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All throughout the Survey Corps there was a fuss. The Mps were coming to inspect the base and no one other than the veterans were allowed inside. The only problem was that Eren, Mikasa and Armin were still there after having quite the accident with one of Hanji's experiments. She had attempted to create her own brew to maybe harness Eren's titan powers, but it ended up not working in any way that she wanted to and actually shrank them.  The trio were now each about only four inches tall. Hanji hurried and rushed into the kitchen with the three setting them on the table. "Alright guys I'll brew an antidote as soon as I can! Just hide in here until they leave!"
"Hanji! Wait!" Eren called but it was too late and Hanji ran out the door.

"We should probably just find a place to hide for now. Who knows what will happen if they find out Hanji shrank us!" Armin said.

"He's right. Hanji could get in trouble." Mikasa nodded.

"Okay lets figure  out-" There was the sound of footsteps and the door opening. Armin quickly hid in a basket of apples on the table, and Mikasa hid in a sack of potatoes.  Eren however, at the last moment jumped into a rather large tea cup with a small slash and held his breath underneath the earthy liquid.
"Goddamn four eyes breaking all of my good tea sets." A deep male voice filled the room as a short dark haired man walked in closing th door behind him.  A soft growl came from his tummy as he looked around for something to eat. It was one of those days where he was craving something sweet, even though the man had never had much of a sweet tooth.  Levi was currently looking around for some dark chocolate he had been able to receive at some point from an admirer from Sina. He had stashed it away and saved it for one of these days, but when he looked in his hiding spot it was gone.
Levi sighed and picked up his tea bringing the cup to his lips before gulping down the contents.  His eyes widened as he felt something inside his mouth moving and slipping down his throat. He gagged trying to cough it up, but before he at the chance he ended up swallowing the rather large object. A plump bulge going down his throat. 
"YOU IDIOT! HAVE YOU NOT SEEN WHAT YOU'VE  JUST DONE?!"  Levi turned in confusion seeing Mikasa only a few inches tall screaming at him.  The first thing he thought was 'Hanji.'

"What the hell happened to you?" He asked picking her up and she squirmed punching his fingers, which felt like little pokes. Armin then emerged from the basket walking over.
"Hanji's experiment went wrong and we shrank!" Armin stated.
"Eren was in that tea cup you bastard!" Mikasa shouted with a face full of rage, but at the same time  worry.
"What the-*Gurgle*" Levi could feel something pounding from the inside of his gut.
"Hey! Let me out of here!!" Eren was punching the pink fleshy walls around him as he sat in a shallow pool of tea and saliva. Mikasa was growling at Levi, eyes set to kill. "I'm not food!"
"Eren!" Mikasa cried with worry, eyes landing on Levi's stomach.

"Damn it four eyes.." Levi muttered feeling slightly nauseous about consuming another human.
Suddenly they heard a loud noise coming from the Mps arrival.
"It's the Mps! We have to hide!" Armin said looking around frantically.
Someone was walking towards the door.
"Ah wait not there! Come on you haven't seen my lab yet!" Hanji's  voice was heard from outside as she was obviously trying to divert attention away from the kitchen in case there was a problem with the trio and boy there was. Mikasa was currently knawing on Levi's hand. Levi rolled his eyes at the female and felt his gut, feeling around for the boy.
"Eren, are you alright?" He asked looking downwards at his mid-section.  And set Mikasa down who charged towards him but was held back by Armin.
"Yeah, at the moment but get me out of here sir! Please!" Eren pleaded.
Levi's stomach growled slightly shaking the boy. It was clearly not satisfied with the boy.  Levi ignored the urges that suddenly crossed his mind.
"Sit tight we'll probably have to wait for Hanji to help."

Levi sighed.
"And what do we do in the mean time!? The Mps are inspecting the corps! What do you think they'll say when not only three recruits have been shrunk, but one of us has been eaten by our superior?!" The small girl was fuming.
"You wouldn't be planning on telling them would you?" Levi glared at her, she responded by mirroring his dark gaze.
"Guys! We can't argue right now! We need to hide!" Armin said breaking the two Ackerman's from their glaring contest. "I know its kind a rather odd and frightening situation given the circumstances it would probably help us hide...heh.." Armin had a slightly embarrassed expression. Mikasa looked at the male with confusion as Levi's eyebrow rose slightly.
"You're not suggesting...hiding with Eren? Arlert, what the hell?" Levi gave a disgusted look at the blonde.
"Hell no!" Mikasa snapped.

"What other choices do we have?" Armin asked. Mikasa's expression slightly softened looking at Armin's worried face. She didn't want to do this as much as Levi, but it was actually a smart idea. If they hid inside Levi's stomach there would be no trace of them for the Mps to find. But for the love of all things why did it have to be him!? She then heard Levi sigh.
"Alright, this is a disgusting idea but I will help if that's alright with the both of you?" Levi said, mostly looking down at Mikasa. Mikasa waited a moment then replied.
"I'll allow it, but only so I can comfort Eren." She said glaring at her superior.
"But if you do anything that endangers our lives I'll tear you open from the inside." Levi simple nodded at her threat, feeling a bit nauseous at what he was about to to.
"Lets hurry they could walk in any moment!" Armin pressed, walking over towards Levi, guesturing for him to pick him up.  Levi's stomach almost seemed to growl with anticipation as for Levi himself felt reluctant to bring the blonde male to his lips.
"Ahh.." Armin gulped as Levi's mouth opened rather widely in front of him. His perfectly white teeth just inches from his face.  Levi's tongue moved towards Armin, greeting him and making him shutter as Levi tasted him in an attempt to aid consumption. His belly growled and his mouth watered slightly at the blonde's surprisingly sweet flavor.
Levi began to place Armin ontop of his tongue and push him gently into his mouth. Armin felt the uncomfortable feeling of being drenched in saliva as Levi continued to taste him, sliding him side to side across his pallet. "Mmmm~" The older male pushed the boy's feet inside, his cheek puffing slightly before he tilted his head causing Armin to slide forward, Armin practically shriek before Levi swallowed pulling him into his throat.
Levi's face was slightly red as he gulped hard trying to get Armin down faster. The muscles of his throat squeezing and pulling the blonde down slowly as a bulge was quite visible on the outside going downwards and disappearing into his chest. Levi let out a sigh of relief once he went down.  Armin squirmed and figeted, cringing as he was deposited into a slightly larger area.
"Armin! You okay?" Eren asked seeing his friend join him in their superior's stomach. With the two inside now, there was less space for them to move.
"Yeah I'm find that was just a very weird sensation." The blonde replied being soaked in the Captain's saliva as the walls contiusly compressed and expanded around them gently.
Armin sat next to Eren in the small space they had as they waited on Mikasa. Mikasa had been watching Levi the whole time he was devouring Armin, shuttering as she heard him gulping her friend down.  Each wet gulp made her feel nauseous. Levi put a hand on his stomach rubbing it slightly in comfort. As much as he hated to admit it, the presence of them inside his belly felt blissfully satisfying in a strange disgusting way.  His eyes turned to Mikasa who stood there not exactly making move towards him but, giving him the same distasteful look she always gave him.
"You you're alright with this Mikasa? I won't force you to do anything."

"Just shut up! I told you already I don't care as long as I'm with Eren!" Mikasa  said climbing into his outstretched hand. His tongue slowly darted across his lips for a moment before he lifted her to his mouth opening wide. "Ahh.."  She cringed feeling the heat of his breath hit her as she slowly began to climb in over his bottom lip and teeth. His tongue greeted her eagerly pulling her in and slipping under her to get a good taste.
Mikasa's flavor was similar to Armin's but somewhat bitter sweet. Levi's tongue greedily wrapped around her backside pulling her in completely before he closed his lips, trapping her inside. "Mmmmm.~"
Levi gently slid her on his tongue tasting her gently making her shutter in disgust, her eyebrow twitching, face coated with saliva. "Mmm~" Levi purred at her taste closing his eyes as he tilted his head back and began to swallow, resting a hand on his stomach to wait for her arrival. Eren and Armin were constantly looking up at the closed enterance to Levi's stomach as they waited for Mikasa to join them. The captain was taking a little too much time savoring her flavor so the boys began to worry  a little. Mikasa sighed letting go of Levi's tongue and sliding down and allowing his strong throat muscles to catch and pulled her in. Levi swallows harder moving her down inch by inch as his face flushed slightly finding it hard to breath. Mikasa helped him a little wiggling her way down as best she could, cringing at the sound of him gulping her. With one final hard swallow she disappeared into his chest. The sound of gurgling and squelching surounded her as well as Levi's heartbeat which was much louder on the inside. Soon she found herself being pushed out of his throat and into his cramped stomach, squished up against Eren, Armin and the fleshy walls of Levi's belly. Mikasa grunted as the three of them squirmed trying to to repostion themself inside their superior's gut.
Levi sighed as he felt Mikasa join the boys. His belly felt stuffed and satisfied with his meal. The black haired Captain leaned back in his chair, rubbing his gut contently when the door opened revealing Hanji and the Mps that were inspecting the room. "What are you doing here Levi?" The scientist asked.
"I was having some lunch." He technically wasn't lying, he just didn't add the fact that Eren, Armin and Mikasa were his lunch. He felt the three press their heads against his stomach wall to listen.
"Oh! Can I have some? I am quite famished."

"Sorry, ate it all." Levi said patting his stomach. The trio being jostled and sloshed within. He let out a small burp and covered his mouth in embarrassment.  Hanji rose an eyebrow in confusion. Soon the Mps walked into another room and she turned to him.
"You haven't seen Eren, Mikasa and Armin have you? I hid them in here earlier!" She seemed nervous.

"Calm down. They are safely hidden away." Levi replied.
"Huh? Where?"

"Somewhere no one will find them." The man said before patting his belly once more. Hanji just looked at him dumbfounded.