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Young Blood

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Momo softly hummed to the classical music that danced around her room, thinking of possible ways to find the correct answers to her chemistry homework. Her door was open, which meant her whoever passed her room could hear her music but at least it wasn’t as annoying as Denki’s that she could hear from two floors above and across the building. She lifted her pencil from the paper and to her lips, nibbling down on the end in thought. Her train of thought was soon derailed when a knock on her door brought her out of her head. She looked up from the packet sitting on her desk, pushing her raven hair out of her eyes before giving a generous smile to Jiro.

“Good evening Jiro,” Momo beamed, standing from her desk and squeezing past her bed to the open area of her room.

“S’up YaoMomo,” Jiro waved slightly as Momo walked to her. The girl giggled at her nickname the class had adapted for her. Yaoyorozu was too long for anyone to say but Iida and Todoroki, and no one wanted to be completely casual and call her by her first name. Thus YaoMomo was born, and most everyone in the class used it when addressing her.

“Do you need help with your language homework again? I’d be happy to assist,” She pulled her hair into a ponytail as she walked to her friend, letting a fringe fall out from hands as she tied her hair up.

“No I finished my homework with Kirishima, Kaminari, Aoyama, and Ashido a little bit ago,” Jiro sheepishly admitted. “But none of us could get the Chemistry bit so I left Aoyama, Kaminari, and Ashido to figure it out.”

“Quite the sparkly due you left to figure it out,” Momo giggled into her palm before walking to her stereo, turning on the screen to her phone and pausing the music playing. She heard Jiro walk behind her, then the grunt and small ruffles of the fabric of her bed.

Momo was used to that as well. Her bed as the largest in the whole dorm, and when she said she would be replacing it with a smaller one her classmates resisted it and forced her to keep her big one. She could partly understand why. When you sat or laid on it you sank in slightly and it was quite soft. Momo had no trouble sleeping in it, and neither did the classmates who would bombard her room only to catch a quick nap in her bed. She didn't mind most of the time.

It was usually the students who stayed up late to finish their homework who did it after a school day of training and working before they stayed up late again to do their homework. The usual offenders were Mina, Kirishima, Sero, Denki, and Jiro. Most of the time it was just them, but half the time they brought the people they were studying with. Sometimes Ojiro and Shoji would come in and lie in her bed, but those visits were for study sessions or for hangouts with her, which she didn’t mind either. She loved talking to all of her classmates, and she noted how her room was slowly becoming more of a hangout zone them the coed commons floor.

The gray-eyed girl turned to her bed, noticing Jiros purple and gray socks hanging off the edge of her bed while the rest of her body sunk into the pink fabric. Momo hummed happily before turning her music back on and walking to her desk. She sat back down, picking up her pencil and looking down at the paper and softly smiling before furrowing her brows slightly in determinations. She started to scribble through balancing equations for it, erasing and starting over when it didn’t work.

She heard a small knock on her door a few minutes of confused mumbled about the problems in front of her. She erased another failed equation before rolling her neck around and setting her pencil down on her paper. She rubbed her eyes before looking up at her door. Kirishima scratched the nape of his neck as a equally frustrated and tired Mina stood behind him with a grimace on her face.

“Could we lie down for a couple? We’re really strugglin’ on the work.” Kirishima nervously chuckled. Momo rolled her eyes before waving them off slightly.

“You’re always invited.” She heard a grateful groan from Mina before she heard their bodies slam into her bed.

Momo softly giggled as she watched Denki turn to her doorway, his eyes going from her to her bed then back to her. She nodded twice before the blonde thankfully walked into her room and face planted into her bed next to Jiro. She watched as Kirishima held one of her pillows to her chest before rolling onto his side in a ball. Mina spread out on her covers on the side farthest from her as Jiro and Denki climbed on completely and created their own space on her bed.

“Mmm soft,” she heard Denki mumbled as he rubbed his cheek into one of her pillows. Momo rolled her eyes before turning back to her work. She worked in silence but the music that filled her room.

She blinked hard before growling softly and working harder than she ever had for homework. She scribbled out equations before jumping in surprise at a complete problem. She grinned happily before finishing the work quickly and letting out a soft sigh and setting down her pencil on her desk softly. She leaned back in her chair, sliding down slightly in relief of having her work out of the way before dinner.

“Finished the chemistry?” Mina asked. Momo hummed in confirmation before sitting up in her chair.

“Any more room in my bed for me?” Momo asked with sarcasm laced in her voice as she stood from her desk and turned to her bed.

Denki rolled over from his space to the edge of the bed. Momo rolled her eyes before crawling over him and to the middle of her bed of the four obviously worn out teens. She leaned back against her bedframe, letting out a soft grunt before letting her eyes flutter closed at the sound of her music. She heard the knock on her door and opened her eyes moments later. She looked at Ojiro and Shoji as they nervously held up their chemistry packets.

Denki reached over to her desk and held it out to them. “She finished it. Come copy.” Denki mumbled into the pillow before turning his head back to Momo. “Speaking of copying, could I copy this YaoMomo?”

“As long as you understand everything you’re doing.” Momo nodded her head slightly. The four teens bolted up from her bed and ran out of the room and returned moments later with their own chemistry packets. They quickly copied it from her. Ojiro and Shoji departed as soon as they understood how to do it but copied nonetheless, knowing they would forget.

The four lazier teens dissolved into her bed again in their previous positions with Denki on her left, Mina on her right and Kirishima and Jiro at the foot of her bed. They stayed quiet and on their phones throughout their stay in her satin sheets. Minutes passed in the pure bliss of each others company. Jiro looked up from her phone, looking up at Momo from Kirishimas ball form where she rested her head on his side. She looked like she was asleep. They all thought she was until they saw her bring her hands up to play the violin chords along with the song that floated in the air. They knew she played piano, but violin too?

“Hey YaoMomo,” she opened her eyes, tracing Jiros focused expression. “You have a beach house right?” Momo nodded, lifting a brow in curiosity. “Where on the coast?” The other teens looked up at the two from their phones.

“Right on the coast about two hundred kilometers away from Dagobah Municipal. Why do you ask?” Momo tilted her head slightly.

“You should take us there!” Jiro sat up quickly, tucking her legs under her body. “Think about it, it’s the weekend and Todoroki and Bakugou just got their licenses so they can come with us too. It’ll be a reward for them and relaxation from the stress of school.”

“I don’t think that’s wise,” Momo placed a hand on her chin. “What if we don’t come back in time?”

“It would be a day at most,” Jiro smiled widely. Momo had seen nothing like it. Such a happy smile on Jiro's lips was rare since her sense of humor was more darkly based than anyone would have guessed. “We have Friday off because of high villain activity around the school so if we went tonight we could have a bonfire on the beach then wake up and have fun in the sun until noon then we would go home and have two days to relax in the dorms.”

“I don’t know,” Momo mumbled.

“Will the house be in use?” Jiro lifted a brow.

“No, we use it during the summer and important events primarily,” Momo answered.

“Then we can go!” Jiro threw her arms up, landing them back down on her lap. “It would only be for tonight until tomorrow afternoon. You can pull us out as soon as you want.” Jiro's eyes pierced into Momo, and for a moment Momo was considering it. Momo shook her head away from the thought before slightly glaring at her. “C’mon YaoMomo, learn to live!”

“I do live!” Momo got defensive.

“Then do this for us!” Jiro begged slightly, motioning to the people around her.

Momo bit her lip in thought before looking at the people around her. Mina and Denkis puppy eyes weren’t helping her decision, while Kirishima was extremely close to passing out or jumping up at the excitement of an adventure. “Now,” Momo hissed out softly. “When you say us, who do you mean? The people in this room or more?”

“The whole class,” Jiro determined. “That way no ones left out.”

“I…” Momo was going to say no. Everything in her told her to say no, but she knew this would be her only chance. The cleaners would have left a day earlier and no one would know they were there if they didn’t make that much of a mess. If they went tonight her parents wouldn’t know either. As if on cue her phone rang, pausing the music. She jumped from her bed and walked to her phone, answering the call from the speaker and glaring back at the people on her bed to remain silent. “Hi Mom,” Momo greeted.

“Momo sweetie, I need something from you,” her mother started. “Your father and I are having a get together at the beach house on Saturday afternoon and we wish for you to attend.”

“Okay…” Momo led on for her mother to say more.

“And your father being the idiot he is told our guests that you have a boyfriend and now you need to find someone to bring along with you. He can be a friend of yours but we do expect you to be at the beach house at eight in the morning with him on Saturday. No excuses.” Momo was silent, listening to the small snickers behind her from Mina and Denki.

“A-Anything else?” Momo asked, a stammer in her voice as her brain pulled her to a chart of the best candidates to bring to a such a formal party.

“The cleaners were at the beach house yesterday so the doors should be locked. When you arrive please wait outside the front doors for me and your father.”


Momo remembered everything about that house in an instant the more her mother spoke about it. There was only the front door then big glass doors in the back that opened to a patio overlooking the private beach they owned. She remembered that she came to the dorms with only a house key and not any of the other keys to any of the other houses they owned, so an overnight at the beach house was a no go unless everyone would be okay with a campout on the beach.

She shook her head from her thoughts slightly when she heard her mother say goodbye and to have her date wear something formal. Momo knew what she meant. The call ended and her music refilled the room.

“So,” Denki cleared his throat, sitting up on the bed by propping himself up on his elbows. “Beach campout?”

“I’m down for that,” Jiro smiled, turning her head to Momo. “And I’m sure everyone else will be too if we bring it up to them.”

Momo bit her lip nervously before sighing. “Fine. Ask everyone if they want to go to the beach.”

“Oh, we’re not asking,” Mina laughed maniacally as she sat up with her phone, typing out quickly before smiling and putting her phone down in her lap. The dinging of messages filled the room leading everyone to look at their phones. “Group messages are great, aren’t they?” Mina giggled as she jumped to the floor. She stretched her arms up before resting her hands on her hips and smiling at Momo. “I’ll go look up local bus routes while you collect everyone in the commons space. See you in a few!” Mina giggled before she ran out of the room.




Momo was nervous, to say the least. Sure no one would be going into her home but they would still be on her property, and they called her a rich girl when they went viewing rooms. But yet everyone seems to lounge around in her room. Momo shook her head again as the bus pulled into the station The teens quickly crowded on as soon as everyone who needed to get off was. They took up the remaining open seats and hung hands onto pools. Momo and Iida both did a head count until they got to twenty and saw everyone was there.

The bus got louder because of them. A large majority of them were excited to sleep under the stars on a beach with their classmates. “YaoMomo!” She turned her head around to Tsuyu as she waved at her slightly from the seat she was in. “Thanks for doing this for us. We all really need it.”

“I agree.”

She turned her head again only to bang it into the pole when the bus jerked to a stop. She groaned, rubbing the sore spot before realizing her body was also pressed against Shotos as people got off the bus. Red blush encased her cheeks as she leaned back to her previous position.

“Are you alright?” Shoto asked cautiously. “That seemed like it hurt.”

“I-I-I’m fine,” Momo stammered with a smile. She ignored the throbbing in her head as the list of boys to bring to her parents get together seemed to pull back to the front of her worries. “Y-You were saying?”

Shoto nodded as he remembered what he was talking about. “I agree with Asui. Thank you for allowing us to relax at one of your estates after such a hectic week of work.”

“I-It’s no issue really,” Momo smiled. “I’m just glad I could be of assistance to everyone.” She waved a hand in front of her as Shoto leaned forward slightly. That didn’t help her case, making blush rise on the tips of her ears as he looked at the small bump forming on her forehead.

“Are you sure you’re alright? There’s a bump forming,” he looked down at her as Momo quickly nodded.

“I’m perfectly fine,” She grinned happily before looking out the window at the scenery. She turned back to the majority of the bus. “Next stop Iida,” she announced to him and he nodded and quickly told the people around him to get it to spread.

The bus soon jerked to a stop and she felt her mind rambling again as Shoto stopped her from banging her head against the pole again. She nervously giggled as he held her get off the vehicle. As soon as everyone was off the bus she looked around at everyone, counting every teenager from her class at the stop before nodding at Iida. She happily smiled before clasping her hands together loudly.

Everyone’s attention was directed at her as she smiled widely and started to walk off. “Follow me, everyone!” She happily announced, followed by everyone quick chatter and footsteps behind her as she led the way to the beach. She held her hands together behind her back, softly humming to the music in her head as they grew closer to the house. She listened to the sound of distant waves fill her ears before softly smiling at the view of her cream-colored beach house coming into view.

“So,” she flinched as Kirishima and Katsuki walking next to her before smiling at the two. Kirishima looked over at her with a smile. “So YaoMomo, how big is this section of beach of yours?”

“It’s about 500 meters,” she smiled back. She eyed his hair, noticing how the red spikes were bouncing on his forehead rather than up. “Why didn’t you do your hair?”

“The gel would have just washed out anyway so why try,” he shrugged his shoulders before turning to Katsuki. “Do you use product Bakubro?”

“Fuck no and why the fuck would I care?” Katsuki barked back. Momo laughed slightly at her classmate's explosiveness then having Kirishima turn back to her.

“Have you found someone to ask to your parent's party yet?” Kirishima asked, requiting a shake from Momos head as she turned her classmates down a cemented stairway down to a gated beach. “Ya know I’m available to go.”

Momo giggled gently as she walked down the stairs and to a gate that marked off their section of beach. She turned to the keypad, holding her hand over it before she typed in the code and watched the ten-foot fence gate open. She pulled the door open, allowing her classmates to walk in but Kirishima stayed by her side, soon Denki standing on her other side. She rolled her eyes in amusement as she walked into her private beach and closed the gate behind them.

“Kiri as much of a party guy you are I can’t have you as my date,” Momo sighed as she walked to her classmates who were gathering on the beach in front of the house, gazing up at it.

“That place is huge,” Mina whistled. “You really don’t use it?” She turned her head to Momo.

“We’re using it on Saturday, yet another reason to not leave trash anywhere,” Momo crossed her arms before walking to the patio and pulling out a fire pit. She pulled it across the sand and to where her classmates were before placing her hands on her hips. “Now everyone can go have fun!”