and I know that Jason will probably really love to visit as well."

She smiles and says "I will do I promise, especially as I think you've been a bit of a hit with him as well, and I will have to get home anyway because I promised that even if he was asleep I'd still wake him up when I got home so I could tell him how Jason was." After that a nurse then comes to put her head round the door to say that she can take them up.


After everybody else has had their turn it's Benny and Marissa that go last, when Benny goes in and apologises to Bull for the disagreements they had during the trial, he again states that he is going to do everything that he is told to do and will take things easy, but there is two things that he wishes him to do, the first being that to tell Izzie what has taken place. The second involves Luci, not only does he need the team to make certain that she and her son are ok and will support them. The other point is he can recall that a few years ago and he's assuming that she's the same person, but her father had come to him requiring them to represent her in a trial, but then she had her accident and things had been set aside. He would like them to commence working both cases because he would still like to help her as his thank you for what she did that day, especially as he knows that with how much time has now passed they will possibly need to do a lot more work on it. For now he will take a back seat with it all and leave it all up to them, but he still wishes to look at the paperwork himself and will only be there though to act as their guide and that will be it. When the time comes he will be there to help them and it will be his first case back, and he vows that between all of that, things will change and it will be for the better.

With Marissa it is an extremely difficult few minutes with her actually revealing that she had come so incredibly close to actually resigning, but she vows that she will remain there with him, as long as things don't start going back to how they have been. As he did with Benny he vows that things won't go back to that and he will be doing as the Dr has advised him to do every single step of the way. He then informs her of what he had told Benny about Luci, when Marissa turns round and tells him that while he was in the operating theatre she had already gone and done some history into Luci so presumes that he's right about her father wishing to retain them a few years ago and then it not taking place, so she tells him that she will look the files up and go through it, but she will tell him more when they have time and of course when they know that Luci is not hovering around to find out what they're up to. She also promises that they will keep an eye on the both of them, but she admits that already with being the one to look after Jason until her brother arrived to get him, it seemed that Jason and Chunk had already hit it off, not only that she likewise had a sense that he could also have a slight crush on Cable, and he had already started to pester about coming to visit TAC one day, so she would ensure that it happened and that they maintained a close eye on things with them.


Once they've all gone with Luci making an agreement to them that she will do one last check of Bull and then she will go home herself, as well as agreeing that she will let them know if anything changes or happens with him. Just as she disappears off the other's start to go, but as Benny ends up staying he advises them to go, but he's staying just so that he can give Luci a lift, as he's supposing that the only other way for her to get home would be a cab and he didn't like the thought of her doing it at this time of night and also perhaps see if they can get her car back to her for the next day, as he supposing that it must be parked somewhere near the court with her seeing her brother that day there. So as the others disappear Marissa goes and says to him to make sure that is all he does, because he does need some rest as well.


As Luci goes into Bull's room it's to find him deep in thought, so as she does his checks she doesn’t disturb him until she's done and gives him a slight nudge and says "Penny for your thoughts?"


As he then comes out of his reverie he responds "Just thinking about the last few months or so and how much I've hurt the team through my actions that's seen me finish up where I am now, and how I can go about correcting it all with them."


She takes a seat by his side and says "All you can do is show them through your actions now by getting yourself fit and healthy again, I know that from experience and yes I know it's perhaps hard and going to be hard, but I promise you it will be sufficient. Look I do find it hard talking about my own experience, but other than being there for Jason I grew really bad tunnel vision over everything and at one time kept trying to push everybody aside, even though they were trying to help me. In the end I did allow my parents to watch Jason for a while and got away from it all and that helped me see things a lot straighter and I did eventually learn to accept their help when I required it. Look I know that in routine circumstances I shouldn't do this, but I am only back here doing this job and to help Adrian with you and that's it, because even though I have now got over my demons and could get back to this job properly I know that I can't put myself through all of this again, especially with Jason, even if I do know that my parents and brother would willingly look after Jason for me while I was at work, but I know that in the end I would rarely ever see him and I don't wish to miss him growing up. So once we have you back on your feet so to speak that will be it for me once again. So I'm going to give you my number and anytime you just need to talk or something just give me a call, and if you wish to talk face to face instead I will always come back here, even if I've only just got home from seeing you.” She then adds as he enquires about what she would do over Jason if she did come back in again. "Don't worry I'll either take him to my parents or brother and if the worst came to the worst I'd have to bring him back with me, but he'd only be bored with adult talk so he'd be happy completely ignoring us playing or doing something else out of the way. Now though I truly must get going because you have assuredly made this day a long one, plus I also told Jason that I would wake him up and tell him how you are doing because I think he was just a little bit concerned about you after what he saw."

He says "Well tell him that I'm ok and if you let him come to see me when you consider it's ok to I'll show him that I'm ok, thanks to you."

"I will do and that's promise."


She then yawns a great big yawn and as she gets up from the chair he takes her hand in the same way that he had previously and says somewhat tiredly himself "Go, go home and get some rest, you certainly need it after being here for me and I promise you I'll be ok and I will look forward to seeing you again in the morning Dr Frankel."

As she does a soft growl at him, he does a quiet snicker as his eyes then drift shut and as the grip on her hand gets a bit looser she gives his hand a slight squeeze as she smiles back at his face and says softly "Goodnight Dr Jason Bull" Before letting go of that hand and walking away still not realising the impact that that day and that man is going to have a significant part in her life from now on.