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Break It for Me

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It was a warm winter day. Spring felt like it was just around the corner with how cloudless the sky was and how cheerful the birds were singing. The ice on the ponds has melted, the dormant jellyfish began dancing through the water again.


Antarcticite hated it.


Their hardness was reduced to what felt like a puny two and when they stood in the direct sun for too long their hair started to drip onto the ground. It was a pain in the ass to pay attention to the density of the clouds everytime they set a foot outside, especially when their new partner Phosphophyllite didn’t have the same problem and just ran around the area as they pleased.


Being honest, Antarc had their troubles adjusting to having a partner during winter duty, particularly because the gem’s happy-go-lucky carefree attitude was something they were absolutely unfamiliar with. Antarc was sure there must be or had been other gems like Phos, but they never got to meet any of them, let alone work together for a whole season.


But Phosphophyllite was a kind gem. Their quirky personality was refreshing, somewhat endearing. It took little time for Antarc to become fond of them, spending time together even when no chores had to be done.


They had a nice dynamic going on. That’s something Sensei himself said to Antarcticite one evening. Back then Antarc only waved it off, feeling weirdly flustered at that. Would Sensei say it again now, though, they would agree without hesitation. Phos had become a pleasant addition to their winter duty that they didn’t want to miss in the following years.




A high pitched scream tore Antarc out of their musings. An ice floe? No, it’s not the weather for those right now. That means….


“Antaaaarctiiiiiii, I triiiiiiiipped!”


Phosphophyllite. Of course it was Phosphophyllite.


Antarcticite shook themself out their thoughts fully and started moving into the direction of the cry for help.


With the annoying warmth came also the annoying melting of snow. That snow covering the whole island has turned into a watery, slushy mess that they both were supposed to clean up around the school that day.


Before leaving, Antarc actually told Phos about how slippery the ground could become when the ice started melting, but of course they were gonna slip anyway.


Seeing an arm desperately waving around in the snow-mud caught their attention, helping them locate where their partner seemed to have fallen down.


“Didn’t I tell you to be careful?”, Antarcticite sighed, putting their hands on their hips as they approached.


“Yeeeeaaaaah, you did! And, well, I didn’t really listen, you know!”, Phos pouted.


Antarcticite closed their eyes and mumbled an “Of course” more to themself than to Phos. Another sigh left their mouth as they opened their eyes, noticing for the first time that their partner didn’t just trip, but actually broke both their legs clean off. They kneeled down next to the injured gem and inspected the stumps on Phos’ legs.


“Seems to have broken right where your legs stopped being Agate.”, Antarc said matter of factly while scratching the left leg stump with their gloved finger.


Phosphophyllite started to squirm under Antarc’s touch. “Awwwww, c’mon! Don’t tease me out here in the mud! At least bring me inside, you meanie!”


“T-Tease?!”, Antarc yelled, suddenly feeling flustered by that word. “I’m not-NOT teasing you, okay?! I’m inspecting your injury, you… you clumsy idiot!”


“Whatever! Just bring me inside already and fix this mess.”


Antarcticite got back up into a standing position, picking up Phos’ legs from the ground and holding them under their arm. They then moved over to the teal gem and kneeled down once more.


“What are you doing?”, Phos asked confused.


“Isn’t it obvious? I want you to climb on my back so I can carry you back to the school.”


The scene of the stoic Antarcticite giving them a piggyback ride flashed through Phos’ mind, making them giggle. Before Antarc could say anything to that, though, Phos straightened up as best as they could and threw their arms around Antarc’s neck tightly.


Taking a deep breath, Antarc readied themself and quickly stood up, legs wobbling a little before standing steady on the ground again.


“Alright, Antarctiiiiii~! Let’s go!”, Phos sang way too cheerfully for their current situation.


Antarc merely responded with a huff, then they started walking towards the school, paying extra attention to frozen mud puddles.


The walk itself was short, thankfully, because Phosphophyllite is terrible at getting carried. They wiggle the whole time, hold onto Antarc’s throat way to tight, and they just won’t be quiet for one second. Well, Antarc is already used to the last one, but almost getting strangled in the warm winter sun was rather exhausting. Especially since their hardness was steadily decreasing from the heat shining down on them.


Soon, the school’s entrance was only a view steps away. Antarc hurried inside, sighing in relief at the cool interior inside the shadows.


“Man, you’re sighing a lot today.”, Phos cooed into Antarc’s right ear.


Antarcticite’s back straightened and their face felt warm all over again. “Whose fault do you think that is?! And DON’T just breathe into my ear like that!”, they spat out, flustered.


Phosphophyllite continued giggling, letting out a few “alright”s, though Antarc was sure they didn’t really mean it.


They started moving again, this time towards the direction of Rutile’s office. There was no need to get Sensei for a clean injury like Phos’. Antarc should be fine fixing them all by themself, they fixed their own body often enough too.


Pushing open the doors to the office with a swift kick, Antarc dropped off Phos on the examination table as careful as possible, which wasn’t an easy task when the gem in question just wouldn’t stop wiggling on their back.


Placed on the wooden table, Antarcticite shifted them a few times so that they would lay completely straight before putting their broken off legs on each side of Phos. Taking a few steps back, Antarc gives them a final look over and nods to themself, then they turned on their heels to look for needed utensils.


Antarc internally thanked Rutile for always keeping their office organized, it made looking for glue and powder an easy task. There was a large number of brushes, all neatly assembled on one of the bottom shelves. They wondered if those were supposed to have different purposes, some of them differed in colour, others in size and shape. Not really having an idea which one would be the ‘right’ one to fix Phos’ legs with, they simply picked the brush right in front of them.


“Are you gonna fix me already?”, called a too over dramatic sounding voice from behind Antarc’s back.


“Keep complaining and I’ll leave you to glue those legs back on yourself.”, they replied, deadpan.


Phos made yet another over-dramatic noise, accompanied by a similar expression on their face. They clapped their hands over their mouth and a “clink’-sound echoed through the empty school. Both of them flinched at that.


Walking back to the table, Antarc placed the tools next to Phos’ waist, inspecting the unpowered leg stumps again for good measure. The turquoise was really pretty, a nice shade that was easy on the eyes. They absentmindedly brushed over it with their finger.


There was a flinch, then a squeak. Antarc looked up to see Phos staring at them flustered. Before they could ask them what’s wrong, Phos interrupted them.


“You can’t just touch me there like that! With your gloves on nonetheless!! Who knew you would be such a pervert, Antarc?”


“Pervert?!”,they thought out loud. What was so perverted about inspecting someone’s wound? And what did their gloves have to do with any of that?


“I- uh, should I take these off?”, they asked, lifting their gloved hands and pointing them in Phos direction.


Phos spluttered, looking even more embarrassed than only a few seconds ago. “Oh my, Antarcti, I didn’t know you could be so bold. Please take them off and take care of me.”


There was something about their expression and the tone of their voice that Antarcticite couldn’t decipher. The weird way Phos’ talked in right now wasn’t helping either. Unsure of what exactly was happening right now, Antarc took off the gloves and carefully placed them beside the tools.


What were they supposed to do now? All thoughts of fixing Phos’ legs were overthrown, their mind a mess of confused thoughts and interest. Interest as to why their partner was acting so cocky and flustered. They came to the conclusion to repeat the same motion as before, this time with their bare hand. Though, bare isn’t entirely correct. Unlike Phos’ leg stumps, their hands were still coated in powder.


The gears in Antarc’s brain were starting to turn. When they were touching Phos’ powdered body nothing similar to this ever happened. Their reactions turned into… whatever that emotion is since they started to touch their unpowdered parts. As if to prove their theory, Antarc languidly stroked along the bare surface on Phos’ hip.


Phosphophyllite took a deep, shuddering breath. Their eyes seemed dazed, glassy. Antarc thought it was a nice sight. A sight they wanted to gaze at for a little longer.


They circled the stump carefully, paying attention to the cute expressions the other gem was making, trying to keep an unaffected face and absolutely failing.


“Antarctiiiiii”, sounded Phos’ strained voice from above, “Stop teasing me so muuuch.”


Was Antarc teasing them? They had little idea of what they were doing in the first place. Wanting to please Phos, wanting to look at that adorable face, they put more pressure into their touch. One softly stroking finger, turned into a palm covering one of the unpowdered spots and rubbing intently.


Phos started wiggling on the table again, Antarc having to use their other hand to hold them down. The breathy sighs Phos was making turned into loud moans.


Antarcticite was so absorbed by the new, beautiful sounds they were hearing that they didn’t notice the hand they used to hold Phos in place started cracking. Weakened by the heat and sudden pressure, their wrist gave out and broke, Antarc stumbling forward slightly in surprise.


“I-I, uhm, this is…”, Antarcticite was embarrassed beyond belief. Way to ruin the mood.


Phos, on the other hand, didn’t seem bothered at all, if anything, they were eyeing their broken wrist with great interest.


“Put your wrist against one of my legs, it’s gonna feel great!”, they said enthusiastically.


Simply nodding, Antarc trusted in Phos’ order and thumbed off stray splinters from their newly broken spot and replaced their hand with it. Immediately, an unknown feeling shot through their whole being. It felt similar to the warmth they felt when hugging Sensei but a hundred times hotter.


It was strange, very strange, but somehow Antarc didn’t mind. Somehow, Antarc liked it.


Moving their broken wrist against Phos felt like pouring oil into a fire. The surging, warm feeling increasing, making their head spin. They lost their composure and started to slump over Phos’ torso, breathing heavily.


Phosphophyllite’s moans increased even more in volume. So much that for a brief moment Antarc was worried they might wake up the other gems.


The grinding of their unpowdered parts only continued for a few moments, the heat boiling inside both of them finally reaching its peak.


Phos, despite still catching their breath, giggled happily. Yet another new sound Antarcticite really liked.


“Are you going to fix my legs and your arm now?”


“Yeah,”, they sighed, “just give me a moment.”