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homos - a bsd chatfic

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i am sorry in advance for this cringe-fest.


username key:

atsushi - furry
akutagawa - angst child
dazai - lazy bastard
chuuya - pretty midget
kunikida - momther
yosano - queen
kenji - sunshine
ranpo - willy wonka
kyouka - crepes
fukuzawa - neko
mori - slut

lazy bastard has added furry, momther, and 7 others to homos

lazy bastard: owo

pretty midget: oh no.

momther: never type “owo” again, dazai.

lazy bastard: you’re no fun, kunikida-kun

willy wonka: owo what’s this

angst child: this chat is turning into a hell hole already

pretty midget: it was since the beginning

lazy bastard: ;(

pretty midget: don’t give me that face.

momther: dazai get back to work.

lazy bastard: nah

momther: i’m this close to taking your phone.

lazy bastard: come and get it scrub

furry: kunikida is chasing dazai around the office, what did i miss

willy wonka: the usual

furry: ah

lazy bastard: you’ll never catchasxidhsidbdbsxdxi damx k sdbduhidu

pretty midget: lmao

sunshine: rip dazai

willy wonka: press “f” to pay respect

furry: f

sunshine: f

queen: f

crepes: f

angst child: what

pretty midget: no

momther: and we deal with him on a daily basis.

pretty midget: yup, but we love him anyway

furry: wait what

angst child: ???

pretty midget: shit

pretty midget has gone offline

momther has gone offline

furry: someone help i’m confused wHAT

queen: this is not a drill, kunikida is blushing

sunshine: :0

lazy bastard: aha! i successfully stole my phone back~

lazy bastard: ...oh

queen: explain. now.

lazy bastard: it’s simple. chuuya, kunikida-kun, and i are all in a relationship together!

furry: my life is a lie

angst child: same

willy wonka: i mean, i knew already so

queen: ohhh

queen: well, you have our full support!

crepes: ^

pretty midget is online

momther is online

momther: i apologize for not saying anything earlier.

sunshine: it’s alright!

furry: i wish i had somebody :(

lazy bastard: *cough* @angst child *cough*

furry: what

angst child: what

lazy bastard: ;)

neko is online

slut is online

neko: everyone, get back to work.

slut: what he said

everyone has gone offline