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Who says Camping is fun?

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You step out of the large van along with Felicia, Jeffrey ( your fiance), Misha, Rob, and Kim. As second van pulls up behind you. You glance at the tall trees that seem to block out any sun light at all.

"You ready for this?" Jeffrey asks coming up behind you. You look up into his brown eyes and smile.

"Are you kidding? I love camping. It's gonna be a piece of cake." you say. He binds down and kisses you softly on the lips.

"Ok everyone. Here's how it goes." Mike the owner of Mike Camps camping gear said. You all turned to face him, as two other men tossed several over stuffed hiking bags on to the ground.

"There is a clearing about 3 miles north," Mike said. He was a portly slightly balding man, and you couldn't help but think if camp wasn't his name he'd be sweating his butt of driving a bus somewhere.

"3 Miles?" Rob echoed in disbelief.

"3 miles isn't anything man. You got this." Jared chimed.

"Here's your cameras. There's two for each, so use them how ever you need to." he says handing each of you two small video Cameras.

"Your packs are all stuffed with everything you need to survive up here. Plus there are four of our top of the line 2 man pup tents, which have already been assembled at the campsite for you. Now there isn't any cell reception up in these parts. But should there be an emergency, or someone decides to tap out then you can reach home base on this emergency radio." he says handing what looked like an old time car phone, to Jensen.

"There is a lake, about 5 minutes west of the the camp site. Easy to find, great fishing." he tells you. "which reminds me there are three of our collapsible fishing poles in three of the back packs. um let's see. Oh yes and there is a still life camera in one of the packs as well. Try to get as many shots as you can. Ok I think that about does it. Good luck." he says with an awkward kind of smile.

"Mr Camps, are there alot of wild animals around here?" Felicia asks. Every ones head snapped toward the man interested in his answer.

"Just rabbits, coons that kind of things. Well we do have wolves here, but they hardly ever go near camp sites." he says.

"Hardly ever?" Jeffrey says with a raised eyebrow.

"Just make sure you keep all food in the proper containers, and you'll be fine." he says. With that he turned and hopped in the vans/ You all watch as the vans back up and head back the way they came.

"Well were burning daylight." you say heaving a back pack up onto your back.

"Remind me to kill your fiance later, for getting us into this." Rob said to Jeffrey. What seemed like forever you finally made your way to the clearing. There was a small fire pit, and the tents were placed in a circle around it.

"Home sweet home." Misha says.

"Kim and I have this one." Felicia said dropping her bag at the closest tent.

"Y/n and I will take this one." Jeffrey said with a wink. You blushed slightly as you followed him to your tent.

"Ok so who get's the other two?" Rob asked.

"Jared and I will take this one, But I swear man if you cross over into my space you sleeping outside." Jensen teased.

"Guess that leaves you and me little man." Misha says to Rob.

"Oh Goody." Rob said half joking and half annoyed.

You crawled inside and was surprised at how roomy the tent actually was.

"This is nice. " You say as you spread out the sleeping bag.

"You bet it is." Jeffrey says pulling you on top of him.

"What are you doing?" you laugh.

"Well if you don't know, I must not do it right sweet heart." he says in his deep sexy voice.

"Jeff." you start.

"y/n..." he replied in a flirty tone.

"We have to get the campsite set up, and someone has to go for water. Come on honey we have things to do." you say. He sighs and lets go of you.

"Fine, always the responsible one." he teases. The two of you crawl back out to see Jensen, Felicia, and kim starring at the pit, as if it were about to do a trick or something.

"What's going on?" you ask.

"We have a pit, but no wood." Jensen growls.

"Guess that's what this is for." Misha says climbing out of the tent. In his hand is a hatchet.

"Not a problem, I'll go get us some fire wood." Jared says taking the hatchet.

"Hold up I'll come with you." Felicia says.

"Hey guys we have food, and purifying tablets." Rob said pulling supplies out of his bag.

"And we have camping pots." Misha said.

"Question what if we need to go to the bathroom?" you ask glancing around. Jeffrey laughed.

"Babe, just pick a tree and pee." he says

"Ok, well what if you have to do more than pee?" you ask

"Then you pick a tree and do that too. I thought you said you use to camp as a kid?" he looks down at you.

'I did, but there were always facilities around." you tell him.

"Well I don't know what to tell you. Think they left that part out." he says.

"Gross." you mutter.

"Ok, I'm gonna go get water, any one else want to come?" Jensen asks.

"Yeah I'm game." Misha, and Kim say. You watch as the three of them hike toward the direction of the lake.

"don't forget to turn on your cameras" you call out. Jensen gives you a thumbs up and then they were gone.

"You know this is rather romantic." Jeffrey says pulling you to him. You look up at him as he wraps his strong arms around you.

"Told you it would be." you say. He smiles and bends down to kiss you. Rob clears his throat but you ignore him.

"Yeah So I guess I'll go straighten the tent." he says awkwardly. Jeffrey pulls away.

"This probably would have been better if the other wives came too." he teased. You shrugged.

"I did my best to time everything, but Gen and Dannie had other plans, and Misha Said Vicki was out of town. And Mollie couldn't make it, I'm just glad that Kim and Felicia could step in." you say with a sigh.

"It's gonna be great babe, and were all going to earn money for our charities, so it's a win win." he says.

"But right now were alone so...." he said nodding toward the tent. You smiled.

"Oh I almost forgot." you say pulling away. "Hey Rob!" you called going to his tent.

"Really a threesome. I mean ok, but could we have one of the girls instead?" Jeff joked. You rolled your eyes at him as Rob stuck his head out.

"Yeah?" he asked.

"Do you have that still camera Mike was talking about?" you ask.

"Ah yeah actually I do." he said darting back in. When he came out he handed it to you. "No wonder my bag was so freaking heavy, leave it to me to pick the one loaded down with everything." he sighed.

"O come on Chuck, your God. You can handle it." Jeff teases.

"Cute." he says stepping out.

"Hey guys think this will work for a while?" Jared called out as he and felicia came back arms loaded with wood.

"Yeah, great job." you say snapping a picture of the two of them.

By time Jensen and the others got back with the water, and you all managed to get a fire going, the 8 of you were so beat you could barely eat. You looked up at the trees and saw a few stars peeking their way through.

"It's so peaceful out here." you said snuggling next to Jeffrey.

"Yeah it's nice." Kim agreed.

"Wish Vicky could have been here." Misha said,as he poked at the fire.

"Hey Jensen, start us off on a song." Jeffrey said.

"Ok, here's one you might know." Jensen said. You leaned into Jeff and let Jensen's voice lull you to sleep. The last thing you remembered was Jeffrey shaking you just enough to get you to get up and climb into the tent.

"Night y/n. I love you" Jeffrey said kissing your head. You muttered something that sounded like love you too, before you drifted off .