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The bell echoes in apartment 3B as Stiles Stilinski stands at the threshold, cradling a tiny ginger cat. She is absolutely lovely, purring into him with all her might as he strokes her behind the ear. Her fur smells like corn chips and it’s all Stiles can do to not take her back to his place and pretend that he doesn’t know whose she is.
When the door reveals his new neighbor, Stiles’ breath stops short in his throat. Probably the most beautiful man he has ever seen greets him.
A raven-haired god with eyes the color of the Irish Sea grins back, a perfectly trimmed beard adding to his already superlative calling card. The brunette suddenly feels like he’s in high school again, a quick self-analysis leaving him ticking the boxes "awkward" and "turned on."

“Hi,” he remarks, instantly criticizing himself for not saying something more interesting.
“Is she yours?”
Stilinski’s slim arms hold out the cat like a newborn.

“Pebbles!” the man exclaims. The feline jumps in his very muscular embrace. Stiles gulps. The shirt the neighbor is filling out so well can barely contain his biceps.
“Where did you find her?” the handsome fella asks. “I didn’t even realize she was missing. She likes to sleep in my closet and I figured that’s where she was when I came home and didn’t find her curled up on the sofa.”

Caramel eyes can’t tear themselves from the man’s plump pink lips.
“It seems your cat keeps breaking into my apartment via the windows. I don’t know how she does it, but this is the first time I’ve actually been able to catch her.”
The mysterious neighbor kisses the cat on the nose and nuzzles her. “Pebbles, why have you been trespassing in this nice man’s house?”

Stiles Stilinski melts inside. Is there anything sexier than this stud cuddling a kitten?
“She also knows how to open fridges. She ate my dinner.”

The dark-haired man frowns, leaving the door gaping as he steps back inside.
“Really? I’m so sorry.” He releases the cat, the feline escaping to the bedroom.
“Let me make it up to you. Can I cook you dinner?”

Stiles’ heart skips a beat. “That would be lovely…”

The sable prince extends his hand. “Derek. My name’s Derek. Please, come in.”
The brunette traipses inside, unsure of this sudden development. He shuts the door behind him with his back.
The stranger’s hand is warm and inviting within his. Kind of like his home.
“Like I said, it would be lovely, Derek. My name is Stiles.”