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 It was such a beautiful summer day, the birds were singing, the cicadas making a racket and it was way to hot! Why is it so hot!! I'm about to melt!!! To say Aurora was not a fan of heat was an understatement. She hated it. It made her sweaty, she had to keep her long brown hair in a ponytail all the time and she had a hard time falling asleep at night. Which was a nightmare because she loved to sleep, it was not unusual for her to sleep for 12 hours straight, but with the heat she slept 5 hours at most. It was really frustrating! Her mother, Helena, thought differently and she always told Aurora that she needed to spend more time under the sun to gain a tan like everybody else, but our dear girl hated it! She liked her pale skin to stay pale, despite her mother telling her that a tan made her look healthy. A rolling of Aurora's, hazel green eyes like her father's, were her only answer however.

 Even though it felt like the gates of hell had opened it didn't stop Aurora from playing her favorite game again and again and a- I think they get it! I'm obsessed with Dragon Age and there is nothing that can take me away from it. Ugh, don't break the fourth wall please. Nope! It's fun! Whatever... Anyways! She was watching the scene from Trespasser where Solas leaves the Inquisitor without an arm and she was crying like a baby No I'm not! Hush! By the Gods you're difficult... As I was saying! She was crying a lot and that was the state her mom found her in, when she got home from work.


 "Aurora dear, are you alright?" asked her mother, a bit worried as she approached her.

 "I-It's nothing mom, it's just the game... It's so sad..." she said, with a sigh and a few sniffles.

 Helena sighed and sat next to her daughter. "How many times have you played this game already? Shouldn't you already know what happens?"

 "Just because I know doesn't make it less heartbreaking..." she wiped a few tears that were still falling of her eyes, turned of her ps4 and got up. "How was your day?"

 "Same as always... Rude kids, I may have been insulted once or twice... But that is what happens when you work in a school's canteen" she gave a huge sigh of exhaustion and turned to her daughter with a serious look on her face. "Nonetheless, that is irrelevant now. Did you see the news?"

 "News? What happened?" seeing her mother so serious made her worried.

 "It has started... The war." 

 As soon as Helena said those words the world froze. Aurora stared at her mother for a few seconds in disbelief, then pure panic.

 "What?! Oh no... nononono...! This can't be happening..." she was starting to tremble but her mother grabbed her by her arms and looked in her eyes.

 "Calm down Aurora! You know what this means. We need to start the ritual before it's too late and we can't have you panic right now!"

 Ah! It seems I forgot to tell you something very important about this two. They are wiccans! Oh my! What are wiccans you ask? A Wiccan is a person who follows the religion of wicca. Wiccans are sometimes classed as "Witches". They believe in a main set of gods of their choice, for example, the Greek pantheon but, primarily they follow the god and goddess. So yeah! Our girls are special! They already knew that a war was going to start any day and had everything prepared to perform the ritual to traverse to another dimension. Mind you, this just didn't pop into their minds one day. One of the goddesses they worship, Hecate, showed them how to perform the ritual. It was not easy to gather all the supplies but they didn't gave up. 

 You might be asking. Why only them? Who said it was only those two that were going to perform the ritual? Of course other witches and wiccans will perform it but, they will do so separately. Anywho! Moving on!

 "O-Of course... Sorry mom." she gave her mother a weak smile and took deep breaths to calm down. "Have you decided where to go?"

 "Not yet... It just happened so suddenly that nothing comes to mind..." said Helena, sighing.

 "I might have an idea..." said Aurora, hesitantly.

 "Oh? Do tell?" she leaned in curiously.

 "You know about the game I was playing?"

 "But that is just a game Aurora it's not real."  Helena fought to roll her eyes at her daughter's idea. Of course, she would think of something like that.

 "I know mom! But remember what Lady Hecate said! If we believe it to be real than it most certainly is! I believe Thedas is real. That is all we need!" Insisted Aurora. She had to make her mother see.

 "Yes... but I don't think she meant this Aurora."

 "Please mama! Por favor! This is really important to me! Pleaaaaase!" she whined, and gave her mother the puppy eyes.

 "Ugh! Fine! But if it doesn't work we need to find something else more realistic." Helena sighed, giving her daughter and annoyed look. "Now, lets prepare the ritual we don't have much time left." 

 "Alright! Let me go grab our clothes!" 

 "Clothes? What clothes?" Helena stared at her daughter confused.

 "Where we're going our modern clothes will look out of place. So I bought us some medieval style clothes!" she said, with a proud smile on her face and ran off to grab said clothes.

 "Medieval? Oh dear... I have a bad feeling about this...ahh" she said, as she made her way to the attic to start the ritual.

 Half an hour later they had everything set and ready to begin. Helena was impressed with her clothes, it was a simple green peasant looking dress that went all the way to her feet. She wondered where her daughter got it. Aurora had something a bit different. She wore a white undershirt with a leather vest on top, brown leather leggings with a few pockets and brown boots. Very simple, but it was best if they didn't stand out too much. 

 They sat on the floor in front of each other, lighted the candles they had set up and started chanting. After a while they stopped and nothing seemed to happen. Helena was starting to feel worried, this was their only chance after all.

 "Nono! It should work!" said Aurora panicking.

 "I told you we shouldn't have chosen a fictional world!" said Helena with desperation.

 As soon as she said that all they could hear was loud boom and a green light before everything went dark.